Trump’s ‘Herd Mentality’ Gaffe Creates Anguish On The Left, ‘Ambush’ Accusations On The Right

President Trump mixed up herd immunity with herd mentality during a Tuesday night ABC News town hall.

9/16/2020 5:32:00 PM

President Trump mixed up herd immunity with herd mentality during a Tuesday night ABC News town hall, creating anguish on the left and 'ambush' accusations on the right by lisettevoytko

President Trump mixed up herd immunity with herd mentality during a Tuesday night ABC News town hall.

ToplinePresident Trump mixed up herd immunity with herd mentality during a Tuesday night ABC News town hall while defending his comment that coronavirus will go away without a vaccine, causing Democratic politicians, along with doctors and analysts, to agonize over the U.S. response to the pandemic, while conservatives criticized the event as a partisan ambush. 

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President Trump at the Tuesday night ABC News town hall.AP Photo/Evan VucciKey Facts“You'll develop herd—like a herd mentality. It's going to be—it's going to be herd-developed,” Trumpin response to host George Stephanopoulos, who asked the president to clarify his statement that the virus will “go away without the vaccine.”

Walter Shaub, former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics,tweeted: “I can’t bear knowing that his supporters don’t care that he is the stupidest public figure in the entire world.” Read more: Forbes »

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lisettevoytko No he didn’t lisettevoytko No, no anguish on the left. Only more proof of his ignorance and failures. And how could a competent leader be 'ambushed' by facts? TrumpIsACompleteFailure TrumpIsALiar TrumpIsANationalDisgrace ReDeeMcrIeR lisettevoytko il covid è poco per te ti occorre il colera per essere savio

lisettevoytko Anguish? Um, no. lisettevoytko I mean... they do have a mentality though 🤣 lisettevoytko lisettevoytko lisettevoytko He didn’t mix up shit quit with your bullshit

Trump claimed he 'up-played' the coronavirus, despite being on tape saying otherwisePresident Trump told a voter he did not downplay the coronavirus in the early days of his administration’s Covid-19 response — though he’s been heard on tape saying he did — during an ABC News town hall with undecided voters. He’s a bullshitter’s bullshitter... Did you cover the point about he said Not Taking away Pre-Conditions or ending wars and bringing our soldiers home! Sweden did herd-immunity and it worked! Lies on Top of Lies 🙄

Trump Says COVID-19 Will ‘Go Away’ Thanks to a ‘Herd Mentality’“You’ll develop like a herd mentality,” he said, describing one way out of the pandemic. “It’s going to be herd-developed and that’s going to happen.” intelligencer Herdmentality that’s a new one

'Herd mentality': Trump again asserts coronavirus will just 'disappear''And you'll develop, you'll develop herd -- like a herd mentality. It's going to be -- it's going to be herd developed - and that's going to happen. That will all happen,' Trump said on ABC Tuesday night. In Trump’s America - I can’t mail - I can’t vote - I can’t speak freely - I can’t peacefully protest - I can’t travel abroad - I can’t see my friends - I can’t dine in - I can’t work - I can’t eat - I can’t pay rent - I can’t be safe at home - I can’t breathe ICantAmerica Idiocy His eloquence just blows me away. Like a drunk toddler.

Trump’s Bonkers Coronavirus ‘Herd Mentality’ Claim Lights Up TwitterThe president's wild night at a town hall took an unexpected turn. Donald the Cruel. EXILETRUMP Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. Herd mentality. He was so defensive, too. Like, buddy, you’re trying to win over voters.

Laura Ingraham Gives Donald Trump’s Disastrous Town Hall The Full Fox News Treatment"The Ingraham Angle" host put her own conspiratorial spin on the tough questions that voters posed to the president on ABC News. They could've turned his mic off if that's what they mean. I would see it like that as well if I selectively picked and chose what I hear coming out of his mouth on a regular basis. They asked him actual important questions, not pitched him softballs.

Toxic intel feud dooms pre-election hearing on global threatsThe intensifying hostility between the intelligence community and Capitol Hill is poised to deprive the public of its best shot to learn of global dangers facing the country ahead of the 2020 election Good good exactly what Russia wants Rubio is an empty suit like Burr was before him, Warner runs that committee as an extension of the DNC & leaks info to the media. If Ratcliffe briefs the House, Schiff leaks info to media. It’s a lose lose scenario for the DNI.