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Trump’s Popularity Ticks Up During Coronavirus Crisis

Some measures of support for the president are hitting or tying all-time highs

3/27/2020 4:00:00 AM

Some measures of support for the president are hitting or tying all-time highs

Some measures of support for the president are hitting or tying all-time highs.

March 26, 2020 3:52 pm ETWASHINGTON—More Americans are taking a favorable view of President Trump’s leadership as he navigates the novel coronavirus pandemic, with some measures of support hitting or tying all-time highs.Approval of Mr. Trump’s handling of the outbreak has risen by 8 percentage points in weekly Economist/YouGov surveys over the course of March, standing at 49% in a poll that ended Tuesday, with 44% disapproving.

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Helluva curve you’re grading him on. Rally around the orange moron flag won't last much longer トランプ大統領の支持率、過去最高に (ウォールストリートジャーナル) “: Some measures of support for the president are hitting or tying all-time highs Americans always rally behind their President during a crisis. But imagine how much more it would tick up if Trump was half competent.

What a Fuc constitution is this. Where is mafia ? Enough already. 4 more years ! MCGA! Cuomo 2020 since Joe is sleeping . Costal liberals can never believe no one cares about their opinions. This is absolutely is this possible?!?!? This POTUS has ABSOLUTELY dropped the ball in the crisis....we are at this point because of his LACK of preparedness and leadership,he called it a HOAX for godsake!! WAKE UP....he is INCOMPETENT!!!

Wow!! How? Why? Right...🙄 I mean, he turns the daily briefings into a political rally so he basically gets free ad time every day... From who the brain dead Oh hell no. Unless polling methods haven’t changed since they predicted Hillary Clinton would be President I totally do not understand this. In the future, I will be more skeptical of polls.

How much from the stimulus package will go to them? Maybe the population has figured you have to make him feel good or he will kick you to the curb Try this again in say ... three weeks. America sick man In the worst crisis he managed to hit 60% I wouldn't get to excited about that. Bush - 9/11 - 90% Roosevelt - Pearl Harbor - 84 Kennedy -M. Crisis - 74 Carter - Iran Hostage - from 32 to 58%

I dont understand this what am I missing? It’s because he’s the only thing out there. News media needs to stop treating these rallies like briefings. They are just another way for Trump to get attention and unfortunately you’re giving it to him. Misinformation and all propaganda campaign continues. Remember this poll?

Donald has raised his grade from a 41 to a 49. I have been out of school for a while but this is still a tragically failing grade. Should we give him a trophy for trying while we lose our retirement and valuable loved ones before their time? Wow you are sucking up big time. Among whom? His supporters? Sure. Wait until they all start dying because he sent them back to work.

Let's see how it holds up as the death rates soar around the nation. Get things in perspective, this was foreseen and ignored by the incompetent Trump administration. It's not about during corona crisis bullshit... It is hitting bcoz he made a historical decision of visiting India during namo era in his presence. Bcoz he is building a wall to shield from savage Mexicans!! Bcoz he decided to mend ways with Kim Jong un.

From these people🤔🤔🤔 dumbasses Truly astounding that he can flail about like a petty child, downplay the severity of such a serious issues, shift blame to everyone else, give a constant stream of misinformation & false statements... & still expand his support. Helluva time to be alive. That's for sure.

Are you guys smoking crack! So now you are his mouth piece. God bless you. Fake news. He’s gonna be famous for saving people with magic beans. BS Stop polling morons.

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