Trump says he is mobilizing 'heavily armed' military to stop protests

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BREAKING: 'If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,' Pres. Trump threatens.

Patrick Semansky/APShortly after, Trump came to the White House Rose Garden to call himself the"law and order" president, saying"domestic terrorism" was to blame for the unrest.

Trucks transport District of Columbia National Guard troops along Pennsylvania Avenue in support of law enforcement officers that are keeping demonstrators away from the White House, June 01, 2020, in Washington.A U.S. official said that active duty Army military police units from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, were preparing to be on standby in the Washington, D.C. area Monday night after three days of violent protests, including fires set near the White House.

In this May 19, 2020, photo President Donald Trump speaks with reporters after meeting with Senate Republicans at their weekly luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington.Rather than focus on protesters' grievances -- such as systemic racism and police brutality -- Trump has increasingly turned his focus to squelching the civil unrest that has accompanied the national demonstrations and has taken a hardline stance to restoring order.

“When those lines are overwhelmed, law enforcement gets on the defense so what the president has said is he wants to dominate the streets with National Guard, with the police presence and what studies have shown... that when there is an overwhelming National Guard presence it actually deescalates the situation and causes less civil unrest. So Gen Milley has really been on point in talking about the National Guard.

For three days, peaceful protests like those nationwide have ended yards from the White House, and each night the gatherings have devolved into clashes with police. On Friday, the White House went on lockdown, and the U.S. Secret Service whisked Trump to an underground bunker to shelter in place, according to senior sources familiar with the matter.

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Well people have made realDonaldTrump the law and order Oresident. It wasn’t his top choice lol


No, what’s a disgrace is that it had to get this far for voices to be heard. What’s a disgrace is that a man was murdered at the hands of police. Sworn to protect and serve the community. What is a disgrace Mr. President is your failure to hear your people. We won’t stop. BLM


Cities are BURNING ABC you traitors to the nation. This is not about anger over one black man's death. People are dying now at the hands of people wanting 'justice'. Do whites deserve this ABC? We know you think blacks don't. FU & your damn posturing & opinions. All Lives Matter.

Not protest...stop the looting, vandalism and assaults ...can't you journalists hear because Americans can

If you love America and you would die for America don't you listen to this poison....... shout out to our military forces they understand America is the home of the free you have family here💯

NOT to stop peaceful protests, to stop rioters, to stop people who are destroying property, burning building, looting, etc. Why are you doing this ABC? WHY?

it's China's fault! We should help HongKong freedom! the protesters in China are great! the protester in the US?! No , they are looters !----- Trump's said

This is all MSM hears....

Let’s be clear...he’s targeting rioters, NOT protesters. Change your byline and stop the fear mongering.

I don’t understand how anyone can listen to this man and think he is intelligent enough to run a country.

Yes it was a disgrace. Imagine being such a terrible president that you've forced not only your people but people outside of your country to fight against you. I'd consider myself a disgrace too tbh


✊black life matter too arrest bloody hooligans police

What a loser! Get him OUT of the White House!!

He is a sick individual and he is doing and has done nothing but promote hatred in this country

I’m sure the innocent people that lost their lives and livelihood are happy to see such strong stance from the President. Protection they didn’t get from their local officials, and coverage they didn’t get from the MSM.

YoungGust_ o q tu falou na call aquela hora ksdkskd


Why can’t he use his imaginary power, and retrain all law enforcement? A big part of all this anarchy was caused by racist cops. Another part was his terrible response to COVID.

Not an awful speech but he needs to say something about how George’s death was a tragedy and we don’t ever want this to happen again. Say something about what the peaceful protesters are protesting

Does anyone see what is happening? You have to remember the past in order to predict the future.

'Hey Baby, I'm Donald, they call me Law, and my friend Jeffrey over there, he's Order'

What do you bet that he had to get the ok from Putin in yesterday’s phone call before going forward with this?

HolyCitySinner Correction: Continued Terrorist Violence and Anarchy not “continued protests”

Dictatorship VS Citizens

I hope the US military see the truth and do not follow their orders in protest so that Trump has to resign in disgrace! Once he does the rest of the GOP will be voted out! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊✊🏼✊🏻

And the Dictator has spoken! Okay ! The military, National Guard, the Star Federation is coming upon you the people of the USA



Bravo Mr. President law and order free USA

About time, America has a strong President in President Trump.

Peaceful protestors should not be attacked by a president .We need a leader ,not a war against Americans! Vote in November before it's to late for peace in a America.


don-the-con trump IS NOT: a lawyer, teacher, brave, compassionate, minister, doctor, ex-military, historian, scientist, literate, benefactor, honest, tax payer, trustworthy, a loyal husband, psychologist, nor physic.

Arm yourself citizens against this government and chaos.

BerniceKing MAGA is terrorism! BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Washington DC about to look like Syria TrumpsAmeriKKKa

So he stirs trouble with his tweets then massively escalates

SpainDoesNotSupportTrump GeorgeFloyd protests2020

Welcomes to North Korea

he really declared war uh 🐀

One law. One beautiful law.

Talk tough and then blame the governors. We have seen this movie before.

This President's thoughts and actions are part of Agenda21! If you don't know what agenda 21 is look it up! Americans locked into FEMA CAMPs, Marshal Law being declared. The Army National Guard ordered to kill and arrest American citizens and take them to FEMA CAMPs! Watch!

What tf does that even mean? We have a ton of laws.

wsbtv The governors have to approve any military troops. So, buzz off trump

if we are not Shut up I will use the army i can't believe this boss is not a wrestling ring

Seems the states are trying, tough guy. Has any mayor or governor hid?

He just cannot say something helpful or at least useful.

Good. Of course NewsMedia will stir things up. realDonaldTrump

There it more pretense!

That's the president speaking.😎

President Trump just showed he is not intimidated by Radical Liberals or Antifa!! This President is definitely not hiding!! Strength in unity!!

The second amendment argument is FUCKIN over!

The United States is under authoritarian rule.

This dude really going to a church?

lol okay bring in the military then lets see how they do.

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