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Trump's story about veteran's comeback was not quite true

NEW YORK (AP) — Tony Rankins, a formerly homeless, drug-addicted Army veteran, got a standing ovation at the State of the Union after President Donald Trump described how he turned his life around...


AP Exclusive: President Trump said in his State of the Union speech that a homeless vet turned his life around thanks to a company using the administration's Opportunity Zone tax breaks. But the man never worked at a site taking advantage of the breaks.

NEW YORK (AP) — Tony Rankins, a formerly homeless, drug-addicted Army veteran, got a standing ovation at the State of the Union after President Donald Trump described how he turned his life around...

In this Feb. 4, 2020, photo, Tony Rankins, center in red tie, receives a standing ovation during the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington. Rankins, a formerly homeless, drug-addicted Army vet, got the standing ovation after President Donald Trump described how he turned his life around thanks to a construction job at a company using the administration’s “Opportunity Zone” tax breaks targeting poor neighborhoods. Rankins, a tradesman who has indeed moved out of his car and into an apartment since landing the job refurbishing a Nashville hotel two years ago, doesn’t work at a site using the tax breaks and never has. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) NEW YORK (AP) — Tony Rankins, a formerly homeless, drug-addicted Army veteran, got a standing ovation at the State of the Union after President Donald Trump described how he turned his life around thanks to a construction job at a company using the administration’s “Opportunity Zone” tax breaks targeting poor neighborhoods. But that’s not completely true. Rankins, who indeed moved out of his car and into an apartment since landing a job refurbishing a Nashville hotel two years ago, doesn’t work at a site taking advantage of the breaks and never has done so. In fact, he started that job four months before the Treasury Department published its final list of neighborhoods eligible for the breaks. And the hotel where he worked couldn’t benefit even now because it’s an area that didn’t make the cut. In an interview with The Associated Press, Rankins said he always considered the job that launched him on his new life two years ago to be in an Opportunity Zone and was honored to be invited by the White House to the State of the Union, with a prime seat in the balcony next to Ivanka Trump. “After struggling with drug addiction, Tony lost his job, his house and his family. He was homeless. But then Tony found a construction company that invests in Opportunity Zones,” the president said in his Feb. 4 speech. “He is now a top tradesman, drug-free, reunited with his family.” Days later, Trump doubled down on the Rankins story in a speech on his economic initiatives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and invited him up to say a few words. “First of all, I would like to thank the president for signing this bill, because without it I wouldn’t be standing here before you right now,” Rankins said. Trump also praised Rankins’ employer, R Investments, for “working to help 200 people rise out of homelessness every year by investing in opportunity zones.” That is also not quite true. CEO Travis Steffens said he has hired hundreds of homeless to work at the 400 buildings the company has owned over the years, taking advantage of various tax breaks. But when it comes to Trump’s Opportunity Zone breaks, he said, the company has only one building tapping the program now, a warehouse in Cincinnati where no one seems to be working, homeless or otherwise. “We’ve not really worked there,” Rankins said, “but we’ve stored things over there.” Steffens suggested that when Trump said R Investments was helping 200 people rise out of homelessness he was referring to the number the company hopes to teach construction skills to at the warehouse once it has been converted to a training academy. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Rankins, an ex-felon and veteran who served in Afghanistan and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, now works at another R Investments building in Cincinnati that is in an Opportunity Zone but has not used the tax breaks. He will start working at the warehouse next month, his first job at a site using the breaks. That hasn’t stopped the Trump administration and its allies from taking credit for Rankins’ turnaround. Rankins “made an incredible comeback thanks to Opportunity Zone investments!” the White House tweeted. The official GOP twitter account said the story shows “how an opportunity zone in Cincinnati has given him a second chance.” Ivanka Trump told her Twitter followers: “Through grit and perseverance, he secured a job (created in an opportunity zone) and is now thriving.” The Opportunity Zone program passed as part of Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul offers investors big savings in capital gains taxes if they put money into nearly 8,000 poor neighborhoods designated by the Treasury Department as neglected and needing the help. Trump has touted the program in several speeches as an example of how he is helping struggling African-Americans. Critics say that too many neighborhoods getting the break were already gentrifying and that investors are likely to pour even more money into them, bypassing the poor, black communities that the program is partly intended to help. But backers note that the final rules governing the program were only released in December and say it is too early to judge. R Investments CEO Steffens was contacted by the Trump administration after telling a fellow passenger on a plane trip about his work helping the homeless, ex-felons and unemployed veterans, according to a company spokeswoman. And he has helped a lot over the past 14 years, as many as 300 in a single year, he said, inspired by his parents’ example when he was growing up. “My dad would give his last dollar to make sure that a mom and her kids had a meal,” Steffens said. He “taught me at young age, there’s no such thing as a self-made man.” After the Cincinnati training academy, Steffens said he plans to open ones in the New Orleans and Miami areas, too. He said he is also close to closing a deal to buy a hotel in Charlotte in an Opportunity Zone. He said he also hopes to find land in Opportunity Zones to place hundreds of “tiny homes” that students will build as part of their training. Steffens said he is not used to being in the national spotlight — he was invited to the State of the Union and the Charlotte speech, too — and is worried that it now can turn against him and the homeless he is trying to help. “The publicity that this has given us is going to help us do more in the areas that we are in. And so I want to be sure that something is not painting the wrong picture, because if it that hurts us, it’s going to hurt these individuals in these areas,” he said. “We need the country to get behind what we’re doing.” As it turns out, there is a tax break that Steffens tapped repeatedly to employ homeless and others like Rankins. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit gives as much as $10,000 in tax credits to employers who hire homeless and others with difficulty finding jobs. That benefit was passed in 1996 when Bill Clinton was president. The Rankins story was one of several State of the Union introductions that appeared to be overtures to black voters, and the second to be shown to be less than truthful. Trump dramatically announced that a Philadelphia fourth-grader, Janiyah Davis, would be getting a scholarship that would allow her to transfer from a “failing government” school to a charter school of her choice. But The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that she had already been attending a charter school for months and that students there don’t have to pay tuition. As for Rankins, his feelings for the president haven’t changed just because he may not be the ideal Opportunity Zone hero. “I’m not really a political person,” he said, “but yes, he would have my vote.” —- Contact AP’s global investigative team at Investigative@ap.org AP NEWS Read more: The Associated Press

dtheavenger Man gets props for being a prop. MaryMarybrogdon Headline should be: TRUMP LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! MaryMarybrogdon Trying saying trump’s story was LIE, if it wasn’t quite true. Donald: 'I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.' Friedrich Nietzsche

Mrele11 trump exaggerates or lies? Unheard of! If the GOP is behind this policy it’s definitely not to help the poor. It’s proven the kushners and other developers are making a fortune and getting tax breaks on that fortune. Also will kick out the poor and increase gentrification Never forget ap only fact checks Republicans and the ap works and answers to the Democrat party!

BluesyBlonde Just more lies and made up stories from these morons,worst part is most if not all of the trumpaloopas believe every word. And this is news? He lies daily, almost everything he says is a lie or a twisted version of a truth. Lies! And his base believes him. Trump not true sounds like a math formula. If x is not y then Trump not true.

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Puhleeez. Do you not know there were plants in the audience? So many lies. Trump lying? Hard to believe!🙄 Then why is your title 'not quite true'? Why doesn't it say 'utter lie', 'complete falsehood' or 'total bullshit'? Just say he lied and stop with the bullcrap. Don't u know when Trump living when hide mouth move

What do you know. Many of us didn't tune in because it would be a bunch of lies and it turns out it was a bunch of lies This man will never teal the truth donisdumb Hahahahaha lie in chief

Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New YorkPresident Trump appeared to link his administration's policies toward New York to a demand that the state drop investigations and lawsuits related to his administration as well as his personal business and finances E X T O R T I O N ! 'Appeared' -- the media still mesmerized, covering Mr. Trump just like they swoon over David Copperfield illusions. This ain't no magic act, there's nothing hidden. Wake-up.🍸 Time for a sequel

MrsBenTarr Just another lie Lol, trump lied OrangeFace My son once said oranges are orange because it's the color of orange I said well why arent grapes called purple he said grapes are green I said well why arent they called greens...he thought about it and said because we eat greens with a fork not our hands!? I made greens before

Yeah, ‘cause he’s a LIAR. He lied? We know. Stop using euphemisms like 'not quite true' and call a lie a lie. Equivocating like this is shameful. warren created a fake college kid who supposedly gave her half her life savings. Why would a rich woman take a poor woman’s last $3? Shocker Ummmm he was diagnosed a chronic compulsive liar in 2015

Well imagine our shock?!

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So what else is new? LIES, LIES, LIES 😡😡😡😡😡& more LIES!!!❎❎❎❎❎❎ 😳🙀 What a surprise...another fake tale by trump If Trump needs a title so badly.....Lord of the Lies. Oh the lies....... He's addicted to dishonesty. Where he works is immaterial. What is material is that the company who hired him was able to do so because of a program it benefited from. Your logic is flawed. If x is a subset of z, z ≠ x

All this administration do is lie! 🤥 Any1 surprised by another lie. That's all this man knows. Nothing this a-hole says is true.

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More exaggerated hyperbole! Gasp! You mean the president lied? 🙄 TrumpLiedAgain He lies about EVERYTHING. Never believe a word that comes out of his mouth 'officially'. He always admits to his lies and Crimes in his tweets and when he 'goes off script'. No surprise. Half truth trump. Or no truth. Sad.

😂 Interesting how the truth always finds a way thru the cloud of lies by frump! What is the lie count now? Doesn't anyone check the backstory Him and the philly girl are just pawns to sell the con. Wonder why they choose them? 🤔 Just one more example of the crap Trump’s staff feeds to him. I don’t think he’ll ever get rid of all the bums.

“Not quite true”. No other way to say that AP?

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So...he lied. It’s been 3 years since Trump was electorally colleged into the White House, he has lied literally thousands of times but the beltway media refuses, out of some made out of whole cloth reasons, to call them lies. AP, just caught him in a lie, but won’t say it. Well, “It’s just Trump being Trump,” his angry white male open-carrying racists with insecurity-masking large pickup trucks bringing down a once-decent Republican party will say.

He lied? Surely not a lie out of Trumps mouth there must be some misunderstanding But there’s some truth to it, pretty awesome story anyway you look at it.-Rankins, an ex-felon and veteran who served in Afghanistan and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, now works at another R Investments building in Cincinnati that is in an Opportunity Zone...

I’m sure all of America is shocked that he lied.... His job wasn’t in an Opportunity Zone. The rest is true. JenniferJJacobs Who cares I wish Mr. Rankins all of the best and I sincerely hope Trump using him wrongly as an example doesn’t cause him any harm. Good luck to him! So what your saying is trump lied - DUH, no shit sherlock!

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Another prop.... So TRUMP LIED? Wow....what a surprise. Trump is a liar 🤷🏻‍♀️ vote him out One more lie You mean to say it was a LIE. It's not hard! Why is it so hard for AP and most media to call a lie a lie? It’s like u guys don’t get that when democracies fall, journalists are the first in front of the firing squad. And yet you guys just keep helping him.

Thank God we've got investigative reporters that do their job. No way....Trump didn’t tell the truth? Tell us something we didn’t know! realDonaldTrump once a con man, always a con man Another person who was used as a prop and a lie by realDonaldTrump . Why the he’ll are we surprised?

Of course he lied! That’s not the worst part. The worst part of this is that some in the media believe him! We know his supporters do! FYI Most people instead of saying 'not quite true', say 'lied'. It's a lot simpler. I don't understand some MSM fear of using the word lie. Call it what it is, don't play word games.

Wait, the president lied? Well color me orange. So in other words it should be, “Thanks Obama” JustAskLizz Shocker! Say it isnt so! The president lied at the State Of The Union? So ... this is the second fake shout out of the SOTU speech. Why is the WhiteHouse Comms shop so bad at doing due diligence?

Trump always LIES How is a liar good for our country? NOTHING that passes through his mouth can be trusted. VoteThemOut2020

Nothing about Trump is ever True but only the fact that he's America's first and hopefully only Moronic POTUS🙏🙏🙏 What else is new? How about y’all stop reporting about every single lie trump tells and just report when he tells the truth. Trump doesn’t care about vetting or due diligence. If it sounds good on TV it makes the cut. Doesn’t matter if it’s fact or fiction.

Everything he says is a lie. FFS... nothing he says is true. The Greatest Scam of the American People Ever. BARKINGCLOWN kathrynw5 Another Trump pawn Everything trump says is built on a lie.. except when he talks about how he could “date” his daughter.. that one I believe. Wonder what all these sanctimonious Evangelical’s think about that?

No sh*t? You mean the president told a falsehood bahahaha 😂 bahahaha good let him keep telling them

TRUMP LIED!! Why is that so hard for the media to say? It’s the truth! rezaaslan realDonaldTrump lied? Wow. Who’d have thunk it? 🙄 DailyLie Not true? Shocking rezaaslan Lies don't matter when your base is all about self preservation at all costs. rezaaslan Again news agencies dancing around calling what this fool does and is...LIES..LYING He brought a Black man out as a prop..He uses people like toilet paper. ..and his supporters fall for it, saps all of them.

Nothing realDonaldTrump ever says is 'quite true'. In fact everything that comes out of his foul mouth is pure unadulterated LIES! You mean he lied? 🤔 How about instead of writing not quite true” you write it was a LIE?!! realDonaldTrump will flat out LIE about all things big and small. Thank you SenatorCollins for allowing such an ’honest’ President to remain in office unchecked. TruthMatters

What? Trump lied?🙄 You mean... he lied!? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say. Why don’t you investigate the Kushner multi million dollar condo beach front “opportunity zone” property on Long Branch NJ? Did I say it was beach front property? Luxury resort condos on the beach in NJ? In an “opportunity zone”? Asking for a friend...

“Not quite true”?!? Trump LIED again. Just say that. Don’t sugarcoat it- Trump lied. Each and every personal story he tells is a lie. He tries to sound like he actually cares about people but, instead, uses them. Wonder how much money he paid this guy to attend. When will DeptVetAffairs VFWHQ do right by veterans and STAND UP to trump's lies? When it's too late?

So, trump lies? 😱🙄 queeniebee99 Gee. I’m shocked. Not really. Really? What a shock! I find this hed ridiculous. What’s next, “almost true”?

How much did they pay him to stand there and support this lie. We should’ve known though. Not sure how big the pool of aftican Americans they have to choose from lol Of course, it wasn't true. Everything realDonaldTrump says is a lie...EVERYTHING. He is incapable of telling the truth Calling a spade a shovel again, are we?

The token blackman. Are they ever honest? Nothing in that speech was true! There is nothing beneath these grifters. I just hope people don’t turn on the vet. Good on him for turning his life around. He did it without the orange buffoon.

Liar Liar Liar. AltHomelandSec And who is surprised that Trump lied? Again? Anyone? selectedwisdom Gee, you mean he lied? Color me shocked......😒 Forget about the lying. Everything he says is a lie. I'm more concerned that this man said he would vote for trump. That's the problem we need to address. Ya think

mikiebarb Oh no! Lol. You really cared about Solyndra right? And Obummer had millions if shovel ready jobs ready to go!!! Was a lie. Was false. Was a lie he told to pander to his lackeys. MargaretMenefee DT lives for the moment. Truth doesn't matter.

He lied? Fake news. Liar, liar..... Not quite true = His 👏 entire 👏 speech 👏 Just another lie on Friday As for Rankins, “I’m not really a political person,” he said, “but yes, he would have my vote.” samswey Lol not quite true. Why can’t you just say lie? This is getting ridiculous. What He lied I don’t believe it!!

Just call it a lie. We are used to his lying. The press using euphemisms just normalizes the lying. None of this is normal.

OleanderNectar Omg! You mean he lied? Noooooooo! Headline should start with: AND THE LIES CONTINUE samswey Quelle surpris! 😞 Oh well,the phrase says it all : '...the president said...' and gives ripping Pelosi the disrespect for saying it practically smackmom25 Research Opportunity Zones and Jared Kushner/Cadre. Obama's Promise Zones pilot program was dissolved, handed to Ivanka, re-funded and renamed as Opportunity Zones. Hubby gets first dibs on tax exempt investment opportunity.

A. LIE. IT. WAS. A. LIE. THESE SPEECHES ARE THOROUGHLY PLANNED! IT. WAS. INTENTIONAL. LYING. JenniferJJacobs Liars lie. I’m so surprised... Shame on you. If one person didnt you paint everyone with the same brush bc of the AP being bought and paid for by the elite robber barons of our time. More Trump Derrangement Syndrome

NO! VindictiveDictatorTrump lied again? Who cares?

FOLLOW THE MONEY... then the lies MargaretMenefee So blatant gameshow lie 3 in SOTU (others being Rush’s fake surprise at his undeserved Medal of Freedom and then pretending the little girl won a scholarship to the school she was already attending...) 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ The administration did the same thing with the little girl they highlighted on school choice.

And y’all helped push this rabid mad dog on Americans Just add it to the list, the ever growing list Wait... Trump lied TrumpLies TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks DictatorDonald IMPOTUS maga would they still stand up and applaud if they knew this AskingForAFriend Oh! Did he lie Really! Nah.... Not Donald Trump. He’s a ( fill in the blank.)

Why did this continue to surprise people? The rest of the world is looking at him like he has 3 heads

Trump lied? Wow. What a shocker. clarencehilljr Trump lies.....WEIRD! The guy from Cincinnati right? Well, well, well, taking credit for someone else's good work. So on brand for Fred Trump's son. ShirleyDebalsi Trump & WH told an untruth, fabricated, misconstrued, lied...again! MaraLiasson Well, as Gomer used to say, 'Surprise, surprise'. Except it's no surprise.

What!! Trump lied? Unthinkable! JohnABusinger Liars and cons will lie and con! Shocking!!! 🤭trump lied 🤥 🤡realDonaldTrump Shocked, shocked I tell ya

Almost as if the whole SOTU was a manifesto of mistruths. CatherineHatf19 It's all kabuki theater for the Goobers. Always has been, always will be. Wait, crookedDonald lied again? He is a habitual liar! Who believes anything he says? What the president lied BREAKING NEWS Color me shocked Sylviawimberly1 Trump lied I'm shocked!

corn_barley This guy looks as if he was being held hostage. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts he will never see or hear from Trump and his administration ever again. So sad. We all know it was a lie. He just trying to cater to the African American voting population. We not buying it. And giving money away to people in the black community to get votes. That’s quite sad. I can never be bought.

🙄 shocked

Wait, you’re telling me that guy is a liar? No way... corn_barley Disgraceful! Everything about this administration is a lie. pipybur1 I will not miss this family at all, not even a little bit. Good riddance. Wait, you were expecting the truth? shaunking ‘Not quite true’? There’s no such thing. There’s only one truth. It’s either true or not.

If a company benefits the company benefits...the guy doesn’t have to work a a specific site to be a beneficiary...grow up Get right out of town! rolandsmartin Of course he’s lying. NewDay donlemon JohnBerman PoppyHarlowCNN jimsciutto So what you’re saying is he lies? 🤭

Wait, the president lied? Didn't see that coming He lied? Your own (very short) tweet notes the COMPNY used the zones, not the guy. Nothing they say is quite true Parasite ChadLivengood Gosh! Are you telling me that a man who's told over 16,000 documented lies told another one? KayOrnella1 Propaganda and lies. This is all you will ever hear from the Lyinking.

I’m not sure that R Investments CEO Travis Steffens & Tony Rankins understood the actual claims 45 was going to make concerning Steffens’ company & Rankins’ employment status. Rankins was indeed homeless but the company did not hire in ration to the Opportunitu Zones tax break. His strategy is simple. Lie, Deny, Launch Attack.

Gee trump lied? Shocker... Let me guess, the black guy. So POTUS Trump avoided the truth, again. Best add that to the list of 16, 000 times he has done it since inauguration rolandsmartin Hm Ok. Soooo everything ELSE was true about the man. Just the company he worked for was NOT getting tax breaks...🙄 pipybur1 Gezzz, he lied. Again 🙄

He lied, he didn't exaggerate, or embellish, or sugar coat. He freaking lied so the sooner your news agency stops using euphemisms for lying the better. JEResist We knew realDonaldTrump lies ... why is this a fucken news who cares, it’s a nice story. you all like nice stories. enjoy it Like all things trump, Opportunity Zones are a scam

So it was a...lie? Consider me shocked. pipybur1 Fraudulent loopholes from none other then our prestigious president. What were we Americans expecting? I' m shocked I tell you. Shocked. What?!? You mean he LIED I can’t believe it. Fraud every day, all day. It's beyond me why anybody listens to anything he says.

LkMoller13 Glad Nancy ripped it up. That man is always telling tall tales. Lies after lies, he cannot help himself. Sometimes he lies. 45needstogo1 He lied? Well you can knock me down with a feather

Well of course he lied. “Not quite true” = “Big fat Lie!” One doesn’t expect the truth coming from. Trump Why not head this Trump Lies Again: then headline. Press are always leading with the lie vs calling out the LIE MSM TrumpNotFitForOffice brooklynmarie I’m shocked...oh, you know all the rest, I’m tired of writing it.

For those who didn't actually read the article: 'a construction company that invests in Opportunity Zones,” is what Trump said. 'the company has only one building tapping the program now' is what the CEO said, actually proving what Trump said was true. Shocking Liar-In-Chief as usual. OMAF... you’ve got to be kidding... a lie you say? WTAF... I’m sure this must be wrong!! 🙄 If I had a penny every time a lie was spewed... I’d be fucking minted!! It’s a global epidemic with leaders it seems!!

This is NOT surprising

Opps... PanWeg What’s one more lie out of nearly 20,000 in just three years? (he’s in his 70s so he most likely told at least a half a million lies in his lifetime—which means he is insane and delusional...but MAGA! Rah rah rah) Typical trump bullshit I’m shocked that Trump would lie. Jesus just call a lie a lie

righthooker First he lied about the little girl he gave a scholarship to at a charter school and now this brooklynmarie Most presidents would vet their SOTU stunt-guests to be sure that it couldn't backfire. Not this one. No, he goes for the cheap reality show production angle. 'What's gonna play well on live TV? How can the story be twisted for maximum visceral impact?'

Why would anyone be surprised? shaunking Big surprise the president lied about something 😲😲 brooklynmarie That would mean realDonaldTrump is not telling the truth...

brooklynmarie 'not quite true'... So 'false,' in other, better words “Not quite true”? It was a lie. Say it, Trump is a liar. NOTHING POTUS says is true. 🤣🤣🤣 Nothing from what Trump or his off(really off)springs say it's true. Do you think you could tell the truth in your headline and say “lie?” “Not quite true” is not quite true, is it?

Omg Trump lied? An hour has sixty minutes and the sun sets in the West. What else is new? I’m so excited to vote in November 2020!!!! Please register to vote, we need everyone who is 18 & older, who are eligible to vote, to VOTE!!!!! Trump lied on National Television, shocking. I guess it would be more shocking if anything he said was true.

jaketapper so trump lied? WHAT A BUMMER! lol andylassner You mean to tell me that trump actually lied? Tell me it ain’t so!

andylassner Shocking andylassner Have any of his ‘saviour’ stories at the SOTU been true? Tell it like it is. It is another trump lie. andylassner no! realDonaldTrump told a LIE? Is it up to 17K LIES by now? ImpeachTheMFAgain and ImpeachBarr as well! andylassner You don't say andylassner Lie after lie. He needs to attend Liars Anonymous. Or even better, Resign!

andylassner Your headline sucks. Sounds like it was 100% not true and yet you say 'not quite true' 🙄 andylassner Ooops . andylassner Andy do you see any of my tweets, I tweet you all time! Sure this will be all over FOX news soon. Waiting...

President shrimp lies about everything Oops TRUMP LIED? 😮 I for one, am shocked. I’m just thankful CNN worked hard to try & technically strip the nice work & mention of a war hero in his country’s State of The Union speech where he was honored, since the honor came from Trump. I mean - How dare we, donnabrazile .

Nancy tore up that laundry list of lies. What, another lie? What a surprise. It was an address of inspiration, And all you will focus on is tearing it down. Gotcha from the very beginning, you hate Trump. When has he ever told the truth.

Not quite true. Is that aka A LIE? He is a pathological liar Look at Jared giving some side eye. Yea no shit You mean he lies? Really? What, a Presidential lie? Nooooo,really? The news would be if Trump ever told the truth. Joe the Plumber? Trump lied? I am shocked 🤭

Wow who would of thought that realDonaldTrump lies?! 🙄 Oh yeah, everyone! TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks OpportunityZones scam for Kushner, Trump family real estate developers! courtneyknorris Which is another way of saying that realDonaldTrump lied. Just say it. TRUMP LIED. He does it all the time. Call him out on it in no uncertain terms. He's a barking carnival clown who lies.

What story of Trump's is true? EliStokols Shocker Soooo how much did the administration pay this man to attend the SOU and stand up and be recognized when falsely introduced to the nation on TV Anyone? Anyone? Wow! That’s a shocker...not! Not quite true. Well that's an improvement - over totally full of sh*t.

And this would be lie number Wow. Lol. Perfect example of Trump* and the TrumpAdministration VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 PromisesMade are always lied about. TrumpIsAFraud TrumpIsALaughingStock DonTheCon FactCheckMAGA because Trump* Is undependable. MAGA2020 KAG2020 Wake Up. FactsAreNotAttacks Worst part is that man allowed himself to be used as a prop.

Well, it’s just another lie. Trump Quote: 'But then Tony found a construction company that invests in Opportunity Zones,” AP article: 'the company has only one building tapping the program now' ________ He works for a company that invests in the Opportunity Zone. Where is the inaccuracy? jaketapper Another day, more lies.

😫😫😫😫 CorruptTrump So he lied? 🙄🙄🙄 You mean realDonaldTrump lied? Shocking🙄 Imagine my surprise......once again. sadly pos45, who cried wolf too many times, isn't even paid no mind by most educated, mature folks CorruptTrumpLies CorruptBillBarr CorruptGOP GopCowards

at this point i think it is safe to assume that he is always lying. Whose that women in a suit next to Ivanka? What else is new? The only thing we can count on with Trump is half truths and bold faced lies. Another lie Is there a more succinct way to say 'not quite true'? The lies, the lies, the lies. Ridiculous.

BettyBuckley So you’re telling me he lied. Of course he didn’t. It’s all bullshit. Everything with the CarnivalBarkingClown is lies. rolandsmartin Rankins got the $10,000 tax break and his parents were generous to a family that needed a meal and he is happy to support a president who will take food and medicine from thousands of poor families. Probably a really nice guy.

🤦‍♀️..... just another lie! Add it to the list!

Is that one of Ivanka's gazillion jobs she empowered?! Neither was Biden’s silly “Corn Pop” story 🤷🏻‍♂️. Politicians are corny, go figure. Now go write a real story, losers So 🐂💨💩 as usual. Not like any laws can be enforced against the 🍊🤡, but is it legal for the president to lie to the American public in his SOTU speech?

Another unraveling strand of this administration's threadbare fabric of lies. Why do we still have stories about lies, confirming lies in 2020! Seriously. He. Lied....Again. BeckyBNeustadt He has to paint a pretty picture of his presidency for his MAGAts. Whether it’s true or not. Knock me with a feather, realDonaldTrump lied?!

Can’t you just say lie? Trump was lying. He lies all the time.

So the President *gasp* lied?!? rolandsmartin Trump is a CON to him everyone is a mark. AKA a lie. I thought the sale of ppl was illegal. jaketapper Why must he lie so much? Not Quite True. The biggest understatement that epitomizes Trump. I'm Shocked rolandsmartin His countenance in this photo portrays guilt or shame. Imo.

LiarInChief how many lies are we up to? What He wasn’t telling the truth? That’s a surprise! Wait, wait.. Wait.. The president...... Lied? It appears he took advantage of being, “Blacks for Trump.” Skonus37 lyingliarslie Trump lying...I'm shocked Just like the black girl given a scholarship to a charter school!The truth is she was already enrolled in a charter school! So much bullshit at the State of the Union, just for show as means to get black votes!

Say what it was : A LIE. Stop saying it might not be correct AnneMorrowCoop1 I really wonder. Is there anybody with half a functioning brain left who takes trump’s statements at face value? His only real “achievement” was to totally annihilate the credibility of the POTUS. Just saying. 🤔

Seldom are you right on much of what you publish Lied for 3 years about Russia collusion Lied about Ukraine Oh wow he lied. woke__folk You mean, Trump LIED. that’s the word woke__folk Not quite true or in other words as we like to say “ HE LIED” brianstelter Wait, Trump lied? Nooo realDonaldTrump the truth always comes out!

Say it isn’t so!! His first lie? I’m heartbroken. woke__folk Lies, all lies. It never stops. Of course it wasnt SiStar1053 EWE!!! AlienBarbie My eyes ...my eyes... burning

Lol people believed his lies still? Including media? Investigate real news. This was to easy. “Not quite true” is an interesting euphemism for “a fucking lie.” One more choreographed stunt... one more big LIE HomelessMan was USED, so was the little girl... Trump is incapable of either telling the truth & UNFIT to govern.

He fibbed? Say it ain’t so. 🙄😏 cactuswrendo Geez they lie about everything. Don't they think that people will follow up and check stories. I guess not because they are stupid! It's just always beyond amazing how much they lie! So another lie to go along with the one about the girl’s school. Best STOUS ever

AP is biased, check their CEO and their staff’s connections to democrat operatives. AP reeks of hypocrisy and promoting propaganda.

That the President of the United States lies constantly is not even a headline anymore. No shit, huh? Shocking! Currying_Favor Nothing Trump says is quite true. Yamiche President Trump now admits he sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information on his political opponents, despite denying it during impeachment

youre saying that realDonaldTrump lied? well thats a first. Yamiche Because he is a liar. Big Surprise! jaketapper What a surprise .. Trump lies ...unheard of. Is there anyone (kids, wife) who believes him? joshgerstein Every thing trump is tainted with total or ample flaws and or fraud. It’s the most reliable characteristic of the “trump brand.”tRumpEmbodiesFake

“Trump Lied Again” would have sufficed for the headline.

In other words, he lied again. MichDemers joshgerstein You mean IT WAS A LIE? AClineThomas Heck, when CLOWN TRUMP starts to be truthful. We are shocked. Cause lying is his trademark. mikiebarb He’s just a lying sack of shit So he lied again? You don’t say ...and this is surprising?! _ \\ \\/ TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks

Trump lied? Nahhhh. He never lies! He says so very strongly!

Well that’s the norm with Trump. Tell us when he speaks the truth. Not going to happen any time soon. You saying he lied? Golly! jujufleming1 Better headline: Three People in Rural Nebraska Believed SOTU Claims jaketapper Nothing is true that comes out of that corruption and his enablers! jaketapper Wouldn’t it be easier just to report on the things he was actually correct about?

We know he opened his mouth Yada yada yada... the lies just keep mounting up. Wake up America! Trump is a scumbag! Dear AP. Say 'Trump lied about veteran's comeback stiry' not 'not quite true.' Don't water down lies. Don't use euphemisms for lies, especially trump's lies. IMPOTUS LiarInChief TrumpCrimeSyndicate EnoughIsEnough

chrislhayes Nothing that comes out of his mouth is true

The headline says 'not quite' when the lease says 'absolutely not' Can we stop with the shittily deferential headlines, please? Can we at least have some honesty in the first fifty characters? KatyTurNBC The lies literally never stop You mean realDonaldTrump LIED? The man is incapable of telling the truth about anything. I wouldn't believe him if he told me today is Thursday.

jaketapper And I’m not surprised This isn’t even news. No way it wasn’t true....... Shocking Well of course not! Every word out of Trump’s mouth is a lie. How anyone expects otherwise is beyond baffling, at this point. I wonder if they paid him to agree to this story and be trump's prop. Same for the little girl who is already attending a 'high performing' charter school.

Wait you mean.....he lied...🤦🏼‍♂️

CeliaLauer CeliaLauer If the realDonaldTrump has his mouth open, he is lying! ImpeachedAndNotExonerated He lied?! Just more Trump lies Please don’t let the truth interrupt tweetO’s narrative and MSM’s echo chamber this black man is just one of many deplorable fools, who's willing to stand shamelessly covered in shit to exploit a demagogue lie.

CeliaLauer cynthiakiker What doesn’t he lie about 😏

'Not quite true,' is so 2017. The “Opportunity Zone” program is a TOTAL SCAM!! What?! He lied?! jaketapper You mean he lied? wearefucked GOPCorruptionOverCountry Three years in and we still can't call a lie a lie 🙄 sharonvt75 My sugar coat it.' Not quite true' = equals a lie Republican Senators say the are appalled but we obey Trump not Constitution MoscowMitch

Trump is a pathological liar and a raving lunatic. Are we surprised that he lied during the State of the Union?

When will people realize that Traitor Trump is a pathological liar, always was and always will be. Suprise Wait? You mean realDonaldTrump LIED? Wow color us shocked 🙄 Shocker. Whoa, what? Trump lies Rosie The entire speech was a pack of lies but here is the truth behind ONE of them. SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi RepAdamSchiff GOPDictatorParty2020 GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPComplicitTraitors ImpeachableOffenseOfTheDay VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

jaketapper So there’s this inaccuracy and the scholarship misrepresentation. Wow! Sadly they found POC to exploit for the appearance to get votes. As EVERYTHING this TrashyTrump administration says! TrumpLies

Not sure who I would enjoy smacking the smugness off his face more, Jared or Jr. AllResistNews They are really so weird...like other planet weird! Nothing he says is true. He’s just a CarnivalBarkingClown. Because Trump doesn't have a record he can boast about he typically takes credit for the work of others.

shaunking If it's out of realDonaldTrump mouth by definition it's not true. jaketapper Come on, trumpy wouldn’t lie to the American people. Another lie, realDonaldTrump? Hard to believe. “Trump lies? Get outta town!” said nobody, ever. Shocking! Breaking: President, who has lied each and every day of his presidency, continues to lie.

And remember the girl he said was in an underperforming school, that he gave a scholarship to? But she was at an amazing school, her first choice, that was free, and her mom was confused why they were chosen? It was all just a game show still. shaunking Is it not quite true or just a flat out lie? Which one is it

You mean the pathologically lying POtuS [not a capitalization typo] might have stretched the truth a bit to suit his needs at the moment? ... No No No ... he’d never do that!! That’s because opportunity zones are a giant tax scam. As Nancy said, it was a manifesto of mistruths! He makes me sick! Everything Trump touches is a con

AllResistNews Gee....trump lied. Big surprise. Bad staff work POTUS WhiteHouse Hey, 'not quite true' = big f*cking lie Not quite true? He lied. Again.

What you mean he hit LIE 17,000 +1? May you should have a new tactic and report if he EVER tells the truth. The would truly be newsworthy. It never is. jaketapper More lies from Cadet Bone Spurs. shaunking The American way “not quite true” = lie So another lie. What's new? His followers don't read AP. Hell, they don't read. They wait for Fox to tell them what's happening. GOPbubble

He LIED?! I’m in utter SHOCK😐 Because trump lies Shocker

jaketapper Trump must be so embarrassed... i'm shocked jaketapper The press has to start calling his lies 'LIES' - not weasel words like 'not completely true' or 'inaccurate' or that he's 'stretching the truth'; HE'S LYING, and he LIES daily. HE AND HIS LICKSPITTLE ATTORNEY GENERAL ARE LYING TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY ImpeachHimAgain BartResignNow

Another lie from realDonaldTrump ? Really? I can not believe it. 😁🙂😄😃 CNN 'not quite true'? How far will we go to avoid saying this was another lie? What you meant to report was 'It was a lie'. jaketapper Oh shocking Trump lied? 😨 jaketapper Wait! He lied?! 🤥

Props and lies. Bumper sticker please. “Not quite true”? You mean not true, you mean “lie.” Nothing he says is true. Is it me or is that picture starting to look like the Adam's family. Everything y'alls president says is untrue You mean...Trump LIED! Pelosi knew what she was doing when she ripped up his lies!

CMJos67 What's with blonde Adams family Morticia Barbie? Nothing ever is in never never land reality. By your own admission in the article, President Trump didn't say Rankins worked in an Opportunity Zone, but that he worked for a company that takes advantage of Opportunity Zone tax breaks. Do you need the distinction between those drawn out in crayon so you can understand it?

Wait JoeCozzo - guess what? Trump lied.

jaketapper And the girl in the crappy school doesn’t go to a crappy school jaketapper Of course it wasn’t true. Zero credibility realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse jaketapper And yet his daughter and son-in-law stood there with that typical smirk 😏 on their faces and let there father lie through his teeth

You mean it's a LIE? jaketapper Shocking. BIG SURPRISE!!! JUST ANOTHER LIE!!!TrumpLies TruthMatters Facts SOTU jaketapper 3 minorities that trump used as tools at the sotu. Sickening. What did these people get out of it?. jaketapper He lied? I'm shocked & disappointed.

He lied? You don’t say. jaketapper Duh. Nothing that he says is true. Oh...he lied again. I totally didn’t see that coming. If trump's lips are moving, he's lying. Pity that 35% of the country is ignorant of this. Wait, lemme find my surprised face. jaketapper Is anything he says have any ring of truth to it?

You mean realDonaldTrump lied No way!! a Yamiche Using another POC as a prop! Instead of sugar coating a headline with the line “not quite true”, just say “He lied. Again.”

Trump lied? No way!!!!!!! Just another lie. Does Trump EVER tell the truth? What else is new? A pathological liar will always lie, it's in their DNA. jaketapper So he.... lied?!! 😳. Shocker. anne_tappe Lol of course 😂 TrumpsAmerica Trump lied? You don’t say... Are you saying the President lied? Wow the part that he lied is not news

Can all news agencies PLEASE just start reporting things that he says ONLY IF they are true!!! It’ll make your jobs and our lives all a lot easier! TY!

shocker TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks GOP GOPChairwoman senatemajldr Oh gee. Another lie. Who woulda thunk it. selectedwisdom So by not quite true, they mean not true at all? Shocker jaketapper Are you saying Donald Trump lied to us? jaketapper jaketapper Shocked I tell ya. WHO THE HELL BELIEVES ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF HIS LYING MOUTH

JohnThoFa Oh c’mon! You are saying that 45 lied? 🙀🤪

VELehman You needs facts, when you can make sh*t up to look good...PotusLies Better headline : THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR THAT IS OCCUPYING THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE LIED, AGAIN! shaunking There ya go again - messing a good story with details and facts! TrumpLies 2nd lie we’ve uncovered. jaketapper Oh my goodness he lied?

jonswaine Sooo 'the grump' LIED? jaketapper Also, the little girl given a scholarship to any charter school she could get into in Philadelphia was already attending a charter school. Even the staged stuff are lies 'not quite true' There's a word for that, you know. Call it what it is: he lied.

jaketapper The LiC lied again. Maybe he can find an opportunity zone that trains him to be truthful. It's as if that speech of lies deserved to be torn up. Weird. You mean HE LIED Everything is lie don’t you get it Too late.. Can't take away the impact that speech had. Imagine all the haters jumping google to find something and 2 weeks later. I got it. Missed the news cycle by a bunch. Today its Socialism vs Capitalism in Bernie vs Trump.

jaketapper Keep the heat turned up Yamiche Is there anything on earth about which this TrumpCrimeFamily could or would tell the truth? Seems the answer is clearly, with overwhelming evidence, NO. ReignOfApril Just say Cheeto man realDonaldTrump LIED and call it a day 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️ Most cities I suspect have found loopholes to get around the true intent of OZ. I know Baltimore did and as usual put the money into high income areas.

jaketapper trump's story is a lie. But the guy that owns the company that hired Rankin is a pretty good guy. He uses a program that gives credits 2 companies that hire homeless & others facing difficulties finding employment. That program was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

jaketapper Yet another lie!! How can Republicans even be taken seriously after continuing to support a habitual liar. The man lies about a hurricane path. Then draws his own map for his simple minded followers. Never seen anything like this fuckery in my life jaketapper That’s about right. Trump cannot speak without lying

jaketapper Wow!! Two of the stories Trump told at his State of the Union were fake! Imagine that, Fake News!! Lies just pour out of Trump’s mouth like carbon dioxide. jaketapper And it’s BS to infer that everyone lies, so it’s not a big deal. NO!! most people do not lie, they are not corrupt or human scum.

What a big fucking surprise “Not quite true” means LIED, LIED, LIED. These people are nothing but liars. So the guy whose company got a shout out hasn’t helped 200 homeless people he just “hopes” they will eventually? He must be a donor. jaketapper Lying mofo! chrislhayes so that’s the second fake story from the state of the union. maybe he didn’t really give Rish Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. One can always hope.

Screwed us again... Yamiche But.. but ... Ivanka believes it!! That must make it right. And makes daddy want to date her. He lied? No kidding, that’s so unlike him. Check on that family with the scholarship. Did she get it? Oh my , Trump told a lie ! I think you mean: Trump’s Story About Veteran’s Comeback Was a Lie

You mean he lied....Again! Shocking! merelyawoman How much did trump pay this man to stand up and lie for him UGH so sick of this administration What do you people not get? He’s a Liar. Surprise surprise. He lied.

jaketapper I'm shocked. Not. jaketapper OMG he lied!?....absolutely stunned. 🙄 What else is new jaketapper Lies Lies Lies 😳 Pathological liar, PLOTUS. jaketapper Now you see why Pelosi tore it in half. jaketapper So a pack of lies that Rankins and his boss was in on. Lying to Congress used to be a serious offence.

jaketapper Lies, lies, lies. All the time. jaketapper This is fake news jaketapper So another lie!

jaketapper Sure he cares but not much as his Top 1% Wealthy Welfare! It was a lie. jaketapper jaketapper Surprise, surprise. Trump not telling the truth! jaketapper A Fukien lie. Say it jaketapper Well I’m just SHOCKED that our president would lie and the people vetting the story made something up. Just shocked.

jaketapper “Not quite true” = lie Trump just makes up lies that fit his delusion without caring about how easily his lies will be proven out. So Trump lied again. Of course he didn’t. realDonaldTrump does not know how to do anything but LIE.

He lied about that child that got the scholarship too! She was not poor and attends an expensive school. Shocking🙄 jaketapper Lies as usual!!! jaketapper Why do people allow themselves to be used? Look closer at the whole idea of “opportunity zones.” They are specifically made to reward real estate development first and foremost. NOT to create “opportunities.”

jaketapper Anyone ask if Trump gave anything of value to Mr. Rankins, besides the trip to D.C., to use him as a minority political prop? jaketapper Shocking!! Trump lied jaketapper Does Fake 45 EVER tell the truth? jaketapper OMG So they brought this guy in and lied about his role. Hey man, did you ever think of just saying no. Surely you get why you are there.


RichardRubinDC TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks jaketapper This can’t be. jaketapper LMAO lies Again ? The President lied? Really GTFOH!!!! jaketapper Strange, the student that was in a public school and got a grant wasn't in a public school. Almost as it there's a pattern. jaketapper You don’t say. jaketapper Pathological liar. I think folks are getting fed up.

So...he LIED? 🙄 jaketapper And that surprises anyone? Limeylizzie You mean - HE LIED? Color me shocked

Trump lied Shocking! shaunking No shock there.. Trump open his mouth lies start spewing.. He can't help. He thinks all Americans like him and were all stupid... Did anyone think anything he said is true? TRUMP LIES -- AGAIN! Like the spoiled, egotistical child that he is, he makes up stories to make himself look good.

KAG2020 Fake presidency Let's add the little girl who was there as a show pony. Basically she was already in a HIGH PROFILE School and her mom had no idea what he Trump was talking about. It was fake. What is 'not quite true' also known as? Why bother with fact checking if you can't call a lie a lie? Not quite true? How about it was a straight up lie?

No way! Trump lied?

TheIndigoSpirit Liar. davidenrich And the two on the right have never worked at all... You guys, I think Donald Trump might be a liar! 😱😱😱 Say it, he lied. Gee does that surprise anyone. Not Everything he says is riddled with lies Try it was a LIE chrislhayes The President lied...Again! is a more appropriate headline.

brianstelter Damn! He should get 7 - 9 years for that! KatyTurNBC Imagine that

Shocking!! Coming from an administration who believes in alternative facts!! Whatever the hell that even means, other than: LIES!! Oh my, lie number 16,001... His cult followers will tell you the “story” is more important than the “facts”. And you’re a bad person for noticing anything amiss.... AP, it’s time to use the word “lie” when describing these things.

”Not quite true” is that the Trump version of what most of us would call...a lie? Miss_Placed_ More lies...lordy... The Liar strikes again! POTUS IvankaTrump jaredkushner senatemajldr VP LindseyGrahamSC SenatorCollins LamarAlexander CoryGardner ImpeachAgain convict ImmaturePOTUS liar LyinDon Barr Cheaters GopLiars lisamurkowski GetLost Killingdemocracy

jeffgoldesq Trump lies just to make his narcissistic self look good. Trump never looks good. chrislhayes You still trying to believe anything that comes out of that mans mouth 👄 the whole trump family and staff should be ashamed of themselves 🤦🏽‍♂️ Let me fix this. Trump lied... Again... All lies. Pelosi ripped up a script of lies.

No surprise there.

So it was a lie? Then say it! Why don’t they call a lie a lie rather than not quite true😡 Shocker Douche BistyCSRoss Gee, I'm shocked.... Thanks for the research AP ....It could be assumed Trump lied, even idiots should have ZERO confidence in ANYTHING Trump says ...it's lie-after-lie with him! Trump's accolades of Rush Limbaugh are clearly lies also!

Wait, you mean he lied?! No, not DonTheCon! Just another lie from the deranged 45 _JimMurray_ Ok, he lied. Did you not notice that his mouth was moving and sounds were coming out. realDonaldTrump lied? Really

chrislhayes Did Elizabeth Warren really take the last $3 of that college girl Another lie! PressSec I would love to hear your spin on this! Well dammit let’s make sure to out this guy and ruin his life. Trump using a Black and Hispanic People as Props at the SOTU! eschor This should be no surprise, not just b/c Trump admin lies, but b/c Oppty Zones *don't create jobs.* Tax benefit has no tie to employment. Key passage below--benefits go to a warehouse where they 'store things' but no one works.

That's why she tore up the speech KatyTurNBC Woah!!! I’m so shocked I tell you!!! Trumps always LIE He did look perplexed about it. Why don’t you just say he lied?

Gee Trump lies...what a shocker jwhiteatc TRUMP IS ALWAYS LYING!!! So. Much. Lying. He is a liar. We all know that by now chrislhayes Why would deception surprise anyone? Wow, that and the kid was already enrolled in a charter school..... I feel bad for the Tuskegee airmen... jdmoore45 Just another tRump lie! Again!

You mean the President lied in his SOTU speech...the one that Speaker Pelosi tore up because it was full of lies and misinformation. Thank you, AP, for pointing this out. Now, point out all the other lies too. CNN MSNBC AltHomelandSec Are you trying to tell me trump lied? THE HELL YOU SAY. chrislhayes I want to be fair to Donald Trump. Making a statement that is not quite true is a big improvement.

OMG, please don't tell Nancy. Have Impeachment proceedings began? KAG2020 I don't know how people haven't got tired of his lies yet. chandreasliger Don't expect anything from tRump except................ Not sure if I should 😠, 😭 or 😂, the new normal in America! How many lies does it take for a conservative to be disgusted by this administration? I think the answer is infinite, they don’t care about the truth.

AndreaGil55555 If only he could stop lying for ONE day 😎 Can you just say he lied already.... Not quite true,,, keep dancing around euphemisms and wonder how truth in journalism dies...at your own insistence. Dubes123 Just make every headline TRUMP LIES AGAIN LiarInChief strikes again The whole fucking SOTU was a drugged up fantasy propaganda tool slash Trump rally. Yet the media reported on it like it was the Gettysburg Address and Trump was a hero. Shame on all of you.

How must it feel to sit there and be lied about? What a surprise. Never expected the president of the USA to lie.......... Gee he lied... Who knew? So he lied. Again. Good to know. These people are trash JAS16AZ The only thing we can believe is when trump actually fires someone. Just like his story of the scholarship for the Philadelphia girl was fake too

selectedwisdom Of course it wasn't, realDonaldTrump. Not quite true? A LIE? I’m shocked

You mean he LIED!!?!! 😱 Oh he lied I’m surprised 🙄 AltHomelandSec Ohh my!!! Trump lied AGAIN? I’m so shocked! I am shocked, shocked I say, that the President lied. hardhouz13 zaptrapped SGNSV_ Am I supposed to be surprised? Trump lies everytime he opens his mouth. He lies with abandon. It would be worth noting if the lies weren't a propaganda agenda. He speaks mainly to his followers and easily persuaded. The already indoctrinated so to speak.

JonLemire The media needs to do better “not quite true” aka THEY LIED chrislhayes Stop trying to soften his LIES as 'not quite true'. Just use the word LIES TrumpLies GOPLies RobertJ92022975 Just another con from the CriminalMobBossConMan

You means he lied? Just another lie. Put him under oath to deliver any address. Shocker Next you'll tell me the little girl wasn't in a public school And Devos personally have a scholarship to that sweet 4th grader who is already going to one of the cities most prestigious free charter schools Am I surprised that Little Donnie lied. No Way. Wake up puppets.

WHAT!! the POTUS Lied? NOOOOO!! ElsaRamonOnAir Omg you mean they lied again ... just like the young girl who was already at a charter school ? That can’t be possible . selectedwisdom Of course Trump lied. 2nd story about invited people that was a LIE He.......he lied?

Oh, you mean the LiarInChief lied? Noooooo! Not quite true! You mean to say that TRUMP LIED! Kudos to Mr Rankin. Trump never lets facts get in the way of a good lie. Now we all see why Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech. Thank you for doing your job! Expose the lies. jonswaine “Not quite true”. It’s a lie then. Call it what it is ffs.

It's a LIE Ok, so what's new; we all know he's lying if his lips are moving, amirite? He lied? Wow what a shocker!! The president lied? Get outta here!

Everything about trump is fake. So another lie. If there’s a way for the Trump administration to take credit for others triumphs, they are all in. chrislhayes Just say realDonaldTrump Lied as usual. Next you'll be telling us that he 'misspoke'! We all know that he's a pathological liar so stop trying to sugarcoat his lies!!

End it won’t. Pathological he is. Yoda. No fucking way..he lied?! This makes no sense. Why on Earth would Trump lie. It would be very out of character for him. Are you saying Trump lied - I am shocked - NOT brianstelter I never want the power these ugly ppl currently have, that is inflicting injury on America & our borders, Children. All of the GOP DESERVES Prison sentences at minimum of 5 yrs and life sentence for Trump. May God take their children and give them to Democrats to raise!

chrislhayes Also at SOTU: The girl who got the DeVos scholarship for school choice was already at a free-tuition school of her choice with selective enrollment AND doesn’t plan to change schools. Both girl and mom didn’t quite know why they were selected to be there. PhotoOpOnly brianstelter Trump lied in State of Union about Vet

Shocked to hear that a president would lie at such an event. Worse than tearing paper. Wait, are you saying the fat orange man lied? Shocked Our pres lies? wtf Headline should be was a LIE rather than not quite tru BryanLowry3 If trump lies about things like this, can you imagine what the hell he really lies about. Wake up Trumpers!

What? He made it up? How shocking. Yet another false statement

....and what is? Wait, you mean he lied?! 🙄 kathrynw5 And this is news why? Too little too late Go . Finally. chrislhayes sotu liarinchief TrumpCrimeFamily what? trump lied? no way!! LOL...if his lips move, he's lying. KatyTurNBC He LIED!😪 Another trumped up story. IMPOTUS lies and lies and lies.

Let me rework your headline: 'President told another lie during his State of the Union speech'. Responsible journalism means telling truth to power. So it was a lie. Not an administration known for rock-solid veracity, this one. So.............. it’s a lie. It’s all lies. Why do you still believe him? Well Trump ain't a vet so I guess he figures he might as well Lie on us, that no good lyin&%-*?:$/draft dodger.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

More lies kathrynw5 Trump always lies Yea no shit. The man is a reality tv star. Like Kim K there’s absolutely no depth. Why u think he had a golden toilet! Trump is a pathological liar why would anyone believe anything coming out of his mouth

'Post Traumtic Corruption Disorder (PTCD) - a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of severe psychological shock, typically involving a constant barrage of corruption, lies and incompetence.' Is treatment covered by insurance? I can't take it Color me shocked! He lied!

I’m sick of corrupt corporation, elite owned media. Lying hacks. Appalling . CEO Travis Steffens said he has hired hundreds of homeless to work at the 400 buildings the company has owned over the years, taking advantage of various tax breaks.... selectedwisdom In another word, a lie. chrislhayes When is everyone going to realize that all this people were props for his pandering speech?

You can keep your Dr. oh wait that was Obama lying! Lol didn’t hear any snowflakes crying everytime Obama lied! chrislhayes I'm shook... JCimburek Another effing lie. Go figure

chrislhayes Oh, wow. I'm....surprised? Sad you tear a black man down. Your organization is racist So mainstream media calling the President a liar lol too funny please, go back and make something better up. KevTKel Trump knows little to nothing about anything.And his staff tries their best to slip things through, hoping we won't notice.Whether he made it up or staff made it up, the fact is, it's not true, like everything else he says, trying to make people think he's doing a great job. NOT!

Impeachment was a mistake. He should have faced a board of psychiatrists to determine if involuntary confinement was in order. I think most Republicans might have gotten behind that because he is, after all, crazier than a shithouse rat and how he's even scaring Lindsey and Mitch JonLemire What? He lied? No way!

In other words - he lied Just say it. Trump LIED chrislhayes Trump knows he’s lying (I think) but it doesn’t matter to him. What he says makes press. Catching him in another lie just gets added to the thousands of other lies few remember. Shocking chrislhayes

Trump presidency; Hip boots required. selectedwisdom Soooooooo he lied AltHomelandSec And by 'not quite true', you mean 'a lie', right? Be succinct. Trump lies about almost everything. Trust him to increase his lies now that it's an Election year. Lots of props at SOTU 4_the_babies The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a 1996 law created when Bill Clinton was president, and is the tax break that Steffens tapped repeatedly to employ homeless and others like Rankins. GOPlies liarinchief donthecon

AltHomelandSec Trump family liars. GlennKesslerWP Whaaat? realDonaldTrump lied? speakout_april Trump lied omg who knew!!!!!

chrislhayes chrislhayes This just in: The president lied! What Trump lies again Say it Isn’t so sister! Sounds like he was just blowing more hot air...out of his ass! Everytime he lies we should just say he farted. 🚶‍♂️💨 trumpfarted chrislhayes All he does is LIE. GlennKesslerWP Surprise Surprise Oh My? Really? IMPEACH that MFer! See? We’re sick of nit-picking-pin-headed-pipe-dreamers. He will never be impeached and the boomerangs keep coming back at you “Journalists” who’ve never been treated for their TDS. Likewise to DNC members. Grow up. KAG2020

That’s Hollywood, baby Not quite true. It was a lie That night folks were used as props. Now the truth is coming out. Not surprised at all.

The Manifesto of Mistruths just keeps giving Being factual, getting it right, just isn't a priority with this bunch. The write it like they wish it were, not how it really is. If it is good enough for reality TV (loose script) it is plenty good for the Trump SOTU speech. 'not quite true' 'not completely true' So while the company that employed the vet did take advantage of the OZ break - it was not used on the particular building the vet worked in. AP and their crack investigative team diluted this feel-good story just to piss on Trump (again).

chrislhayes Shocking... Glad you spent the effort to go after such an important story. Were there no cats stuck in trees or anything else of consequence available? chrislhayes So what else is new? Don't believe a word out of that mouth. Well, maybe not. But, someone else did thereby making room for him at another job. That right there is called the chain of causation.

Trump Lying and Misleading? No! Look at the smug insidious smiles on Kushner and Ivanka. Clearly Trump is just 'wing'n it in the W.H. He needs some serious help to at least try fact checking before stuff starts streaming out of his mouth....or his small fingertips.

It was a lie ap That is what it is called. chrislhayes What? Trump said something not true? chrislhayes So shocking. He lied? Say it’s not so joe chrislhayes Wow. You mean Trump lied. Nooooooooo!!!! Can’t be. The illegitimate Administration of liess. Trump lied? Oh no, who didn’t see that coming. Now do “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”

Shocked I am! Shocked! So the child enrolled in a private school was 'awarded' tuition so she could attend a private school, and the vet didn't benefit from Opportunity Zone? JFC - these goons are so incompetent with their lying.

Trump only ever lies. Trump lies to make himself look better to his base?!? This is the first I’m hearing about this type of behavior. How many different ways can the MSM claim that Trump says things which are “not quite true?” Rhetorical question, obviously. Here are some other suggestions for the word LIE, in case you’d like to continue this misleading habit.

JonLemire Did nobody actually READ the article? selectedwisdom And the fact that the orange idiot lied is surprising how Welcome to fascism. We should never be put in this position of having to wait till next voting cycle to get rid of abusers of power. We should have a civil court process that will make these idiots accountable. show up for subpoenas or jail. We must have tools available immediately to get results!

Gosh, do you mean that the President lied to us? Oh my! At this point, you should be reporting about when Trump said something that was actually true. Seems there would be a lot less noise

chrislhayes Ah, so Trump lied? Naw. really? First the young African-American girl not trapped in a failing school and now this? Can’t they ever just tell the truth? Ever?

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