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Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Trump’s Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much Detail

The $100,000 check was made out to a government agency. This time his account and routing numbers were clearly visible.

5/23/2020 5:20:00 AM

The check that Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, held up to show that President Trump had donated a quarter of his salary to a government agency appeared to be real — complete with bank account and routing numbers

The $100,000 check was made out to a government agency. This time his account and routing numbers were clearly visible.

9:47 p.m. ETWASHINGTON — It’s a feel-good story that President Trump’s press secretaries have relished over the years: the quarterly announcement of which government agency Mr. Trump has selected to be the lucky recipient of his salary, an easy way to show the president sticking to his 2016 campaign pledge to forgo his $400,000 salary and donate it.

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In the past, the $100,000 check from Mr. Trump has been made out to the Small Business Administration initiative to help veteran entrepreneurs, to the Office of the Surgeon General to fight the opioid epidemic, and to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, among other places.

But on Friday, Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, did not just reveal that the president was sending his salary to the Department of Health and Human Services to help “support the efforts being undertaken to confront, contain and combat the coronavirus.”

She also displayed the president’s private bank account and routing numbers.The $100,000 check she held up like a prop appeared to be a real check from Capital One, complete with the relevant details. An administration official said mock checks were never used in the briefing.

A White House spokesman, Judd Deere, said in a statement, “Today his salary went to help advance new therapies to treat this virus, but leave it to the media to find a shameful reason not to simply report the facts, focusing instead on whether the check is real or not.”

For an average civilian, that information could be used to withdraw or deposit money, make online purchases or hack an account.“It’s not a best practice to share that information publicly,” said Eva Velasquez, the president and chief executive of the Identity Theft Resource Center. “If you don’t have protections in place, there are sophisticated schemes and ways someone could access those funds knowing the account and routing number and the individual person it belongs to.”

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Oh this is suppose to smooth over people investigated his tax evasion methods. Follow the money. The real bank account is on Caiman Islands.. I quit. Read those to me again Stupid is as stupid does Not for nothing, but taxpayers have paid the equivalent of 325+ YEARS of presidential salary on his vacations.

But what percentage of the graft he receives regularly is his salary? much has he made off the people still running his business, having international persons staying at his place including our military....please....🤦‍♀️ wow who gives a fuck!!!! hes loaded I assume the NYT could be investigated now for assisting in bank fraud by publishing Trump's bank account and routing numbers. I can't imagine that what they did is not a felony.

You Know...Ok then, let's see the bank acct no.,check routing no., name of bank w/POTUS'S signature paying Stormy Daniels the $130,000. Fair Enough? Or maybe we can get that info.from Michael Cohen, he's out of jail now. PLUG IT IN FIRST!!! Hey Fox News, day this ain’t so.... Can Hannity explain this to me?

It was really you idiots, and I'm sure that account is strictly for his government paycheck that he donates back to a government agency every quarter. BFD Anyone can write a check like that, proof that it cleared the bank! I thought he refused to accept his salary. They are all idiots Anyone can write a check. I want to see the cancelled check.

Bright as midnight...tRump university graduate Stable geniuses throughout the administration. OK HOLD HIS TAX RETURNS UP LIKE THAT SO WE CAN SEE THEM!!! Maybe next she'll hold up his taxes This dude should be donating his money and paying a little extra for the terrible job he is doing... Only the best people!

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oopsies Gaffe That pays for about 10 miles on Air Force One. I think he owes us a couple hundred million. Let’s see the taxes McNasty isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. Davidlaz Big dummy! Well you know, she’s not just a pretty mouth. Only the best and brightest! 😅 Hey, congrats on donating your salary while your personal golf trips to Florida have cost U.S. taxpayers the equivalent of 334 years of presidential salary. TrumpIsAnIdiot

Why does trump hire such dummies? Oh right, trump is a dummy, and the dummies all stick together! Idiocy is rampant. CBSmichelegile Unbelievably stupid! Amateur hour continues after 3 and half years. 😂😂😂😂😂 That is the only way she can get the Media to report about it. Duhhhhhh. What miss America pageant did she come from 😂😂😂

Davidlaz $100,000.... that’s a dollar from each of the 100,000 COVID patients who have died on his watch. Sad... What is the line on the check bouncing? If I remember well, he bragged since the beginning that he donates his salary to charity. So is he implying that the government is an charity organization? Is he trying again to cheat IRS by 'designating' government as charity?...BTW, the check comes from the members of the club!

- A 'thrillionaire' gives away 1 third of his salary...& that's considered generous? What insane view! How many people starving out there... & this is considered philanthropy? Only the best people That doesnt seem smart (the numbers that is)… lifelock : a new customer cc presssec potus When a person does a charitable thing, that person should keep it secret and not flaunt it ,or else ,he wants something in return.

PressSec is an idiot and should be fired! WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump PressSec But voting by is a terrible idea when states have already been doing it for decades... but the president’s check information is harmless... lmao! This is how brainwashed people are... NYT reports on minutia -not the real story...

They are THAT dumb 😂😂😂👏👏👏 Hahahahahaha... Mo matter how you dice or slice it, this administration never misses the opportunity to prove that it is a gang of fools. Why not the entire amount? 🤡 She literally looks like a Hooters server Wait...Trump's POTUS paycheck has acct & routing numbers ON IT? As in, Direct Deposit?

He hires only the best people... Damn, this one might be a bigger idiot than Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Seriously, what comes first, are they just liars from the start, or are they too stupid to know they're liars? Excuse me. I was wrong... Because he only has one bank account. )) Caught thst and used it already. Thanks for the 10 million Donald!

Thought he was rich? That’s it.. Way to go brainiac, how about next week showing everyone has medical vitals Pennies compared to the millions trump takes in. Millions & millions go into his coffers via Mar a Lago. Give us a break EmolumentsClause of course this is more newsworthy than Biden and his racism ---- thanks Fake News.

Only the best people It’s about power not money Her eyelashes must have obscured her vision.... Guess the check is real, that's that. He should not take a check at all; do you tally his expenses at the people’s cost? Then add his family’s 🤷🏽‍♀️ The stupid is strong with this one. 😳 They try to make us think that orange Nature's mistake could be generous. They forgot all the public money diverted by him and his gang. Very bad staging. We don't buy it.

Good of you to publicize this fact. Real nice! Wastes $400,000 every week in jet fuel. What a saint 4 months into a pandemic ... Damn that HD TV! Hack for free😂 Who cares ' where r his tax returns ,? He scams the system ,! unveildpatterns I thought he was donating ALL of it for the length of time occupying the office. Oh wait. He also said he wouldn’t have time for golf. Nevermind.

POTUS donates and your story is the account details. So sad and disgusting. Orange, the new Ginger! Smells like bait. Next story Complicit a real story Why the fuck does the president make $400k in a country where the average yearly salary is less than a tenth of that? bruh NYT and it's middle school journalism again.

did it actually get sent? anyone can make out a check....why a gov't agency? Why doesn’t the president have direct deposit? Do you really believe that? Has the cheque been cashed? He can write it did he send it and was it cashed? How about a picture of your tax returns? She is not the brightest bulb in the pack!!

ha nothing the trump regime does is real..... 96,000+ Americans have died of COVID19. 36 million of us have lost our jobs. The Republican swamp’s distraction & looting machine is doing great!! Mike Pompeo is an embarrassing buffoon, failing the USA every day. But what about the 133 million tax payer dollars he’s spent at his own golf resorts will she hold up that bank statement for the public eyes to see also would be fair and honest?Oh that’s right they don’t know the meaning of fair and honest.

He said .he salary is going to be 1 dollars so what happen was a lie? Now show the tRump taxi returns. Thank you I made a large withdrawal today. Chk wow Fake chk Michael Cohen want $13000 chk 100 Thousand Americans Are Dead!!! And This Shit Check Is Big News Trump’s A Murderer Nothing Will Change That!!! The Richest Country In The World People Are Starving! We Are In A Recession!!! Citizens Should e Getting Checks Monthly! & Help to Buried Thrir Dead!!!

Yep. Idiot person. Ya, so try and cyber attack it wifenumberfour Well thanks for spreading that around. ObamaGate washingtonpost cnnbrk CBCTheNational No one else sees the irony of mocking her for showing the account numbers while using the same picture showing the account numbers! Nigerian princes, do your thang

The Trump Adm are idiots.... Lest we forget, 133 million for golf. 600 thousand a round. 354 years worth of presidential salary. The man donates his salary and you STILL can find a way to ridicule him... what is wrong with you!!!! I also would like to have a secretary named Kayleig McOnany. ROTFL! Of course , using the Office he's making a 100 times that amount ! REMOVE BLOODY HANDS TRUMP !!!!!

She is a real waste of time ! A trillionaire ... 1/4 of his salary😂😂😂😂 When realDonaldTrump is completely transparent, establishment media complains, when he is not, they complain. The other person they complain this much about is BernieSanders. Different types of people, but the media is very much against.

Hopefully someone can get the Hundreds of Millions back, and put it back into the public purse trumptrash She's dumb and Trump is dumber. When is she going bro show his tax returns ? Still waiting . Since it is considered too much detail so has to publish it. Nice. 1) thought he said he's giving all of it. 2) this guy had a foundation that was found to give nothing. 3) if hes giving a quarter, think of how much hes made from the office. 4) this guy aint a billionare. realDonaldTrump is a complete and total fraud in every aspect of living.

For nearly 500 years,Blacks in America have lived within a continuum of socioeconomic systems-legalized slavery, Jim Crow segregation and political correctness-that mal-distributed nearly100% of the nations wealth,land,resources,rights,privileges in the hands of whites! Soooo when is the ‘New’ press secretary starting? I heard pretty soon.......gosh she has let the side down big time....

And why only $100,000? I thought he is quite rich..... DID HE DONATE ANY OF THIS CHECK TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD:SERVICES:INDIAN NATIONS:RESTAURANT WORKERS ADVOCACY-JUST TO THE RNC AS A POLITICAL DONATION(POLITICAL STUNT LIKE SELLING A T-SHIRT) Scary Liberal NYT „The best people“ Jak poziom wiedzy posiadaja gdy dupy wypinają na to tych studiach ? Papiery dziwkom wypisuja

Why was it dated a month ago? He cuts the check but doesn’t send it? Shenanigans. Who cares? If he donated it why does she still have the entire check? He wrote a check, claimed the deduction and did not send the check! conman and it came from his business not his personal account. runthenumbers This check doesn't actually prove that he donated a portion of his 'presidential salary'...noting that the check was from his business account for The Mar-a-Lago Club. Knowing him, he could have asked all club members to contribute, all to make himself look good.

Another acolyte with an ego bigger than her limited intellect. Shocker. Cheque not check PressSec if this is true, it was incredibly careless of you to do this. You know hackers are very active right now. Now can she get fired for her incompetence? Ups, did they check the account. But probably acc. was another lie and 'the account' doesn't exist, anyway.

Kur..między sobą wymianiali Pretty sure corrupt world leaders already know those account details... A President gets $400,000 a year, plus expenses and non-taxable travel allowances - which is a fraction to a boy listed as worth $3.1 billion. Instead of a check from a President's salary - how about Trump show what he paid in taxes from 2011 to now

When they show us canceled checks, I'll believe he really donated money....oh, who'd he give the rest to? Hang on... I’m just writing that down. hack time Right, because a billionaire is going to put all his money into one bank account. Good luck hackers at the failing NYT. With split second timing and a lot of work, you might manage to nab the 100k before he donates it, in which case it's insured for 100k anyways.

It’s like a reality show Trump gets the so-called donation back when he charges the secret service men for golf carts and hotel expenses. Trump's version of the shell game, a con game. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. 1/4? Like 25k wow The best and the brightest, we have been blessed since trump took office. He promised us we would have the best team ever and he has delivered.

Publicity stunt and a poorly executed one at that MIDDLE AMERICA is subsidising COUNTRY CLUB AMERICA ( OPEN BUSINESS | SAVE JOBS | SAVE LIVES ) Not difficult to be an idiot and get paid for it too. Stupidville.. These are the dumbest people LOL. Only the finest, smartest people... Stable of the Genius Twit

KayleighMcEnany PressSec Lol that's hilarious 😅 JourneyProducti Trump ain’t nothin but a hoochie mama or at least that’s what I heard LindseyGrahamSC said And she quoted Shakespeare. Here's another quote from Macbeth for you PressSec : 'By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.' We heard what you said in 2015. I wonder what your lies will be a few years from now.... Liars

Awesome... Feel free to make a deposit of any denomination of your choice... I have tons of bank account and routing numbers.. I can’t do anything with it except make deposits... You people are IDIOTS... realDonaldTrump tells so many lies that even a simple donation requires display of documentary proof for him to be believed

A quarter? Wow! He must be a really honest person! Always looking for the shitty lining. Note April date. Why did he hold it back for a month +? Afraid it won’t clear? I thought he was going to donate 100%? ?so fucking what Hair dye in the head.... JoDiffenbaugh Hello Fraud 101. Did you all get that ? Suggest criminal Trump get a new act to wash Russian money & Saudi money. But Trump has hundreds of acts. Most mob bosses do. TrumpCrimeFamily

Why isn’t he give some money to the food banks. He has said he doesn’t take a salary. So why not split it? Dumb and Dumber The dumbassery continues 🤦🏾‍♂️can’t be serious Good help is hard to find! So, you decided to exacerbate the situation and publish it? Apparently the idiots appalled by this have never written a check.

And that's why he's the most transparent president ever The idiot doesn't even think she is compromising information. Hope the organization is aware of her stupid mistake. Beauty isn't even skin deep on this one. Her ugliness comes through from the inside out. He’s been doing it for a long time. The dems steal it anyways.

Why not show how much money trump's son-in-law made on covid-19? I went to a state school and I know better than this Ivy League asshole. NYT's, you are just so damn full of CRAP! He’s got very best people to run his administration...And of course every one is NOT smarter than 5th graders including him...Total shit show day in day out

I don’t know how MSM turned charity into a negative spin, but they did... How did Foghorn Leghorn put it? Sharp as a bowling ball? And he'll be paying for the extra costs of his rallies when? And you all are just too happy to paste it all over!! Shame on you! And it hasn’t been sent. And these guys run the country Keystone cops more like it!! How stupid can 1 be

I'd rather he got kept his salary and pay for his golf. Americans would be money ahead. TruthMatters She went to Harvard everyone. Harvard Law, and Oxford... That's a pretty scary oops. Glad the press was vigilant and helping stop it from being released.... Kellyanne 2.0 Not a bright light!!!! Golfing he has spent his salary several times

How? He said he isn't taking a salary 5 years ago you hated him, now you love him what’s changed. I’ll tell you, you’re FOS. So she is as dumb as she looks. Well I'm shocked. Look at the Lying, Arrogant, Bought-And-Paid-For Imbecile. Sam Donaldson exposes Biden Lies via YouTube She’s sharp brains and Beauty 🇺🇸

If I wasn't a totally honest person...I might photoshop my name in as payee, raise the check number up a few and with digital deposit get much better than a $1,200 stimulus check. Nope, too honest. But 'new' little lady just proved herself the idiot I thought she was. How come he doesn't get taxes deducted? Is he a contractor 😅😂🤣

She’s either a dimwit or here goes another takeover of the news cycles.... Trump said before that he takes no salary Trump is sliding away. Awesome! Copying now Why govt agency, why not to the poor False eyelashes and way too much makeup So. I thought trump said he doesn’t take the salary? How many times are they going to report on this check? Let’s put the cost for his golf outings up for everyone to see and the amount of federal monies to Trump properties. We’re around 100K deaths bc of Trump and his administration inaction/incompetency. Report that.

Omg another Rump genius! He knows how to pick em! 😂😂😂 Dumb and dumber PressSec Be more impressed if he’d donate a qtr the White House toilet paper PressSec has shit for brains. So your promoting bank fraud? PressSec you are so painfully and utterly stupid but then, who else would work for that baffoon?

Never heard ONE recipient of his salary donation in 3 1/2 years speak out. She’s just advertising 2our enemies & crooks where 2deposit the💰, if they want easier access 2Trump! They will B put on a very special list, depending on the amount Ü donate what top secrets or jobs you will receive!🙏🏼🇺🇸🗽⚖️We need to get these MF’s out before they kill us all!

What about the millions he & his family make every year cause he’s president.? 'Billionaire' donates a 1/4 of his salary. In other news water is wet. I'll take the 130million hes billed the government to play golf at his own courses. Get it ? 100k vs 130million Can’t fix stupid morgfair TrumpsPoorlyEducated KayleighDumFuk

I want your tax book! we just hacked the account And, the law says no citizen can bribe or support a particular department, this all Trump's Show Checks go directly into the General Fund for the House to spend as they wish. Let’s hope he’s got fraud detection alert. Hackers engage!!!!!! She is a one trick pony

On brand always. If realDonaldTrump donated the money (past tense) then why is she holding the check dated a month ago? Wouldn’t the check be stamped to show it was deposited? Sorry, not buying it. There is no money in his account, because Ivanka is sitting on it. 'Complete with bank account and routing numbers'? 😂😂 Come Monday: 'Now where did all this money come from?'

So just in case hackers didn’t catch it when it happened; the media swoops in to make sure they now know! LMFAO 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh boy... PressSec proves she isn't even basically intelligent. It is insane how inept and incompetent this entire administration, and anyone involved with or supporting it, truly are. The entire world laughs at him and his cronies. The GOP, trump and this twit are a national shame.

He should have donated it to the Food Bank. We have thousands of families out of work and no food. The Food Banks always needs donation but now more then ever since Trump destroyed our economy. Hope he has Life Lock Trump sure does does know how to pick um! LMAO!!!!! Thank you Mr President! It definitely makes up for this...

So...about that $135M+ in tax payer money spent but yes let’s talk about this. I’ll wait while you condone the grifting. realDonaldTrump POTUS WorstPotusInHistory TrumpCrimeFamily How about paying back bank of China? Blond bimbo He already said he wasn't taking a salary when he first took office. So he's donating something he wasn't getting anyway.

The whole administration is one big cluster Is that a person? o_O She must use the same sunless self tanner as Agent Orange, Fanta Glow, invented by the Third Reich ;) Kayleigh McInniny, what a brain trust. Who cares, fake news Is this so the money that trumps been waiting for could get deposited into the account number to an off shore account - 🤔

But where is the clip where she busted your reporters? Hmmm? From start to finish day in and out this administration is a total s**tshow Key word is 'appeared to be real' It was most likely a copy and real one went into Trump checking account claiming to donate How in heaven can you EVER believe liars? Instead of check show us the receipt then will believe Instead quit trying to deceive everyone

His check goes to golf and his resorts somebody has to stay there!!! Nobody else is 🤔 She is awesome. She calls out fake news for what they are. No surprise the NYT would out an article like this. “Journalism” at its finest right here Didn’t anyone even read the article, basically they make it Clickbait like it’s a big deal (even tho anyone with half a brain knows it’s not) and then by the end of the article they’re like “it’s actually not a big deal there’s too many protections in place” typical

LOL. Did he show his bank statement crediting him with close to $ 80 million income from his businesses (while in Office) as well I'm sure not. He wants to pose as Jesus being the Robin Hood of the rich against the rest of the world. Funny. Fake eyelashes? Good lawd...what have we humans come to be! Aliens! Send help soon!

Does anyone get paper statements anymore? Kayleigh you given blonds a bad name. TRUMP HIRES ONLY BUT THE BEST AND tRUMP PAID MORE MONEY TO HIDE A GOOD SPANKING The best people just out there being best! You could almost see the strings Russia, if you’re’s my bank account and routing number.

Trying so hard Meaning it’s a fraud he didn’t donate nothing 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I thought he said he wasn’t taking any salary? Anyway it doesn’t matter, he’s making millions a year by funneling profits into his businesses using the presidency. They can't even do the simplest point prop correctly!?! And these are the freaking clowns running the country and guarding our military and intelligence secrets! Ugh!!

Brainless. There will be Russian hackers drinking premium vodka in Moscow tonight! Harvard grad. Elle Woods was much smarter. I thought Trump was donating his whole paycheck annually. Did I mishear him 3+years ago. Is he broke? If Trump hadn't lied so often about his donations, media stunts like this wouldn't have been necessary to begin with.

The term 'bubble-headed bleach blonde' comes to mind....and honestly, I don't dis-a-sis lightly. But this goodness. Is no one minding her? It’s either fake, or she displayed his banking information to the world. In either case, it’s moronic and perfectly on brand. 🤦🏻‍♂️ More show-and-tell from the newest pathetic press secretary 🥱🙄

Just consider as his toupee,that's a Fake Check No matter how much money he pretends to gives,he'll never be Man of The Year,even the KKK doesn't want him either. OMG!!! You are so brilliant PressSec! WT actual F were you thinking!! Trump is the GOAT at being the worst person of all time. Remember, he only hires the best people.

Thought he donated his whole salary on an ongoing basis and no one else ever has. That's been the [false] claim up until now; what changed? Now show us Trump’s tax returns! That’s how dum his people are just like Trump Impeachment? Please let me know where I can write a check for $100k there too. PressSec happy to help if it is legitimate. Call me.

I’m sure Trump told her to show it. Ha ha hope it’s fake! Russian hackers, your mission has been served. Godspeed. Look at the state of her nails... I.d.i.o.t. As a billionaire a quarter of salary is just a piece of cake for him. More effective measures are more meaningful than donating some money. ..this is bullshit you're telling me the man that brings his shit up to the supreme court overlooked something like this, nah, not buying it but hey, keep ping ponging across the distraction track, its really great, good job guys

Cause she ain’t smart Dumb and dumber. It just goes on into infinity Does Trump also donate to her eyelash budget? Not to worry. He got twice that back in charges to the secret service at his properties. on brand 😂 I'm so tired of this tacky, dumb bs... The only thing she has done that is for the greater good is that her combative nature has FINALLY forced the collective media to band together to stand up to her. She’s scoring some cheap points, but I think things r coming to a head pretty soon. Like today w the churches comment

... but he said he wasn’t taking a salary. She’s pretty, but that wasn’t too bright. What a dummy And how much do we pay for the special service detail each time he goes to Mar-a-Lago? Hint: It’s more than a quarter of his salary. Bribe money that allows his family and business associates access to the most powerful people in the world. DonTheCon RealityTV GOPCorruption

Probably the most truthful thing she has said or displayed :). See them facts haha You can’t make this shit up...I mean really. And I'm sure he' gets a cut. So what? Why is everyone acting like that's a bad thing? Do you even know how wire transfers work? 🤦‍♂️ Is Russia listening? Time to make a donation to the Biden campaign, courtesy of his biggest fan

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ What about the slides at the end of the briefing? This is scheduled so the hackers can withdraw the 42m without much noise ... GOOD! Criminals! lmfao owned Doesn’t the Bible say that when giving the right hand should not know what the left hand does? I mean he does love the church and Christianity so why does he have to make a show of giving?

Oh cool...could I get a hi res pic for uh...reporting purposes? realDonaldTrump Her fake eyelashes got in the way of her being able to see how to do her “job” let alone a number on a piece of paper! OMG shut up 😂😂😂😂😂 I know I've seen PressSec in some porn movie... Not surprised at all He stole charity money from Vets.

No big deal. The account is already closed by now. People hatin because he gives his salary away. Obama the traitor never did that. Obamagate Thieves This is such a silly thing for the NYT to publish. Literally every check includes this information, printed along the bottom in magnetic ink. If it were actually sensitive, people wouldn't go around handing it out willy-nilly to their landlords and dog sitters.

Why did it come from the Mar-a-Lago Club? And why is it dated a whole month ago? Does he hang on to the check for 90 days and then just keep the money? Lolol Good little act. He should have donated more than that. Barbie doll is loyal 🙄 And the NYT shows it. Real classy. You are fake news. That’s your story TP TIMES?!

Wait, I thought he wasn’t taking a salary? PressSec mcenany is a McEnemy of the state. CNN MSNBC NBCNews ABC CBSNews MaddowBlog foxandfriends washingtonpost FOXNews How else would you show grifters where to send the money? Hey I think i is time red money to that Nigerian prince at that exact same account.

What a stupid story. go for it! $$$$$$$ The stupidity of that cult. Omg Kayla McEnemy WTAF? Eyelashes and gloss do not make you qualified. WOW! I think this is the dumbest thing a PressSec has done under realDonaldTrump (and that is saying something!) Never ever do that to the president. she should be fired.

Thick bastards strike again. As dumb as she looks Only the best people. Moron Kindness need not to be shown. It is visible. uhm... so? The key word here is 'appeared' ! Well played, Kayleigh. I just went to his account. No wonder he’s hiding his tax returns. Bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five ~ Don Henley

Why not to a charity? ... He’s bankrupt, so why does it matter? And here you are....exploiting a screenshot of a video 🤡 Why the fuck didn't you blur them out of the image? She's not very bright, is she? Oh, THIS is exciting Trump can afford it. People need to notice these things. 😂 These people are morons.

the clownery

President Trump's Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don't Believe in GodPresident Trump's Press Secretary said out loud today ... she senses White House correspondents don't much believe in God, for daring to ask her why the President is defying some governors who do not want churches open this weekend because of the pandemic. And how is that a bad thing?

Reporter Pushes Back After Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Claims Journalists “Desperately” Want To See Churches Remain ClosedAfter Donald Trump characterized houses of worship as “essential services” and called upon governors to open them “right now,” Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany faced questio… All I wanted from you was entertainment news but apparently that's too much of a challenge for you. Unfollowed. she deflects weirdly🙃

Trump claims he wore mask at Ford plant but didn't want press to see - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Pathetic He's lying Lol i love seeing your heads explode

Associated Press NewsBREAKING: Officials say a strong cyclone has left at least 14 people dead in India and eight dead in Bangladesh. Go to for updates. 😞🙏🏽✌🏽 And we just had a mass shooting in Arizona where the shooter live streamed himself doing it. Glendale Westgate 2020 is really out here trying to swing for the fences, huh.

‘Science by press release’: Sudden rise of vaccine developer Moderna rankles some in scientific establishmentWhile the announcement of favorable preliminary results has generated excitement for a possible coronavirus vaccine, some in the scientific establishment have begun to question Moderna's choice to publicize results by press release with no supporting data. Enter the panic-porn pushing defeatists. They do have data...which is why their stock went up 30% and the Dow jumped 700 points in one day! Is Moderna Fauci and Gates’ baby? A securities investigation might be in order. I don't know the tag for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Opinion | Laurene Powell Jobs Wants to Be a Press Savior, Not a MartyrOpinion: Billionaires who are brave enough to enter the publishing space don’t mind losing money on it—they call it “investing”—until the day they do