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Trump says he looks like Lone Ranger in a mask and likes it

After resisting wearing a mask in public, President Trump now says he thinks it makes him look like the Lone Ranger - and he likes it.

7/2/2020 2:17:00 AM

After resisting wearing a mask in public, President Trump now says he thinks it makes him look like the Lone Ranger - and he likes it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — After long resisting wearing a mask in public, President Donald Trump said Wednesday he thinks it makes him look like the Lone Ranger — and he likes it. “I’m all for masks....

WASHINGTON (AP) — After long resisting wearing a mask in public, President Donald Trump said Wednesday he thinks it makes him look like the Lone Ranger — and he likes it.“I’m all for masks. I think masks are good,” Trump told Fox Business in an interview. “People have seen me wearing one.”

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Trump’s comments came a day afterthat he wear a mask in public to set a good example for Americans.“If I were in a tight situation with people, I would absolutely,” Trump said in the interview.ADVERTISEMENTTrump has long resisted being photographed in a mask. In early April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures were difficult to maintain.

Trump immediately undercut the CDC guidance by flatly stating that he wouldn’t be following it, suggesting it would be unseemly for the commander in chief to wear a mask as he meets with heads of state.On Wednesday, he sounded a different tone, saying, “I had a mask on. I sort of liked the way I looked. OK. I thought it was OK. It was a dark black mask, and I thought it looked OK.

“It looked like the Lone Ranger,” he continued, a reference to the fictional law-and-order character from the American Old West who wore a black eye mask. “I have no problem with that, and if people feel good about it, they should do it.”In recent days, many Republicans and members of the White House coronavirus task force have been more outspoken in advocating for Americans to wear face masks in public settings as infections have surged in huge swaths of the South and West.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, said last week that he would pursue a federal mask mandate, if elected. In the interview, Trump suggested a federal mandate was unnecessary and continued to frame mask wearing as a matter of choice.

“If people feel good about it, they should do it,” Trump said.Even so, Trump criticized Biden for wearing a mask while he is some distance away from his audience and for speaking through the covering at times.“When there’s nobody around, I don’t see any reason to be wearing it,” Trump said in a separate interview Wednesday on “America This Week.”

About the virus, Trump continued to characterize it as a nuisance that he hopes will just go away.“I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus. I think that, at some point, that’s going to sort of just disappear, I hope,” Trump said on Fox Business.

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White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway noted Wednesday that Trump is regularly tested for the coronavirus, as are his aides. White House visitors and members of the news media who are in close proximity to him and Vice President Mike Pence are also tested.

“I’ve said wear them, the first lady has said wear them, the president’s administration has said wear them,” Conway said.Trump also told Fox Business that people have seen him wearing a mask. But only one image has surfaced of the president wearing a mask. He donned it for a behind-the-scenes tour of a Ford facility in Michigan in May. Reporters were not allowed to accompany Trump on the tour.

Afterward, he told reporters he had worn a mask in a “back area” only because “I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”Other world leaders, including Canada’s Justin Trudeau and France’s Emmanuel Macron, have worn masks in public to encourage their use.

Trump on Wednesday also continued to push back against the notion that some states may have been too quick to open up. Several states, including Florida, New York and Texas, have paused or slowed down reopening amid the recent increase in confirmed cases.

Trump suggested Democrats are hyping concerns about the spike to politically damage him.“I think the Democrats would like to see the country stay closed as long as possible because they figure that’s probably good for the election, because it would be bad a little bit for jobs, and maybe a lot for jobs,” Trump said.

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At least try to be journalists kumailn Obviously he is wearing it incorrectly This petulant child was probably told this. Just like having to pretend the spoon is an airplane for the toddler to accept the food. What is he, 12? POTUS looks like he might have coronavirsus or has had it.... however, just ignore trump hate rallies...he promotes division everyday.. he cares NOTHING about your health or your life... all about him... GOP TheDemocrats vote JoeBiden

what a sick creature So Trump wants to be a muderous macho cowboy. Why doesn’t that surprise me? Reconsider Probably makes him look like a bank robber. Which fits the life history better. Not sure the Lone Ranger’s mask is really effective against COVID-19. moron I used to not like masks so much, but now I’m all for masks. People have seen Kylo Ren wearing one. He had a mask on. I sort of liked the way he looked, okay? I thought it was okay. It was a dark black mask, and I thought it looked okay. It looked like Darth Vader!

Singleterry What a mental defective toddler! He wants to be a Super Hero like my 6 yr old grandson! Smh! enough The “Lone Danger”.. may be more like it!! So he wears it over his eyes? 🤣🤣🤣 etfelicitofill Bane or Immortan Joe might be more appropriate. Wut? But the Lone Ranger's mask covers his eyes. He's a psychopath !!!

I cannot stand the sight of this man when I think of all of the people that have died and become sick because of his incompetence and because of those that stood by him. Our country is in need of a leader, please vote Trump OUT. Sdot_Meezy Side note.. the Lone Ranger was a character based off the true life story of a BLACK MAN!! Bass Reves BLM

My father Clayton Moore TheLoneRanger actually knew how to wear a mask. To be clear... Because stupid Trump wears a mask over his eyes not his nose and mouth. He, not only, looks like a thief but a real one at that. Does this mean the VP is Tonto? Maybe somebody should show trump a picture of the Lone Ranger in his mask. It is not over his mouth!

Right. The Lone Ranger's mask covered his eyes, not his mouth. What a moron.realDonaldTrump Heck ! All he has to do it wear the one he wore when he was with Stomy Daniels or maybe he called himself the Lone Ranger... when he was the Short Ranger.. that’s what she said....TrumpKnewAndDidNothing Yeah, the real LoneRanger was an incredible and inspirational African-American who caught bad guys. realDonaldTrump IS a bad guy.

Can be that narcissistic found a piece of a heart Some tweets love an asshole under cover ? How is his memory of lone ranger so f-ed up different from every normal person. Alzheimer or just stupidity This is like one of those movies where a 12 year old takes over the body of a 70 year old degenerate. I give it two thumbs down

Does shit for brains Comrade trump know the Lone Ranger wore his mask over his eyes? Last night I watched the movie The Caine Mutiney with Humphrey Bogart. Never in my life would I have thought that that movie - the Captain of the Caine would represent the president of the USA. Watch it again if it’s been awhile and be prepared to be shocked 😮

The Hamburglar maybe realDonaldTrump is an idiot. Period. He is not the leader I chose. He is not my President. That is why he is a moron and am incredible liar. That makes Pence Tonto. This virus is seriously airborne ... please wear your mask. 😷 .... 45 is gross with or without the mask with his CAT IN THE HAT vocabulary.

So now all of his cult members will be pro masks? Lone Ranger had Tonto. Who you picking? Let’s see him set an example. The Lone Ranger wore a mask around his eyes, not his mouth. Maybe Silver 🐎 Given the chance to look like my hero, I am now going to wear a mask 24/7 even after they find a vaccine (and by 'they', I mean 'scientists'). Hi Ho Silver Away! LoneRanger

Fuckwit can’t even get that right the lone rangers mask was over is eyes or perhaps that’s where he wearing it ? He wears it over his eyes THE LOONY RAGER! Does realDonaldTrump know that the lone range wore a mask over his eyes not his nose and mouth? .... Uh. Then he's wearing it wrong. Ah. Some smart person figured out how to flatter him into doing something reasonable. A rare event.

KFILE What synchophant came up with this to salve Trump's ego? YourVoteMatters This some dumb shit He’s wearing it over his eyes isn’t he? He would look more like The Hamburglar Oh barf! What a complete imbecile to imply that vanity is in any way relevant to a global health crisis. His duty is to lead and he should put his creepy delusions aside and set an example for the people he’s charged to protect.

Stop insulting the Lone Ranger Oh..Her gonna BE Lone, alright....After November....n good RIDDANCE..Not just worst President...WORST HUMAN (judges are still OUT on the 'human' part) being, EVER!! He may not be the Lone Ranger but he is definitely a tonto ( if you know spanish you'll get it) 👶🏻 🧠 Figures that someone who thinks draining the treasury would think this is the Lone Ranger

He understands his base, he has to make it relatable, 😂 😂 😂 No...not THAT mask you idiot! Uh, tell him it’s supposed to over the nose and mouth... I've heard that if you eat your broccoli you'll turn into a Ninja Turtle Not wearing one makes him look like The Lone Ass Clown! More like the crook he is. DonTheCon

Make DJT a cool mask like Bane so he will wear it. Not a difficult thing to do. Just have to be creative. The guy just wants to be cool. Ever since he pooped his pants in 5th grade. If he's open to the idea of a mask now, how about a gag? FFS This man is a walking fucking disaster. Not like Lone Ranger The Covid ranger

Ummm ... Mr. 'President' -- the LoneRanger was a handsome BLACK man by the name of BassReeves who was born into slavery, was fearless and a lawman. You look and are NOTHING like him. Dollars to Donuts Trump doesn't know the real Lone Ranger was a black man. I give it a week before he claims he's been doing it all along. He was the first to do it. Reports of him refusing to wear a mask we're all a liberal msm hoax. And his followers will believe it.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 ....... ................................ AN EYE MASK?!?!?!?! Because he's 8. He will have his orange makeup problem. Does he always have to add what he looks like? Geez oooooh k. 25th time. The Lone Danger. Oh my gawd, Donald Trump doesn't know the difference between the top of his face and the bottom of his face.

I agree, the lone ranger looked like a dork and so does trump. I can see the resemblance realDonaldTrump “I had a mask on. I sort of liked the way I looked. OK. I thought it was OK. It was a dark black mask, and I thought it looked OK. “It looked like the Lone Ranger,” he continued. I knew Trump had no idea how to wear a mask😷

Because he's 10 years old. Batman sighs in relief.... BretBaier Can he send a tweet to his cult members that fight wearing a mask? Clayton Moore is turning over in his grave. Trump supporters now: yeah of course masks are very important! ITS TOO LATE TO WALK BACK ON THE MASK THING betrayed Huh? Was he wearing it over his eyes?

He’s wearing it wrong. Who wants to tell him the mask goes over the nose and mouth? The Lone Ranger's mask was over his eyes... Anyone? Does he even know what kind of mask the Lone Ranger wore? It pisses me off that his enablers told him he'll 'look like the Lone Ranger', and he's repeating it now. Garbage in - Garbage out. His mind is rotting tapioca, yet his family & criminal gang keep propping him up, like Weekend At Bernie's. Even worse, they think we don't see it.

When I was a kid I was scared of going to the barber so my mom said the cartoon character He-man went there. I was then all about it. Samesy BretBaier Well now that’s something for the idiot msm to make a big story out of Hahahaha!!!! Cheers to whichever one of his sycophants that brown nosed him with that line. I guess they didn’t think he would be stupid enough to repeat it in public and totally embarrass himself. Again.

Keep thinking he can’t get dumber but there’s no bottom Much like everything else he attempts, I don’t think he is doing this right. Without realizing the mask is supposed to go over his MOUTH! He knows the Lone Ranger wears his mask over his eyes. He's getting closer. Is that why he calls out to melania, Hi Hoe? Silver?

amikegreen2 What an idiot🤦🏽‍♀️ He knows that the Lone Ranger wore a mask over his eyes Maybe we'll get lucky and Tonto will shoot him The man in charge of one of the largest organizations the world has ever seen is not allowed to see himself as some lone protagonist fighting against the System. He *IS* the system.

Will see of he wears a mask. I say it's all talk. Does the Idiot in Chief not know that the Lone Rangers mask covers his eyes not his mouth and nose? Honestly role with it if this gets more people to wear masks (in the right way) THE LONE DERANGER! realDonaldTrump He's wearing wrong incorrectly. Hey if all his dingdong supporters see this and decide they want to look like 'lone rangers' (whatever the fuck that means) too and start wearing masks, that might actually get us somewhere. So I'd take it.

we literally have a fucking toddler in office🙃 Must have found a way of taking it off that doesn't remove his fake tan. A screw is definitely loose... He’s wearing it wrong. Que the LoneRanger mask memes of tRump! I think he meant The Hamberdler Wait, what? 😂 EmmaDay15199435 Comedian in Chief. Even his rallies are shock entertainment with nothing substantive.

Someone suggested this to him like he was five do they could get him to eat his vegetables 😂 But he has a mask, he just needs to wear it If realDonaldTrump thinks that, then he's definitely wearing it wrong. Who cares what he thinks anymore? Great. 4months in and BunkerBoy can finally accept a mask. Loser

I actually hate this dude. AGAIN, it is all about Genocidal Trump (GT). But someone needs to tell the idiot you wear the mask to cover your mouth and nose not your eyes. Now we all understand why GT was saying masks were not beneficial. you know how much makeup is going to be on the inside of that mask! lmfao

We have a 3 yr old in the WH. He’s playing Lone Ranger as our troops have a bounty and we die of Covid. Then he’s wearing it wrong. But he still won’t wear one. And he doesn’t look like the Lone Ranger, although the Lone Ranger also looks like an asshole. The airplane is flying into the hangar with the green beans

Lone Ranger: “Tonto! We’re surrounded!” Tonto: “what do mean “We”, white man?” More the the loneranger ‘s horses ass.... Hes like a child you have to inject ideas into so hes ok with uncomfortable situations Lone Ranger? He would be wearing the mask wrong. Can somebody send him back to school? Is THAT how they got him to wear one? Perhaps if they zoom a spoonful of peas in like an airplane he'll eat his vegetables.

It’s true! lonedanger 45 Ts wearing the 😷 wrong if he looks like the Lone Ranger. That mask would make him look like an orange raccoon maybe. Entire GOP are COVIDIOTS Wear a mask if you look good in one. You can make your own If it makes him look like the Lone Ranger, he’s wearing it wrong. Also, Trump is an asshole.

Millennials: The Lone what? HongKong HongKongNeedsHelp BorisJohnson This is just fukin dumb. A guy who will never be lonely because he has so many friends in his head. Does he even know that's not how the lone ranger wore his mask? He is very stupid yet has his own show, The6TrillionDollarManchild. The jobs he’s touting are taxpayer funded from our PPP money that’s piled on to our Federal Budget Deficit. 63,000,000 Americans believe his gaslighting or don’t know economics. Or both. GOPBetrayedAmerica

Trump just likes the idea of bossing around a Native American who will just say “um, yes, you are the greatest that ever lived, kemo sabe.” Somebody send this dirtbag to Afghanistan so he can deal with the bounty he and Putin have put on servicemembers' heads. Who is going to tell him it is ineffective when you wear it over your eyes?

realDonaldTrump doesn't like to wear a mask because it will mess up his lipstick and other makeup. So someone just told him it’ll hurt his numbers if Covid is around in November huh? 🙄🙄 He is a toddler manchild Omg! More like... He has been wearing a President costume for 3.5 years. Why not switch to the Lone Ranger.

What the ......😵 Whatever it takes to get him on board with wearing one. So, who is mentally diminished? I see more of Silver’s hindquarters when I look at him. Then he’s wearing it wrong He’s delusional at best! Sitting in my cubicle and it’s difficult to control myself from bursting out laughing he’s wearing it wrong then

Hahahaha Uhhh... Such a child. 1FreshTake Nothing that a mask can save lives and virus may not spread. He’s an imbecile Does this mean he's going to wear it over his eyes like this dude? Trump is a child. fuckTrump Paper bag over his face would be better. So that’s all we have to tell these jackass’s. You like a superhero in that mask

May we survive until His series is cancelled. Riiiight ... Such a child Has he ever seen the Lone Ranger? Not even close. Plus his mask is over is eyes. What a complete idiot! I wonder which Suckyouphant in his cabinet came up with this to get realDonaldTrump to wear a mask? Sounds like a trick you use to get your toddler to eat their vegis!!!!

Yeah. 🤦🏼‍♂️ And overnight all the MAGAs will suddenly be able to breathe with a mask on without fear of too much CO2. Sounds like the dumb ass might have been wearing it wrong. Arrested development. What a joke! Ass What an infant Trump doesn't look like the Lone Ranger, maybe the Lone Deranger Trump looks like

Everything is one big joke to him does he understand where the mask goes Because it makes him look good, not because it contains the spread of the virus. Go figure. 🤨 The story will change again once he's told the actual Lone Ranger was Bass Reeves, a black freed slave who patroled the wild west.😂😂😂

😑 Why can't he just say the GOP tore him a new asshole and that's why he chose to wear a mask. I wonder if he also knows the lone ranger was black.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Much closer resemblance to the Hamburgler The Lone Ranger? Does realDonaldTrump not know that the Lone Ranger’s mask was over his eyes, not his mouth? But good if Trump covers his mouth - at least it will muffle his lies. EveryoneislaughingatyouDonald

Did he kiss a girl & like it also? We know she didn't! So, like a child, he won't do a thing that is neccessary to live healthy, unless it is cool like his favorite t.v. character? Wow, what an immature person to have as a president. As dumb as his comment is, at least he’s appealing to his base to wear these damn things...most positive trump comment I’ve made in 4 years. Excuse me I’m off to shower

Nobody tell him the Lone Ranger was based on a black man. He's more concerned about looking 'cool' The man is an absolute idiot. Donald Trump, Lone Danger FYI if it makes him look like the Lone Ranger then he’s wearing it wrong. realDonaldTrump never fails to amaze with new levels of stupidity. Just tell Trump it is Putin’s jock strap, and he will wear it all the time.

Could our president be any dumber? Certifiable More like Tonto 🤔 Seems to match his stable genius line He's dumber than a box of rocks and He’s a toddler. Maybe we should throw in stickers to sweeten the deal. Rosebud. ByeDon2020 Just to be clear, this is the President of the United States saying this, right?

Lone Ranger? We’re pretty much 5 months into the pandemic w/130k+ dead and he’s Now considering setting an example to wear a mask... but on his face, lol. I get it. Sometimes babies don't want to put their pacifiers on. Somebody calling a psiquiatric doctor would be nice. He then made a doodie in the toilet and everyone clapped.

He needs an excuse to do the right thing other than doing the right thing? Clearly someone planted this idea in his demented head as an attempt to get him to stop self-sabotaging over the mask issue. Was it Ivanka or Hope Hicks? God how old is he? Okaaay. The Lone Ranger wore a domino mask, not a surgical mask that covered the mouth. What a moron.

Says the 1st grader... The Lone Danger Yeah right How does Lone Ranger ratings compare to foxnews and CNN? I bet that is why! Wore a mask over his eyes. 🤔 NOTHING could make him look like the lone ranger. Does he know where Lone Ranger wears his mask. TheLoneDanger techstoa Sounds like a bunch of people did some epic sucking up...

kumailn The 'Lone Ranger' was inspired by a black Texas Ranger named Lee Roy Young. Somebody tell realDonaldTrump he's ironically supporting BlackLivesMatter so he can shoot himself for showing solidarity with protesters. Plus he looks more like Jim Carrey in TheMask than Kemo Sabe. Yeah......yeah.

Wrong mask... unless trump wears his over his eyes, which to be fair could only be an improvement as he's already blind to reality.. And today he’ll say he’s always worn a mask and you’ll report that too. Oh, so that was the particular stupid thing that was holding him up and led to 130,000 deaths and counting. Cool.

Is that why he tweeted “Lone Warrior”? Will somebody tell Trump the Lone Ranger covered his eyes not his mouth Yeah I don’t think this works. Fucking toddler. This was about vanity? 1000s died because.. Lone Ranger? Ummm The lone ranger was based on Bass Reeves, a black man. Trump is not worthy to even say his name.

If he puts on a mask & the media says it makes him Presidential, then expect the ratio you deserve. Four months! It took him four months. Him and his base spread more virus than any masked Democrat has in the whole United States. This is a fact!! So is he planning to cover his eyes? Would m make sense as it's how his presidency has been run. As if he's been blindfolded

Just...just...no. TrumpIsALaughingStock He hates masks like he hates condoms Um ... wrong kind of mask or he's wearing it as well as he did his eclipse goggles. Didn’t Lone Ranger wear a mask to cover his eyes? IdiotInChief I believe he needs to go darker w the foundation. It's not orange enough. Except for the fact the Lone Ranger wore it on his eyes, but yeah, sure.

Didn’t the Lone Ranger cover his eyes what is Biden’s opponent taking about ? Waiting for PaulZeise to criticize trump for flip-flopping on this issue. Who wants to tell him? Correction more like the Hamburgler I know two people that have said they are voting for Trump even through they think he’s terrible. Their reason is they hate being forced to wear a mask and think we are all being weak little bitches 😳

Haha. I was thinking he looks more like Lone Rangers grandma in a mask. He's an ass. The lone range wore a mask over his eyes 🙄😷 He is the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger mask would explain the raccoon look I’d like to point out that all my husband and I had to tell our 2.5yo son was that wearing one kept other people from getting sick. He happily wears it.

F Idiot And the GOP attacks 46's cognitive ability. 🤣🤣🤣 That makes vp Mike Pence his horse Silver! Riding him 'bareback', of course! Until he starts wearing a mask, this is a non story. Just because he says he likes them, doesn’t mean he will wear one. I don’t care whether he does or not. 🖕 Omg 😳 🤣🤣

Whats he going to do to help his mates in Texas and Arizona It’s always about HIM. And if he thinks he ever looks good, he needs an eye examination and a psychiatric evaluation. Blecch. The Bone-Spur Ranger, maybe. What a ridiculous child. JFC He would look good with a bag over his head. The same Lone Ranger who famously wore a mask across his eyes and not his mouth? realDonaldTrump is thicker than a Mc D’s milkshake.

He's realized shit's gotten so bad and needs to come up with some excuse as to why he's suddenly changed his mind. That's if this manages to stick. Maybe now they can get him to eat his vegetables. Such a simpleton Maybe he’ll endorse the vaccine, when available, if they inject it into his arm after flying the syringe around the room like a “really neato airplane.”

*imph phe laughw wrangcher* Nooooooo... who did this? F you and your caring about lives and shit. Tell him wearing it makes him look like a pussyassbitch because honestly after the whole botched impeachment we had our fingers crossed for corona to do the job right. That’s the kind of answer u would expect from a young child “mr trump if u wear the mask it gives u super magical powers”

It’s a hoax Give the person who persuaded him to wear one a medal Lone Ranger. ,😂😂 He's always struck me as more of a Tonto, pardon my Spanish Can you show a picture then!!! Jesus H. Christ ... he’s a fucking 3 year old. The Lone Bonespur! Hi-Ho Golf cart away! Dumb fig doesn’t understand that the Lone Ranger wore the mask over his eyes. Maybe someone better draw realDonaldTrump a picture so he can cognitively understand the mask should cover his crusty old mouth. Good job for PressSec. Get her crayons out

Why wouldn’t he liked it? That eas always cool! Of course he likes it, it covers up his eye bags. To Mr. Trump. What Trump doesn't seem to realise is that people wearing a mask over their nose and mouth in the Lone Ranger series were the BADDIES! The ones who wore it over the mouth were the bad guys, Don... 🤦‍♀️

THE LONE RANGER WAS A FOOL CHARACTER Oh good. 🙄 This is the part where the media obsesses for 4 days about trump and his sad Lone Ranger mask and doesn’t talk about him ignoring the entire coronavirus🦠 disaster or the Russian 🇷🇺 bounties he allowed to happen. 😡 TRE45ON TrumpResignNow TrumpVirus RussianBounty

More like the 'Lone Lunatic' or better yet, the 'Hamburglar.' WorstPresidentInHistory TraitorInChief Quick someone Photoshop a Lone Ranger mask over his mouth. 😆 😆😂😂😂 kumailn Oh for god's sake Ohhhh how I wish someone could infiltrate his next rally and play the Lone Ranger anthem as his entrance song. GOLD!

Me me me.... Cannot wait to see the creative memes and gifs from this statement! Actually makes him look like he’s late to the party. He needs to wake up and nationally mandate the mask. Might save the economy that way without lockdown. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe stick him back up in that 18 wheeler and he can VROOM VROOM again while wearing his Lone Ranger face mask!

Does this idiot know 128,000 people have died because of Covid-19? How is he going to find a mask that won’t smear his makeup? You have got to be effing kidding me. This guy is such a tool. kumailn If it gets his followers to finally put one on, I guess. I mean, he's only doing it because he's frightened and wants to save face, but it might at least do some good. He's still a complete dickhead, though. This is not a pro Trump tweet.

The Lone DEranger, HI HO PENCE, AWAY! More like Moron Ranger Didn't the Lone Ranger wear a mask around his eyes. Interesting to see what sort of mask Trump appears in. 😂😂😂😂😂 Is he 4 year old Well, at least tRUMP has his Halloween costume sorted! Now he can start concentrating on the more mundane things (like Russia, the coronavirus, unemployment, etc.)

realDonaldTrump The Orange Tonto I feel sorry for his horse. The lone ranger's mask went across his eye, what dipshitdiaperdonnie needs to wear across his mouth in duct tape!!! Dad is not of sound mind. He has lost it. His family must intervene. He is humiliating himself daily and a danger to everyone. Stop the madness. ResignNow

“How do I look in my mask,” asked trump of Pence? “Like God Ke-mo Sah-bee! Like God,” responded Pence! I knew he had an alter ego. Cos that's what toddlers say. It’s a lie as usual. Putin wanted him to kill a certain percentage of Americans and now that he’s accomplished that he can pretend to care. bakerjjw WearADamnMask

'Like the Loan Ranger' This is what he's carers told him Will he be getting pence and Barr silver and tonto outfits? Poor pence, struggling to carry the lone rangers lardass around ProjectLincoln Well in fairness, he is a cowboy The Lone Danger Lone Ranger? Does the orangutan-in-chief know how to wear the face mask for prevention from infectious diseases? It’s not an eye mask 🤦🏻‍♂️

My mother used to call food I didn’t like for cowboy-food. Clearly the same effect on Trump. Thanks...eh...Melania? Kills thousands and now brings up mask wtf💩💩💩 The only way he’d look like the Lone Ranger is if we used black marker to fill in the bits he misses with the fake tan because of his tanning goggles.

The cdc is WRONG to suggest wearing Face Masks as only HERD IMMUNITY can END COVID-19. Moreover, the Government has no authority over the people to Order them what to wear. That's great. I don't care if the thinks he looks like the Lone Ranger, Spiderman or the incredible Hulk, as long as he wears a f***ing Mask! He must lead this by example, otherwise the MAGAts will never follow.

Who’s a big boy wearing his little mask (the wrong way...) ugh this man keeps getting worse and worse Let’s see what he does. He was told he would not win the election if he didn’t start leading and becoming a role model. It is never about the American people, is about him! We are watching in real time the rats running to get off the Trump ship! SteveSchmidtSES JoeBiden

Yeah, because it’s all about him🙄 More like the Loan Arranger considering how many times his businesses needed to be bailed out. 🤣😂 He acts more like Don Quixote. Slaying windmills. The cancer causing kind Who is going to tell him that The Lone Rangers mask covered .... well, HIS EYES?🤦🏻‍♀️ Yeah, well, you're supposed to wear it over your mouth and nose, stupid.

The Lone Deranger FINE, whatever it takes to get him to wear the damn mask! Guess that means that realDonaldTrump the Imbecile will be wearing that mask over his eyes. The real Lone Ranger was a Black man. Tell your president to look up BassReeves. He meant to say Black Panther. MAGA loves the Black Panther.

We literally have to coddle Trump as if he's a 2 year old toddler to convince him to wear a mask that saves American lives? So does a baseball hat. Bot are that far off the mark. That's what any 5 year old would say. As I predicted. Do his staffers also have to make airplane noises when feeding him his mashed veggies? 🥳🤣

Me giving Donald tips on mask wearing. Glad you're listening Donnie. Is he wearing it right ? Best he not wear white then, show off all that makeup. Lone Ranger only covered his eyes though if memory serves me well. What a silly puppet! 😂😂 The dope - the Lone Ranger’s mask covered his eyes! TheLoneRanger

Bit late to try and set any form of example now, Trump should have wore a mask without defiance from the get go and I imagine alot of the public would have followed suit The US might not be top of the death chart if he had Bountygate. Stay focused. Vote. Wow clickbait nonsense. psssst, Mr. President, the Lone Ranger wore his mask on the TOP part of his head . . . . COVID19

Shhh no one tell him it was an eye mask. Let’s just get them all stick ponies. He has no Tonto (Russian) Loan Ranger 🙄🙄🙄 I think the word *lone* is the key here, or should it be *alone* Even his staff think he’s deranged. He’s wearing it wrong if it looks like the Lone Ranger. And if that doesn't scare the crap out of you I give up.

Wow, how cute! Nothing like a feel-good story about the vile orange mess to brighten up my day! realDonaldTrump See how easy it is!!? And in the process shows how stupid he is. Again. But... The Dumb Stranger ModerateMan8 lmfao Ich glaube mir wird schlecht. Er ist kein Held oder ähnliches sondern ein verdammtes Arschloch. I am sick about him and everything what he did....🤮🤢🤮

I like how Mandy looks in: I wonder who came up with the idea that our President could be convinced to do the right thing by treating him like a toddler - 'you look like the Lone Ranger”! AP doing it's job but FML trump is a wanker He looks more like an orange raccoon reversed. He’s wearing it wrong. What is he, an emotional 3 year old?

He should wear it over his ears so he can’t hear how bad he’s doing in the polls. He may have seen this cowboy... It isn't the lone ranger but at least he is wearing a manly mask! wat LONE DANGER 🙄 Someone give Trump his toys back. Does Trump's idiocy, narcissism, & megalomania know no bounds? The MF is 5 and stuck in the 1950s.

the moron doesn't even know how to wear a mask during a pandemic! This is not only childish, but a completely incorrect vision of how the mask in this case is to be worn. That’s what it takes? Appeal to his ego? Just imagine the childish mentality of that man.... Costume stores everywhere - stock up. The MAGA’s are expected in 3...2...1...

I wonder is soledadobrien okay with this headline? Literally the best news all week. How sad is that.... this man is an idiot Traitor that looked other way while hostile foreign leader placed bounties on U.S. troops says he likes wearing mask that he thinks makes him look like fictional hero. News at 11.

Ummmmm seriously?!! Trump already looks like a doofus-version of the Lone Ranger with the white rings around his eyes. That mask doesn’t cover the nose or mouth either though!! What a moron!!🤦🏽‍♂️ yeah...lol..well first off...his team will make him say anything about now to increase his numbers...secondly does he realize that the mask is NOT to cover your eyes...and thirdly lets see IF he wears one

You can’t make this shit up, folks! You will NEVER look like the Lone Ranger. Your bulk would crush Silver underneath your massive ass realDonaldTrump Oy. But sure Donnie. Make the race about cognitive decline. Do you think he just never watched the Lone Ranger? UGH, THAT man is clueless. He should wear a bag..I would like it...

kumailn Our POTUS After 120,000 deaths. After pressuring people to not wear them. Trump is an idiot. Pure bullshit he could not even say it with a straight face Guess that explains this picture. Ok and? I can only imagine how appropriate it would be if DJT referenced the Winter Soldier...🤣 If it's a lone ranger that never saves anyone and does whatever it takes to enrich himself & hurt other people. A lone ranger that's orange, stands like a centaur, can't pronounce words correctly, has an overt fondness for Putin, & a horse couldn't stand to be in the presence of.

I think someone needs to show President Trump how a mask works. The Lone Ranger. Famously not covering his nose and mouth. More like the back end of Silver Hahahaha ! The Lone Ranger has a mask over his EYES and a HAT ! ? lol Trump is so stupid ! FuckingMoron Hypocritical ass-clown More like Hannibal Lecter but whatever.

What virulent Trump swamp cares is virus itself, not about people. Bozo Silver would toss him on his ass!! Yes, Donny, it makes you look like a hero. Wear one 24/7 and it will give you special powers. Really. Of course it’s all about him. Asswipe FFS Sounds like he’s seen his PollNumbers Pathetic. Is he senile?

BuddyVossie Mask or no mask, ya look like a fascist traitor and an enemy of the republic. FFS Then realDonaldTrump is wearing his 😷 all sorts of wrong Only after peeling his mask will Donald Trump look like the Lone Ranger. So long as the virus was mostly killing people in Blue states, Republicans were content to let it run its course. Now that it’s hitting Red states hard, suddenly it’s a health crisis

Ummmmmm.... ... Fuck it. I'll take it. So proud of his looks for such an ugly ‘man’. Amazing Briannaehley At the same time, he also claimed that many people have seen him wearing a mask (nobody can confirm this), and once again he claimed that the virus is going to disappear. After resisting wearing a mask in public, President Trump now says he thinks it makes him look like the Lone Ranger - and he likes it.

Mask stop the spread of the disease, not from catching it unless it’s an N 95 Coming from someone who obviously NEVER watched the lone ranger, or has any idea of what his mask looked like. Good God, the stupidity never ends. KrisKetzKMBC DelusionalDonald He’s wearing the mask wrong then. What a moron.

The Lone Ranger I grew up with had the mask over his eyes, not his mouth. KFILE TheOnion I just don’t know what to say anymore. He is wearing it wrong then 'I'm a big boy now' 😂well at least he’s wearing it 🙄 Somebody Give him a hood and be done with it. Please. This shows how stupid he is and his followers that agree with that statement. The Lone Ranger's mask covered his eyes 🤦🏾‍♂️SMH

He is ugly regardless Asshat! jenhen441 All other IvyLeague schools are thanking Wharton for graduating Trump. They don't have to bear the brunt of producing the dumbest POTUS in our history. His mask covers the top part of his face, genius. Isn’t that sweet. Maybe he can get a hat and lollipop to go with it for being such a big brave boy.

Whaaaaaat!! Lunatic to the end Someone knows how to get that baby to do what’s necessary. babytrump “O honey don’t worry you look like a superhero. Everyone is going to like you. YUS LIKE THE LONE RANGER, yes, yea...” You donny not to put too, too fine a point on it but The Lone Ranger wore a Black Wrap with eye cut outs not a mask of multiple designs and near infinite color schemes the covered his nose, mouth & chin. Besides you already a famous look a like, ' The Hunchback of Not To Blame '.

Does he cut they eyeholes out himself, or does he leave that to his valet? Man is hilarious Oh good god. He won’t wear one. And does he not realize where the Lone Ranger wore his mask?!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤡🤡🤡 Oh ffs. Hmm... Donald and Mike in their Lone Ranger and Tonto cosplay fantasy. Translation...the rapid rise in cases, soaring past the previous record of cases we've had in a single day and seeing staff members getting sick all around him might have finally scared him a bit...

💡 CC: FoxNews CC: BBC CC: CNN BCC: CDCgov He makes his poppies and he plays his pretend. So smart! Much good job Not the kind of mask we’re talking about it but atleast he’s talking about wearing mask OMG. It had to be his decision and it could not be for the reason everyone wanted him to do it, it had to be for a reason that was his idea and only important to him. And this is the reason trump gave for why he is wearing a mask now. The Lone Ranger...who does not wear a mask?

Then he is wearing it wrong. _Politics Lmao keitrader TheOnion please stop forgetting to switch accounts. Wait a damned minute...did he wear it over his eyes? BretBaier realDonaldTrump our seal team would love a few rangers. Maybe DonaldJTrumpJr, the best shot East of the Mississippi can join us for some antifa hunting.

Wearing a mask made him feel like the Lone Ranger. Bless the little critters heart. He really is a small small man. After record number of surge and death, now he 'likes' the mask? This is fucking joke to him? Ummmm. Huh? Again showing what a complete idiot he is. The Lone Ranger’s mask went around his eyes, and did not cover his nose nor his mouth. Trump wearing a mask would make him look like the crook that he truly is, looting America for all he can get

What a child The Lone Ranger. 🙄 Ok..he is wearing it wrong..should look like Hawkeye on mash! More delusion damn... the president is like a spoiled 9yo from the 50's, trasplanted in an obese and unhealthy 70yo mans body in the year 2020 As usual, too little. Too late. FreshPina The press MAGA-phone at it again

The damage is done. A guy agreed to give blood today until he was told he had to wear a mask, he then refused. Trump made it political and his Trumptards took the bait, hook, line and sinker. I just gotta leave this here, yourPresident could never be as cool as the LoneRanger RIPJThomas Is this the Onion?

Like he’d ever hang with Tonto. Or...cosplay with Pence? 🤔 Look he's not a scientist, you can't expect him to know the difference between eyes and mouth Geez. What a child 🙄 Wrong mask. Yup, POTUS realDonaldTrump looks exactly like The Lone Ranger WearADamnMask His or this Presidency in US is joke of the century! Pity

He looks like Hamburglar, with or without the mask. Who’s gonna tell him? Wtf... The Lone Ranger had a mask over his eyes, not his mouth... Oh. My. God. DidIDie IsThisHell WhatTheHellDidIDoToDeserveThis? He's not the 'Lone Ranger' he's the Lone Danger. Only because Moscow Mitch says to wear a mask. Comrade Trump is a follower, not a leader.

I have MY Corona virus mask on order. I think it'll make ME look like the Lone Ranger, too sasyecat Tonto says not so much. Traitor, who cares? The LOAN COVIDIOT Why cantnn anyone hear me. He's gd idiot Sorry, the Lone Ranger wore the mask over his eyes. And he did not have a vagi-neck. I dont wear a mask, they are only good for virtue signaling and I dont roll like that. I have more chance of dying in a car accident.

With all the crap going on everywhere is this seriously where we are with the headlines today And Mike Pence starring as Tonto... What a dildo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I potty trained my son with Batman underwear. realDonaldTrump you'll never look this cool wearing a mask!! makes this tweet so much funnier in hindsight lol

He’s the Lone Ranger alright Nope. He's a masked bandit! Not exactly the Lone Ranger look. cljmo trump is lying. He is the lone maskhole. Only thinks of his looks and fragile masculinity. cljmo Sure enough he’s got it wrong again. You don’t wear a mask over your eyes dummy The Lone Ranger’s crazy obese grandfather more like it

OMG! The president of the United States (during a pandemic) is focused on how he looks wearing a mask. As the man said, mask not what your country can do for you but mask what you can do for your country. maskornothesanimbecile Did anyone ask him if he meant Jesse James? No...it does not make him look like Bass Reeves.

_Politics Our country is a sad comedy act, a Greek tragedy. 100% the stupidest headline ever. cljmo he's not wearing it right if he looks like the Lone Ranger in it. What a fookin idiot. kumailn Correction...a Trumpian pee-on...hesitantly...without confidence...told him, 'Um...you look (gulp) like the...um...Lone Ranger in that mask?' Later throws up in other room.

I don't think that's how you're supposed to wear it cljmo So he wears it over his eyes? WTAF? F...u...c....k................y........o........u.......!!!!!!!! Lone Ranger realDonaldTrump is so far gone that he doesn’t realize he’s a meme. DerangedDonald LincolnProject JoeBiden It's always about one of his childhood shows he watched.

The Lone Ranger's mask didn't cover his nose and mouth. Covering Trump's mouth will be a good thing. Stop covering this tabloid level nonsense and make articles stating exactly how bad hes fucked up the handling of Covid-19. Daily. Even if it puts you on his shitlist. Better to be on his bad side than to be his fucking court jester.

That’s hilarious, finally after so many thousands of died, he finally is getting off his high horse; makes him look more like a horse thief! Oh please! 🙄 Biggest fool 'on the planet earth'! Time for Trump and his followers to pick between a mask or a muzzle because their selfishness and ignorance is killing people. realDonaldTrump

And people still question whether or not he’s addled. 🙄 Its always about him🇺🇸 Whichever those staff members told this idiot that has dubious distinction. I'm thinking it could have been one of the women who flattered him to that degree.😳🙄😁 The actual lone ranger looked good without the mask, but I'm not going to lie on Trump like that!!!😂😂😂

No he doesn’t. This is just a diversion from the dead soldier bounty shitshow! Who thinks they look good in a mask? Only Donald Trump! If he likes it...then why doesn’t he wear one ? He doesn’t wear one because his makeup would come off on it like it does on his collar. Yeah, wear a Lone Ranger mask and breathe deeply

What a Simpleton. Who’s gonna tell him... lol TrumpOut2020 LoneDeranger TrumpTreason What do you think of realDonaldTrump wearing a mask? Nothing could make this guy look good. Rex Tillerson has no idea how many times every week I quote him. The idiot isn’t wearing it right! Trump thinks he looks like A Lone Ranger - and he likes it. MAGA LoneRanger COVIDIOTS COVID19 Trump2020 OPENAMERICANOW AGREED!

ByYourLogic This is baby shit. Like pretending the spoon of carrot puree is an airplane. Well it could be because the Lone Ranger wore his mask over his eyes. realDonaldTrump I’m not sure you want to look like the Lone Ranger with regards to a mask in this case. Bass Reeves? Um ... Hey , this is a RIDICULOUS headline for what is usually considered a respectable news outlet. Where is the exact news here? Time to get your integrity back. P.S. The Lone Ranger wore his mask over his eyes. 🙄

More like this. I think he’s wearing it wrong. This is The Onion, right? Probably looks more like The Phantom of the Orange Opera. You do know the Lone Ranger was black don’t you! It’s always about him! So... he’s wearing his mask over his eyes? That’s on brand for the inbred MAGA cult and their lack of understanding about anything.

🤨🧐🥴 The Lone Ranger wore a mask on his eyes!!!! Aaaaaack!!! Somebody stop him!!!! Mommy: eat your spinach and you can play video games. Child: 🤮 I love spinach. It makes me strong like Popeye. Can I have my controllers now? Oh sweet Lord. This man is beyond demented! Trump finally chickens out. The pressure was too much. The time for pseudo machoism is gone. Hope the dumb following will follow suit.

Um, the Lone Ranger wore a mask over his eyes. 🙄 I've got a WAY BETTER MASK for him!! Great !!! So just ride off into the sunset.... So he's totally wearing it wrong eh. He's so so dumb. If he looks like the lone ranger, he's doing it wrong. I’m confused More like the Lone Stranger... President Mike TeeVee No !No! Don't put that image in my head!! you will not tarnish the Lone Ranger ,a paper bag might work like the unknown comic!

Make the toddler think he's cool. Good tactic KFILE If tRump wants to look like the Lone Ranger with a mask for covid, I believe be will look more like a MAGA, not the Lone Ranger. He’s a.... I used to shake my head when I read something that he said. I don’t do that anymore, and for me who grew up with someone who is exactly like this that’s saying something.

marilynpersists A vanity exercise for him as always. TheLoneDanger What. The. Hell!?! marilynpersists He would look like an aging 7/11 bandit. KFILE This is so dumb and so insecure but if it reaches the 34% of Americans in his ride-or-die cult and gets them to wear masks then super has anybody checked on the people from The Onion? they must be so depressed about being obsolete

just think about it for a sec, this is not how Trump is selling the mask to the american public but rather how the idea was sold TO HIM!! just imagine an advicer telling him 'did you like the Lone Ranger? be like him, wear a mask' He better pray he doesn’t catch it! LOL... IdiotInChief. Looks nothing like the Lone Ranger. More like 'Stranger Danger'

Aaand sarahcpr's Twitter feed goes supernova. More like Lone DeRanger! At this point, I don’t give a fuck how he thinks he looks, as long as he wears, and advocates for wearing, a mask. It will save lives. EVERYONE, please research “news” for yourselves, instead of letting snarky blurbs on Twitter tell you the story. The President was making an innocent joke. This b.s. spinning from “news” networks has gotten ridiculous! Get a life!

Wait... I thought he was “The Lone Warrior.” I’m so confused. You know some interns probably had to propose different macho ideas to try to convince him to wear a mask 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Yeah. Good, Ok. Totally see it Spoken like a 7yr old Yes because masks that cover your nose and mouth make you feel like you are wearing a mask that covers just your eyes. Hes literally the dumbest human ever.

If it makes him look like the Lone Ranger...he’s wearing it too high. His perception versus reality. The Lone Ranger He should wear his over his eyes just like Lone Ranger! He knows Kemosabe means “shithead” right? But his makeup. He does know this is the mask the Lone Ranger wore, right? Little baby looks like his cartoon now.

pic or trump is still upholding his dumb position It just gets more ridiculous every second. Omg Not the Borowitz report. This is a Rodman like appearance in the making... All things considered that sounds good. What in the world Notice how close to November 45 changes his mind about wearing a mask. Covidiot

Wait til he has to do it in 100F climate with high humidity. That freaking moron can't even differentiate between a mask that goes over his eyes and one that goes over his mouth. Simple maths - 45 goes into a 180 many times. He’s worried his makeup will smear. I’m serious. That’s my guess. He was misquoted. He said, “Lone Racist.”

Coo coo for cocopuffs. The funny thing is that Trump thinks he’s brilliant (and praises himself) that he insults everybody else with his childish but dangerous lies! Too little too late 128k+ & counting Americans are dead. There is nothing cute, quirky or funny about this. People are dying, and ignorant people are modeling his dangerous behaviors of not listening to the experts. What a mess......

Maybe that explains his “lone warrior” tweet. What an idiot 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

Whatever you have to tell yourself. Effing make up your mind! Stop nagging on him about this! If he's willing to finally wear one, let him pretend to be whomever he wants! *finger guns* “pew pew!” realDonaldTrump THIS COVID SHIT AIN'T NO JOKE! I HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES AND YOU MAKING EFFING JOKES!! TRE45SON

Because TrumpIsAnAss 🤪 More like the Lone Danger. DID HE CUT FUCKING HOLES IN IT?!?!? HOLY CHRIST REPUBLICANS! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!! PressSec VP VPPressSec GOP GOPLeader GOPChairwoman lisamurkowski SenatorCollins RandPaul marcorubio LindseyGrahamSC JohnCornyn senatemajldr MarkMeadows SenateGOP HouseGOP

It puts the mask on THE MOUTH AND NOSE. This is Trump trying to take McConnell's advice and be more empathetic. Oh god please someone tell me SNL is in season. realDonaldTrump is such a loser. Even when he comes late to a party, he tries to make himself out to be a trend setter. He would. But don’t expect Tonto to ride shotgun.

More like Silver, from behind. This seriously is a bad look mr president you have to manage your perception better. It doesn’t matter if your right if you cannot lead. 🤣 Bencjacobs And now 50 million Trumpanzees will wear masks...over their eyes. No. I’m not kidding. The Lone Ranger or the hamberdler? Thats not the way your supposed to wear it dummy!

I celebrate anything that will move Mr. Trump to wear a mask no matter how juvenile his rationale. Lone Ranger... If it means his supporters might start wearing masks, I don't care what reason he gave. It's a net positive. Hehehe. At long last. He is alone ! Oh yeah, just like the lone ranger... Umm he’s not wearing it correctly if this is the case

He is soooooo stupid. And a lot of people act like it's normal. BTW, does he know the Lone Ranger is based on the life of a Black law man, Bass Reeves. I'll bet he doesn't. Rangers don't stay home because of bone spurs. What a shitbird! More like the Loan Dodger. Always filing for BANKRUPTCY, just like he’s doing with the U.S.

After RussiaHoax fakenews AP still colluding with the DeepState You're the bad guy in this story No You look like a Bunker Boy! I just started feeling sorry for an imaginary horse..... He is a profoundly stupid man. The world laughs ! 😂 tedneward Friends from the USA, please accept my condolences. 😢

He's an idiot with or without a mask. Anyone else feel like a sitting duck! The guy who could save us, doesnt understand TheLoneRanger wore a mask over his EYES not mouth. Were doomed!!! Trump Covid19 TrumpVirus Can someone photo shop trump as the loneranger Imbecile toddler If I were him, I'd cover the whole thing

'I feel like the Lone Ranger in this mask' He truly is a child... Ranger huh ? 🤔 The Orange Ranger. Normalizing WTF he has lost it. More like Silver the Horse. Lol If realDonaldTrump thinks a mask makes him look like the LoneRanger, he’s wearing it wrong. Does that make Bill Barr Tonto? In other words, Trump has no idea what the Lone Ranger looks like.

No no... Wrong character... It's the murderous stagecoach robber who he looks like! What a f-ing child. Who wants to tell him? ByYourLogic The Lone Ranger wore an eye mask 😒 I think the Lone Ranger’s mask covered his eyes. Maybe he meant Doogie Howser MD? Are we sure he’s wearing the right mask? Lone Ranger (LAW & Order). Where is Tonto (VPOTUS). looking for a job? VoteJoeBidenToSaveAmerica

ByYourLogic lmao Stupid Trump coined himself as a Lone Warrior and now a Lone Ranger. I think he's a Lone Loon--and an American Con Artist. Absolutely Pathetic He’s a lone fool Can he really be that stupid, as the Lone Ranger wore a mask over his eyes? Yes, he is. Trump could never be the Lone Ranger He’s got issues.

realDonaldTrump hmmm, that does look like you Donnie Dumps _Politics His frame of reference is a senior citizen..his maturity is a toddler. Good job to whomever convinced him of this. While it is infantile, it will help our country embrace mask wearing. That’s a win. End justifies the means. No matter how ridiculous it is.

He mentioned being a 'lone warrior' yesterday. Has he been watching lone ranger reruns? When he’s tested regularly and so are those around him, why? Stop the fear mongering! This is 98.7% survivable. Trump can F&&k off 😂🤣 Does he realize the Lone Ranger wore his mask over his eyes? I think he should wear a paper bag over his head. Make that a double-bagger.

People are dying and all he cares about is how he looks. Pathetic. Oh good God He is such a child. What a tool! Such a salesman. All smoke and mirrors. Wait...this can’t be real... How many soldiers died because russia put a bounty on them? Meet the real “Lone Ranger” Bass Reeves! What Oh! Tonto, we're in big trouble. Not me Kimo sabi, you in big trouble.

Why insult the Lone Ranger? You will never be a ranger, but the aforementioned won’t be difficult cuz you’re killing everyone. I told everyone yesterday. Distraction from bounties. He did not really say that. This can not be true. Who knew we had to approach to subject of mask wearing to POTUS the same you would a 5 y/o? But I’ll take it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Whatever floats his boat as long as he wears it😷😷 You mean this guy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Out President has the mind of a 10 year old. Lmao if this is whats going to help save American lifes fuk it. Lone ranger What an idiot!!! They have yet to mention vanesaguillen Lol what an idiot? Good. Now his cult members will follow

Whatever gets him to finally wear a mask...he can think he looks like Batman. Just wear the damn mask! Anyone ever see Running Scared with Paul Walker? Lone Ranger fan huh? lone ranger my ass. his campaign is bitching day and night for him to wear a mask and he's finally realizing he has to to have a shot in Nov

What a child. BretBaier Dems & media will immediately disavow the need for masks! Pssst! He doesn't look like the Lone Ranger. Not unless he cut eye holes in the mask, lost 100 lbs, found a horse, and got ripped. Plus, Tonto would never hang with Trump because TrumpIsARacist and TrumpIsAnIdiot america’s big wet boy

What matters most is that he and those near him are protected. Whatever anybody says, he can claim the mask makes him look like anyone his heart desires. ByYourLogic LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL JESUS CHRIST My aunt bribed my cousin into wearing his school uniform by telling him he looked like Batman...my cousin was 7 at the time...

Worlds dumbest man The Lone Ranger is embassed Does he know what the Lone Ranger looks like? Donnie likes it!! Bencjacobs I think I'd prefer a paper bag policy for Trump. I have seen enough. The intelligence of a 6 year old nycjim Not quite what he said. This headline is a much stronger endorsement. Gees, and I thought I had a parody account... 😂

He's dumb enough to wear it over his eyes More like the joker I think he might be wearing it wrong Does he know it's supposed to cover his mouth & nose & not his eyes? realDonaldTrump has severe mental issues. The Lone Ranger work a mask over his eyes. With this virus we need to wear a mask over our mouths and noses. Has anyone told him?

But won't it smear his make up? This man is a f cking child Maybe he can just ride away into the sunset realDonaldTrump.. You ain't no Lone Ranger. You're the LONELY DERANGEDER TRE45ON TrumpTreason BenedictTrump TrumpOwnsEveryDeath Lone Ranger mask went over the eyes - not nose and mouth ...which means Donald will wear his Covid mask over his eyes. His view of reality has been obstructed for some time, I guess, so no big difference.

Tonto. realDonaldTrump is a funny guy, eh ? He make everyone laugh out loud, eh ? However you choose to justify it, please wear it in public (properly) Mr. President so your supporters will follow suit. trump: “I look like the Lone Ranger” He's a 4 yr old Another racist remark; the Lone Ranger kept Tonto in his place... he never let him ride Silver or carry a gun.

Is he going to wear it over his eyes? Coronavirus is a measure of your intelligence. Most of the world has defeated it by wearing masks and listening to scientists. The USA will soon have 100,000 new cases per day because Trump is without question the dumbest President on the planet. Defund the welfare System and see how much you save. People on welfare Except (disabled or veterans) have enough time for riots. Their data should be given to cities where they live and they can clean streets, help in Patrol with Police & Fire department or volunteer at hospital

Obviously this is some serious shit if he is willing to wear a mask! Humanity is at stake!! Wait until this crazy trumper lady hears that dear-leader is gonna start wearing masks. I can't believe this is real life sometimes octobadger1 blhack KingslyFishao So the anti mask movement is going to die now or what?

Individual 1 doesn't know who the Lone Ranger is and what he stood for. 5 months into the pandemic. The slowest response ever. He is the only one I have ever heard comment about how a mask makes him look. I haven't heard any women talk about this. No one cares, except him. How many lives could have been saved if we had a president who doesn't give a s*** about what he looks like in a mask.

Wrong. The Lone Ranger masks his eyes, not his nose and mouth. Con men don’t wear masks. That’s the story? Must be a slow Trump day He’s easing into the idea like a 2 yr old!🤷🏾‍♀️ Hope he doesn’t try and wear it over his eyes. dabayrz He thinks it makes him look like a hero The Lone Ranger covered his EYES with his mask, not his MOUTH — much like the Lone Danger. 👇

Someone needs to drop the 25th amendment on this potato like a cartoon 3rd-floor baby grand Ha classic Isn't that like agreeing to put on a condom only after you've already screwed everyone? 🤔 The Lone Ranger didn’t where his mask over his mouth. Or is tRump wearing it over his eyes? The latter option would not surprise me.

I saw a woman in walmart wearing a mask that only covered her nose like a duckbill. If you wear a mask do it right or not at all. The Lone Moron! kumailn I don't give a shit what this murder thinks now. 75% of the 130,000 dead American humans are on Donald's hands. So many 5th avenues without any f'in consequences.

Add a muzzle. Nooooooooo! Quick, someone tell him he looks like John Wayne without one! Does he think he is good looking Seriously? Does he Moron in chief He can't even get his own branding right, I thought he was THE LAST WARRIOR! He needs the TV lone ranger not the one in real life Child TrumpOwnsEveryDeath

That jackass does know the mask is suppose to go over the nose and mouth, right? Because... This isn't true, though. He's just been buckled by the GOP who realize they're all going down with him for his refusal to advocate for masks and they had consultants come up with a rationale for his about-face.

🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤣😆 Does... does he think he’s supposed to wear one over his eyes... ? Such a fragile ego He will look no different then anyone else👎 kumailn I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the mask wrong if it’s above his eyes! What an Idiot. this reads like a clickhole/onion article Your wearing the mask wrong!

Hey numb nuts, you wear the mask over your mouth and nose NOT over your eyes. FFS. Back off. If they're making him wear a mask, he's probably Covid-positive and a danger to everyone around him. But he's asymptomatic because of the daily plasma treatments. This sounds like something from The Onion. He is such a child.

I just threw up You can’t make this sh...t up. We are leaving in an alternative universe. 25thAmendmentNow What happened to this man as a child 🤔 And again...it’s about him. JFC 😖 Wait, so he's going to wear it over his eyes? How old is this guy? Yeehar! He found a mask that the orange shit on his face wouldn't come off on.

realDonaldTrump Creepy creeperstein Fucking tool Hahhaha....what? Umm...this guy with the mask? ShawnInArizona The mask covers your mouth and nose.. If you look like The Lone Ranger your wearing it wrong!! Lone Danger... LOL. Because red states/his voters are dying en masse. No, realDonaldTrump the mask goes over your mouth and nose, not your eyes! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

ShawnInArizona trump needs to grow the fu*k up. The boy who cried hoax is going to prison. TheBoyWhoCriedHoax but have we seen him wearing one? Next time, maybe ask him when he last wore one and if he carries one on him in case he finds himself in a situation where he should wear it. He’s is so fuckin stupid LOL

I lOoK lIkE tHe LoNe RaNgEr....LOL hIHoSiLvEr TrumpRock you know what? at least they finally found a reason to make him wear one BretBaier Who’s gonna tell him ? Does Pence know he's Tonto? Does his wife approve? MORON!!!!!!! Trump is a bullcrapping, lying con man. Wake up, America, this guy is destroying America.

And have we seen him in one yet? kumailn Lone Ranger... more like the Hamburglar. Figures he would cover his eyes since just ignoring the plague hasn't made it magically disappear like he said. If he did, he had it on wrong. The Lone Ranger wore his mask on the top of his face around his eyes. 🤪🤪🤪 It is time for Trump an his family to RESIGN

This isn't a news story. This is a maniac offering up our troops for slaughter Fake Soooo....... Toddler Well it definitely would make him look more intelligent The Dems are hyping the virus? He’s crazy. Well, if you can't see his lips move how will you know if he's lying? BretBaier BLM is a bigger hoax than the Russian probe. I know the African American people know better than to believe these so called renegades. Throw those bums out.

I think he’s wearing wrong 🤪 'The Lone Ranger' How can you say such disparaging thing? This great man has found the key, after months of effort, to containing the spread of this virus! What a twit LONE RANGER? Don't You mean; The Lone Ranger mask is on his eyes 🤣😢 The Lone Ranger says that Trump does not have permission to use his image or likeness. 😂

I mean, congrats on whatever White House staffer told President Toddler that. You might have saved thousands of lives. Also, the Lone fucking Ranger wore a mask over his eyes...is that what this idiot is doing? Ralfoo7 Who came up with that one? What an idiot. Is he wearing it over his eyes...what an idiot. VoteTrumpOut2020 VoteOutTheGOP VoteJoeBiden GoJoe2020

Yeah but has he put one on publicly yet. Regardless I’m still not voting for his negligent incompetent ass. Well, that’s all that matters. 👶🏻🙄 Fuck me... he’s got no idea the concept of wearing a mask for health reason... not to cover up a secret identity... i give up. Bring on the sharks with freaking lazer beams on their heads.

Lone ranger had Indian side kick and VP Pence is nowhere close of being a Indian but he make a great Robin Batman side kick. Omg realDonaldTrump polls are tanking.... ... His reopen plans have failed.... ... The number of deaths & infections are sky-rocketing.... ... Of course, the RACIST-TRAITOR POTUS is gonna wear a mask now.... ... THE PIECE OF SHIT IS UP FOR RE-ELECTION. JoeBiden GOP DNC

Only 130,000 lives and 40,000,000 jobs later. Vote Biden 2020. This makes me want to scream. He needs to resign. What is he fricking 3 years old? Seriously? People are dying and he is worried about the whole mask thing. Now he thinks it is cool. Glad he has his priorities straight. Need to make sure I look good. That's what's important. Not the sick and dying. Not his problem. He has to look like the Lone Ranger.

Now if only someone can make airplane noises while they try to slip a fork full of veggies into his mouth...... Some people think everyone else is stupid. And gullible. he is clueless. It's not about how you look it's about just wearing a dam mask! loneranger WearTheDamnMask Sweet Jesus...whatever, you big two year old. Just wear the damn thing over your nose and whenever you’re around people. And eat your veggies. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Imagine how things would look if he had joined his health professionals and spoken to the people of America with the same message (Wear mask and practice social distancing)? Maybe we wouldn't be the country with the most COVID-19 cases. I guess he hoped it would just go away Without a mask: More like American Gothic Horror

BretBaier Jackass! BretBaier I love his personality 🙄Double speak continues. He’s worn one just never in front of cameras and never for safety of others... must always play to blind base. realDonaldTrump Are you fucking serious? You dumbasses realize this type of humor is what connects him to ppl right? And that your reactions push ppl away from your POV? Lol Russel brand did a great synopsis last week of this type of trumps behavior.

I thought Trump said masks were a political statement against him. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Again realDonaldTrump says the virus will just disappear!!! Hey, Lone Ranger, it’s not!!! TrumpPandemicFailure loneranger I think he’s confused where the mask goes realDonaldTrump is the LoneStooge see? was that so hard? you effortlessly turned it into a toxically manly thing to do. your followers can rest easy wearing one now.

Okay, fine... Can we see him actually do it? PLEASE? BretBaier 🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 The Lone Ranger? Out of touch much? There are generations of people who don’t even know wtf he’s talking about. Never mind his hypocrisy. 130k dead, cute story November November November January January January Does Trump understand how the Lone Ranger wore a mask?

? for DIMMS: Why do you go out of your way to cover for All these THUGS TEARING UP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? You should know, THEY WOULD STEAL YOUR CAR IN A MINUTE IF GIVEN A CHANCE Oh my what a foose ball. I hope he realizes you put it over your mouth and nose, and not eyes... I am going to go to bed, and pretend like I didn't hear this shit.

And to think millions elected this guy POTUS, along with help from Russia, of course! The carnage he's caused to the nation and frankly the world, is almost unforgiveable! However, I forgive all of you who didn't know better!🙂 There's still time for you to redeem yourself! Wonder who told him that? BretBaier You ppl still don’t get him. He’s funny as hell. He gets you to chase all the time. 😂

Every single day it gets harder to be cool with being an American. What a tool! Fake news. He has worn masks before! Does grandpa know what we’re talking about? His resemblance to the Lone Ranger is uncanny. 🙄🤦‍♀️ Idiot

Trump Says Coronavirus Will Just ‘Disappear,’ Brags He Looks Like ‘Lone Ranger’ in MaskWith coronavirus cases surging to all-time highs and states reversing reopening plans, President Donald Trump once again claimed on Wednesday that the deadly virus would eventually just “disappear.” At the same time, the president appeared to change his tune on face-coverings, telling Fox Business that that was how SARS disappeared Lone Rangers mask went over his eyes! Moron Makes me wonder, how did the common flu, spanish flu, N1H1, and other corona respiratory viruses stop spreading.

Trump Mocked For Claiming His Face Mask Makes Him Look Like 'Lone Ranger'The notoriously mask-averse president is now claiming he is “all for masks” and thinks 'masks are good.” 😂 he be clowning all day 🤡 Jesus this man is an idiot.

Trump Mocked For Claiming His Face Mask Makes Him Look Like 'Lone Ranger'The notoriously mask-averse president is now claiming he is “all for masks” and thinks 'masks are good.”

Trump Calls Planned Black Lives Matter Sign By Trump Tower A ‘Symbol Of Hate’Trump claimed that painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Fifth Avenue would denigrate the street, which is home to his flagship building, Trump Tower. Nazi cunt 3 inch?

Poll: Biden, Trump locked in dead heat in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 in 2016Trump&39;s job approval has remained about the same in Ohio for the past year, with 44% of those polled approving of the job he&39;s done. Whatever you say, Karen. Biden has full blown DEMENTIA. Don't waste your votes. He's being controlled by the fascist lintel libs. Biden has this Ohioans Vote

Trump calls 'Black Lives Matter' mural outside Trump Tower a 'symbol of hate' - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Breaking: $NAK Something a klansman would say Based