Trump says he spoke with George Floyd's family: 'I just expressed my sorrow'

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President Trump announced that he has asked the Justice Dept. to expedite the federal investigation into the death of George Floyd saying, 'The family of George is entitled to justice, and the people of Minnesota are entitled to live in safety.”

“He was in tremendous pain, obviously, and he couldn’t breathe," Trump said of the video Friday,"it was very obvious to anybody that watched it.”

Trump said that he has asked the Department of Justice to expedite the federal investigation into Floyd's death, adding that"hopefully everything can fairly be taken care of."and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Chauvin, along with three other officers involved Floyd's death, was fired from the Minneapolis Police Department on Tuesday.

Protesters flooded the streets in Minneapolis throughout the week demanding justice for Floyd and calling for Chauvin's arrest. One person was killed in the protests on Wednesday evening and the precinct station where the


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Race baiting NBC

Autopsy Report shows Police not responsible. Acute Heart condition caused by Drug abuse.

Sadly he didn’t want to hear what he had to say..

I keep telling people stop interacting with realDonaldTrump the guys garbage, you should've hung up on him. 👹

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BobTrillan Anything to hide the truth

NBC propaganda

Good. You're on the phone with him to listen.

Cover actual news where you and your progressive democrats are responsible for this anarchy live with it

He just wanted to be able to say he called, I'm glad the man is speaking out about the call. Jealousy over Biden calling, but trump is not human, has no soul.

Can we use for the prosecution ? “He was in tremendous pain, obviously, and he couldn’t breathe,' Trump said of the video Friday, 'it was very obvious to anybody that watched it.”

Because he’s asking for things

The President has no say so in a court of law. If he did say something the accused can call for mistrial or appeal and get a retrial. Either way, it would only hurt the case

Intent is formed in the blink of an eye. This was surely murder 1.

I just watched Wolf Blitzer and Loretta Lynch lie to the American public about people getting shot after the Looting begins. They pretended they did not understand what the president really meant. They pushed fake down a gullible public's throat once again

He probably was talking to a recording.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when the POTUS calls you to express condolences for the tragic loss of your family member, he's not open to a lengthy discussion of the details of the legal process that may or may not be involved - he's simply calling to express his condolences.

There is no way in hell I would have taken a phone call from this 'fill in the blank'! Well, maybe just to say 'Fill in the blank'!

Because you are not human to Humpty Trumpty

JJohnsonLaw Did Trump contact the brother of George Floyd after seeing Biden’s tear filled eyes while describing his own conversation with the Floyd’s brother?

Since the Wuhan flu lockdowns won't last until November, do you think you can tie this to Trump? Hasn't worked in the past. The race card is usually your last play, you objective journalists...

NBC won’t call riots, riots.

First degree is never going to stick. Good job finding a way to make this worse, enemy of the people.

A first degree murder charge is going to be extremely difficult to prove. The prosecutors want to win the case so they’re going to charge him with something that sticks.

A first degree murder charge would never fly. No premeditation.

Imagine that: an uneducated man taking nonsense out of his ass. Who would have guessed? He can call for whatever fantasy he wishes. Doesn't mean it will change anything.

What do you expect form a White Nationalist Racist He only invited the family for POLITICAL GAIN NOTHING ELSE!.

Hello this is President Trump I’m just calling to say I too know how you’re feeling. I’m gonna help bigly okay. We’re gonna do great things for the blacks. I love the blacks ya know. Okay bye.

He speaks but doesn’t listen

That's defiantly trump, that's how he ignored a reporter and walked away


Can’t wait for tRump to attack the family after this statement was issued. Classic tRump.

donlemon said you don't need to hear from him anyway

He looks like somebody shoved Somethin up his rear!🤣

Trump was too busy trying to spot the camera to listen.

Trump doesn't give a damn. As long as white interest are kept alive.

When the king speaks you just listen

Death penalty? 🙄 Chill tf down

The AG should Announce an Investigation into all hate Group's including BLM find out if they are Responsible for the Rioting we are seeing.If so these groups must be shut down,the Leader's facing Domestic Terrorism Charges.

Trump doesn't want to give nobody a chance to speak he thinks it's good but new people are getting hurt or arrested he's loving it shame on Trump it's called free speech least we get the truth from the news people not Trump trump doesn't know how to tell the truth

That is because Trump didn't care what they were going through. What was the soldier, was it David Johnson? Remember that conversation in the car? Remember the horrible things Trump said about Rep Wilson? See a pattern?

Look at that tiny hand...LOL

Trump does not carry compassion, he is dangerous

Mr. Trump -U are smart (no one can beat you )so you with a forceful voice must condemn Police attrocities. You say stop this unrest & Jystice will be served no matter what. We are civilized people and should no indulge in breaking & looting. Please calm down & I am for you all.

George's brother is an idiot. I know he's mad, but he should learn to read law statutes first. What they officer did doesn't qualify as 1st degree murder

Because he spoke to your parents.

Donald Trump Du bist ein Vollidiot vom aller feinsten



Never good going be good enough for some

George Floyd’s brother is an idiot. There will never be a 1st degree murder conviction. Take a lessor charge that a jury will agree on and get him in jail. And stop inciting riots and destruction

Liar , Trump did not even give Mr.Floyd brother a chance to speak

You ppl are hilarious. You are such liars. Nobody will ever trust you again.

Because he is a legitimate narcissist, he has no capacity for empathy.

That is not a conversation. That is His Majesty trying to act like he really cares. And he certainly would not leave any time for someone to ask a question.

State and Police Dept need to be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter

Face it... realDonaldTrump sucks as a human being!

He spoke just didn’t listen.

Do you want first degree murder charges so that when he is inevitably acquitted of first degree you have more reason to riot? 3rd degree will land him in jail. 1st won’t

At first I was wondering the same thing, but after learning what 3rd degree murder charges for that state are, it does fit the crime.

He didn't even have to call and someone should explain what 1st degree murder is!!

1st requires premeditation. It's a legal issue not emotional. And MN doesn't have a death penalty. Since 1911.

We lost Minnesota today we will not lose N.Y. or L.A. Philly we are winning


Holy Jesus this creature is A Plague all by itself.

Donald Trump is the Greatest President in the history of the universe.

That's because Trump only called because Biden did...

This is not going to happen Mr. George. Your big mouth in all of this does not help things. You should be calling for peace, no provoking MORE violence.

Well when you say something to dumb...

Hmmm. I smell bullshit. Must be an election coming up.

YourDOJ under Barr is a joke and you are a bigger joke Trump

POTUS Mr. President, new video has come up that shows knee restraint could not have killed Floyd. We need the ME’s report. Stop knee jerking emotionally or I’ll have to pray for no 2nd term. I am one to do it. Tired of media reporting to cause riots rather than present facts.

TODAYshow I wonder who told him to say that? He sure as hell didn’t come up with it.

That poor family had been through so much already.

TODAYshow And we are all entitled to a “leader” who does not incite reprehensible behaviors such as these

People just stayed at home for too long. They want to relief by destroying stuffs.

TODAYshow Wait. I thought he was racist. All these fools on Twitter told me Trump was racist.

This is a better response.

Pretty sure only reason trump is pushing for this to go fast is because he thinks it will get him black voters.

Why is it Nancy Pelosi‘s neighborhood being attacked🤔

We are living in realDonaldTrump and GOP’s America, riots in the street, armed right wing nuts storming state houses, pandemic killing one thousand Americans, and an economy that crashed in less than a month. 😱😱😱

Make a play to support justice for George Floyd, ask for congress to investigate Floyd’s death, add sanctions on China, leave WHO. voter fraud, Twitter - and not one damn word about COVID19. Guess the pandemic is over for trump - time to move on.

Notice how he uses people’s first names to imply that he knew him, was close to him? One phone call to a devastated family and Trump refers to “George”. No decency, no respect for anything or anybody.

🖕 Trump 🖕

Now all of a sudden he cares about one black guy & justice.. is this an election year? 🤔

The quick and clean solution is to hang the guilty red neck racist cop or throw him in jail so someone in there take his low dirty life away‼️This would be marvelous LESSON for all the COPS on the planet ❌❌❌

EMPTY statements. You could care less as long as it doesn’t interfere with your agenda!

Today is the day I am getting all my anger out! He sucks so bad!!!!!!

TRUMP: And I need the BLACK vote ASAP because I didn’t mean what I said when I encouraged Police to rough up suspects🤬


Tell the truth you don't like Black People

As he stokes racism & incites violence.

He is pretending to give a crap about black people.

nytimes washingtonpost jaketapper JoeNBC TeamPelosi SenSchumer NicolleDWallace maddow Does anyone think for one minute that Donald Trump really cares about George Floyd. Just pandering to the African American Vote .

TODAYshow Whatever he says, it doesn't matter.

Bullshiiiit! He didn’t do shit, it’s all words to make people believe he “cares”. He takes no action not interested plain and simple, it’s just another marketing stunt

If you support 45 you support racism!

I'm sure the murderers are 'very fine people.'

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