Trump's Calls For Poll Watchers Raise Fears About Voter Intimidation

His appeals have unnerved voting rights advocates and election officials, especially in light of incidents around the country that have pitted armed groups from the left and right against each other.

10/1/2020 11:44:00 PM

President Trump complained that his supporters were prevented from monitoring an early-voting site in Philadelphia, calling it a sign of 'corruption.' The individuals weren't registered as poll watchers and the location was a satellite elections office.

His appeals have unnerved voting rights advocates and election officials, especially in light of incidents around the country that have pitted armed groups from the left and right against each other.

The recent appearance of chanting Trump supporters outside an early voting site in Fairfax County, Virginia, has also raised alarms.Voters were not blocked from voting at the site, but some said they felt intimidated by people who waved campaign signs and shouted,"Four more years." This followed the arrival of a noisy caravan of Trump supporters on motorcycles in a nearby parking lot.

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The incident led Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, to issue an opinion noting that there are federal and state laws prohibiting voter intimidation."Voting is a fundamental right. It is the foundation of our democracy, and no Virginian should ever feel for their safety or feel intimidated when they exercise their right to vote," he said.

Rule Changes In Swing States Mean More Votes Will Count, Results May Take LongerHerring said it was unclear, however, if any laws were broken in the Fairfax case, in part because the Trump supporters stayed more than the required 40-foot distance from the polls.

Still, the incident was a sign of how fraught this year's elections have become. Republicans say people overreacted and no one should have felt intimidated. But Democrats point to Trump's comments and to a recent militant-sounding appeal from his son, Donald Trump Jr., for supporters to protect the integrity of the election.

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I’m going to vote for Joe and Kamala but show up looking super MEGA so I don't get harassed. I hope other do the same, or this goes viral so it messes with the MEGA poll watchers heads… Early voting Fairfax VA All polling stations should be video taped. The line, the poll workers, and the movement of ballots. Election2020

What, are Trump poll watchers going to intimidate people from voting twice? Just tell everyone your voting for Trump, then don't. His lunatic supporters will leave you alone, and it will be an even bigger shock when he gets scrubbed. This is not about racism or the KKK this is about socialism and the Black people who are ignorant with white people running with them burning down their own neighborhoods and maybe even they’re not even from that county or state this is about socialism not racism

What I'll be wearing for the 'poll watchers'. Has America sunk this low that we allow armed people to invade the voting area to intimidate voters . This is third world dictator elections . Trump doesn't think the rules apply to him. No law and order for Trump Trump supporters can watch my poll as it spits at them. As long as they keep out of melee distance.

He said Poll Watchers and they thought there'd be strippers. wait, he’s complaining because his cult can’t engage in voter intimidation? that seems very, um, trumpian. JeffersonObama I don’t believe states and counties aren’t prepared to provide security to election officials who will have the duty of counting our votes. Remember, Roger Stone is out free, free to organize the civil unrest used in 2018 to intimidate vote counters.

Guess what I see People in a line, but not minimum 2 feet away from each other... as Covid 19 guidelines all say to do!!! So, my question is, how many of you are going to get sick, by not taking proper precautions at the polls? I don’t think this is wise at all. Can’t you Just to be clear, being somewhere without proper documentation is now a bad thing?

Why is calling for poll watchers at polling places. Trump said mail in voting Is the problem. Trump has Texas limit 1 Mail in ballot location per county. Beyond voter suppression, now become voter denial, suppression & obstruction. Trump know about obstruction 10 counts of it. So what’s a ‘poll watcher’ do? Don’t they have better things to do, like work or a hobby? Get a life

FRAUD simple and plain. You betas are something else... I have never witnessed so much childish cowardice in my life... Wtf has our Nation come to?... Now tell me trump the traitor isn't trying to sabotage our elections. He doesn’t follow any laws so why would he know that this is in fact illegal. What exactly does 45 think his cult members are monitoring?

👎👎👎👎👎 realDonaldTrump is an illegitimate potus, has no understanding of government and elections. He has proven over and over that he is not deserving of being re-elected. But you didn’t have a problem when it was the Black Panthers watching the polling stations. 🙄🤡 Hypocrites Sort of like oh, I don’t know, open borders? We need permission to follow the law or we don’t?

Proud Boys condemn racism and white supremacy More dog whistles! Trump: “Stand back and standby.” Jr: “We need every able-bodied man and woman to join the army for Trump’s election security operation.” If this isn’t intimidation and call for violent confrontations, Idk what is. The Trumps’ way of saying “If we go down, so does America!”

In PA there are rules to be a poll watcher. Just showing up is intimidation. Drones are working best and transmit HD video. Cc: realDonaldTrump ProudBoytrump snd his worshippers don’t have to follow rules! Right Making the rules as he goes, as usual completely expects whomever/whatever shows up at any random polling place demanding to 'watch' polling? This will not go well at all, just as the great pretender wants it to!

Is he really bitching about not being allow to commit voter intimidation? Jesusfuckingchrist 🤦🏻‍♀️ 'The individuals weren't registered as poll watchers and the location was a satellite elections office.' sound like excuses not reasons Trump is purposefully doing this to try to make people question the results so the Pennsylvania state legislature picks its own electors instead of using the popular vote.

“Monitoring?” The way that the Klansmen “monitored” voting booths at the end of “Birth of a Nation?” It isn’t legal to just loiter at polling places. This “president” is very ignorant of the laws in this country. Very deceptive reporting NPR. It's not at all shocking you would twist the facts. We've come to expect nothing less from your propaganda network. NPR (National Propaganda Radio).

Armed militias 'monitoring' polling sites equals VoterSuppression. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So what does a satellite elections office do that's so unimportant that it shouldn't be monitored? Trump only want to use the debate to spread conspiracy sound bites. That's is what he did. But everyone will not hear that it was debunked. There is no value in these debates.

How is wanting a fair and honest election considered intimidation? Except that the people staffing that polling location were all Democratic party operatives. No registration for poll watchers allowed so that only Democrats can rig the numbers. He has caused nothing but chaos. Just like he likes it DonTheCon keeps spreading lies. Some of his lies caused people to die.

Polls must be watched, leftists love to cheat Just register 🤷🏽‍♀️ Follow the rules.... oh wait tRump and them don’t follow rules. lawandorder! Everyone, EVERYONE in line to vote should turn their camera/phones on the 'watchers' and video them the entire time they're in line. Then post the videos so we can out the intimidators/criminals interfering with the voting process. And maybe send them to jail with Drumpf.

Who watches the watchers? Pollwatcherwatch So they were undocumented poll workers What the hell is the matter with that man!! Congress needs to step up and get some laws passed regarding elections. Maybe just give his campaign this so that there are no more issues. It's pretty easy to understand. Trump needs a muzzle. He should NOT be calling on the average citizen like this. He's inciting his radical base. It's a dangerous move and one that threatens our democr process.

He doesn't know the law. We elected a failed businessman not a politician. These are the same people he told to stand by on Tuesday. Bring em on. Obviously he's never tangled with a Philadelphian, hahaha, Bring Them On, this would be better than any sporting event. Come, We Are Ready. I think we all know the real reason his poll dancers are there.

Keep his thugs away! I'm still trying to understand, who in the hell do his supporters think they are? They're nothing but a bunch of thugs trying to intimidate voters. Trump is completely out of control. He must be removed from office. Do not get TOO MAD DONALD!!! Our polls do NOT need your CRAZY monitors!! Go away!! Quit lying to us Americans!! U R THE PROBLEM!!

Poll Watcher = Intimidator. Wtf are they watching for? His default move is to lie. We don’t need HIS poll Watchers !! This is how 3rd world tin pot dictators intimidate their opponents. Because of Trump America has gotten there in under 4 years after and two centuries of consistently stable democracy. Good kick their asses out of there

Harassers? Send a f’in lawyer if you are concerned. republicans are complicit in the destruction of American democracy He must be shaking and the gop too because now they are resorting to illegal tactics and questionable ones 'We're not allowed to register as poll watchers' at this new facility This is just the beginning of the nonsense.

He’s so anxious to call the prospective election results as fake so he can have Barr declare him the winner. Someone standing around looking at people. What a terrifying intimidation tactic. Meanwhile you have BLM demanding fist raises and loyalty or they steal or burn your shit or attack you. What horse shit NPR has become

One more example of his failure to educate himself. Here we go... this asshole works overtime when it comes to creating chaos.

Trump's Calls For Poll Watchers Raises Fears About Voter IntimidationPresident Trump's call for his supporters 'to go into the polls and watch very carefully' — along with his baseless claims that Democrats will 'steal' the election — have raised fears about potential polling place confrontations. Illegal on so many levels. He's scared. He should be, tax collector is coming for him. Baseless. Are you really that biased. Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacists on the debate stage last night. VOTE HIM OUT.

Joe Biden faces calls to skip debates after Trump inspires far-right, undermines electionCalls are growing for Democratic nominee Joe Biden to skip the next two presidential debates following Tuesday's contentious exchanges. If the debates go on, the right will be emboldened and will take over the country with their rioting and looting and burning. The Republic will come crashing down all around us. Panic before it's too late, America!! Spanish speaking viewers of Telemundo expressed their preference of who won tonight’s presidential debate: 66% Trump 34% Biden. DebateTuesday Trump wasted everyone's time. In real world he would have to apologize to the moderator, his debate opponent and the audience for wasting everyone's time. Trump does not intend to respect democracy like he didn't respect the debate. He's going for the authoritarian power grab.

Poll: Voters Saying They’ll Vote By Mail Plunges Amid Trump Attacks, USPS IssuesThe number of voters who plan to use mail-in ballots has dropped by 15% since May. Forbes used to be unbiased. Trump is Winning!!! More dishonest media. It because of what occuring not because of Trump. - Pay for ballot scheme Minneapolis - NYC sending out 100K incorrect ballots & now sending another - Military ballots for Trump found in ditch - Ballot issues in NJ, VA, PA This is real & happening.

Facebook says its campaign helped recruit 100,000 poll workers for Trump-Biden presidential electionA major recruitment drive by Facebook to address the shortage of poll workers on Election Day has spurred 100,000 people to volunteer to work at polling stations, the social media giant told USA TODAY exclusively.

66 percent of Spanish-speaking Americans in Telemundo poll think Trump just won the debateSpanish-speaking Americans gave Trump the nod for winning Tuesday's presidential debate according to a Telemundo poll. Who won the debate? ¡Ay, pendejos! La Trompa perdio. I wonder how many said trump and put the phone laugh at the clown who ask the question.

Biden leads by 8 percent in only poll to give Trump recent national leadThe latest edition of the only national poll showing President Donald Trump with a lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during September now shows Trump trailing Biden by 8 percent. Listen to 'Las Olas' and cool off Videogame included Even Rasmussen CAN’T lie anymore. The Election Commission is changing the rules for the next debate because JoeBiden cannot handle the heat. Who will change the rules when Biden goes against North Korea, Russia or Islamic Terrorists? WeakJoeBiden