Trump's Tax Returns And Related Records Turned Over To Manhattan District Attorney - Cnnpolitics

Trump's Tax Returns And Related Records Turned Over To Manhattan District Attorney - Cnnpolitics

Trump's tax returns and related records turned over to Manhattan district attorney

Cy Vance obtained the records Monday after the Supreme Court denied Trump's last-ditch attempts to keep them private

2/25/2021 5:48:00 PM

Trump's tax records are now in the hands of New York prosecutors after the Supreme Court denied the former President's efforts to keep them private

Cy Vance obtained the records Monday after the Supreme Court denied Trump's last-ditch attempts to keep them private

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🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bye Bye Black Bird Now they will be find out how big of a cheat and crook he really is The best news in 4 years! Tax fraud tax fraud tax fraud - fake news President its time for atonement muốn sống ý nghĩa hơnchờ đợi 1 tình yêu 没有特朗普的推特已没有什么意义了 Time to freeze his bank accounts. PLEASE someone with the ability & GUTS take him down!!!

How can trump the Ex-President run again his record 500k Covid deaths, insurrection, lies, tax avoidance, insurance fraud, russian collaborations, a mane who doesn’t pay his taxes would need to show them before entering the job. Ye so you will hate it. If the New York. Only decide he has to pay a lot of money and get out of whatever trouble he's in? Because all of you at CNN would love to see him behind bars. When in reality you should all behind bars...

Help tigray genocide Report that Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki, has deployed 6 additional mechanized military divisions in the southern part of Tigray, Samre. He has also deployed 4000 troops in the outskirts of Bizet and Mugulat and more than 2000 troops around Feresmay. Can’t wait to have justice prevail!

Let it be in Black and White so we will know who’s telling the truth Now make good use of these records and put him away were he belongs. I KEEP HEARING IN THE BACKGROUND LOCK HIM UP So why do they need to know your tax info now, you are not the president anymore ( which sucks) you are considered a private citizen and it’s none of their business

Those non-thingking Americans put a non -paying tax man at the White House for four years and order seditious acts at theCapitol. Why does he get away with so much? I bust my tail off and get nothing back Big nothing burger 🤣🍔 Get Him Thanks said former President Trump. Appreciate that bro. NIS

Please stop calling this man president is former president or donald trump. We only have one president and that is President Joe Biden. If I hear your reporters refer to trump as president again. I will stop watching CNN. Thanks NIS About time that crook trump 🎴 LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP👍👍

If derp had a face. The fixation continues. Trump derangement syndrome. YES!!!! I can’t wait to see who’s gonna win this round a fight 💥💥💥 If the 45th is ever held accountable; you can best³ believe he's taking EVERYBODY DOWN WITH HIM! That's how he rolls, Children, and Wife included! All the Republicans know this, so they think if they support the 45th; he won't tell their secrets, he will blame them, thats all.

Nguoi yeu chan that không vi vạt chat Jail the Creep! About time I anticipate the fall of the Con Everyone who likes this, invasion of privacy, you should go ahead and share their own personal tax records with everyone else in the world oh, how nice unocelestial Rent free in your head🤣 Good let's review Hunter and Joe Bidens and Bill And Hillary Clinton's, Nancy Pelosi s and all these ( politicians who've become Millionaires off the salaries they make ). Sad when they are that scared of one man.. Can't beat him so let's try and destroy him other way. Pathetic

Way to go Supreme Court. He needs to be brought to justice. Lock him up. 😂 T I hope this goes a long way in providing proof to all of ccx America, just what type of person this guy is, and exactly what he is....Although, there is a certain percentage that shall remain in denial. I am wanting. To be everything ok for all the private things

Nu Another trump fraud alert! Here's a short list of trump fraud fraudulent trump university fraudulent trump foundation/charity fraudulent tax fraud (deductions and losses) fraudulent AGI/net worth fraudulent loans/high risk loans Is he in PRISON YET? Who cares..... Who cares they were In Muellers hands also we all know how that turned out. This is insane though to do this to a private citizen if they can do this to him it cam happen to any of us and the Supreme Court gave them the ok to pull off communist actions.

Lock his ass up already and get it over with. I'm so tired of seeing his ugly ass in the news. Hell lock up the entire family. 🙄 I'll bet there's plenty of Juicy stuff in there. Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up... 😑 But he did his whole presidency.. go figure But the Orange one promised America he would release his taxes to the public how many times?

Can we see the Bidens business dealings in China and while your at it go ahead and show us Obama's birth certificate. You can't pick and choose the corruption you want to expose, it goes so much deeper than we can imagine. Trump is not the one to be worried about. FAKE NEWS. The audit is done. Yay. 🤑

😁🤗 It's about time! Trump For Prison 🇺🇸 2021 Will he wiggle out of this charge are will he be finally get what he deserves Who really cares? I dont want to see tax records. Why is he the only thing news has to talk about? I mean move the effin on. Sick of the witch hunt. Why am I still hearing his name and seeing his face?

STOP COVERING THE FORMER GUY! Why does CNN continually keep him relevant? You do realize that by doing so, you are supporting his rhetoric!! STOP. JUST FREAKIN STOP ALREADY!! Hourras! Good let's have some justice last. Lock him up!!!! Biet hieu thong cam va quan tam , rong luong coi mo Take this shit head down!

❤️🇺🇸🙌 This now opens the door to look into other people's taxes. I wonder what will be uncovered. Swampy Trump! Nobody cares! By 1955, 10 years after Hitler's defeat, no German's would openly admit having supported him. By 2030, I doubt anyone will admit having voted for Trump. HE IS NO BETTER THAN THE REST OF US ,IF HE FOUND QUILTY,HE NEED TO SPEND TIME IN JAIL

I am THRILLED that his tax records that he has tried keeping covered up are finally in the hands of LAW ENFORCEMENT!! There has to be some very serious reasons that he wanted to keep hidden. I am betting that he has committed TAX FRAUD for most of his adult years. Wonder why cnn isn't all over Cuomo sex scandal.can you imagine if that was trump

You guys just don't quit. Who gives a fuck And now you will likely figure out you have nothing of sensation and stop with the Invisible Monster that Ate New York!!! What a bunch of s chucks! Thanx we don't need his ugly face we know what he looks Like unfortunately RESPECT MISTER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴 ROMÂNIA 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

Great news, thanks Trump's going to be remembered as worst president in history he has already been recognized as the worst president in modern history unless you go to the state media run channels like Fox News News Max bullshit like that Hahaha Trump and the family is going down and not to Chinatown they're going maybe to rikers or maybe that nice little place up north lmao ty Jesus 🙏

I'm Please jail this maniac Why would prosecutors get the returns? Why not analysts just looking them over? Not looking to make trouble up. What is in that tax paper? They will find ' intent' wherever they want to find intent. The witch hunt continues. We will be fed exactly what they want us to see regardless of the truth. The tooth fairy is real. Santa Claus delivered us presents for years.. until we woke. up. It's time people.

CNN = pathetic Great! Now talk about how biden is fucking up his majority! How he's backing off of the $15 minimum wage. Why he's caging kids! Why it's damn near march and there's still no stimulus? Fuck trump what about Biden?🤔🤔🤔🤔 blueIndycat He should never have won the election had the disclosure been made. But he told Americans he is a Nasty millionaire and a racist, so they like it and took him as theirs as millions of Americans feel the same way.

Adding insult to injury to most incompetent, reprehensible, ineffective and corrupt administration in history. Nobody even comes close. Yes! About time . Texes will not be a republican state for long. How does it feel republicans to get stepped on by your own. So sad. Let him fry Trump with his rapport with top Indian leaders has ensured that he will get Asylum in India.

Stop talking about this shit stain Oh quit lying.....we all know those tax records are in the NYT board room right now. They will be in the hands of MSNBC in two days. And Democrats wont give 2 fvvks about a us citizens rights being trampled on America can this be the next Al Capone aka Trump? ManhattanDA CPAC2021

No one in America should be Above the Law. And nothing is going to happen, is all blah blah, they never convict him.😒 This makes my heart SING! Pretty sure a check will be written to the IRS for Millions+ ~ do we think there will be 'Sufficient Funds' though ... No one cares. Just go on to something productive. Quit beating a dead horse.

If he isn’t convicted and tries to run for office again he will lose by even more than the MILLIONS he lost by recently. Bye! I hope he rinsing 3yrs time go Trump we got you nói nhìu vì mình it nói ma để bù trừ lại ^^ Well, he'll delay it for 4 years. So what you couldn’t even impeach him, stop acting like white society is going to punish Trump they would reelect him in a heartbeat.

There's really no need to put a giant pic of his face. We don't need to see any more of the caked and clogged slimy giant pores and neck folds that have plagued every media platform for 5 years. Those must've been sitting stacked and ready to go, cause they've been in their possession since Monday. 📦

Woohoo! What's the over/under on how long before they're leaked? I think it funny that Liberals seem to picture Trump sitting at some big table doing the taxes himself. That's what tax accountants & tax lawyers are for. That and keeping you out of trouble. I pay more taxes in one check than this guy did in 15 years.

Bot tìm top ở HN từ 24 tuổi trở lên Good for his ass!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Byatch you are so busted. He should have just bleached them 🤷‍♂️ Nice. Well it should have been done long ago. This Donald Trump is really a very liar. They say all dogs will have their days. I hope this particular Dog will have his day soon as as he shitted on a lot!!!!! Of people basically countries including ours.

I don't care about his taxes only assholes care about someone else's earnings Does anyone really care He’s not the President- move on. We have so many bigger issues TrumpDerangementSyndrome Welll that was easy. And fast. Nail him! Trump's tax records should be opened to the public because not only Americans but people from abroad would like to know too.

What about Hunter Biden ? February 25th should become a national holiday. Unbelievable ! MAKE MY DAY!!!! 2016 election was a fraud , perpetuated by Trump Russian cohorts. The Democrats didn't storm the Capitol Building over it. LOL!!!, WOOOOOW!!!, REALLY!!!, while us regular CITIZENS / CIVILIANS & ENTERTAINERS are either being locked up or having to pay a penalty 🤔🙄😕😒🤬😤, SMDH!!!

Get him. Damn tax evader. WHAT ABOUT TGE BIDENS DEALINGS WITH CHINA? DO AMERICANS GET TO SEE HOW TGESE CURROPT POLITICIANS ARE SELLING AMERICA TO CHINA? DO AMERICANS KNOW WHAT PROPERTIES CHINA OWNS IN AMERICA? Time to pants him in public. What’s in the dark always comes to light!!! Meats all see the dirt he now dies not have enough of to cover up the dirt he’s got!

Lock his ass up if most people did half the sideways crap he's done like tax dodging they would have been lock down for years already ههههههههههههههه 😂 السي ان ان الان fuk you Finally!!! This should have been done before he was “hired” to govern the people’s money... just you all wait to see how he manipulates the tax system.

This dirt bag will beat anything. He manages to pay off everybody with zero money. They should all just RIH Big news for you bottom feeders I woke up this morning and got myself a beer (Jim Morrison voice) lmao Tôi chả thấy có gì vui, trên cái cõi đời này cả Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Buckle up pathetic weak one term loser (3) Hot and a cot

Trump... I feel almost reborn. Chia sẻ bun vui trg cs.hoan nạn có nhau.cần ng dan o bit quan tam va có trách nhiệm voi gd Then they all should be audited. Ever one About time Bunch of scumbags on here I home all of you hobankrupt Who cares Sad to witness the downfall of such a great nation. Societies need a legal framework to grow and prosper. Nobody is above the law.

I can't wait to see what excuses his base gonna play🤣🤣🤣🤣, liar and a thief. MauryFolsom34 just because that dimwit signs a bunch of orders doesn't mean that's what is best for our country. And in a video biden was seen and heard saying 'I don't know what this is that I am signing.' And kamala can be heard saying 'sign it anyway'. That's who you wanted.

Uh oh That's a lot of pages to go through.... how long before we see something concrete? It does effect the country to show people arent above the law..project 'Get Trump' is finally on! Finally!!! Now we'll have the proof of what we already knew, the crook & theif he is!! Even more so, the underlining corruption he is part of with Russia

But her email Can we please do this with all his photos going forward? I am so sick of seeing him anywhere. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It matters due to the fact no one is above the law. He has lied to the people and needs to be held accountable as we all would be. Almost every president has made their taxes public record even Biden and Harris. If trump had nothing to hide he would have too!

👎 🤠🇮🇪👍 Let it rain🤙🏼🇺🇸 As for me I am tired of speculations. They should bring charges fast and please they should load the charges very well with every available offence he might found to have committed or else let's move on to the next subject if he is 'innocent', they should acquit him.End of story

🤣🤣 .. let me grab lots of 🍿 & 🍷 Wooohoo Jail is looming.............. Orange suit to match facial color. Oh wait you won't be allowed make up inside. Loser. Wooohoo Jail is looming.............. Orahnge suit to match facial color. Oh wait you won't be allowed make up inside. Loser. iamDollyette Even I wanna what this guy been hiding all this time

Who cares he's out of office wow CNN you make yourself look bad Hopefully we now will see the Fraud he's tried to cover up. The man is a FRAUD, NARCASSIST, BULLY. The Republican Party needs to Re-evaluate it's Core Ideals and Push Out the TRUMPIANS, who have TAKEN OVER before they can be a Genuine Opposition Party Again.

They failed to impeach him. They failed to do a good job with election fraud. Let the old man retire peacefully and stop this witch hunting madness. He was a good leader who hated those he didn't like with passion but hey that's just normal, the degree might be different though Who is to say he turned everything over to the prosecutor. I feel when you do wrong. It shouldnt matter who it is. If all of his followers did that. Would you get the same Treatment. PROBABLY NOT. YA THINK.

He's fucked! Good. Fry him. 😁 FINALLY THE TRUTH SHALL SEND YOU TO PRISION!!! How many mob bosses have gone down from tax evasion now? Yes Karma is all I can say Good News and good luck to trump's lawyers trying to explain positive cash flows with no secured debt. YIPPEE , there is a Father Christmas after all !!!!

Wish they could be made public. Thank goodness for leakers. Relax everybody! No one is going to prison. Thank goodness, make room Capone we have another tax cheat. I am excited to see its contents 👏👏👏😁 Governor Como should be prosecuted for 15.000 senior deaths in New York City🤮 But it would not be released to the public knowledge so who gives a shit

Good let those spineless Republicans go down with him. YEAH Get him Some Peptobismol He probably need some Peptobismol now Whats the gas price now in New York. Thanks Joe. I enjoy higher prices. 💩💩💩💩💩head Ándele wey! Nothing else to say but Whoo hoo! Let the games begin! I couldn’t care less about his tax returns. Let’s see those of the politicians that became extremely wealthy off of a $175,000 salary

Yes! About time. Why is he still here Part of the plan to run in 2024 .. probably 😁 Boooom 🤣😅😭😂🤣😅😭😂🖕🖕🖕 Is there anyway they can subpoena his school transcripts? I think he would love for us to see those 😜 Lock him up That is great news but remember New York prosecutor have to show transparency. Did they ever release Obama’s college application? 🙄

The left will be disappointed because there will be nothing in his taxes that will incriminate him of wrong doing. Boo hoo Kenneth Kennard... Because the tax investigation is real.. Election fraud is fake We want to see! We deserve this, after enduring 4 years of b.s. we deserve to understand what was it all about ProjectLincoln.

Hahahahaha cnn the most lying corrupt so call news operation ever One giant nothingburger, coming right up! This is real news!! What about your anchor's Brother!!! Thieving c$t 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻....”lock him up”....ASAP!! I wonder where all of his followers are? Huge WASTE of time,... standard effort by career politicians!

He is above the law Bout time I’d rather see the records of all the congressmen that came into office with very little and are now multi-millionaires. He isn't president any more, remember? Get over it and move on. Why aren't you talking about Governor Cuomo's sexual assault? Where is the metoo movement now?

Whoopee Trump’s Tax Returns from 2011 to 2019 have been turned over to Prosecutors. Maybe soon the rest of US will get to see what a liar & cheat Trump was & still is. The avalanche of legal actions is starting & Trump is in its path. From all sides State & Federal come lawsuits Amazing how when the CNN darling is in a scandal the system goes dark!

No one is above the law. Oh he's about to do alot of twee........oh wait he can't anymore He’s DONE ✅ everyone will now see what a FRAUD he really is !! Who cares? Why does it matter now? People are saying that Moscow is great this time of year... put the trump in jail Let them try him for tax evasion and see wheather the republican who saved him from been impeached wiĺl come to his rescue.

Worked for Al Capone... JustSaying Get Trump!!! We pay our taxes. Hes no bettet!!!😠😠😠😠 I've paid my taxes all my working years. Never missed!!!! Trumps no better!!!!!😠😠😠 This is a hot damn mess! Like the gall of Al Capone it always come down to taxes Finally the longest tax audit in human history comes to an end.

Trump won’t like the New York jail About damn time ALL politicians should have to show them Shit's getting real. If the Manhattan DA had my tax returns, I’d wonder why, but would have no other concerns. Donald Trump spent vast sums on legal fees all the way to the Supreme Court. I don’t wonder why. TrumpCrimeFamily

Trump's tax records are now in the hands of New York prosecutors. If you are on the inside of this fraudulent news agency full of actors and you are brave and ready to expose them as the frauds they are contact us. We will keep you and your identity safe. 1 người con gái sẽ mnagj lại hp cho tồi và tôi sẽ bên ng đó cả cuộc đời

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 SPILL. THE. TEA. ☕️ Now are they the real tax returns or the cooked one's 😉😉 Perhaps if the media would stay out of things and only post what the courts are saying is true we would be able to get on with a more connected country. The media is what is having the grand stand not our court system. If they were being held accountable things would quiet down.

Love it! LOCK HIM UP!!! Asking, would the Supreme Court judges have had to of voted? If so do we know the numbers and who voted for what? I am sure you are celebrating 🤷‍♂️ LOCK HIM OP Hope his fines are high and prison term long. He won't last in prison. Time for all the good memes to appear to show our 'love' for Former, GeorgeTakei SethMacFarlane Alyssa_Milano ProjectLincoln robreiner , et al. 😂😂 I say, 30 yrs to life from NY State's AG upcoming prison sentence...what about everyone else?🤔🎯💯

Everyday Americans out here just wondering about our own tax filings this year. 🤷‍♀️ Would you like fries with your nothing burger? Release all presidents tax records, that's only fair. What about Hunter Biden's too? Release them all. 🤭🤭🤭😂🤣😂🤣😂 And why do we even care? LOL!! Trying to bolster viewership. Trump as Click-bait. Rest of the country moved on Zucker. You had them addicted and the drug has dried up. CNNisajoke

👏👏👏👏 They will just lie n cover it up just like they did for the January 6th DC invasion n just like they always do for this prick. We the people demand and need to see all politicians taxes ASAP. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Absolutely WONDERFUL!! What is the line on how long before they are leaked? Good I hope they nail the bastard

Love this Vicki45424407 Guess buying all those judges didn't really work out as planned He is going down. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump, no Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo just wanted let you know it newsworthy. I know General Pandemic ,is your buddy but ,come on man!!!!!!

He will blame it on the people who prepared his taxes saying they messed up intentionally. It’s sad and painful, but I don’t know if anything will put this guy where he belongs!! Can’t wait to find out what he is so terrified of in there must be something really powerful!! Go get him Cy Vance you are a hero

He thinks he might of been able not to be held accountable for causing so many lives lost and disregard for the Pandemic which is criminal...and I wish that millions of people align with me and WE charge him United States vs Donald Trump for negligence of costing lives You don’t hide something for years unless you have something to hide.

Hope I am wrong but if they do find something on him it will probably go nowhere, he will probably get away with it as usual. Hopefully I am wrong!! Give me a man and I’ll show you a crime. -NY losers The plot thickens! If anyone is in doubt as to what we will see Everything this person has done has been smoke and mirrors When you have no real substance or tangible assets to offer the world All that is left in the bag of tricks is illusion That reference speaks to his finances as well as Morals

What's done in the dark will come to light. A decision today has future consequences. Choose wisely. Who else thinks NYGovCuomo killing of thousands of nursing home residents and brother ChrisCuomo using his media pull to cover it up is more important than Trump’s tax records? Let's see how long it takes before they are broadcast all over the web

I just don't want to see that face anymore !! Thank you!!! 👀👂👂👤 The Democrats don't know when to stop. They don't realize it right now but they're hanging themselves in the process the Democrats are helping Trump drain the swamp. And the swamp is them Ahh, the smell of sweet justice! Hahaha good! This should be good😂.

Why does it even matter? Nothing he did was against the law. Just to prove a point? For gods sake leave the man alone. Finally maybe treasonous Trump will do some serious jail time corrupt and pathetic life all the pain and suffering he has caused to others needs to be accountable rule of law applies to everyone

Nobody deserves LIFETIME CAGING than a bastard who establishes CONCENTRATION-CAMPS/DOG-KENNELS for asylum-seekers, standing-by as 400k + Americans suffer/die from pandemic, aid/abet GENOCIDE in Yemen, incite/ignite murderous insurrection at Capitol and more ... EVIL personified. Nothing is going to happen. Either he'll sue to keep the record confidential, or, if it is released,find so.eone to say ' while I looks bad, it isn't illegal' His base will support him anyway, as will all the Republicans.

So bad even the DWP are showing an interest ! But are we there yet EddieHearn ? Wow big deal. I'd still rather see the taxes and actual expenses of the newly made millions that our current politicians make than those of someone that no longer matters. I guess this is what Christmas looks like to prosecutors. Kind of like Lent for defense attorneys.

Yay for forensic accounting! I'm tired of failed businessmen getting by exploiting loopholes & abusing the legal system. Would be a wonderful cautionary tale for all businessmen if a former president would actually be held accountable for his crimes. One standard of law, not two. I've got a song running in my head 'Back in the USSR'...can't seem to shake it...

🤣🤭🤣🤭🤣 Do you need a Business/Personal Loan to pay off your bills? We offer loans to the public with a very low rate of 3%interest. Interested person should contact us through Email: Please Reply with Loan Amount Needed Loan Duration: Contact Address: Phone: cnni I hope they get leaked!

I don’t know what the big deal is, he would’ve released them as soon as the audit was finished. Going to be interesting to see the Republicans tie themselves to the de facto leader of their party from a prison cell ! Good luck Let's hear it. This man is evil, with a country full.of evil folks willing to kiss his ring. Nothing handed over will be the real thing... he has had years to 'fix' his books.

Love it. Couple of weeks ago I came across a recommendation about Johnteddy63 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation Ahahaha crook Unbelievable, everybody expects Joe Biden to fix all the damage Donald Trump did in for years in two months, where was all that energy about bipartisanship when Trump was prez? He didn’t have any democrats in his admin. But u expect Biden to? Ridiculous so unfair!

Good news! Get him (financially)! How about Hillary's e-mails and Hunter's computer. Trumps taxes can be investigated but election fraud cannot? Unbelievable! Delicious!! Delicious!! Delicious!! Dee - lish - us!!! Cnn cracks me up,leave the man alone,I hope he runs in 24 just to piss people off let us see what the truth.

Well everything is in the open now.. we need the same energy with cuomo and that nursing home I had a dream that trump had a deal with aliens. As long as trump is re elected for another four years, aliens will help trump eliminate all enemies. Trump will definitely give priority to the elimination of China if he is re elected or wins the general election in 2024

Totally unfair 😡 How would you feel if this happened to you He's a private citizen. This is America not some kind of fascist country. How dare they. Now everyone is going to find out his dealings with me Oh boy!!!!! Abraxsys Thoughts. And. Prayers. 😂 That sound is cookies crumbling Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump

And still nothing on Cuomo sexual assault 🙄 Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump Who is Trump --- where are your hourly updates on Cuomos evils in NY? Just to be clear: we don't grant him asylum in Europe! Maybe his friend Kim will welcome him with open hands to NK!

Who gives a shit! We live in a divided country whereby we're going to war no matter what someone's tax records reveal. Just more gasoline on an out of control fire. NO MERCY Witch Hunt Lock him up! Lock him up! this is gonna be good ✅ Lock Him Up!! It's boring to sit at home alone, looking for someone to spend time with

The Middle of The End. 🇺🇸 👋 I smell jail time You mean the public will know for sure he isnt anything but a millionaire...ummmm the public already knew this for decades and donnie has had 4 yrs to 'fix' the returns. Hahahahaha Hahahahaha hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 May truth clean the wounds....

How does this affect our country? Newsflash: It doesn’t. That's wonderful. Now let's see if anything is going to happen? So far he's been above the law. No one should be above the law. For once we want to see justice served against him. Once having him be held accountable to law. He’s about to win an all-expenses paid vacation to Riker’s Island.

Thoughts and Prayers... I love watching an inept tyrant fall, one step at a time. heh heh heh I hope they clean his clock.