Trump’s Turkey business connections in spotlight

'The Turks and Turkish officials are actually the top patrons over any other country at the Trump Hotel in Washington.' - @HeidiNBC breaks down Pres. Trump’s business connections to Turkey following the president's decision to pull troops from Syria.

10/10/2019 12:44:00 AM

'The Turks and Turkish officials are actually the top patrons over any other country at the Trump Hotel in Washington.' - HeidiNBC breaks down Pres. Trump’s business connections to Turkey following the president's decision to pull troops from Syria.

After the fallout following President Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria and allow Turkey to take over, his business relationship with Turkey is now back in the spotlight. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by NBC News Correspondent Heidi Przybyla to share what we know about the president’s business dealings that might concern lawmakers.

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HeidiNBC That means they're giving money to our treasury since the Trump Corp donates all profits from foreign nationals to the treasury. HeidiNBC No surprise!! He sure has friends in low places. Corruption at its finest. Pray for our country and the Kurds. HeidiNBC Mr. Frese complied, saying in a message that he would speak to Ms. Kube if it helped Ms. Macias’s career “progress.” Last month, the government said, Mr. Frese gained access to two more intelligence reports and shared them with Ms. Kube.

HeidiNBC Omg HeidiNBC Care to comment about this? It involves two reporters. amanda_m_macias and ckubeNBC The leaker was banging amanda_m_macias and leaking classified information to her. ckubeNBC is involved as well. HeidiNBC Be careful America!! This is a typical Democrat tactic. Throw out inconsequential details to insinuate something negative about Trump. There is nothing wrong with doing business in Turkey, every country does. MSNBC never cares about facts or evidence.

HeidiNBC HeidiNBC HeidiNBC It’s always about how much Trump can get back, he should change his name to quid pro quo. The man is corrupt and makes no excuses for it. HeidiNBC Did the Turkish President say to Trump- I need a favor, though? And out come our troops? HeidiNBC Turkish officials just called down to the concierge at Trump Tower and asked, “If the U.S. can abandon the Kurds it would really make my stay at the Trump hotel better.”

HeidiNBC HeidiNBC Quid pro quo HeidiNBC Kurds voted their own country in Iraq and claim all traditional territory by default without filing at the UN, which would rule in their favor if they aligned with India & China in a United Asia, like EU, and Pacific Islander. HeidiNBC 'The Turks and Turkish officials are actually the top patrons over any other country at the Trump Hotel in Washington.' That explains a lot ...

HeidiNBC Wow HeidiNBC Shocking. HeidiNBC This is why there is an emoluments clause and why presidents divest from their businesses. HeidiNBC TheTrumpRetreat HeidiNBC Whodda guessed HeidiNBC 'So why did Trump accede to Erdogan’s demands for a U.S. pullout from Syria? The reasons remain unclear, but four months before Trump made his sudden decision, a major political party in Syria called for Erdogan’s government to seize the twin Trump Towers Istanbul skyscrapers'

HeidiNBC Just another one of the quid pro quo's he does for all his dictator friends. It's all about his bottom line, how much money goes in HIS pocket. He doesnt give a damn about the poor, uneducated fools that voted for him. They can all die, and the only thing that he'd miss? The vote HeidiNBC Trump tower Istanbul

HeidiNBC OLD JUNGLE VET LIKE TO TAKE HIM RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE AND SHOW HIM WHAT A PINCER MOVE IS AND THEN LEAVE HIM THERE !! HeidiNBC Trump has NO defense against these accusations, valid or not. He refused to divest himself from his businesses and has further shown his willingness (desire?) to break Emolument regulations throughout his candidacy and during his presidency. No defense whatsoever!

HeidiNBC And we care because...... HeidiNBC MAKING DICTATORS GREAT AGAIN ●Putin ●Kim ●Erdogan Somebody is spending a lot of time & effort with a rogue's gallery The deals ya can broach with US Military & USA monies as your barging chips Who's ideal was it to have an EXECUTIVE OFFICER...who has unlimited anything?

HeidiNBC The corruprion is so terrible that I fear Trump is Nero reincarnated or imitated. HeidiNBC Just another example of trump engaging in quid pro quo. Likely scenario: Turkey: withdraw or we stop doing business at your hotel Trump: we’ll pull out tomorrow

President Trump appeared to flip-flop overnight on his aggressive foreign policy stance against TurkeyJust hours after Trump threatened to 'obliterate' Turkey's economy, he described the country as one of America's biggest and most honest trading partners The President will release ISIS on America because he loves Russia for giving him this election!!! Because he has has no backbone and watches cable news to see if what he did was acceptable. SAD! realDonaldTrump got scared 😟 he’s all talk, has no follow through. 😆 lol

Turkey invades Syria to battle Kurds after US moves forces; Trump calls it 'bad idea'Smoke rises after a Turkish bombardment in a Syrian town along the Turkish border, part of Turkey's long-planned military operation targeting the Syrian Kurdish fighters that helped the U.S. defeat ISIS. All the souls of the dead Turks will haunt the US. This is so horrible.

Turkey begins offensive aimed at Kurdish fighters in SyriaTurkey launched airstrikes and fired artillery aimed at crushing Kurdish fighters in northern Syria on Wednesday after U.S. troops pulled back from the area, paving the way for an assault on forces that have long been allied with the United States. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the Everyone knew this would happen...except Trump - and if he knew then he is a party to a vast humanitarian pogrom. trump is complicit with the attempted genocide of the Kurdish peoples. TreasonousTrump -45 😡😡😡

Turkey launches Syria invasion, Kurds ask US to enforce no-fly zoneTurkey began its incursion into Syria with air strikes on the Kurds after the U.S. pulled its troops from the region. President Trump denied we had abandoned our former ally. It was not USA. It is the Stupid Crazy trump who did this to our allies. WE MUST STOP HIM. NOW More lyin trumpin