Trump’s dismal state-by-state job approval

A new poll puts Trump's state-by-state job approval numbers in dismal territory, making him weak in ten key states he won in 2016.


President Trump’s job approval numbers are underwater in 10 of the key states he won in 2016, according to a new poll. What does that mean for 2020?

A new poll puts Trump's state-by-state job approval numbers in dismal territory, making him weak in ten key states he won in 2016.

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Maybe some of these people for those states are coming out of the clouds to realize what a sham this President actually is. It means sanity for 10 states! It means you should consider firing your pollster's hiring managers. gulp...📉 Cuz MoscowMitch has done nothing to secure 2020, Russia will have to allot additional time to steal a second term for 45...😏

GOODBYE FELICIA!🖕 Trump gave $1 tril of America Solar to China Trump destroyed AMERICAN FARMERS $300-$500 BIL Trump NO infrastructure Trump NO miners Trump Taxpayer Tariffs Trump NO manufacturing TRUMP GOP & 1% PROFITED $2 TRIL & DEMANDING ANOTHER $1.6 TRIL NOW TRUMP RECESSION WE ARE FOOLS Hope it means GOODBYE Trumpie Boy

He is performing in such a disgusting way with his immigrant hate, tariffs and deficits that everyone can't wait for him to go away. Voter suppression in 'battleground' states. Voting machines in black precincts that suddenly don't work. Trump is going to win in 2020 anyway; the GOP didn't buy those new hackable machines just so they could lose.

Boy some people are really stupid! God Bless President Trump!

Scaramucci compares Trump to Chernobyl nuclear disaster, says GOP may need to replace Trump for 2020'We are now in the early episodes of 'Chernobyl' on HBO,' Anthony Scaramucci said on Sunday. 'The reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start donaldtrump is an antichildbigot racistinchief rapistinchief bananarepublican MangoMussolini orangepieceoffeces downwithputin puckfutin Sorry Newsweek, this is not a credible source. It’s just another, now apostate,Trump enabler. Get to work and give me some real news for a change. DumpTrump This dudes 15 minutes were up quite a while back

Several states with dangling chad instead of just Florida ? FakePolls Does that into account the army of Russian hackers he has working in getting him re-elected It means NOTHING at this point 🙄 The economy has been rising slowly but steadily for over the last decade..the word was all is going well and people have increased their personal debt..cracks now showing and it's important that you try to clear your debt before recession takes hold and yes blame Trump

If Trump win in 2020 people will be saying the election is rigged and there will be riots across the country calling for Trump to be hung along with is corrupted party. Russians need to up their budget. America is finally ready to CancelTheTrumpShow. Yep, he’s in deep crap. Sadly, there isn’t a compelling candidate on the other side. Hoping for a GOP challenger to come out. Highly unlikely, but how nice it’d be to see NikkiHaley seize the moment.

He's really going to need Tulsi to siphon some votes as a third-party candidate.

Possible Trump challenger Mark Sanford would vote for Trump over BidenFormer Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford is mulling a challenge to President Trump next year for the Republican nomination. But he also says that in a potential matchup between former Vice President Joe Biden and Trump, he’d pick Trump. Then he’s no better. DumptheTrumps Then what good is he

Appropriate isn’t it? When trump gives a rally speech these days, the attendees get a complimentary Haz-Mat suit. It’s like going to a movie and getting 3-d glasses... We could possibly be hopeful he's ousted FakeNews It means that in the 2020 election, Trump will again prove the polls wrong. With all the states/counties using hackable voting machines, it means nothing.

It could not happen to a more 'deserving' idiot. as happy as this makes me,it's the numbers closer to the election that matter. Hopefully this TrumpSlump will continue & get worse as the months pass. GOP has only realDonaldTrump to count on to keep them in the White House. How pathetic is that? PropagandaAlert Media will do and say anything until 2020 election to assure complete political control for their party. Model tactics after Goebbels who was Hitler's propaganda chief. DemocratsAreCorrupt Trump2020

Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald TrumpAnthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very important lesson about President Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's been saying that for like 2 years... CillizzaCNN ETTD CillizzaCNN CNN doesn't seem to have learned a lesson: Scaramucci is as much of a con man as Trump.

His so called rally was insane. I've never heard such crazy talk in my life. With every rally he gets more insane. This fool has to go. VOTE BLUE 2020. MOSCOWMITCH to the rescue it means we're going to see nativist whack-a-mole reach lightspeed in the white house He'll just keep rigging and rigging! He's a Russian asset, with his pal MOSCOW MITCH!

Russians will turn that around MoscowMitch We know how good polls are, just ask Hilary! A new president Nothing. Much more aggressive intervention from his 'friends' in the former Soviet Union. It means the best you’ll prop up against him will be Biden who will be crushed in a landslide!

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Wait what... WWEs are invited where now? Is that scripted too? I think this is well done by Bobby Leshley. Take no more racial shit neither from Trump(ed) or his Trumper Zombies. Simple. Who

What's jobs if the wages are low He looses. DJT is like a cancer on our Nation and needs to be cured and be gone... It means nothing! trump will win again, thanks again to the Russians hacking our voting machines. Y'all ready for the TrumpSlump? Trump isn't! He's whining and lying and scared. Trump is Panic-Tweeting Fox News Denials of Imminent Threat of the Trump Recession

It's doubtful that Melania will even vote for the Trumpster! She's ready to ship out! America finally waking up Fu**ed unit Go Joe! ✌️

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Really bad actors on WWE are even less reliable than the bad actors in Hollywood who want us all to find their hate filled words about Trump to be relevant. Pretenders Well played Big E 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

The credibility of your polling numbers are as high as Julian Castro's polling numbers ! And wait until we heading towards a recession, which will be very soon. He's not really doing the job part, he just makes it seem like he is. But smart people see through that. How many states was he underwater in during the 2016 election according to the MSM?

HRC has a 98% chance of winning. Your „polls“ are fake news. It doesn’t mean anything if people don’t show up to vote. IMO SusanSolomon VoteBlue VoteDemocrat BigBlueWave FlipTheWhiteHouseandSenate GOTV VoteBlueNoMatterWho VoteBlueToSaveAmerica The wores his numbers the worse the distractions. MSNBC, CNN, Rachel, or Al Sharptons poll?

This means that Donald Trump is not going to let Mitch McConnell pass the bill to secure our voting system. And I would not be surprised if he asked Russia for help to win.

Majority of Americans say the Trump administration is doing a 'bad job' at the border: SurveyPew Research Center data reveals just 27 percent of Americans feel the government is doing a 'somewhat good' job, with 6 percent saying 'very good.' FAKE NEWSWEEK should change its name to SHIT THROWN AT A WALL Majority of Americans don't care to respond to a survey on immigration because they are quite sure that the media will portray the results in any way they want. Media is doing a 'bad job' at being objective.

I’m old enough to remember the 2016 polls saying Hillary had a 95% chance of winning the presidency!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It means that there may still be people in America that think. Now they realize that trump is a mistake and will not vote for an idiot for president. Numbers underwater, next, him in prison. Can't come soon enough.

Trump embraces the fossil fuel industry without comparably endorsing CLEAN ENERGY, too! It tells me that he is in deep with fossil fuel companies! If you are making AMERICA energy self supporting then WHY NOT CLEAN ENERGIES, too? Nothing Yes!!! MLCzone It means nothing if Trump base shows up and Democrats stay home.

It means polls are as reliable in 2019 as they were in 2016, but the FakeNewsMedia still wants you to believe that they’re relevant! EnemyOfThePeople What it means is that the people you are polling are going to do the same as in the 2016 elections and not tell you sht a nd will then go and vote for Trump/2020.

Higher taxes!

Lol yes your polls are always so accurate. Go sell crazy somewhere else. Useless media It means MSNBC and the rest of the liberal media have not changed their process for doing poles. They said the same thing in the last Trump election & who won then. It means MSNBC are using the same polls as they used when they said Hillary was going to win.

It means your poll is BS just like it was in 2016. Is the impeachment I smell? Are you trying to lull dem voters to stay home again already? This is bizarre. As if MSNBC knows a Trump re-election is the best thing that can happen to them. This tweet has appeared at least 5 times so far. Weird. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

OrangeManBad OrangeManBad Don't believe this fake news site. Dr Thomas Sowell, PhD Economist says black unemployment at all time ever low. For this he gets called an uncle tom and it's not bc it's his nickname. Hatefulness of the Left. Don't those states care about black employment, Blexit

You are fake news nobody believes anything you say you could you could actually have a picture of Epstein been suicide and his cell and no one would believe you What does this new poll mean. It means POLLS are FICTION. You don't learn, do you? 🙄 I hate when I click a link and its a f*cking video. Zzzzzzzz

Bye bye asshole It means he will cheat Trump & his cabal will cheat. StayWoke

Texas is listed !!! It totally shows how flawed the Poll is !!! Do any of those people behind him have a paying job besides working for him? You know your company is garbage when both sides of the isle slam your “news” program. Hardball getting roasted for having loser 1 Scaramucci and loser 2 Manigault-Newman on Friday. “Were Kid Rock and Zippy the pin head not available?” Hahahaha

Sport in jelly You believe polls? Keep believing you did in 2016. It’s too early to worry about this..... Nothing. The bottom feeders will hold their noses and vote for him anyway. Oooo the polls said it, it must be true Does this mean Hillary still has a chance?

Wasn't he polling behind Hillary in all these states? I've been told be actual supporters of Trump that they don't care how bad a job he's doing. To them, it doesn't matter. I find their attitudes, very disturbing. Let's throw out the garbage! That's what it means! You didn’t want to believe the truth and now you are stuck with a big lie.... hope you can pay your bills!

Maybe some of the rednecks are FINALLY opening their dayum eyes. Ignorance and insecurity is their breath of existence. The economy soared thanks to BarackObama ArrestThoseFools AllThePresidentsMen He will go to prison earlier. That ship is barely afloat!! It means.......Russia will come through with the assist. 🤷🏽‍♀️

In the world he has drowned he has Americans so disrespected across the world

Liberal propaganda 24/7 America may be wising up? Your president is a disgrace to your heritage. He will win again⁉️ Polls like in 2016? Same poll that had Hillary winning in a landslide? It means absolutely nothing, just as all the pre-election polls of 2016. Polls R a joke. Most don’t answer: have Caller ID, answering phones, Many Americans only use unlisted cell phones, have BLOCKED pollsters, use computer models that use same numbers over & over again getting TRASH poll numbers.

Poll? Whats that? I won’t give my “who” it’s dangerous today. Just like 2016 we are not telling. Don’t believe the polls Lol. Nothing!! If we don't pound the streets and get out the vote. Democrats need to be ready for any and all.

If only he was literally under water gaj724 Keep pounding him into the ground like a tent stake. It means that Russia will work harder to hack our elections for Trump to win. And that the senatemajldr is 100% behind it. MoscowMitch Stop with the bs polls It means in November, 2020you guys are going to be pulling another “How did this happen?!? The polls all said...!”

JoniErnst MarthaMcSally Means you guys just want to drive a narrative that is probably not true. it means there are not as many stupid people in the world as there were 3 years ago Took a couple pakistanian to lunch Hopefully it means he's a one term Trump!

Hopefully that he won’t win! It means he’ll win in a landslide. Nothing until the votes are tallied Polls don't mean anything as evident by 2016 election, show me the voting results. Thats what I will believe and hopefully this clown will be gone from this circus he created OldMainerHawke Promising news, but we can't get complacent.

It means we can’t get complacent. It means we need to get the vote out. There's no source for this poll or methodology available on the MSNBC website, nor is there any actual story.... This is FakeNews at its finest. President Trump's poll numbers are so low, it reminds me of the night he beat Hillary

Same poll that predicted Hillary would win in 2016!

An analysis of how the polls fucked up in 2016 might be a more compelling story. polling? JesusChrysler15 It means Trump will win again The NRA thought under Trump's great leadership that the organization would thrive and grow, supporting our nations oldest outdoor organizations. It's a clear failure of the NRA's leadership and did not account for Trump's erratic behavior. Work with people, there is still time.

SykesCharlie Consider the fact that these are his numbers with unemployment in the mid 3% and stock still fairly high which should make his Boomers base content. Now with recession looming due to his inept trade policies and with nowhere to go on tax cuts or lowering rates.... Goodbye GOP SykesCharlie Wanna bet?

MoveOn Means people better start focusing on safeguarding voting machines/rights. SykesCharlie Polling is pseudoscience hucksterism. Its not news and its not analysis and its not an argument. ☺️

SykesCharlie it means the Russians are going to step it up on the hacking and interference. We laugh at your polls. Keep trying. Doesn't mean anything if people don't vote Bull shit FakeNewsMedia polls are designed for the sheeple.... FLASHBACK 👇 It means polls are still bulls***. It means you’re using the same pollsters you used that told us in 2016 there was “no path”.

It means that this nightmare we've been living since November, 2016 might actually come to an end in November, 2020. God willing. SykesCharlie That he will easily win again. It means take nothing as grated. The Orange Fool has to be voted out decisively. Otherwise, he'll try and pull something.

Don't let up based on polls. They can never be completely trusted. Get out and vote! We need to rid the country of fascism. Fake news propaganda as usual Donald you and Mike need to go to rally all of the states and areas and especially young people..go to the colleges ..that’s very important It means utter defeat and humiliation 👻👻👻👻💀

realDonaldTrump He doesn't need popularity anywhere he's got Russia to win the election for him Security is needed in the election so our votes are actually the deciding factor No 2020 for you trumpet Think you people at msnbc are on mslsd AudreyGarden Bye Felicia.....

Remember what your pills said the last time?...🙄 It means he needs Russia's and Saudi Arabia's help more than ever. There you go again believing in polls. You don't learn polls aren't and never will be correct. You had Hillary win in the polls she shut her campaigning down early LMAO... Same thing it meant in 2016. FOUR MORE YEARS.

You tell us Indivisible_NH It means nothing at this stage. Have we learned anything from 2016. Eyes on the prize, not a freakin horse race. Oh and ImpeachNow I'm not a Republican, but if I was I would definitely vote for Mark Sanford over Trump any day. At least Mark is a Gentleman. 'Global trade wars end 'golden decade' for fourth largest economy.' Thank Trump, Mr. Greatest economy ever...

Doubt that! MSNBC’s ratings must be hitting the ditch by now. Most stupid bunch I’ve ever seen. Trump will work on that. Fake news

It means since he lost the hugh block of the 'anyone but Clinton' voters. He has done nothing to add new voters to his cause other than to pander to racist which he already had. People are tired of his 24/7 lies, corruption, and letting it known 'NO DON IN 2020' It means we are going to throw his lying cheating self dealing ass out if OUR White House, that's what it means.

'He has no chance.' FakePolls FakeNews The same when Hillary was winning.....nothing Here’s what that means.... It means that again polls are unreliable. Pollsters work 9-5 when conservatives are working and who the hell answers unknown phone numbers these days. But if it makes you feel good carry on. Gonna be another funny election night of libs ‘promising’ to move.

😂😂😂. You’re polling continues to be done by a 3rd grader VOTE BLUE!!!! Free us from the madman in the Oval Office!😫 Russians and gop will have to work harder to cheat

It means: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, right! Who was polled? Illegals? I guess Russia has to work even harder to get him re-elected It means nothing, probably. People are fickle and prone to self justified amnesia. He’s not going to win because he’s popular he’s going to win by cheating. Which means the people who voted for him are using the same tactics as before. Screw with media, polls and the establishment. If democratics think they dont have to vote because others will then dems will lose again. Go vote please.

it means he’s drowning!!! gulp.... Good news🙏🏽💯

And he will win. What happened to all the Russia talk? Vote him out of the White House forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! womp womp What this means is WE can win or all but we MUST SECUREOURELECTIONS That the country may yet pull itself out of the colossal hole its put itself in? 🤔 Voteblue2020 yourvotecounts Nothing, nada, ziltch...go vote..that's it

That poll sounds like the same poll that said Donald Trump has NOT got a chance of becoming PRESIDENT OF AMERICA (CNN's I DON'T GIVE A SHIT POLL)

It means he is OUT. A monster in a suit. Liars!!!!!!! I hope it means the end of the Trump era. Means absolutely nothing if people don’t vote. VoteTrumpOut2020 trump is no leader among men. What a total disaster if it is like the 2016 polls it means a TrumpLandslide2020 Don’t be complacent! Don’t believe this, get out and vote.

Can't wait for 'their killing babies, after birth!' Wait! He said that today! It doesn't mean shit, people become STUPID come election day! They forget about all of the misery that they have suffered and make the same STUPID mistake they made in the previous election. But that is all mute, the only way trump wins again is with Russian help.

🤣 MSNBC has not learned from 2016. Polls, polls & more polls!!! HA ha ha ha.....good luck with you propaganda polls. Didn't work in 2016 not going to work in 2020. One question? How dumb are you people over at MSNBC?

Thats what yall said when he ran against killary and look who won Trump2020 fake news Good people are waking up to what Trump is doing that playing golf and watching t.v. no real work Well its MSNBC so...nothing. Did you also reveal that latino and black support increased 5 and 8% respectively? WalkAway

His approval numbers could be zero and it wouldn't matter. They'll still vote for him out of ignorance or hatefulness. Anybody that believes this is an idiot. MSNBC? BWAAAHAAA...IF YOU BELIEVE THIS YOU GOT BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN NO JOB! That the Russians will be working overtime. It means we cannot become complacent.

Hillary is shoe-to win the 2016 Presidential election... Don't you people report the news anymore? Is it all slam Trump at any cost... Let's talk about MSNBC TV ratings, shall we? Polls are for fools Just ask Hillary supporters nytimes washingtonpost JeffBezos CNN AP RepCummings VP FLOTUS realDonaldTrump ABC It means JAIL for Donald J Trump, Jan 20, 2021 !!!

Now why would I believe anything coming from your network you been lying for the last three years! I think this is a rerun I think I heard the same story of 2016 Does anyone believe this fake news media msDNC anymore?!!! What is MSNBC approval rating? 8% lol 🤣🤣 🤣 It means that you'll be wrong twice Heard realDonaldTrump say he was so wealthy he couldn't care less about being President and it's costing him billions personally.. being President. Anyone need any more reason to vote?

That's okay. Vlad'll fix it! It means that democracy and decency have a chance.

It means we’ll watching a repeat of this hilarious video. MAGA2020 Landslide AnericaFirst As long as Trump is president you will never run out of wind so everybody with windmills can watch CNN and MSNBC ! Means you’re looking at leftists sources Means we need to get him further “ underwater”!!!😂 The same thing it meant in 2016 nothing, thanks for asking.

It means more fake polls from MSNBC.. that is what that means.. CNN’s Don Lemon Sued For Alleged Assault It means no person with half a brain watches your little channel. The Dems have no candidates. No ideas. A record of abysmal failure. Have gone so far left they've left 90% of the country behind. So. I can see why you're desperate for something to try to keep your spirits up. It's just getting sad.

Polls are so reliable 🤣

FirstWish42 It means he is losing, that is what it means! And I don't even have a Pol Sci to help me figure that out lol Isn't he vacationing in Jersey? Why do we have to see his ugly face then? I thought we were getting a break. FirstWish42 He’s 12 points underwater in PA, where he just gave his latest Nazi rally.

His election in 2016 is an American tragedy. 2020 this mistake will be corrected. Msnbc it means we are winning 2020 TRUMP Msnbc is lacking viewers so,exactly who are you polling? 2016 flashback Hillary ahead is ALL polls. Fyi she lost Get this clown out! SoftHandedManBaby DO NOT TRUST POLLS VOTE!! VOTE!!! VOTE !!!!!

Y’all are in for a surprise in 2020 when we wins again

“Trade wars are easy to win” 😡😡😡“[its patriotic to live a little harder to help Trump win his trade wars]”- Trump Admin He wasnt supposed to win in 2016 and look what happen. Dont rely on the polls at all. Times It means you must think this is 2016 and your polls are “correct.” Was he also underwater when he won those states?

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