Trump says he is mobilizing 'heavily armed' military to stop protests

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Before Trump spoke, what appeared to be gas was used to disperse protesters in Lafayette Park near St. John's Church. Trump and aides then walked across Pennsylvania Avenue to pose before cameras at the church, holding a Bible

In a dramatic escalation of a national crisis, National Guard troops were deployed near the White House Monday evening hours after President Donald Trump said he wanted a military show of force against violent protests gripping the country.

He said he may invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act, which permits a president to deploy military inside the U.S. to deal with civil disorder. Attorney General Bill Barr, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, White House Chief if Staff Mark Meadows, National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joined the president for a group photo.

Several truckloads of DC National Guard military police had arrived near Lafayette Park where large groups of protesters had fought with police for the past three nights, at one point on Friday causing officials to have Trump taken to a bunker below the White House for his protection. Earlier, as the White House geared up for another night of protests outside its gates, President Trump lashed out at governors for their handling of demonstrations over George Floyd's death, emphasizing instances of rioting and looting that marred overwhelmingly peaceful protests across the country.As his press secretary cited Martin Luther King Jr.'s support for nonviolence, Trump shared a message from Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who suggested unleashing a U.S.

“When those lines are overwhelmed, law enforcement gets on the defense so what the president has said is he wants to dominate the streets with National Guard, with the police presence and what studies have shown... that when there is an overwhelming National Guard presence it actually deescalates the situation and causes less civil unrest. So Gen Milley has really been on point in talking about the National Guard.

For three days, peaceful protests like those nationwide have ended yards from the White House, and each night the gatherings have devolved into clashes with police. On Friday, the White House went on lockdown, and the U.S. Secret Service whisked Trump to an underground bunker to shelter in place, according to senior sources familiar with the matter.

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Trump is so scary omg 😰😰

Think he's asking for forgiveness for cheating on his pregnant wife with a pornstar yet?... or advocating violence toward peacefull protests?

Whatever happened to the idea of the President being unafraid to face his or her people, regardless of their opinions about the one holding the office? 'The right of the people peaceably to assemble....shall not be abridged.'

Fascism is alive and well, and living on Pennsylvania Ave. HitlerLives,SeigHeilFuhrerTrump

Hitler reincarnated


I thought trump is Jewish 🙄


IF anyone left in the US had even half a brain, you’d know ‘comparisons are odious, TRUMP IS THE DEVIL INCARNATE.

Get out of the way you heathens your lord and Grand Wizard Orange Julius tRump cometh your way to pretend to hold a holy book upside down so the heathen press can kiss my ass!

Who dressed him? Suit coat and pants do not match? Do all of his valets have Covid 19, or he doesn’t want to risk anyone getting that close?

The book is not a Bible,is called “manufacturing consent” How to deal in New Wolrd Order.

POLITICIANS shouldn't be allowed to advance religious beliefs or advance those religious beliefs to influence or gain political support of any kind including holding the BIBLE. That should be in the CONSTITUTION of every country specially the USA with such diverse Ethnicity.

Who cares

They do not 'gas' our citizens. If tear gas or a smoke grenade or something was used, you ought to look into it before you make such inflammatory statements. Also document the fact that the 'peaceful protestors' were not following lawful orders to move a safe distance away.

You Are FAKENEWS! 'PEACEFUL' proteters burnt down the church. Rioters need to be disbursed ASAP! President Trump did the right thing!

Appeared to be ?

The question here is, “Why did Trump do photo op’s in front of 2 churches?” He hasn’t explained his reasoning for this. So this can only be explained as a distraction while he is doing something else. That is his “Motive Oprendi (MO). What’s next?

This story is a lie and not true twitter jack yahoonews should be censored for this misinformation.

What can you expect from the evil, lying and criminal international communism, they don't put the pictures of the tyrant Castro and his gang of criminals using the Church and the Bible also reaching Havana in 1959 wearing all crucifixes in their neck for their own self evil gain.

Trump holding the Stock Market Bible


Stand by your actions, Mr. President.

He is out of touch with reality!

This excuse for a Pres thinks it will appeal to his religious followers. It has backfired when religious leaders have condemned it and even called it blasphemy.

I am glad we have a President holding the bible, unlike his predecessor who constantly made Fun of the and critizese the word of God. As a pastor I am 100 % with our brave president! !!


My, what small hands he has!


According to Park Police, that claim is false.


what a ridiculous pose! for someobody that never opened a Bible or went to church, or follows the teachings of Jesus.

I'll snatch that bible and backhand slap him. I'm not intimidated by him holding a damn book.

What about George Floyd and the murder by police. Address what is hurting our country

This was not an inspiring act by the leader of the Free World. It was a cheap move to make a commercial for his base. The world was watch and sees the reality of his causing violence for a photo op. Was there any leadership here? No. This was a diversion from the pandemic

You know nothing about love realDonaldTrump love is not gassing people love is not shooting them with rubber bullets to get a photo op. LOVE IS PATIENT LOVE IS KIND LOVE IS CARING. LOVE DOES NOT BOAST LOVE IS NOT ENVY LOVE IS NOT PROUD LOVE IS NOT SELF SERVING. It's in the bible

The Bible is mightier than than the FIST 👊

I'm probably being exceptionally dense by having ask this question, but can anyone enlighten me as to what Trump was trying to achieve by walking to the local church to hold up a bible for a photo-op? I mean, WHAT



So the same people who preach freedom of relgion is shaming someone for holding a bible...i must be going out of my fuckin mind...

What did Trump know about the words of God? Is he trying to use bible now as a cover up? Shame on you Donald J Trump

It was pepper spray. But go back further to the times they were clearly asked to simply move back from the area and refused. They were asked repeatedly and just refused and even came in closer. Law & order are necessary. When the President says move; MOVE!

AT least it was only tear gas and no stink gas.

Another lie from worthless MSM. They are FakeNews

No Gas was used!!!!! yahoo news lies again


Photo of Hitler holding the Bible is as fake as tRUMP!

“What appeared to be gas” was smoke according to the police. This has been reported... but “gas” is more sensational. Gas sounds evil and mean but you’d rather report that even though it’s untrue. A press willing to distort truth is evil.

Donald Distraction, move on.

He is disgusting



not only did he gas protesters he also gassed the members of the church. They posted to their facebooks.

FakeNews AGAIN 🙄

In fact it was smoke bombs but Yahoo couldn’t wait to pile on with rest of Fake Media before facts known because after all they have a narrative to protect

Because they were told to get out of the way and they did not.

What appears to be news...

Just like Hitler did in the past. This phony,Fake and so-called President of USA 2020 is a true dictator.His aim will not accomplished in The United Sates of America.USA will never be like Russia, Corrupted elected Putin for life. MartinLutherKing dreams will not left in vain.

Again, fake news with a partial story. Why was the crowd dispersed? Peaceful protestors or throwing objects? You got only about half of this story right once again.


TRUMP is The BEST president ever.

Did you see the loonies carrying & throwing bricks? Of course the President of the United States required safe passage. (& as do Churches being burned & destroyed.) Why is this an issue?

Trump, a real Bible basher now.


Cringe worthy

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, theLittleHitler

God bless America. God bless the President Trump. Praise God in the highest for his love and mercy through his Son Jesus

What appeared to be gas was actually smoke

So you’re saying police would walk without gas masks if tear gas was deployed Smoke bombs are not tear gas, nice try though.

Trump2020VictoryNowMoreThanEver Trump2020

Shame on the man! Who is not fit to be holding anything precious... especially his office!

Appeared to be but wasn't, so a little more journalism and you could actually pull that yahooNEWS name off.

What appeared to be ?

So no one cares that the 'peaceful protestors' set this church on fire the night before. Spin from the media by omission.

Holding the Bible is safest and much better than not holding the Bible at all 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

Nope, no gas FakeNews

Another Hitler

Mein Kampf? Hitler did not hide his beliefs. Nazis also used gas, except they killed millions legally. 'If it is law, it is legal'. Goebbels nazi propaganda Hitler quote.

McDonald’s menu book.

Trump is a draft dodging wimp.

This is fake news. Do better Yahoo and take this down or apologize to your readers. You got it wrong.

Here's a zoomed in shot of actual book Trump was holding


Awesome president 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Which bible? Doesn’t the USA have a slew of variations based on what suits them best? Also why does his hand look like it came out of happygilmore chubbs

Gassing unarmed Americans for a photo opportunity. Thr USA is now officially the worlds biggest tyranny.

'GAS' - what kind of shoddy journalism is this? Now, more than ever, its important to provide as much clarity and specificity as possible. People typically say 'tear gas,' which has an entirely different connotation. Going to assume this was accidental but jfc...

It was later reported not to be gas by the Park Service. Would be nice if your headline wasn’t so misleading.

Trump has lost his mind,please sensible Americans vote him out 🙏🏻


'what appears to be'? wow Yahoo News is as crappy as every other product they offer.


Bs no gas used

Maybe he was going to use the bible to beat off the protesters?

yeah but could you style yourself a candy floss hat? thought not

Pure evil. Christians around the world like me must be disgusted

Somewhere in that book it says 'Thou shall't not kill '

Old man farts. Deadly.

It was tear gas. Get your headline straight. Otherwise you are complicit in the State’s oppression of its own citizens

He’s also for some reason holding the bible upside down!🤭

You call that posing?

That picture certainly isn't fake. Trump is the real hypocrite, in getting so many Americans to support him and his lies

Why the obsession with Christianity and the continuous belief in a fictitious being? Very scary when someone in charge of so many, believes in such none sense. 😨

It is the Rector Bible. Who burned the church? Galatians 6:7

Love President Trump 🇺🇸

He looks just like the cowardly child he is

Looks like he's asking for a new colouring book as that ones finished.

Why do you use 'what appeared to be' when it is clear from TV footage and countless (sore) eye witness accounts that tear gas was used? You could be saying... 'What appeared to be the President'...because he's not behaving like one.

Hmmmmm Nope I think you’re confusing the Molotov cocktail in the basement of the church only gas used


Imagine murdering 17 mil yr and 1.4 bil total for no reason except you dont want them, is that worse than Hitlers 6 mil because jews wronged the germans, created crime, and stole their businesses? See both are wrong, but one had a reason, wemon have no reason for thier genocide

You know they were smoke bombs. That's why you've written it that way

'What appeared to be gas' is your way of covering your asses from earlier false reports tear gas was fired. The fact that the media are more concerned that POTUS visited a local church--- than the fact far leftist thugs attempted to burn it down a night previous---is shocking.

Trump can't treat people in this rude way

👆🏻 The tolerant, inclusive, virtuous empathetic left, folks. Open your eyes and ears. Think, gather and parse information for yourself. It’s plain to see

4 more years!

He looks like this is causing him physical pain. The book would burn if he held it the right way.

Reading all these hateful comments from all of you being disrespectful makes me sick, man, you guys are some really sick people.. YOU are the problem- A million times more evil than realDonaldTrump. Getting all happy, for bashing Trump?! Stop acting like fools!

Yahoo you guys do beat all...seriously... You suck does not even begin to convey how bad you are! Get some rest and try harder tomorrow yah?! Trump2020Landslide

But the policies are parallel, just hitler was worlds ahead of trump on charisma, and he still lost, so, thats a good litmustest on how this shall play out.

What a devil? What a MOCKERY,?

He did use gas to disperse the crowd. His farts are lethal. Straight up HumanRightsViolation.

Is it really possible to describe anything realDonaldTrump does without using the word 'pose'?

a Russian Propaganda Outlet is once AGAIN pushing FakeNews - as it’s been widely reported for 36 Hours now that NO Tear GAS was used. Yet, & other BOUGHT PROPAGANDA OUTLETS refuse to take down their false reports.

Hitler did use the book and the religion metaphorically as a means to justify his actions though. He said he was doing the work of his lord, Jesus.

I'm sure if he was holding the Koran, you'd be applauding him. Hypocrites. I'm not even a Trump fan but I find your bigoted hypocrisy offensive & insulting.

I believe this photo is also photoshopped.....Trump’s never held a bible before.

No Gas Was Used.. Idiots

...Appeared to be gas.” ?!? WRONG. It was antifacist disinfect that was being sprayed.

Reincarnation of nazis. Hitler found a way to live again… in Donald Trump.

It was smoke canisters. They wouldn’t use gas!!! Look at the cops. No gas masks. They don’t ride horses through tear gas!!!

Well, what do you expect? Oh yes, we'll let the most powerful man in the world walk through a violent crowd of protestors that hate him.

Moron, does he actually think he’s doing something by holding that bible..? I’m surprise it didn’t burn in his hands. And then the use of violence along with his cronies against the protesters was a new low level. realDonaldTrump and his cabinet are the real thugs.

Who cares you know what is being lost in all this nonsense? George Floyd’s memory these looters are using a tragedy as an excuse to steal and could care less about the victim and the cause that’s pathetic

When asked if it was his bible, he replied, “It’s a bible.” I think he meant to say, “It’s a prop!”

That’s a lie

This guy, this realDonaldTrump really sees himself as the action hero in a movie!! patheticpresident RapistInChief bunkerbabytrump ImpeachedPresidentTrump Weak LoserInChief WhiteHouse

Sad day for the church trump golfs on Sundays

Measures being taken to ensure the security of the president of the United States? Unheard of!

That's President Trump to you heathen.

Another FakeNews outlet. Yawwwwwn.

He ever go to church He was in the Oval office with Monica.

I promise you guys, this man is NOT a Christian... Christianity has nothing to do with any of this.

Probably they refused to leave when ordered by the police.

Anybody is allowed to hold up a book. But only these two gas their citizens to make their point. Bible BibleVsTrump BiblePhotoOp

Still fake.

Wasn’t gas; smoke canisters


The diocese group was on ground in front of the church that day giving first aid for those hit with tear gas, she has confirmed tear gas was used hence the need to wash eyes. They left their First Aid supplies to flee what had been a peaceful afternoon. Crazy Trump.

Not funnt

This is just f’n pathetic and disgusting.

Why do all these dumb people find fault with everything Trump does. He does what every president before him didnt have the balls too. Obviously he could bow down and act like his predecessor did and have a guaranteed reelection. He'd rather do what's right sorry y'all vaginas

Why does his hand look photoshopped in this pic?

Attributed to Sinclair Lewis: 'When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.' Read his book 'It Can't Happen Here.' It's a map of how it could happen here, now coming to pass.

No gas Yahoo. Get your facts right. Don’t spread propaganda.

He’s lucky God didn’t send a bolt of lightening

Hmm is that Epstein's black book?

I wonder if he realises you’re meant to actually read it 🤔

Rioters!, not protesters

Holding a Bible back to front and upside down. Not too smart is he? 😁

It was smoke. Care to make that correction.

If Obama had done the same, the regressives would have fallen to their knees in reverence to their God. Funny how a letter after your name can change the narrative.

Appeared to be gas in what way?

Poseur, fake president.

Using the Bible in vain. How about reading it and applying it?!

realDonaldTrump VP JoeBiden BarackObama Hail Trump!!! You've earned it!!!

Man just look at the dude... smfh

Duh so dumb

Why is it you guys always tell just 1/2 the story ?

Fake news...tear gas was not used...why not get and report the facts or nothing at all...your LIEING fake news is not good for anyone, including selling papers!!

More tired fake ass news

Fake news losers

Before Trump spoke, what appeared to be gas was used to disperse protesters🙄F/K ME. Sick of hearing people, or the times, being compared with Hitler. Everything gets compared to Hitler, apart from Hitler. Hitler must be turning in his grave being compared to realDonaldTrump

The Bible is real, the one holding it is fake.

A sign.

Appeared to be....


If Trump had actually read the Bible or even parts of it he wouldn't be in this mess now.

Am I the only one that doesn’t understand why he did this? Man went for a leisurely stroll to hold up a book he ain’t ever read

All I can see is Hitler🤔

What does that even mean, since we know he doesn’t go to church

Well... perhaps it's the KJV, god was really scornful before the New Testament. If jesus existed, he would've resisted

OMG we did not know that he was so pious!

Fake faith.

I'm sure he has never ever opened The Book once ! FAKE TRUMP

photo op

Donald Trump is amoral and irreligious. It is a travesty to see him wave a bible. He's lucky that he was not struck by lightning.

Verse? Scripture? Prop.


Gas, rubber bullets, and flash bangs. An assault on peaceful protesters.



Are you sure gas used

Mr Trump Screams were heard from Canada your speech was Breath taking! glad no one was crushing my throat with his knee DID you hear North America Screaming blue murder! We know what the global headlines will be tomorrow Pure idiocy!

Anyone can stand and hold a bible in front of a church building. This means absolutely nothing. It’s meaningless and self serving. Narcissistic at its finest.

The fact Trump wasn’t struck down at that very moment is proof there is no god.

Let’s hope some flunky notes who the Bible belongs to so they can get it back. It sure wasn’t Emperor Trump’s

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