Trump's Republican Party is defined by racism and those who tolerate it: GOP strategist

Opinion: Trump's Republican Party is defined by racism and those who tolerate it, GOP strategist @stuartpstevens writes.

8/2/2020 3:00:00 PM

Opinion: Trump's Republican Party is defined by racism and those who tolerate it, GOP strategist stuartpstevens writes.

I’ve worked on winning Republican races across the South, and I’ve never seen a racist appeal like Trump's succeed. Why won't his party challenge him?

Opinion contributorAbout a year ago, I finished writing a book in which I posited that race was the original sin of the Republican Party and that the rise of President Donald Trump is based more on white grievance than any other factor. It was a conviction I’d come to after over 30 years of working in Republican politics, including five presidential campaigns. To me it seemed an inescapable if depressing reality.

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My first campaign was for a congressional seat in Mississippi between a white Republican (my client), a white Democrat and a Black Independent. I quickly realized anything we could do to increase the profile of the African American would help divert votes from the Democrat to the Independent. It was our best play, since there was little we could do to attract African Americans to our own campaign.

That was a long time ago, and Republicans are still failing to win Black voters in substantial numbers. For decades the party admitted that was in fact a failure and at least attempted to change. But now it has settled into a comfortable embrace of white grievance and Trump is running as the Yankee George Wallace.

Trump is proving my thesisI’ve worked with a lot of candidates, and for all the hocus-pocus mystique about consultants pulling strings controlling campaigns, I’ve found that ultimately candidates do what they most want to do. This is never truer than when a candidate and campaign are under stress. It’s a natural instinct, the same phenomena of when someone who is multi-lingual reverts to their native tongue when most angry.

Still, I never expected Trump to base his re-election campaign around proving my thesis.There are times when elections are, to borrow the Jerry Seinfeld description of his show, campaigns about nothing. For obvious reasons this tends to happen in times of peace and prosperity, with an electorate that is generally satisfied with the status quo.

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stuartpstevens Especially when Black Republicans keep fucking their own race!!! stuartpstevens You are kidding right? stuartpstevens Opinion: Your paper is great to line the bottom of my birdcage! usatoday MSM stuartpstevens RepublicansForBiden GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOP stuartpstevens Liberal organizations such as BLM/antifa screaming about destroying & killing white people aren’t racist?

stuartpstevens Trump supporters don't support him because what he does for them but what he does against people they hate. racism GOP votehimout TrumpFailedAmerica stuartpstevens you right some pretty good articles - so on point Wish some of these HUGE organizations would pick up on the concept of important info for Americans ABC NBCNews CBSNews foxnews msnbc

stuartpstevens Republican 2016 primary voters had 17 candidates to pick from and they chose the most racist one. stuartpstevens It's the only qualification Trump supporters care about. Because when all else has proven to have fallen away (i.e. the economy, morals, capability), racism is the only thing that remained, and they still hang in their. Why are people racist? why can't people live, and let live?

stuartpstevens Such divisive crap. Stop it. MikePerryavatar stuartpstevens I am sorry, but I am 45 years old and have never in my life seen anything else from the Republican party. It's just overt now. stuartpstevens Fuck the Fake Strategist stuartpstevens I know you are, but what am I? stuartpstevens You know, you can be conservative and not be racist. Lots of people do it.

stuartpstevens I wouldn’t give my MAGA supporting co-workers the out they would welcome by calling Trump and or his base racist or racist enablers. Just another reason for them to ignore the obvious truth that he’s a failure. stuartpstevens You didn't need to pick the pic with Daytona 500 logo. You're stereotyping & your wrong.

stuartpstevens Doesn’t even get into LYING, financial cheating, the quid pro quo that led to impeachment. your ex party overlooks it all because they have cultivated a hatred of fellow Americans not only as race-loving but as anarchists, foreigners, baby killers and generally inferior. Sick. stuartpstevens No. It is the Democrat Party that is racist. Decades of lying to black voters. Who’s trying to re-segregate this country as we speak? Dem/BLM.

stuartpstevens Or maybe we don’t want our taxes raised. Biden has promised to do so. Give me a break stuartpstevens 🙄🙄 stuartpstevens This is bull shirt stuartpstevens stuartpstevens Complete and total hogwash stuartpstevens Finally someone who states the obvious. In Tennessee we have two men running for GOP senate primary, fighting over which one is more loyal to Trump to gain the vote of these very people.

stuartpstevens Saturating media with claims of racism and 'poor' covid response are the only ground the democrat party have to stand on. Ironic because today's democrats are filled with more hatred than those they oppose. Lately, my fellow black people appear to be the most racist! stuartpstevens stuartpstevens Fake news

stuartpstevens Opinion: USA TODAY is defined by cancer of the mind. The editors are spreading cancer. stuartpstevens stuartpstevens News Media is defined by opinions....😢 stuartpstevens So someone tell me your vision of a Joe Biden presidency will middle-class neighborhood just be destroyed by this crazy you have to build lowing come housing in the middle of America you don’t see them building any in Greenwich Connecticut though

stuartpstevens It's the only qualification Trump supporters care about. Because when all else has proven to have fallen away (i.e. the economy, morals, capability), racism is the only thing that remained, and they still hang in there. Why are people racist? why can't people live, and let live? kurtbardella stuartpstevens Roger Stone is the best strategist Trump ever had. Collect the fringe, be their voice, earn their votes. QAnons

kurtbardella stuartpstevens This was evident even BEFORE the election. Yet our MSM would not even touch it, b/c apparently calling racists racist is being 'liberal'. And here we are now. stuartpstevens I didn't have to check to confirm Stuart Stevens was white. He's also probably a closet racist. As a black woman it's been my experience that people who use racism as a stick to beat others do so because they see black people as pawns to be used in political args not human beings

stuartpstevens Funny. Black unemployment was at an all time low before Covid - THANK YOU TRUMP. He has more action for MINORITIES in 3 years than Obama did in 8. Your hate is so blinding that you won’t actually learn the truth. stuartpstevens stuartpstevens With the history of the Democratic Party I am amazed you don’t actually expose the real history. Continue to push for division. I am a republican. I am not a racist. Your liberal rag is not journalism.

stuartpstevens Mr. Stevens, Would you say Trump is anti America? stuartpstevens Donna the Democrats are the original racists .... check your history .... oh wait you changed that ..... stuartpstevens In USA, no candidate apart from the two parties wins elections. Even if some in one party have an Archie Bunker mindset; there's nothing tangible and it's all harmless. But the Democratic Party is equal to Hitler, Stalin and North Korea.

stuartpstevens stuartpstevens Stevens' piece in USAToday doesn't back up his claims. '...which in his interpretation is just a socially acceptable term for a race war.' That is what we on earth call 'Mind Reading.' Stevens pretty much willfully mischaracterizes most of Trump's policies. stuartpstevens Forget about how the supporters of Obama always turned to accusing those who didn’t agree with them as “obviously” being “racist”.

stuartpstevens Steven starts his piece referring to a book he wrote positing the view that Republicans are basically the race party. This is historically false. And he knows it. Further, putting thoughts in Trump's head, which Stevens is prolific for, is the tactic of a pretender. stuartpstevens Steven's piece in USAToday doesn't back up his claims. '...which in his interpretation is just a socially acceptable term for a race war.' That is what we on earth call 'Mind Reading.' Stevens pretty much willfully mischaracterizes most of Trump's policies.

stuartpstevens Naw this guy is trying to sell Books. stuartpstevens 'GOP strategist' lol stuartpstevens stuartpstevens What bunk! Is racism NBA or NFL players making millions of dollars a year? Is freedom from riots and destruction, racism? What is racism, is the Democrat Party enslaving people with Government handouts, a bureaucratic bloated educational system and destruction of family life.

stuartpstevens Stuart Stevens piece a public service - when someone votes for this bad president, they also vote that whatever benefit of or reason for voting for Trump also comes with an enormous, not returnable, one or more with every vote, side order of racism. Don't get one without other. stuartpstevens GUARANTEED a TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE

stuartpstevens Kind of very lackadaisical attitude really from them, when they never set out to make a stance or correcting the president’s action and utterances. What a shame really. stuartpstevens There’s a word for people who tolerate racism, racists. stuartpstevens FakeNews stuartpstevens How solidly incorrect! No basis for this unhinged hateful statement. All about division from the Left.

stuartpstevens We all know who the real racist is... stuartpstevens I can say the same for and other news media organizations. Oh yeah, don’t forget bias. stuartpstevens Untrue as usual. SusanTaylorSD stuartpstevens Tell us something we don't know!! stuartpstevens stuartpstevens FakeNews stuartpstevens Because they know that their base is racist and they are terrified of their base, knowing it is made up of the militia types who would see nothing wrong with a political assassination.

stuartpstevens TrumpDerangementSyndrome stuartpstevens because JoeBiden has done so much for minorities...... (sarcasm) stuartpstevens stuartpstevens I'd rather vote for Trump than Biden! stuartpstevens YAWN. stuartpstevens You know we're having another election when the Democrat mainstream media starts running hit pieces about how Republicans are so racist and many of these are written by Rhino political consultants that are experts at running losing campaigns. The biased media must defeat Trump.

stuartpstevens No JillDLawrence stuartpstevens “Yankee George Wallace” indeed stuartpstevens If y'all think the Republican Party is defined by racism go ahead, the president puts America first and we call that patriotism and that's what defines the Republican Party. stuartpstevens Gop is not racist. Look at the racist democrats and media.

IAmSophiaNelson stuartpstevens Every one should watch this on uTube. Search for Richard Bailey. You can hear this man mumbling with gargling breathing after the dog the police set up him has torn his throat stuartpstevens stuartpstevens If you tolerate racism then you are a racist. stuartpstevens The Republican party in my lifetime as always been viewed as the party of Racist bigots Trump simply used what was already there to move to the forefront The Republican party won't change until they are able to overtake the racist bigots among them and say this isn't who we are

stuartpstevens USA Today is struggling no doubt. IAmSophiaNelson stuartpstevens Every one should watch this on uTube. Search for Richard Bailey. You can hear this man mumbling with gargling breathing after the dog the police set up him has torn his throat stuartpstevens More bull. stuartpstevens stuartpstevens USA Today another liberal rag dying on the vine

stuartpstevens stuartpstevens USA Today is in full anti-Trump mode. This guy worked for Trump-hater and backstabber Romney and opposed Trump from the beginning. Few ever heard of him but smearing Republicans is good enough for this paper to publish his nonsense. stuartpstevens We aren’t racist but we are not ashamed of being white either.

stuartpstevens So you offend more than half the population with this headline stuartpstevens Trump has done more for the American people of all colors than the last 3 or 4 presidents your opinion shows your a racist liberal just deflecting your issues on others stuartpstevens There us no upside, only self destruction

stuartpstevens stuartpstevens stuartpstevens stuartpstevens stuartpstevens Very true statement!BIDEN2020 stuartpstevens IAmSophiaNelson stuartpstevens It's not trump's party... he is their TrojanHorse He was chosen because he had no firm policy objectives, few resources to fill gov. positions & little to no ability or desire to govern. KochNetwork CouncilForNationalPolicy

stuartpstevens Says all the White people. LatinosForTrump stuartpstevens “GOP Strategist” 😂😂😂 stuartpstevens A dose of optimism, tks Stu. stuartpstevens So Steve Bannon lights the match, walks away and watches everything go up in flames. Where is Steve Bannon? stuartpstevens I hope there not just now figuring that out.

stuartpstevens That is FALSE.......... stuartpstevens Keep that fake narrative going. It is the Democratic Party that is defined by racism stuartpstevens Very good, the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) felt very happy when it saw someone slandering Trump, because the American people would have more casualties, and those who survived would be willing to be their slaves. Come on!

stuartpstevens You hit the nail right on the head. These racists think Trump will be re-elected easily. I ask for any evidence. No response. 🤷‍♂️🖕 stuartpstevens Hey, another hateful opinion piece only smearing 1 candidate. Liberal biased media trying to divide America. Sad. stuartpstevens I challenge stuartpstevens to enlighten me on the the actual FACTS that he has that Trump is a racist. Not hearsay, not he said she said bs...actual facts. I CAN give you plenty of facts the Biden and his party are and always have been racist.

stuartpstevens Sounds like someone’s trying to strike up some book sales 😂😂. Just mention Trump to polarize and sell. stuartpstevens Actions speak loudly....... stuartpstevens More democrat lies. Shocker stuartpstevens The left projecting all of their hangups stuartpstevens Democratic Party defined by spying and accusing people of wrong doing. Starting hate and division as soon as they lose. Supporting violent protesting and destruction and defunding police

stuartpstevens Opinion - stuartpstevens i feel for you man, i really do because you are obviously blind in some basic part of your brain. your party has been fighting against diversity of any type since goldwater. all of it here since the beginning of time btw. still what did you think was going 2 b the result, wow...

stuartpstevens Was this a description of the current Democrat Biden party. With antisemites like IlhanOmar Tlaib and YouAintBlack Biden that never wanted to have white children mix with black children at schools? DemocratsTheEnemyWithin DemocratRacists stuartpstevens Absolute hogwash. No specifics,no examples, just ram-it-down-your-throat branding. And 63 mil Americans are racist too because we support conservative politics? He’s a weird duck, true. Difficult and narcissistic, true. But racist, no. It’s just MSM trying to radicalize America.

stuartpstevens stuartpstevens Racism, rape, murder, and wicke parties stuartpstevens Keep trying you can always find fake Republicans like stuartpstevens to opine in your direction. They are just disgruntled has-beens pissed they haven't been able to capitalize on MAGA . True Republicans would never vote for a dementia laden, Marxist leaning Dimwit.

stuartpstevens Racism is the universal insult used against conservatives. First used by the Communists in the 30's against democracies. stuartpstevens The garbage hate party loves it , way more than tolerating it . RidenWithBiden2020 stuartpstevens What bullsh*t. You people are clueless about what Republicans stand for.

stuartpstevens Bullshit. Demorat lies. stuartpstevens Raceism is totally a Democrat platform of how they believe and act towards others and our nation. Traitors define them. stuartpstevens Okay, sure stuartpstevens Opinion: BULLCRAP! stuartpstevens Dear GOP strategist stuartpstevens, This has been the case for decades and you know it.

stuartpstevens Democrats are blowing it. The pushback on this BS narrative will probably peak on election day. stuartpstevens BTW Stu, realDonaldTrump has higher ratings than Obama at same point in time. stuartpstevens That’s a broad brush Stu. stuartpstevens International activities of the Latin America states in combating drug trafficking in the XXI century:_______

stuartpstevens Racism, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, homophobia. His party in a nutshell. stuartpstevens Lol stuartpstevens What about Bill Clinton's visits to Jeffrey Epstein's island stuartpstevens No shit, Sherlock stuartpstevens When the first line of the article is I wrote a book, I don’t get to line two

stuartpstevens TheDemocrats are the party of racism. Always have been. But when you have no platform and no plan for America and know you are going to lose in November, you run to the race card. How sad is that? stuartpstevens Reminder Stu is a NeverTrumper. Voted for Obama. AND was campaign manager of FAILED MittRomney POTUS campaign.

stuartpstevens The democratic party is openly racist against White People.

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