Trump's 'white power' retweet set off 'five-alarm fire' in White House

Aides couldn't immediately reach the president to get him to take down the offending tweet because he was on the course at his golf club and had put down his phone, officials said.

6/30/2020 4:31:00 AM

President Trump set off a “five alarm fire” in the White House on Sunday morning after he retweeted a video of one of his supporters saying “white power,” according to two White House officials.

Aides couldn't immediately reach the president to get him to take down the offending tweet because he was on the course at his golf club and had put down his phone, officials said.

02:42Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., added to the urgency when he called the tweet"indefensible" and demanded that the president take it down during an interview on CNN, the officials said.Once officials were able to reach the president, he agreed to delete it, they said.

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and senior adviser Jared Kushner were among those trying to contain the fallout. McEnany said Monday that Trump had watched the video before retweeting it but didn't hear his supporter say"white power."

Officials said the president gets a deluge of content from aides and allies, with one of them saying the"white power" incident was a"lesson to all of us in the White House to be more aware of what's out there."In April, the president retweeted a posting that

When asked at the time whether he had noticed the hashtag when he retweeted it, the president said,"Yeah, I notice everything."Carol E. LeeCarol E. Lee is an NBC News correspondent. Read more: NBC News »

What else would an OLD WHITE PRIVELDGE RACIST do on a Sunday.. GOLF? 🤣 Trump2020 DumpTrump2020 TrumpKnewAndDidNothing What's in that newspaper Mr President? Taking bribes again? Idiot! Dump Trump! Show the whole clip you bunch of no good liars. 230 lbs, huh? Looks at least 345 No way he is only 245 pounds

President can't be reached because he's playing golf, liars. They didn't see anything wrong with that retweet and when outside sources began clamoring about it then they contacted Trump because the heat was turned up. So what? This went no where. People see the video and see the guy saying it was just trying to harass someone. In fact that video did not make Trump haters look very good with their foul mouths.

isn't the president supposed to be 'reachable' at all times.? was he having more plastic surgery on his bald scalp The most disgusting and dirty campaign is the racism and segregation he is adopting. That's perfectly fine ! White power flashes - visible & Shine at darkest Black night . Old and misinformed tweet.

Is this a Ronald Reagan moment? Is there a real issue here? Are the Republicans trying to hide something from the American public? Another fact, Trump supporter screaming 'White Power.' Once again showing the racism at the core of Trump Support. TrumpKillsFlorida Compare Trumps policies with Biden’s past record and corruption. Pretty easy choice.

BLMTerrorists An old white man on a golf cart mocks the whole b.s . of Marxists using Black Lives to terrify and tear down cities with their “Black Power” vicious tantrums and they all wet their pants’ over mirroring absurdity of all of this dangerous divisiveness fueled by MSM Make money simply on referral... DM me if you are interested.

He notices everything but not Putin killing American soldiers ? What's wrong with white power. Black power. Brown power red power and so on? When you single one out then you turn it into a racial issue enough already? Am shocked WhiteHouse even blinked..... realDonaldTrump is as ignorant as they come

If we’re being honest, when isn’t there a five alarm fire happening within the Trump Administration? You mean this? That's what the loudmouth old white bag was wearing🤔 realDonaldTrump This has been debunked by Democrats Panicking NBC?🤣 He isn't called an ass-hat for nothing. NBC and MSM had a “five alarm fire” , it was clearly a mistake and taken care of ... deal with it..

Trump tweeted a video of a supporter screaming WHITE POWER and that somehow managed to be the most inoffensive thing he did all weekend. TrumpTraitor Trump showing his True Colors EndRacism BlackLivesMatter More anti trump rhetoric from NBC. What’s with the ice pack wrapped in a newspaper? trumpisawhitesupremacist trumpRUSSIA

The real story, again .. isn’t the tweet.... how the fuck can you not reach the president for 3 hours... who the fuck believes that Or if true, how is this not a Huuuge issue ? Retweeting “white power” is bad enough but reports are that no one could get a hold of Trump for several hours. How in the fuck can’t presidential aides contact the CINC?!

Enough said... NotMyPresident ProAmericaAntiTrump VoteTrumpOut VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare A double NO NO Racist and im the president during a pandemic let me turn my phone of while golfing ... Of course ya would only focus on that, idiot's I thought the five alarm fire was when trump clogged the toilet with Big Mac dung....

If only we had some kind of a clue as to just how horrible of a person drumpf is. Maybe documented proof over a lifetime spent in the public eye being a vile self indulgent malignant narcissist or something. But at least we didn't hire that email lady amiright?! Ignorant fool..☠☠🥴🥴🥴 medias, please focus on twisted and corrupted Democratic party, focus on disastrous totalitarian CCP regime

soldiablo In the WH. Everyday there is a “5 alarm Fire” This one will seem quaint by the time trump is finally gone Trust me. The worst is yet to come. And number two, And by the way, just get this straight.. It 's about a better health care providers, equipment in my daily short sighted actions poses a place in the White House, he women - not just his willin gness now for my vision for the African change and pay

NBC is the alarm So on top of being pure evil, his own staff was unable to contact the president of the United States OR the chief of staff for over 3 hours... Not quite. Now do the dems racism Here's the thing that bothers me: How long were they unable to reach the President? What would happen in the event of nuclear war? Would we ask Russia to nicely wait until Trump gets off the 18th to proceed? TrumpResignNow

Folks go to PARLOR!!! This media bullshit ! And then they have Bots here all the time! Wake Up America This is just drama to get attention. How about some substance or analysis Plausible that the President retweeted the video after viewing without playing the audio. I didn’t hear it until I played the video a second time. My attention was drawn to the obnoxious woman screaming obscenities at the peaceful parade.

I don’t understand this tweet. How can a video set a 5 alarm fire? Can anyone explain? Didn’t hear it it. Didn’t see it. Wasn’t briefed on it. Was just joking. Failing NY Times. Didn’t mean what I said. Taken out of context. FAKE NEWS!!! Never met him. Yeah, we get it. He's gotta go. Get over it.. silly fucks YouAintBlack

Because nobody knew he was a racist already I think the five alarm fires have been burning for years. Wake up America! 25thAmendmentNow I saw the video but didn't have the sound on so I didn't hear what was said either. None of that ever happened. We dont have to tax individuals today to fund govt tax pools of wealth stock trading consumer sales redirect as basic income healthcare. This wouldnt be possible in any other kind of economy but consumer based

Why? We all know he’s a racist. Of course he’d retweet it. 5 alarm fire? What bloody realDonaldTrump knew then? He always say i didnt know blah blah. I want a president who knew how world go. Trump's such an embarrassment & lethality factor to this country. He cares more about statues being saved than American soldiers or American citizens lives. He needs to resign now.

Spray-Tan Donnie OMG he’s HUGGGE!!! No makeup. What's wrong with saying white power blacks say black power all the time with their first in the air I take that as a threat News Media can't even get a five alarm fire's location right. It wasn't in the White House. It was in the mindset of FakeNews Media themselves. P.S. If you don't name your WH officials, they don't exist. nytimes ABC CBSNews

Time to take away his phone Just as well, I guess, that the missiles were not appearing above the horizon. This is their Commander in Chief right? The left is autistic....the can never grasp satire and sarcasm even when it's yelled at them. Fool They couldn’t get ahold of him for 3 hours? That’s bullshit. They always have eyes on the President. Someone could have gotten to him. Why didn’t they?

I hope it burns down his whole Party. Btw, he’s super fat! Where’s the tweet? TRUMP PUTS DOWN HIS PHONE!?!? Both stories at best are dishonest journalism, at worst fake news. Wonder why the “wp” story fizzled out to quickly? Why is the original “wp” clip edited devoid of context? The guy seems to be sarcastically responding to agitators. Stay in line sheeple, don’t think too much,

garbage MAGAT's be like: 'tHe dEmOcRaTs StArTeD tHe kKk!!!' 🙄🙄🙄 We are at the “show how he’s a racist to distract from his Russian aggression treasony behavior” point of the presidency. So, if white power is racist, then Black power is also racist. Or does it just applies for one side? That actually would be racist.

What about his equally racist tweet today? So nobody could have run up on that golf course or does dear leader pitch a fit when somebody interrupts play time? “Five alarm fire” in the White House over racist tweet, but they can't get it together for COVID-19. Tee time awaits. Fake news The enemy does not threaten the gates but lives in the palace.

You should be removed from the White House property permanently for stupidity, ignorance and hate crimes. 🙄 What? The WhitePowerHouse had to put out another PresidentFuckbag fire? Those fires never go out, not from realDonaldTrump that shit has embers burning under the surface ready to flare up again as soon as Trump’s teeny little thumbs start going through Twitter withdrawals.

The angry old man goes on a rant every time he fills his depends. Tubby trump. So it wasgood that he put his phone down. And he clearly needed the exercise. But are we now giving passes to POTUS for accessibility during golf. Because that seems a bit dangerous. Though I will note it wasn’t important enough to contact his entourage. LindseyGrahamSC

This is a serious issue. FAKE NEWS Media keeps looking for Propoganda to trash President Trump but they must abdicate, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !!! Great picture of pig face. SER1897 I bet Trump hears Stephen Miller say that 5 or 6 times a day. 'White Power' might even be the current salutation in the White House. Can't you see Barr greeting Pompeo with a hearty 'White Power?'

Definitely a Nazi, even with 2 Jewish grandchildren and having moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. is a 🤡 network. JournalismisDead Give America a break would ya? Someone should change the password to his Twitter account. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It looks like the whole white supremacy platform is backfiring bad. The irony is that this administration is the catalyst America needed to reform a system of inequality.

Things like that have Stephen Miller's hands all over it. But I bet tRump knew. 😎 3 hours to take it down! Some fire. The real news here is that no one could reach the POTUS for three hours. What if there had been a 9/11 level emergency? These Old Dogs ain’t learning New Tricks. They are leaving this Earth with their Cold, Racist Hearts.

That power doesn’t include intelligence Only the disgusting Cheeto!! Half of the country is dying and he's celebrating playing golf. Like it or not he work for blacks and Latinos the pay taxes. As opposed to every other day I would believe anything, except that he put his phone down. I guess all you liberals are ok with Joe touching your daughters and wives

Why was a five alarm fire set off when he was just being the racist he's always is He’s handing them this type of shit on a silver platter. He never learns! BUT Biden has done and said way worse shit than this but y’all ignore it and pretend he’s the almighty savior of this nation. Pffft He’s a constant 5 alarm fire

Why making such a big deal about it? we all know where he stands, with his white people. He has no love for anybody that is not WHITE. He has demonstrated this for years. What is the difference between “white power” and 'black lives matter'? Less violence? I wonder who is happiest when he leaves to play golf ... Melania?

Who cares! Black people have been sating black power all day everyday burning cities down. But white people say white power and that is just awful. You are special. Not just he revealed true himself once again, now we can call all his supporters are white supremacists. The news is fake. The insurgency is real!

Well, there he goes again, fake president. Oh that's so terrible for someone to say white power! But we got to hear Black Power, black lives matter, the Black Panthers, power to the people, you see how divided you are people of color especially African American are not trying to unite us! And when they tried to reach him by phone, he was talking to Putin and wouldn’t answer!

The bigoted racist has done it again, devisive behaviour at the least,inciting violence and uprising is probably more to the point.He is tearing the Country apart all in his own dereliction of duty and total disregard and disrespect of firstly the office he holds, then Americans ven porfavor and the staff like...

Listen to the beginning of the clip, the man was called a racist and he was being sarcastic back!! Of course the media takes EVERYTHING out of context!! NOT journalism, it is manipulating the conversation, by taking bits and pieces out of context!! Didn’t hear it, my ass Concerning and shocking that this is considered a “shocking” fact....he’s a racist brought to the WH but a powerful group of religious racists...

Look how fat he is!!!!! If only it was a real fire and he melted away 🤮 gordonkeith Didn’t you speculate at one time that Trump would sabotage his own re-election big if he didn’t “like being president” after the first term? Reject the political violence by the Biden campaign, democrats and their radical militia Antifa.

Based on the first few words I thought it had something to do with what he ate that night How can someone who has the atomic “football” not be reached for 3 hours Where are his aides or secret service. Incompetent. What is this? Officials couldn’t reach Trump for 3 hours? 🤨 ya - ok. You know somebody should tell that fat hog he shouldn’t wear white golf shirts . What a gross looking pig!

This is why he shouldn’t have a phone. Bounty-gate distraction realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse GOP GOPChairwoman When will they get tired of babysitting a baby He didn’t hear it my ass FIVE ALARM FIRE IS LARGE NUMBERS OF FIREFIGHTERS PRESENT AT THE FIRE SCENE. IT IS TYPICALLY 80 TO 100 FIREFIGHTERS FROM FIRE STATIONS WITHIN THE CITY.

It will make his Republican support go up. Yeah he's a shitty person. Good to know the president can be reached at all times... lazy. Until you guys go at Biden like you do Trump a lot of people are not listening. Why was WH surprised or alarmed by another hate-filled moment by Racist-in-Chief? And he removed it once he knew - NBC’s continued hate of Trump is noted!

Trump plan for years how he would take down America Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the President cannot be reached for three hours because his phone was put down? Is this 2020 or 1920? Black power was yelled during the protest & black power fist raised, not a word from the MSM when that happened. An elderly man laughing at clowns provoking them & saying sarcastically white power is not as provoking as fist raised & black power chants. Alarming MSM missed that.

They meant to post the video WHY anyone would vote for this orange garbage WHY? I can't wait until we have competent, compassionate, loyal & trusting leadership of JOE BIDEN. Register to vote Request mail-in ballots In person: wear masks, social distance (6 feet), glasses to protect your eyes, CARRY HAND SANITIZER Stay safe & Vote Blue Biden

The guy said it sarcastically after being screamed at and called a racist and a nazi. Most people wouldn't know that because the media keeps cutting out what the crowd was saying to him. Because the media is full of race-baiting frauds. BUT WHAT PRESIDENT IS HOLDING? TRUMP IS SICK. SICK. His handlers clean up the poo he leaves around the house

Stop your bs He shouldn’t have done that. But I’m still never voting D. Funny, I haven't heard from GOPCesspool condemning the tweet or RussianBounty allegations. TrumpSavesStatuesNotSoldiers TrumpsBenghazis And just who were these alarmed republicans? Haven't heard much from the peanut gallery other than denials and hearing problems.

His adminstration is too fucking square to know when something is going to actually piss people off or not. 'Getting choked to death, old people being racist, what's the difference' Just vote. you don't have to be fit to play golf. 🐖🍩 why not show the whole video, he was being abused by protesters so he responded to piss them off

We don’t care about trump! We vote against liberal policy Black Power! White Power! White Power! Black Power! Asian Power! Spanish Power! PR Power...etc! We all feel Power! What's worse? Retweeting a video where someone says 'white power,' or telling black Americans that they're not black if they don't vote for the Democrats?

sad so many takes to heart some of these garbage headlines coming from so called reputable news media He is just a grotesque liability. Yeah just let the White house burn to the Ground. Now that is a political statement. Did he knowingly tweet this to distract from Russia bounty on American Troops or naw?


Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Trump2020NowMoreThanEver FFS, are there still people that think four more years of this clown show is a good thing?! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica TrumpIsARacist TrumpTrain2020 TrumpTraitor Weird that a seventy something year old man needs babysitters. Well he’s an idiot, so...

😆 stupid Impeach the traitor. Old news! He did it and deleted when he found out. Why tweet this bullshig now? Do your homework. You think they would be tired, so tired of having to clean up after him. It’s a shit show. No it didn’t. It did exactly what it was supposed to do by taking the attention off of the Russian bounty on American heads that Trump was briefed on and did nothing about.

The man is mentally ill. MENTALLY ILL. Get it? He has a mental illness. Can we honestly wait until November? He’s pro white supremacy, is anyone really surprised? Vote November LMFAO They should burn the damn thing down anyway. And paint the new one pastel grey. This scary and fucking hilarious That’s as bad as saying black power

After a five alarm fire that took three hours to extinguish is the time to take away the arsonist’s lighter. NBC hates America and is trying to get people killed. You should let their advertisers know how you feel about this. And the white play: he didn't know what he was retweeting Well, no suprise. Was it, though? We’ve known he was racist. We’ve known his supporters are racist. He started with racist conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate. He praised Nazis in Charlottesville. He’s been endorsed by the Klan. He consistently denegrated majority Black cities.

obamagate DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica the president set off a distraction from the real news that PutinsBounty is a credible threat and as per the uge, America fell for it... WakeUpAmerica For the love of god. What life (or hell) must be like in the White House with his constant outbursts. We need to fire this guy in November. Enough is enough.

I don't like anyone working for this administration but sometimes I feel bad for those responsible for babysitting him daily 😂. The guy is insane and has the power to start a world war! Do you not understand that white radicals are on the right Worst president in modern times, easily. They still haven't put it out 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Come on now everybody knows he’s a racist I’m a Republican I’m a white person I know he’s a racist. He’s a disgrace He won’t make it to November Dear God.. trumps ugliness jumps out of every single picture of him.. Now I am more concerned about the video of Biden saying the N word... report on that... Kremlin own trump and republicans

You literally have to watch the video several times and really pay attention to even hear it. Who the hell has that much time? Trump is a white supremacist, that is a fact. 👎🐷🤮🦠🦠🦠😂🤣

White House Press Secretary Defends Trump Sharing 'White Power' VideoKayleigh McEnany said Trump shared the video for his 'demonized' supporters and claimed the president somehow 'did not hear' the white supremacist slogan. Very 'convenient' how the staff around Trump spend their days excusing Trump's short-comings, fabrications, and failures with less and less creative lies. And, Kayleigh McEnany asserted the NYT & WaPo ”should return their Pulitzers!” If only Trump would withdraw his presidency for saying; in April, when it gets warm — historically, that has been able to kill the virus, and the 15 cases will soon be zero

White House Press Secretary Defends Trump Sharing 'White Power' VideoKayleigh McEnany said Trump shared the video for his 'demonized' supporters and claimed the president somehow 'did not hear' the white supremacist slogan. They aren’t Demonized......they are absolutely some of the stupidest racists and bigots on the planet!! Protect statues, but let troops get murdered. The president is more worried about playing golf all weekend. Instead of being a leader, he lies to the people. He doesn’t care about the 127000 plus dead Americans, that he could have saved . He’s a racist. He needs to be removed.

Trump, White House yet to condemn 'white power' video he retweetedMore than 24 hours after Pres. Trump retweeted a video of a supporter shouting 'white power,' he still has not condemned the use of the term, distanced himself from the supporter or apologized for sharing it. Because he's not sorry. K It was obviously a mistake get over it ABC

House Democrats to receive Afghanistan briefing at White House TuesdayA group of Democratic lawmakers will be briefed at White House on Tuesday morning about US intel that Russians purportedly offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans, sources tell NBCNews. GOP lawmakers were briefed Monday. NBCNews Why separate? So the GOP can get their lies straight? NBCNews Really! That is brand new information! NBCNews Is that so the TOP can get their story straight?

Trump Wasn’t Briefed on Russian Bounty Intelligence Because It Wasn’t Verified, White House SaysPresident Trump and Vice President Pence weren’t told about intelligence showing Russia paid bounties to Afghan militants to attack U.S. forces because the intelligence community and security officials hadn’t reached a consensus about its veracity, the White House press secretary said. Raw intel that was clearly leaked in order to further a political goal. Likely endangering lives in the process. Quit carrying his water... British, German and French IC confirmed... Liars😜

Trump shares video of seniors yelling, 'White power' and 'F*** Trump' at one anotherPresident Trump promoted a video Sunday that featured clashing protesters, one of whom chants, "White power." The video was apparently shot in the Villages, Fla. WH ignored Russian bounty on our troops The actual point: the person yelling white power was a Trump supporter If the battleground is now within The Villages, he is well and truly screwed. Usually you want to fight the battle outside your own base