Trump's defended a pesticide linked to developmental disorders. California will ban it

The Trump administration saved chlorpyrifos from elimination despite links to developmental disorders. Now, the pesticide will be banned in California.


The Trump administration saved chlorpyrifos from elimination despite links to developmental disorders. Now, the pesticide will be banned in California.

California is the largest user of chlorpyrifos, which is used on citrus and other crops and has been linked to neurological damage in animals and humans.

“Certainly, God knows, I cannot predict what this federal government will do,” Blumenfeld said.

The state has been gradually tightening its restrictions on use of the chemical, so “farmers knew this was coming,” Blumenfeld said. “The handwriting has been on the wall for some time.”

“California farmers are resilient, but the long-term viability of our farms in California depends on proper support from the administration and renewed cooperation of the state’s regulatory agencies, especially in light of the many other unique and expensive regulations that place California farmers at a growing competitive disadvantage,” Tom Nassif, president and chief executive of Western Growers, a regional industry group, said in May.

in defiance of scientific findings about health and environmental harm

Read more: Los Angeles Times

What?! It’s clearly safe! Donnie drinks a shot of Chlorpyrifos every day, and is clearly normal! Thank goodness the Trump admin is looking out for the little guy! (“Little guy” is Donnie’s name for his friend down south. He has never seen his southern friend due to his fat) The administration of evil How about banning use of heroine. ..method. ...fentinol. ...all have direct links deadly results. With number 1000x more than this pesticide. What us your real agenda. You allow these drugs but ban a pesticide. ?

Hopefully State scientists are developing a safe alternative to this pesticide? Without it, there will be less agricultural jobs in the state and more items imported from other locations. It is time for all States to ban chlorpyrifos. You never think of citizens before illegals Why does the law not apply to the people you represent?

Resign Are those legal immigrants? What about roaches rats and disease on skid road galengering TrumpIsSatan

Possible Trump challenger Mark Sanford would vote for Trump over BidenFormer Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford is mulling a challenge to President Trump next year for the Republican nomination. But he also says that in a potential matchup between former Vice President Joe Biden and Trump, he’d pick Trump. Then he’s no better. DumptheTrumps Then what good is he

Now watch. In their rush to oppose the President, there’s an increased chance California crops will be wiped out by insects. Just wait and see. There is no choice since everyone is aware of cancer causing carcinogens and it will get into our water. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 equalandallied1 THANK YOU CALIFORNIA!!! This is why I chose to move here

“A federal EPA spokesman said on Wednesday that the agency has responded to complaints about its decisions by expediting the review process — it now expects to make an interim decision by October 2020, followed by a public review process.” - EPA DJT - under review “saved” WhirledCitizen_ Good for California.

HedvaFXanalyst WHY? SenatorDurbin SenDuckworth can Illinois please ban chlorpyrifios also? I'm so glad I live in California, couldn't find a better place to live in, we really care about the environment here, and people too. On the other hand, Trump can give a shit about anyone or anything. (Except himself of course)

I would bet Trump had no clue what he was signing. He just wanted to sign things to claim that he did things. Ridiculous.

Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald TrumpAnthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very important lesson about President Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's been saying that for like 2 years... CillizzaCNN ETTD CillizzaCNN CNN doesn't seem to have learned a lesson: Scaramucci is as much of a con man as Trump.

realDonaldTrump was using it to spray on migrants crossing the border😂 Thank god realDonaldTrump ran for president without it I would have not known he was the devil Thanks nytimes loserslose Wasn’t it Obama that gave Monsanto seats on his EPA and FDA cabinets after promising zero lobbyist in his administration?

Time to devolve America melodyisdestiny I am sure I will have many points of disagreement with Gov. Newsom just as I had with Gov. Brown. But I am very pleased with the Governor's emphasis on health care including primary prevention and the willingness of the legislature to take on these issues as well. Thanks Dems.

Good for CA ... If our Federal government won't protect US our states must step up Proud to be a Californian. realDonaldTrump What the hell are you doing to us?! LOL. WHY HASN'T NEWSCUM BANNED IT ICYMI Spray it on trump.

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Wait what... WWEs are invited where now? Is that scripted too? I think this is well done by Bobby Leshley. Take no more racial shit neither from Trump(ed) or his Trumper Zombies. Simple. Who

Keionisbored He just wants to bring more people like him into the world Just another reason why I love my state! CA would ban the cure for cancer if Trump was associated with it. But Trump wants America to sell their food to other countries that ban pesticides. Pick a lane. 🙄 😡😡😡 Now ban NPK fertilizer and GMO fruit.

Classic trump screw anyone who isnt useful. Something is really WRONG with Trump, EITHER he's WANTING to DESTROY 🇺🇸 Completely or he's plainly STUPID...I'm HOPING it's STUPIDITY, HE CAN'T BE SO HATEFUL That HE WOULD DESTROY SO MUCH Pray NEXT POTUS is EXTREMELY SMART an CAN FIX ALL HE DESTROYED SAVE 🇺🇸 VOTE DEMOCRATE

So there are links that vaccines cause developmental disorders but MSM declares such arguments as a myth and utter lie. Then force CA children to be injected. Cool shit we got going on. Also, promote illegal people w sanctuary cities creating even further health issues Sweet I have to ask myself why doesn’t he care about our children’s future. Then I realize that the rich will not be affected as much from toxic environments it’s the poor that have to bear the brunt.

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Really bad actors on WWE are even less reliable than the bad actors in Hollywood who want us all to find their hate filled words about Trump to be relevant. Pretenders Well played Big E 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Did trump’s parents let him play in the backyard full of this stuff? Cause you know Donnie’s brain is not working correctly. I love Cali. California love... Yeah, we got issues but at least were trying damn it! 😍 FIGHT BACK CALIFORNIA!! LA Times: Trump wiped his ass with ultra soft charmen, CA banned charmen due to it being linked to climate change and eleged squeezing abuse by.... Well... Everyone.

Killing us Only a sliver of the truth DianaHollins California has huge agricultural business. Smart move. JustWhatNowWhy 🇨🇦🇨🇦👏👏 Way to go California.Good on you. Because Trump is making money from this shit. Dude eats garbage and is garbage so he doesn’t care. Glad to live in a state that knows this.

Trump crackdown on legal immigrants could damage California economy, experts sayThe new rules could deny green cards to immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance. Trump puts this outrageous rule out here so we will forget about Mueller and all of trump’s other crimes. So unqualified, hateful and a con man Someone should do a comparison. How many Trump supporters receive foodstamps and Medicaid verses how many legal immigrants receive those same benefits. I wonder which group would be responsible for using more of those public assistance programs....... Officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will now weigh public assistance along with other factors, such as: ⚫Education ⚫Household income ⚫Health

vanessa_rath The lying LA times, they make up stories to fit a heate filled, anti-Trump agenda. Don’t believe anything they print All problems can be solved by the Free Market, Prayers, and Guns. 🤣🤣🤣 What Would Jesus Do? My new response to EVERYTHING Republican. TrumpRecession Trump hates Californian..

What like Vaccines or ? Make sure the WhiteSupremacistInChief.gets all of his food from the fields where this will still be used. He knows everything. Where the hell is ErinBrockovich when you need a badass And why didn't she run for president. I'd pay any amount of money to see her debate Trump!!!! What else would you expect from an uncaring, ignorant man. Trump cares about one thing. Himself.

Let Ivanka and Jared and Donnie Jr use it. Test it out for us on their lawns. Did other Presidents ban it? Why do you idiots blame Trump? Flint water? Trump did it. Glyphosate? Trump did it. Agent Orange? Trump did it. Vaccine study fraud? Trump did it. autismspeaks knew pesticides in CA were a problem since 2007!

California counties sue over new Trump rule targeting low-income immigrantsSan Francisco and Santa Clara counties filed the first lawsuit challenging the Trump admin.'s new rules to deny green cards to migrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance. Bring it on! Deny them all. Deport them by mass. I'm tired of seeing all of the goddamn hate and racial divide. Shit, there can't be any racial divide if you get rid of them. DeportThemAll Its not a new rule. Was in place when I came in the 70's

I’m glad Trump backed this pesticide. Because if he hadn’t it probably wouldn’t be banned by California at this time. Shocking!!! NOT. Want to know a secret? The largest shareholder in Monsanto (Roundup) is Warren Buffett Shh It’s a secret 😉 Kind of strange that BeckyQuick CNBC never gets around to asking about it Not so strange actually

This is what needs to be banned. it’s like a real life mr. burns. “now let me see...which horrible thing can i support today? disease rendering chemicals, you say? that’s the ticket!” Maybe this is why he’s mentally demented can you imagine what they put back on the market you can just scream Give brain damage to self to own the libs!

Dump it in the White House garden. He doesn’t care about the average person. It’s all about $$$

I don’t think a pesticide has anything to do with developmental disorders.... it is California after all. 🙌 This hits CA hardest yet they're banning this toxic pesticide because it's the right thing to do. Meanwhile Trump admin continually puts profits before human health and safety. WorstPresidentEver

Thank you for thinking of your people CA Is dis good or bad? CA has banned everything except people....stand by. LOL Trump: it's safe folks! I consumed tons of chlorpyrifos when I was a kid, and look how smart I am! In his defense he’s a bit slow Doesn’t everything including fresh water cause problems in Ca.

Blame trump liberals you’re only going to get him elected again

Of course it will. California bans just about everything. Yay! Thank you California! All about the money to “conservatives”. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica 😂 the fuck... this doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. CA could’ve banned this pesticide anytime they wanted to...clearly, because now they have. SafetyFirst

Can we round up the California politicians and spray them with pesticides please? Start with Newsom. Go Ca.!! Just like Obama defending Monsanto. Not surprised at all. Surprised⁉️ The dude still loves asbestos. Maybe that’s what happened to him

Well, let Trump and his family eat the pesticide. BUY FROM CA It's no secret that money is the most important thing to that MF trump? He could care less about children & developmental disorders. Obviously a few deposits have been made into some offshore Trump account somewhere. We know how he operates. . .

Does California still put warnings on coffee cups that say the contents, 'may contain' carcinogens'? There is no such thing as a 'safe' pesticide. trump must have eaten a ton of chlorpyrifos during his developmental years. same goes for flotus DerangedDonald BeBest Trump doesn't care about America, this is all a reality show to him. Starring Trump as himself as the president. TrumpsRecession

Be careful if Trump supports vaccination- California will ban it , if Trump supports toilet paper, California will ban it Sorry..realDonaldTrump Is Not Responsible For DumbAssSyndrome Spreading Rampant In California Nice Try.. Stick To Your ProChoice Stance .This Will Be Over Soon.. Mexicans are exposed to the risk, that is not a good way to indirectly do your purge TRUMP!

Odd that only things known to the state of California may cause cancer. But not any of the other 49 states...... What isn’t banned in california lol Bans only work if you ALREADY have an alternative solution . Banning first then researching later means farmers will go out business due to diseased crops.

Your kids get sick from drinking tap water or eating mamas food you know who had a no regulations party. The GOP for Putin our Country is being sold to Russia. realDonaldTrump is just trying to protect his voting base of developmentally disabled people. Without them, he can't win again. California produce will be more popular than ever.

Wonder how much of that he was exposed to. 👏👏👏👏😊 I often wonder why farmers across the board don’t boycott unsafe products, even if they have to pay more. Why aren’t people doing the right thing? Unless the farms are corporate (corruptly) run, then it makes perfect tragic sense. ZERO links.....just like JNJ, NO PROOF!!!

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