Trump's Axios İnterview Debacle Sends A Warning For The Fall Campaign - Cnnpolitics

Trump's Axios İnterview Debacle Sends A Warning For The Fall Campaign - Cnnpolitics

Trump's interview debacle sends a warning for the fall campaign

It is hard to remember an interview in which a sitting President was more unsparingly exposed or seemed so unequal to the magnitude of a crisis that is threatening the American people and is nowhere near ending | Analysis by @StCollinson

8/5/2020 12:43:00 PM

It is hard to remember an interview in which a sitting President was more unsparingly exposed or seemed so unequal to the magnitude of a crisis that is threatening the American people and is nowhere near ending | Analysis by StCollinson

Donald Trump's weak and flailing interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios fired a warning flare about the President's hopes for reelection, if his campaign and White House staff programed to fulfill his yearning for praise are prepared to recognize it.

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‘Brad Parscale hits her’: Former Trump campaign manager accused of domestic violence

Police footage shows Parscale being tackled and handcuffed.

StCollinson I have given up watching CNN after 10 years. So full of nonsense and fake reporting. It’s a shame that the media has become so unreliable and can’t report in an impartial way. No need to take sides just tell the truth and there is a lot more important issues other than Trump StCollinson It’s hard to remember when the media was believable and trusted

StCollinson Analysis😂😂😂 Trump2020 VoteRed StCollinson CNN=DNC tv. StCollinson Joke StCollinson His comment about John Lewis not going to his inauguration sounds like a kid saying someone didn’t come to their birthday party. StCollinson A solute fake news!!! 😵😝😡 StCollinson That depends on which alternative universe you live in. If your reality is an alternative truth or not sooo, don’t believe what you see and hear. Follow but keep your blind fold and ear plugs in place they will tell you what to believe !

StCollinson Can you imagine if Obama had 160,000 dead, no plan, riots in the streets and an economy worse than the Great Depression ? Then have a press conference of what a great job his administration has done. Madness StCollinson Well apparently it is what it is is answer enough. God help us StCollinson FAKE NEWS,,,,, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

StCollinson wonder when Joe Biden will be interviewed too. hmmmmm🤔 StCollinson SWAN SONG StCollinson Sadly, it doesn't matter one bit to his blind supporters. StCollinson When you put a dementia patient in charge what would you expect? StCollinson The man is on top of everything China Russia the economy our health concerns bringing business back unemployment dealing with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, there has never been a president that has worked as hard as this one you people are propaganda arms for the Democrats

StCollinson You know this man is gone on TV almost every single day he works with a group of over 200 people every single day reporting to them on with the coronavirus is doing he has had literally hundreds of phone conversations with mayors governors who ever need help, and yet this news ch StCollinson How about doing a hard interview with sleepy Joe?

StCollinson Amazing how 2 people can watch the same interview in her 100% opposing opinions! I just watched the entire interview, And it was more of the same heckling, and gotcha questions that you see at the briefings! BTW, We dont have the highest deathrate /population! Total lie! StCollinson Whining liberals.

StCollinson Fake news. Negative attitude. CNN = democrat. Same fake news different day. StCollinson We have to 25 45 before 25 StCollinson Trump is the one who REALLY doesn’t want Presidential debates... and this interview is just a preview of the train wreck to come. StCollinson Joe Biden with his reduced mental capacity will be so much better, right?

StCollinson Bring on the debate. Biden will mop Trump’s floor with his combover. StCollinson HELP US PLEASE!!! Mnangagwa is a murderer. We're living in fear. The police is doing absolutely nothing to protect the citizens. Abductions, torture, beatings are the order of the day. We've a monster in power. HELP HELP HELP!!! ZimbabweanLivesMatter ZimbabweanLivesMatter

StCollinson He was an embarrassment to America...people around the world are laughing at us and what trump represents....ignorance, greed, adultry, repulsiveness, anger, stupidly, foolishness, unintelligent , doltish, brainless, senseless, thick-headed, I could go on but am out of characters StCollinson

StCollinson Def not Fox News. There was a girl name Francine, in elementary school. Nobody liked her, including myself. She didn’t do anything wrong. Everybody picked on her cause well, she was fat and it was the cool thing to do. Didn’t matter if she was nice or mean to us. Weird StCollinson It’s hard to remember a time when a news agency was so biased that it did not report the facts, and instead, uses opinions and unfounded claims to further divide and brainwash the people that look to them for information.

StCollinson Gotta love the way the president tweets and pulls the strings of these tiny minded liberal baby killing transgender flag burning national monument read destroying scum of our Earth... They're out there burning business is killing people called liberals scum StCollinson Thee most incompetent individual to hold the seat thus far

StCollinson So many are making fools of themselves StCollinson So sorry for the American people, having a raving madman as leader, God help you poor people of America. StCollinson FakeNews way to say something negative! Some of your comments remind me of a10 yr old troll. StCollinson Stay inside...try wearing masks

StCollinson He needs sectioning ASAP I'm starting to feel sorry for him, its getting harder to watch a man totally crumble before your eyes, he's seriously hasn't got a clue what's going on, he's totally oblivious to what's happening in the real world, he needs help and he needs it fast StCollinson Cnn panicking lol gonna be alot of crazy liberal wannabe journalists out of a job... Its a beautiful thing to watch 😉

StCollinson My favorite part was the paper shuffling to find a graph that maybe worked... StCollinson Yup StCollinson Fake news again. Bidens wife is doing his interviews. StCollinson More CNN tabloid 'journalism', no news just endless opinions, innuendo, and lies. Yep, another day for the DNC's lapdog. Hanoi Jane would be proud of what her ex-husband created.

StCollinson Just sharing some real news you will never see on CNN StCollinson He is focused on the stock market. That is what he cares about. StCollinson Cue MAGA rage 😂 StCollinson If he was a real man or patriot, he would admit he doesn't want the job, was a mistake to have run in the 1st place & resign.

StCollinson Child sex trafficking...forget about it? StCollinson He's going to win again StCollinson Someone put him in a paddy wagon and put him in a straight jacket, please! He’s crazy! StCollinson When he debates Biden...if he gets a question he doesn’t like..hmm I wonder if he will just walk off stage🤣

StCollinson This was better? Come on, StCollinson It's hard to imagine a Media Outlet that's such a lying stinking rotten disgrace. StCollinson Load of fake news StCollinson Here we go again CNN. Your political bias headlines are obvious again. Sick of your sensationalism. MediaReform StCollinson This sounds like a Liberal opinion, not factual news. Remember H1N1? Remember Fast & Furious when the Obama Admin was caught running guns into Mexico. Remember Benghazi when Obama sent Susan Rice out to lie? Remember when Obama armed ISIS thinking they were resistance fighters

StCollinson For more cartoons subscribe to StCollinson Pathetic HumanHeadline StCollinson Fake news. StCollinson Sleepy Joe Biden about Ukraine ? StCollinson It’s going to be hilarious watching Biden and Trump go at it in debate. As long as Biden turns up i guess and debating doesn’t trigger anybody

StCollinson ZimbabweanslivesMatter StCollinson At least realDonaldTrump can sit down for an unfiltered interview , can JoeBiden try this? We are waiting... washingtonpost GOP DNC BasementBiden ChrisWallace jaketapper ProjectLincoln StCollinson It is what it is, you really cant argue with that.

StCollinson Keep him talking. StCollinson His hopes of re election surely rely on ignorance and misinformation - neither of which this interview contributed to. I very much doubt that his hardcore supporters actually took the time to watch any of it, or to appreciate the overall impressions sadly. StCollinson To the best of my memory I never expressed the desire to read about this matter. In these circumstances, I take offence to this article being published and then pushed onto my timeline. I expect an apology is on the way .

StCollinson 160000+ people death but for Trump only a number. and Trump show off he doing very good job.... can't understand. so crazy. Trump political virus StCollinson But it was so much fun watching him squirm !! StCollinson Rather than attacking trump Why don't you focus on showing sympacy for the deceased in the attack or the helping with the pandemic at home. Or better report the real story about Clinton rating underage girls on epten Island. billclintonisapedo

Jonathan Swan: Trump is not confronting reality about coronavirusAxios National Political Reporter Jonathan Swan, who conducted a stunning interview of President Trump, tells Ali Velshi that Donald Trump is 'reaching for data points that are good for publicity but not the best metric for revealing what is going on in this country.” jonathanvswan Now let's have biden do an interview with a right wing political activist. jonathanvswan Trump has not confronted reality in 4 years! jonathanvswan when a President can not form sentences and bases all his exchange on pictures other prepared for him, it is time to go. America starved for Leadership. NOT ItIsWhatItIs

Jonathan Swan Names The Most ‘Stunning’ Moment Of His Wild Trump Interview'He is not confronting reality when it comes to the virus,' the Axios journalist warned. “What do you think of the John Lewis legacy?” Trump: “well he didn’t come to my inauguration” Explains this presidency writ large Must have been a hard choice. My mouth was literally hanging open during most of this interview. Sincerely from The Netherlands. I think the job of a good journalist is to report and not to give their own opinion...

Jimmy Fallon Clocks Donald Trump For His TikTok Distraction'The Tonight Show' host made quick work of the president's threat to ban the short-video app. They are a clear threat to national security and have already been proven to have accessed and still accessing peoples data.... for who knows what use WakeUpAmerica He’s destroying America but man check out this “burn”? Impotent I laugh about it not because it’s funny, but because it’s ridiculous. This is his way of reprimanding the tiktok kids that jacked up his precious rally and made him look like a chump. That makes me laugh, cause that WAS funny😆

Neil Young Sues Donald Trump Campaign for Copyright InfringementThe legendary musician alleges that Trump lacked license to play 'Rockin' in the Free World' and 'Devil's Sidewalk' at a campaign rally in Tulsa. It’s about time! Another lawsuit on the list of hundreds. TrumpWorsePotusInHistory

The 7 Craziest Things Donald Trump Said in His Axios InterviewThe interview was an outrageous, confusing, delusional, and enraging half-hour journey as Jonathan Swan presses the president on the nationwide COVID-19 death toll (which he dismissed), Black Lives Matter and John Lewis (both of which he also dismisses), and delaying the election (he doesn’t quite rule it out). How anyone could watch that video and think Trump is fit for ANY leadership position is beyond me. What a disaster Ha! Gotcha! 🙄 we got him! Look at how bad orange man is he did bad interview our plans have succeeded!

Donald Trump Can’t Pronounce Yosemite — And Hilarity EnsuesThe president accidentally turned the name of the famous national park into an ethnic reference. paging Dr. Freud. STFU already. It's because he has so much BULLSHIT IN HIS MOUTH!!!