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Trump’s Pressure Is Weighing Heavily on Iran

You think you have trouble at work? It could be worse. You could be the government official in charge of Iran’s budget.


It’s becoming clear how effectively the Trump administration’s sanctions are shredding the Iranian government’s balance sheet and damaging the economy, writes GeraldFSeib

You think you have trouble at work? It could be worse. You could be the government official in charge of Iran’s budget.

Read more: The Wall Street Journal

GeraldFSeib So funny fact I'm a King it's the easy button GeraldFSeib I'm a King it's the easy button GeraldFSeib Couldn’t happen to a better regime GeraldFSeib Yet, his trade war with China will have the people paying for it in the end. GeraldFSeib The terrorist totalitarian dictatorship of Iran must end!

GeraldFSeib Does this softness and low level justice is applicable for all world specially West, & non Muslims.. GeraldFSeib What about “creating human suffering and regional/geopolitical instability” with no semblance of a return on diplomatic investment? GeraldFSeib And all it is achieving is making the next generation of terrorists. No plan, no goal, no alternatives. The only possible reason for the USA to do this now is to provoke Iran into doing something stupid - and then to punish them viciously ... and that would be the stupidest thing

Politics1com GeraldFSeib Another re-election talking point GeraldFSeib All to get back to a deal that already existed. GeraldFSeib Blackrobes won’t change, shame for the Iranian people, kind of like Afghanistan with a reversal of power, shame Carter didn’t do something when the time was right and the black robes weren’t entrenched

‘The Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades’At the California GOP convention, the president’s campaign manager tells delegates they have an important role to play in 2020. Too bad the Republican delegates are small Oh my lord . This is tabloid press.

GeraldFSeib Fantastic. Make a country more desperate while allowing them to point fingers directly at America while they are enriching uranium. PresidentPussyAssBitch GeraldFSeib Theyre making nukes too GeraldFSeib Bring the tyrants to their knees, then let the people do the rest. GeraldFSeib It's clear that Trump's shredding of the Iran deal shredded the safety of the world

GeraldFSeib And the result is that Iran is expanding its nuclear program. How is that a positive outcome for us? GeraldFSeib GeraldFSeib is it really a great idea to work on creating a failing economy for many millions - especially when it's being done mostly to spite the former POTUS GeraldFSeib Keep up the pressure, no nukes!

GeraldFSeib GeraldFSeib Trump is a criminal

‘The Trumps Will Be a Dynasty That Lasts for Decades’ Says President’s Campaign Manager'The Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades,' says president’s campaign manager Their debt and deficit sure as shit will In prison maybe ?

GeraldFSeib How is driving the Iranian people into the arms of the hardliners a good approach in any sense of the term? This is nonsensical neoliberal propaganda, meant only to lay the groundwork for defense contractors to reap huge windfalls from a war with Iran. Why would you publish this? GeraldFSeib

GeraldFSeib That sharpie looks familiar... sharpiegate GeraldFSeib you sure wsj ? GeraldFSeib weak America and it will be weaker and weaker GeraldFSeib Whatever makes you sleep at night 😆

JPMorgan has created an index to track the effect of Trumps tweets on financial markets: 'Volfefe index'President Trump's market-moving tweets most often address trade and monetary policy, with keywords including 'China,' 'billion' and 'products.' I wager that what he id going for... …. all serious bond investors make multi-year investment decisions based on twitter tweets about weather and cat chasing a laser pointer...

NOAA issues statement supporting Trump's claim Hurricane Dorian threatened AlabamaFive days after Donald Trump said Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issued a statement late Friday supporting the president's claim and chastising a local branch of the National Weather Service. Corruption . Sharpiegate, the last plastic straw. Watchdog - Jan Theuninck, 2018

Iran Breaks With More Limits in Nuclear Deal as It Pushes for European AidIran’s atomic energy agency said Saturday that it was breaking out of another set of limits on its nuclear research and production that were imposed under the deal it struck with the Obama administration and that President Trump renounced last year Gee and Iran's leaders are such swell people. Must be our fault. You mean that Pres. Trump violated FAIRmediawatch GregShupak tparsi Re elect Donald J.Trump 2020 !

Has Eylure London Finally Gotten Magnetic Lashes to Work?Has eylure London finally gotten magnetic lashes to work?

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