Trump’s Social Media Summit Is A Grab-Bag Of Conservative Influencers — But Excludes Those Banned By Major Platforms


It’s not just Facebook and Twitter missing from the White House’s social media summit on Thursday. Many of the most controversial conservative pundits—those banned by major social platforms—are also be excluded from the event.

It’s not just Facebook and Twitter that will be missing from the White House’s social media summit on Thursday. Many of the most controversial conservative pundits—those who have actually been banned by the major social platforms—are also excluded from the event.

; and Laura Loomer, a prominent conservative activist who was banned from Twitter in November, said she was not invited to the event.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter have continuously denied repeated charges of political censorship. But the murky process through which these companies make decisions on what’s allowed and not allowed on their platforms has left the door open for cries of censorship.

What it means to contribute to the event remains unclear ahead of the meeting. None of the attendees who spoke to

“Hopefully we get to talk and build up a network of other people that have experienced the same type of censorship that I have,” he said in a phone interview. “From there, [I hope we can] just build a strategy for the future of how we can make things better for everybody. Not just for conservatives but for everyone.”

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It’s actually a gathering of freaks and misfits who specialize in conspiracy theories, fake news and bigotry, but thanks for trying Forbes! social media big brother censorship is major issue a meeting of the mindless conspiracy theorists is on at the WH. Yawn.... Forbes, If left to the devices of Trump social media would be just like the Fox Network of drones in full support of anything he does.

Trump is wasting money and power on Iran, while Chinese power is growing!! That was among the craziest things I've ever seen from anyone, let alone a President. Insanity. FFS. He doesn’t get it. SCOTUS just ruled against him blocking people from his Twitter account.... It's not just conservatives, and the platforms do censor.. [I've never posted nudity, leave that to the Kardashians]

looks like someone's mad about it HoesMad ForbesMad

Trump hosting social media summit for political alliesPres. Trump will welcome Republicans, right-wing social media personalities and conservative policy makers to the White House for a 'social media summit' that won't include some of the world's largest platforms. Timcast is not “right wing” There is a storm brewing. AND moderates/centrists too!

Facebook is not invited to White House social media summit: CompanyFacebook said it had not been invited to a White House summit on social media being held later this week. 🤣😅😂 he won't show up anyway ? 🤪 It's ok, Gab will be there.

Big Tech Is a Likely Target at White House Social-Media SummitA “Social Media Summit” at the White House this week will offer a platform for Trump supporters who say they face censorship by left-tilting Big Tech—and a preview of a likely re-election theme for the president. Poor big tech... Well all the conservatives can just go join gab and commit hate crimes with all their other cronies Hee! 🥰

Online conservatives expect to vent social media frustrations at White House summitOn Thursday, he will join other pro-Trump online personalities for what the White House billed as a gathering of "digital leaders" where invitees expect to discuss alleged censorship by the tech giants. Facebook Inc said it had not been invited while Twitter Inc and Reddit declined to comment Subtle anti-Semitism only! So much for the 1st amendment

Trump’s ‘Social Media Summit’: All the President’s MemesA White House gathering on Thursday illuminates the influence of pro-Trump trolls within the political establishment. Are most of them Russian? A real joke! It's called an Ego Boost. Sounds like president snowflake needs some love

Trump social media summit full of conservatives, not Twitter, FacebookWhy the hell can't Trump block people like everyone else can. Which services fellate realDonaldTrump after this? Perhaps because conservatives are the ones being censored.

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