Trump's Racist Appeal To 'Suburban Housewives' Isn’t Going To Work This Time

The suburbs aren’t what Trump thinks they are.

8/8/2020 12:36:00 AM

The suburbs aren’t what Trump thinks they are.

The suburbs aren’t what Trump thinks they are.

” led by a self-described “suburban wife” stood up to police. In that poll, Trump trails Biden by 16 points, 51% to 35%, in suburban areas. With the polls turned so resolutely against him, it’s no wonder Trump has been doing what he always does when he feels defensive: rambling, threatening, and fear-mongering, hoping that tricks from the ol’ reliable racist playbook will work if nothing else will.

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AdvertisementThe New York Times. “The reality is that more and more suburban voters have embraced diversity as a positive thing for their community. They support the Black Lives Matter movement, and from an aspirational perspective, they want their children to grow up in a more tolerant and less divided country. What’s scary to them is the constant division and intolerance that Trump is promulgating.”

Of course, racism is a feature of, not a bug in American society and it’s not exclusive to Trump voters. A lot of the suburban voters who support Black Lives Matter and have Biden signs on their lawns also oppose denser zoning, school redistricting, and

defunding police departments. They have benefitted from and are quietly perpetuating a lot of the same racist policies that have existed since before the civil rights era, and have continued until now, where they occur in a “lite” format. But, as much as they may have profited from racism, they don’t like to be reminded of that fact — which is why Trump’s appeal to these voters doesn't work.

By pandering to a racist fantasy of American suburbs, Trump reveals not only the way in which his imagination is limited, but also how limited his abilities are as an effective campaigner with anyone other than his base. Unfortunately for Trump (if fortunately for America), if he wants to get the suburban vote, he’s going to have to accept a more complex reality than the one in his head. In the

The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburbs, author Jason Diamond writes about the contradictions inherent to the suburbs, a place which still holds a unique position in the American imagination, aspirational and spiritually hollow all at once. Diamond said he found early on in his research that conservatives are “really obsessed” with the suburbs. It makes sense. The suburbs have long been presented in popular culture as the epitome of American greatness, the end point of the capitalist dream. But that dream was never meant to be for everyone.

“The suburbs represented something to us for so long,” Diamond told Refinery29. “It was like, ‘You can have this house. And you can have this front yard and this backyard and this driveway. These things are yours.’ And that was pretty revolutionary. But it was also only extended to certain people. You couldn’t get that if you were Black.”

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Back in 2016, Trump’s unorthodox campaign tactics were novel, and they helped him win because he presented himself as being a respite from politics-as-usual. His base ate it up. But his fear-inducing tactics don’t seem to be working as well anymore — and that might be because people now have actual things to fear, rather than his made-up monsters. As we enter the sixth month of the horribly mismanaged

coronavirus pandemic, it’s plain as day that Trump can’t actually protect Americans from those things that will really hurt us: a disastrous economy, massive unemployment, and rampant disease. Amid his failure to deliver even the basic form of security and public health standard, Trump’s rants about the suburbs are a transparent grab for attention, an indication that the thing he hates most is happening: He’s being ignored; he’s becoming irrelevant. And, not a moment too soon.

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