Trump Says He May Leave the Country if He Loses. Does He Mean It?

Is the president worried about prison?

10/17/2020 4:57:00 PM

'In the face of likely criminal prosecution, a defeated Trump’s best option may well be to leave the country and never return,' writes JonathanChait

Is the president worried about prison?

Trump said this in a jokey manner, but he doesn’t make jokes, at least not in the ordinary manner most people do. His “jokes” are almost always the barely-disguised expression of underlying distress. His running “joke” about staying in office for more than four more years, for instance, is a way of airing grievances over his treatment by the media and investigators and asserting some sense of dominance over his tormentors.

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Trump’s rally material has recently used a new bit about how he will never again visit the various swing states he is currently touring (i.e., “I may never have to come back here again if I don’t get Iowa.”) This, again, is a joke that isn’t a joke. His relationship to states in the Midwest is transactional, based on their love for him. If they betray him by failing to yield electoral votes, Trump will respond the way he responds to any act of disloyalty. He won’t be back.

His joke about leaving the United States can be seen as a version of the swing-state joke, writ large. And yet, it is notable that he did not joke about leaving the country if he lost in 2016.Perhaps one thing on the president’s mind is the developing criminal case against him. He faces serious legal jeopardy by prosecutors in Manhattan and New York State for what seems to be on its face fairly cut-and-dried criminal fraud in his private business dealings. It is also possible that, having left office, prosecutors may turn over some rocks and discover more criminal behavior as president of the United States. (The Department of Justice has a policy of not charging the President with crimes, but that expires if he leaves office.)

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Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

jonathanchait 1/2 NO.. the best option is for a Trump Crimes Commission to begin immediately forcing him, his family, and the members of his admin/cabinet to face consequences for their crimes... TrumpCrimesCommission glennkirschner2 jonathanchait 2/2 American needs to trust their Dept of Justice again. We need confidence in our Federal court system that there is justice for Americ. Start it with the trials of the most corrupt POTUS we have ever had and his co-defendants. TrumpCrimesCommission glennkirschner2

jonathanchait That would be because if he stays here he will have to face indictment! JaneCanary19 jonathanchait Then we'll have to spend millions on a Delta Force mission to go retrieve his criminal ass wherever he spings up so we can punish him for his crimes against humanity. jonathanchait jonathanchait Good

mchovden1785 jonathanchait Hallelujah!!!! jonathanchait Interestingly, the countries with no extradition agreement with the US are the ones Trump calls 'shithole' countries. I'm sure he'll be fine in any of them. Please send his evil spawn with him. SendTrumpPacking jonathanchait Did Journolist discuss how NOT to mention $83K a month Ukraine gas expert Hunter Biden has been caught selling access to Joe Biden when he was VP?

jinxiejae jonathanchait jonathanchait Trump will get his properties confiscated by the government. jonathanchait Leaving like all the lefty celebrities did in ‘16. GrassrootsJill jonathanchait If he really loved America he would help people post presidency like Jimmy Carter. But Trump is criminal liar.

jonathanchait Libtardia is real. Obama is gonna be locked up. jonathanchait Sounds like a plan. That's another reason he may have move to Florida. Escape by boat. 😉 ✔No State Income taxes ✔Florida is one of few states where pensions and/or residences cannot generally be seized to collect debts. OMAHAGEMGIRL jonathanchait Putin will take him in....

jonathanchait Why would the Biden Cartels Criminal prosecution make Trump want to leave the country he saved from the pure evil in government? Or is this some far left radical professors creative writing class assignment? DefundtheDNC jonathanchait Buh Byeeeee. Good Riddance! You have made me ashamed to be an Amerikan since you been in office.

jonathanchait Go & don’t come back. If I never hear the name Trump again it’ll be too soon. VoteHimOut ByeByeTrump VoteBidenHarris2020 jonathanchait chinabitchbiden fakenews hopefully you’ll shut down & move away after Trump2020Landslide jonathanchait Bahaha👇🏻 jonathanchait jonathanchait To be safe he should really leave soon, like today, like now.

jonathanchait Russia, here he comes! jonathanchait And become an immigrant? But they are rapists and ..... oh. jonathanchait Glorious and lovely America keeps making the same mistakes in law and in fact, and producing an Aztec empire shake-down of each candidate as the election looms, not pausing to think what the victor will do to the next one gone - is this a loving democracy or is it Aztec Antics

jonathanchait Last days of the Roman Empire? When one emperor dissed the outgoing emperor without mercy by commissioning official histories of their character faults and moral flaws? See Seutonius on 12 Caesars - disreputable stuff in which every single silly rumour featured in the histories. jonathanchait I have often thought the trump might just leave the country if he loses the election..The best thing for trump would be to go to that little island where Napoleon spent his last years..

jonathanchait He can go to a $h!thole country, far as I'm concerned. _Carja jonathanchait It's funny how people's opinion of you change when you show up and you have no power and you have no money.- don john jonathanchait That's just what an immature child would do well bye Felicia. TrumpLiedPeopleDied shutupman breonnataylorwasmurdered BidenHarris2020

jonathanchait Leave the planet. jonathanchait That's the fear. Is anyone tracking his asset management? Has he moved anything to jurisdictions in accessible to the justice system? I say we freeze his assets now...he has told us he will take a runner. jonathanchait Nambia. I believe he will be welcomed in Nambia, home of his ancient tribe

jonathanchait And go where back to Russia with Melania. jonathanchait so youre telling me, a so claimed american hero will LEAVE his country if hes not victorious in an obviously lost election, only for him to try and gain power and attention in another country? sniff sniff, smells like colonizers jonathanchait BeijingBidens

Pajjr2016 jonathanchait Do we have to pay realdonaldtrump a pension? He robbed McCabe of his pension - which had been earned from decades of government service - by firing him just hours before McCabe vested. trump hasn’t earned the $200k+ per year he’ll get after we fire his ass. RoK_phish jonathanchait Oh Dream on, Jonathan Chait! In my dream, all of his MAGAts would follow him when he leaves. You know what they say.... Dream Big!

jonathanchait Just stop. jonathanchait Fake news. jonathanchait Promises Promises . Texttexas jonathanchait jonathanchait WOW!! Somebody **still** listens to Chait? Guy who doesn’t make it thru WEEK w/out caught in *yet another* blatant lie. STILL waiting 4 his “DAMNING EVIDENCE TRUMP IS A RUSSIAN SPYYYYYYYY!!!!!”. Sheesh. LiberalHypocrisy LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder LiberalHypocrisy

jonathanchait Bye 👋 👋 👋 jonathanchait I’d rather see him spending life in prison TrumpCrimeFamily Pajjr2016 jonathanchait He would be ransomed back to the USA. JulieTweeters21 jonathanchait Pajjr2016 jonathanchait Pull his passport!! jonathanchait Don't go too far donny!!!!! jonathanchait I’m praying for January 21/21 hopefully we can get some peace, wouldn’t be so overwhelmed and in a constant state of anxiety. The world is ready for steady leadership

jonathanchait MAGA more are getting arrested Trump2020 20 for money laundering 20 for fraud jonathanchait jonathanchait So this whole pointless article is based on the authors assumption that Trump doesn’t just make jokes? That every “joke” he makes has to do with some insecurities? That’s quite a leap.

jonathanchait I will pay for his flight WisconsinFix jonathanchait Yeah sure, I’d run away to if I lost to Sleepy!😂😂 jonathanchait Who are you? Lol jonathanchait This is all FakeNews from a FakeNewsMedia tmorizot jonathanchait I read somewhere that many of his heroes chose Argentina. jonathanchait I've been saying it for months. When Trump loses, he'll have two choices: Be incarcerated in a NY prison or bolt for Mockva. If he heads to Russia, there is some good news. A McDonald's is located near the Kremlin. It serves Big Macs and Diet Cokes. I've seen the menu.

jonathanchait Lippawoppagops!! jonathanchait He isn’t welcomed in Canada. jonathanchait jonathanchait He can't flee to Mexico, because they don't want to let in rapists. jonathanchait Sine we are all stuck in Hotel California- can check out but never leave- he can fly to his love bro Vlad. But the rest of us cant go anywhere- we are banned from international travel because of covid. NO ONE will take us.

jonathanchait Rich powerful people do not 'face prosecution'. Take the Clintons, Bush, and Obama for example. All criminals that will never see a court room jonathanchait Come 2045, America be will be a minority majority country. Donald Trump has appointed 194 Federal Judges, 24% of the entire federal judiciary. He is on his 3rd appointment to the USSC. They all serve for life. This is the Republican long game. Multiracial America, White Courts.

jonathanchait Who wants to bet he tries to run back to big daddy Putin? Also we better make sure to watch the exists to grab him if he makes a run for it as to avoid facing the music. jonathanchait OMAHAGEMGIRL jonathanchait JoeBidenForLife jonathanchait They will find him so he can be held accountable for his crimes. trumpisscaredofprison

jonathanchait I just assumed this was the natural end result of him losing the election: he flees the country, never to return. I don't think he'll run off to Russia, because Putin will see him as a liability instead of an asset. Maybe North Korea? He's been courting them pretty hard. jonathanchait Moscow bound?

jonathanchait I hear Russia is nice 👋🏽 jonathanchait There is a god!! Plz plz plz be true jonathanchait In other countries he won’t have the protections afforded Americans. Considering the debt he owes that could end badly for him, and I’m perfectly fine with that. olerunkbitch jonathanchait Excellent advice. Please help him pack.

jonathanchait jonathanchait His not going to lose jonathanchait Please let this be true! Please!! jonathanchait Russia - are you listening? You can take him back. jonathanchait As lovely a thought that we would be rid of vile trump, I do believe he may have some crimes to answer for in this country first. You know law and order.

jonathanchait 'In the face of likely criminal prosecution, a defeated Biden’s best option may well be to leave the country and never return,' writes jonathanchait He is all debt, not wanted. BlueSt0rmRising jonathanchait Let him go. No one wants him here in the USA as we start to rebuild the country.

jonathanchait In your dastardly Democrat delusional dreams jonathanchait You need to get better facts. Complete hit job on Trump. He’s going to be re-elected. Biden is in deep trouble now. The media is sick jonathanchait As a typical dictator, Trump is capable of anything if he loses the election... The GOP and Ivanka should be warning him of what may come. He may take a humiliating defeat too hard. I despise his cruel policies and absurd behavior, but wish him redemption as a human being.

jonathanchait Guys, Trump is going to win bigger than he did in 2016. Its amazing how FakeNews has lied to you for so many years and you're still believing them. The polls are actually suppression polls, designed to scare ppl from voting. Trump voters only multiply remember that. MAGA2020 jonathanchait Is there a punishment for GENOCIDE ?

jonathanchait Only leftists are buying into their own fake news - AMERICANS WILL RE-ELECT TRUMP AND JOEBIDEN IS GOING TO JAIL FOR THE NEW HUNTER EMAILS. jonathanchait Haha you TDS suffers are crazier than the craziest QAnons. Fuckin hilarious. jonathanchait He’ll haunt the United States from overseas until he dies.

jonathanchait One day! One day soon! BidenCares lindseythehypocrite TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsALaughingStock TrumpIsARacist jonathanchait The tax payers of America paying the fees of DA’s, judges, court reporters, etc should breathe a giant sigh of relief if he left the US. This man will go down in history as one of the biggest litigants ever. Roy Cohn taught him to sue and appeal until his opposition is exhausted.

jonathanchait Yes Joe cares about everyone. Even if your a Grand Wizard of the KKK. jonathanchait Joe Biden is now in the same 🚢boat. jonathanchait Finally that immigrant is going to go back to where he came from. jonathanchait Presidential Ballot A = Biden B = Trump jonathanchait I'll be happy to buy realDonaldTrump's one way airplane ticket out of USA!

jonathanchait jonathanchait I don't blame him. If the revolutionary democrats win, I'm sure they'd make like the French revolutionaries of the late 1700s and behead their enemies. _ReaalAmerican_ jonathanchait but Jonathan, what other country will have him? jonathanchait Do America a favor, Trump, and GTFO now! Russia won't extradite you.

jonathanchait A one-way ticket to Russia, hope he takes his corrupt spawn with him. jonathanchait Bwahahahaha... funny jonathanchait Seek sanctuary in faraway Russian satellite jonathanchait Good. jonathanchait What a mix we've seen. Smart enough to spread conspiracies, but dumb when it comes to handling COVID. Now he may be smart enough to flee the country. And we may be smart enough never to fall for a con and bully again.

jonathanchait This sounds like a really neutral and unbiased article. LovesPearlJam jonathanchait There you go, repubs. Your reason to vote blue. _ReaalAmerican_ jonathanchait I think Russia and Saudi Arabia would be very interested in talking to Donald if he loses... He owns them BIG money. Best option would be North Korea...

jonathanchait jonathanchait Maybe we can send him to the moon. jonathanchait Maybe he can take his followers with him jonathanchait Fake News- Trump was joking around about leaving the country because it would be so embarrassing to lose to Biden he wouldn’t be able to show his face. Where do you guys come up with this?

jonathanchait He damn well knows it-- and just busted himself, like he always does. jonathanchait 🙏🙏 jonathanchait Scotland? jonathanchait You really are delusional aren't you? Thanks for the laugh BlueSt0rmRising jonathanchait Oh yeah, like other dictators, his presidency is going to end with a midnight flight out of the country. Probably to Russia - I'm thinking Putin would be more than happy to give Trump asylum in a cushy dacha while he incites hate & violence from exile.

jonathanchait jonathanchait If he leaves the country, he won’t have the advantage of getting protection from the secret service. As ‘popular’ as he is throughout the world, that may become problematic for him. jonathanchait It shows you how much he really loves America - not. He only loves America when things are going his way

jonathanchait President Trump will be the winner by a landslide no matter how much cheating democrats do!!! All the MSM is using false headlines and things that were never said by anyone jonathanchait Problem is, no one may want to to give him harbor once his power is gone. He also appears financially to be seriously in the red.

jonathanchait He’s basically admitting he’s a criminal. jonathanchait Criminal prosecution? Sure, kid. jonathanchait Swamp TrumpIsANationalDisgrace jonathanchait In the unlikely event that Trump loses, he will be the biggest thorn in the side of Biden. He will be relentless. He will never stop. jonathanchait Promise?

jonathanchait I will say it slow for those of you who still do not get it. realDonaldTrump IS A CRIMINAL!!! HE IS ALREADY PACKING HIS BAGS... the innocense of the masses has been our undoing... SaturdayMotivation jonathanchait BIDEN cares about enriching himself and his family... 'Show me a man who became rich in politics and I'll show you a CROOK'. Harry Truman.

jonathanchait Other than the record-setting early voter turnout the fact that Donald Trump said he may leave the country if he loses is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time. DontLetTheDoorHitYouOnTheWayOut ByeByeTrump TrumpIsALaughingStock VoteBlue2020 VoteBlueTrumpWillMove jonathanchait Like any other deposed autocrat, after he loses Trump should go into exile. Maybe to Uruguay or someplace far away like that.

jonathanchait For Mother Russia. jonathanchait How sweet that would be! jonathanchait For what? jonathanchait Without the government protection against lawsuits and back taxes I’m sure he’ll be vulnerable. jonathanchait Insanity!!!! Biden just got caught taking money from Ukraine and China. The fantasies of the left rags!

kathylslaughter jonathanchait We can only hope ... jonathanchait GOOD CYA Trump jonathanchait Has everyone forgotten about the MELANIA TAPES? jonathanchait BidenCares jonathanchait Good let him go if he can find anyone that wants him other than The Hague for crimes against humanity. CrimesAgainstHumanity TrumpCrimeSyndicate Vote: BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica

jonathanchait in the face of criminal prosecution? jonathanchait jonathanchait If only. jonathanchait we can only hope he goes to prison. jonathanchait Good riddance to bad rubbish. Actually, horrible rubbish. jonathanchait Oh please let it happen!! We need him gone straight to hell jonathanchait Buh bye

jonathanchait What a ridiculous statement. I can do it to: 'Biden made a statement that he swears he will castrate every third cow if elected, but only if he gets to sodomize Chuck Schumer.' jonathanchait Biden with KKK friends. Add in the Golddigger. jonathanchait He may want to find a country that doesn’t have extradition agreements with the United States.

jonathanchait Hope the traitor gets 'CAIGHT' before he defects to Mother Russia and his handler. TrumpForPrison2020 jonathanchait Take his secret service away if he does. TheSmockingGun2 jonathanchait And he will sell the national secrets to the highest bidder. jonathanchait Hey I have a question for the biden when they talk. Hey son how are u affording your crack habit.

jonathanchait It's steamroller time!!! Republicans are gonna know exactly what hit them!!! jonathanchait ? Your not covering the Biden crime family being backed by ccp makes it look like your backed by Them also jonathanchait He can’t just LEAVE. He’ll have an ankle bracelet that beeps if he walks away from mar-a-lago... he’ll be in-and-outta court... TrumpIsALoser Trump Trump2020 TrumpTaxFraud

jonathanchait He's made enemies with everyone, where will he go? Oh... North Korea? Forgot that one. OK jonathanchait That rag will give anyone space jonathanchait Would an ex-President really be permitted to live outside of the country? It makes one wonder. jonathanchait Read it and weep jonathanchait All you jokers in here aren’t going to hear a word about Trump if he loses unless they can use him as a scapegoat after his 2nd term as president. An you’re gonna lap that crud up just like the crud you’ve been lapping up from the Dems for years.

jonathanchait The Russian anti Biden tools are thick today! jonathanchait I love it, another comment which I watched live twisted out of context. I think the bigger question is whether or not Dementia Joe is linked to his crack smoking son's gathering of China and Russian money. Now these emails are actually being authenticated so who's lying ?

jonathanchait Lies jonathanchait That’s if they let him leave jonathanchait lmao bye jonathanchait Hilarious! So this is the coverage of joebiden selling out America to Ukraine, China, Iran? The man may be guilty of treason, a capital crime by the way, and NYMAG starts looking for escape routes for Potus. Astonishing. Orwellian.

jonathanchait No, I want to see him in prison. He shouldn’t get to leave. jonathanchait Extradition, though Russia may keep him. jonathanchait The Donald may leave the country. Space Force may transport him. comehithercreek jonathanchait Like a corrupt tin pot dictator; Somoza, baby doc Duvalier, Batista...

jonathanchait He was in the midst of arant about Biden being a terrible candidate.This was analogous to saying 'It'd bbe so embarrasssing to lose that I could never show my face in this town again' But whyshould news outlets report anything approximating reality when they can do this instead? jonathanchait They should all have to hand over their passports while leaving the WH

jonathanchait Let Donny know that Brazil still takes in Fleeing Nazis. jonathanchait He can always move with Melania to her home country. jonathanchait Don't you think it's premeditated how hiding information to SocialSecurity until it's needing a review to fuck me covers for comey and Macon in dayton Ohio and the lady Georgia whose related to Elizabeth Robinson making their lies a difference? Foreign affairs ok.

jonathanchait It's been going around. jonathanchait Sooner the better. He’ll need a big plane if he wants to bring all his accomplices including his family. jonathanchait Can he take Jonathan with him? jonathanchait Where do I need to send the bubble wrap jonathanchait Per usual, the left pretends Trump is serious when he isn't and that he's not serious when he is. Get those outrage clicks!

jonathanchait He will fight all charges first and then try to flee if it is going sour. Might be a case of no bail though. jonathanchait Heading To Saudi Arabia, At Warp Speed! jonathanchait I think he means “flee” to a nonextradition country jonathanchait CONGRATULATIONS: This kind of journalism was used extensively by Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels. God save the USA from this most dangerous kind of subliminal incitement journalism...

jonathanchait To avoid prision perhaps? jonathanchait Bingo. jonathanchait Russia will happily take him. And it’s what he deserves. jonathanchait The Bidens will seek asylum in China. jonathanchait Congratulations!!!Very well done!!! Best Wishes God blessing you all🇮🇳💕💥 jonathanchait You mean he may have to “flee” the country. DasvidanyaDonald

jonathanchait realDonaldTrump Thank you! It’s the least you could do for all the chaos you’ve caused us. jonathanchait 'Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life, what am I gonna do? I'm gonna say I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics. I'm not gonna feel so good. Maybe I'll have to leave the country, I don't know.' Trump

Combative Trump says pandemic over, Biden says he did 'nothing'President Donald Trump gave a combative, at times agitated defense of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic Thursday while his election challenger Joe Biden, appearing in a simultaneous television town hall on another network, accused him of having done "nothing." Netherlands already declared NO PANDEMIC and now has lawsuits gearing up over the coronavirus big pharma cash grab scheme. Its over? Someone better tell covid. He’s not combating with the audience. Only Savanna.

Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Know Anything About QAnon, Won't DenounceDonald Trump says he doesn't know enough about QAnon to denounce the conspiracy theory, claiming he's always denounced white supremacy. He is HOT and very MAD❗️Doesn’t like any of her ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓s Who? Why won’t JoeBiden denounce antifa?

Ice Cube slams both Trump and Biden and says they've been 'evil to black people'Rapper Ice Cube has made his feelings clear about the Republican and Democratic candidates in America's upcoming election Himself, Trump is the Evil One,He along can Fixed it,That's Cowardly, When a Person can't takes a Stand without bringing others Along

Trump says he doesn't know if he took COVID test on debate dayThe president tweeted two days after the debate that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Lol Person,Woman,Man,Camera,TV 😳

Biden says he will demand Trump test negative for Covid-19 before next debateWith the election just weeks away, President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden participate in competing town halls tonight. Here's the latest news on campaigns, voting and more. Same for him! Where is hunter

Trump Town Hall: President Says Position on Masks Has Not Changed Since Contracting COVID-19Trump said his position on wearing masks has not changed since he contracted COVID-19 during his town hall on NBC on Thursday