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Trump is unleashing an executive order against social media companies, and it could trigger a legal fight they desperately want to avoid

Donald Trump plans to issue an executive order targeting social media companies on Thursday.

The right have accused tech companies of deliberately discriminating against conservatives, which they deny. , without providing specifics. The announcement came after a day of extremely aggressive rhetoric from Trump against social media companies, prompted by Twitter applying warning labels to two inaccurate tweets the 73-year-old politician posted about the purported dangers of mail-in ballots on Tuesday.

It remains unclear what exactly Trump's executive order will target — as well as whether it will have any firm legal backing. Legal experts say Trump's previous threat to shut down social media firms has "absolutely no legal authority,"One possibility is that Trump might attempt to alter social media companies' legal liability for content on their platforms unless they comply with his demands.

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This is what WEAK, NARCISSISTS do to avoid accountability that exposes their incompetence!

Do it!!! Dementia Donnie is going to create more legal trouble for the useless GOP.

He can use social media to improve his tarnishes image. What kind of businessman would try to out throw social platforms?

Jeepers, bring it on! Let Trump shut down his bully pulpit. He benefits the most from Twitter.

Trust me Mr.Trump you are not censored I see you everywhere...How do you think we got a good look at your character? People are not stupid, as you may think, Americans see you and don't like what we see and hear from UR Admin.

PETTY Petty, Petty ...Trump thinks rules don't apply to him.

How many times do these things backfire on the T---p administration? If it is false then it is false. Worried about it? Stop saying things on Twitter!

When you can’t own it, just destroy it, that’s the Communist.

What? But why would he go after Twitter? He loves Twitter! Those orange sausage fingers are hooked on social media specifically TWITTER!

SAI Fight fight fight fight what a joke

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Imagine Canada just gets all these tech companies and we become some sort of North American Luxembourg jfberke

If they will refuse to pay, I can help to shut them down. They have no initial talent. Illegal use. They have nothing to show for a legal use, unless forgery and fraud. I know mine. I am waiting for compensation for too long. Just a reminder, pay, or I can step on it.

Maybe we can look at criminal penalties for public officials and othe rinfluential thought leaders who repetitively and maliciously tell lies as well?


6265846971 remote job


It need to be done , unless these Social Media will be our of control.

People are ok when the bias matches theirs. They’re too ignorant to see that inevitably they’ll be on the opposite side one day.

Trump will be laughed out of court. But you are right, this is a fight his campaign is desperately trying to avoid. Unfortunately for them, they have a child as a candidate. OBAMAGREAT POSUS POL_POTUS IMPOTUS IMPOTUS45 TRE45ON

Trump mentally unstable so thank goodness only 5 more months of hell to go until Biden wins in Nov

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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