Trump's offensive against Justice Sotomayor crumbles under scrutiny

.@MaddowBlog: Pres. Trump's offensive against Justice Sotomayor crumbles under scrutiny


.MaddowBlog: Pres. Trump's offensive against Justice Sotomayor crumbles under scrutiny

The more Donald Trump tries to go after Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the less sense his argument makes.

This was hardly an outlandish assessment. In fact, it's bolsteredIn his tweet on the subject, Trump wrote that Sotomayor accused the Republican-appointed justices"of being biased in favor of Trump." Except, that's not even close to being what she wrote.

I realize the president is relatively new to government, and he's struggled at times with Civics 101, but as long as there's been a Supreme Court, there have been justices trying to shame their colleagues into agreeing with them.

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MaddowBlog Supremem Court Justices are to remain out of politics and to remain unbiased... ....something Sotomayor and the MSM clearly does NOT understand Fortunately the majority of Americans understand this. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Supreme Court Justices have the responsibility to be above politics. If they cannot maintain the impartiality the Court ceases to be valid. Trump is a politician. It is his place to comment on politics. Justice Sotomayor was completely wrong to make her comments.

MaddowBlog She is not entitled to her biased political views! She doesn't make the law, her job is to APPLY the law as WRITTEN! MaddowBlog No it doesn't. She created the offensive by trashing the other judges. Sotomayer is a liberal judge. Her opinions aren't based on the constitutionality of a case but the warm and fuzzies.

MaddowBlog Sotomayor has politicized the SCOTUS, it took time but we knew that’s the reason Obama nominated her. MaddowBlog Trump reacts routinely with little understanding of the facts! MaddowBlog Really? She sounds pretty bias. Elections have consequences MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Sotomayor went on the offensive and Trump responded. No doubt Sotomayor huddled with her former boss and globalist puppet, Obama, to launch this distraction.

MaddowBlog I dont know why ppl would want to vote for this guy again he's nothing but a bully.

Trump: Supreme Court justices Sotomayor and Ginsberg should recuse themselves from cases involving him“It’s very obvious,” Trump told reporters in India. “Justice Ginsburg should [recuse herself] because she went wild during the campaign. Perhaps she was for Hillary Clinton.” This man... god I’m so tired of this. Wow. Just wow. This man really needs to just shut it!

MaddowBlog Wow..... trumps relationship with women is worthy of his removal. I have the hardest time understanding how any woman can support him. And I’m a educated Republican woman. MaddowBlog Dems crumbles under scrutiny MaddowBlog The completely unhinged statement by SOTUS Justices must be ignored and only Trump must be attacked! WTF

MaddowBlog what the deal with groper Thomas's wife hanging out with the white boys in the oval room. MaddowBlog I am sick of this administration treating Democrats as if WE are un american. We are everywhere and are true PATRIOTS. MaddowBlog The Trump Cult doesn't know what a dissenting opinion is. MaddowBlog Number 1 for fake news

MaddowBlog Her comments were totally unprofessional. MaddowBlog Isn’t maddow considered entertainment not news? They legally had to say that about themselves after they were called into court about defamation MaddowBlog Just like the Dems impeachment attempt

Trump Says Sotomayor, Ginsburg Should Recuse Themselves From Cases Involving HimThe president's remarks came in apparent reference to a dissent by Justice Sotomayor who wrote that the government had claimed 'one emergency after another' to seek an 'unprecedented number of' stays. The remarks are an apparent reference to a recent Sotomayor dissent in which she wrote that the administration had made a habit of turning to the Supreme Court after losses in lower courts. Uh no they should not recuse themselves we are still not a dictatorship, that I know of? Why is his criticism unjustified?

MaddowBlog I see MSNBC has taken Jason Johnson off the air for his monstrous remarks about Senator Sanders and the Americans who support him. Chris Matthews has publicly apologized, forced as it seems, for his holocaust jokes. Chuck Todd? Anything to say? firechucktodd FireChrisMatthews

Trump calls for Sotomayor, Ginsburg to recuse themselves from cases dealing with his administrationPresident Trump attacked Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg after Sotomayor criticized the court’s conservative majority for granting a number of his administration's emergency stay requests We hope he left a mark. ... a pox on the already poxy gop ... Trump needs to shut up. Every day he makes a case for his guilt and need to be removed from office. We are still a free Country. I can dream can't I?

Trump Says Sotomayor, Ginsburg Have No Right to Judge His CasesThere is no good, substantive reason why Ginsburg and Sotomayor should recuse themselves. So why is Trump bringing this up now? jonathanchait writes jonathanchait When the government bureaucracy is scheming to overthrow the President, then by all means necessary, within the limited powers granted by the Constitution, the President must keep the plotters at a distance from policy making. jonathanchait By this logic Kavanaugh and others should recuse themselves. jonathanchait because mrs thomas

Trump says liberal Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor should recuseU.S. President Donald Trump turned his ire on the Supreme Court, calling on two liberal justices to recuse themselves from any cases involving him or his administration Look at these assholes cosplaying as wizards yeah...what u think this is? a democracy? DictatorTrump

Trump says Sotomayor, Ginsburg must recuse themselves from cases related to himPresident Trump calls for 2 US Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves, as the court prepares to take up cases related to the president's tax returns and financial records. Trump is such a wimp. One day he will be held accountable. Hopefully before he completely loses his mind and doesn't know that he is locked up. LIKE A BOSS!!!!!

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