Trump's Backfiring Trade Policy

9/12/2019 1:26:00 PM

Thirty months into Trump’s radical trade policy, and as trade disputes with China escalate and risk turning into a currency war, it's time to take stock. Trump promised far better trade deals, fair treatment of American firms and to reduce the trade deficit. Sadly, none of these goals has been met.

, which depends more on fiscal than trade policy, is larger than when the President took office. Tariffs are not reducing imports. Tariffs are shifting the source of imports to third parties, such as Vietnam, and increasing their cost for U.S. consumers.

USPS Inspector General probing Trump's Post Office boss NASCAR driver tests positive for Covid-19 Two sites that amplify hoaxes given special treatment at Trump’s briefings despite restrictions

Employment in manufacturing has increased, but it has just kept up withemployment in the rest of the economy. This, too, was not a surprise, since jobs in manufacturing depend far more on automation and tastes than on trade policy.As for fair treatment of U.S. firms, according to Global Trade Alert, nearly 18 percent of U.S. exports were at risk from tariff increases by other Group of 20 countries last month compared to about 8 percent in 2016. According to the

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Obama says he worries about Trump's efforts to 'kneecap' Postal Service

Former President Barack Obama said on Friday he worries about protecting the integrity of November's election in view of efforts by President Donald Trump to 'kneecap' the U.S. Postal Service to limit Americans voting by mail during the pandemic.

Weird if a president fights for his people to get out of stupid and unfair trade deals that everyone wants to criticize him. Or do you idiots want China to get richer and the US just keeps on building an even more massive deficit. Did you even listen when Trump explained it all? If the Democrats were standing with the president instead of being the dividers these foreign countries would see America united instead of divided in our trade war would be going better but he stay the course and Trump will win again and the Dem’s will be scratching their heads

And, you would have us just continue to let China rip us off? So You want to strip the president of strategy that hasn't self destructed as you predict! That sounds like taking a crap without pulling your pants down. You have the Cart before the horse! HouseCracka BreitbartNews business BBCNews Au contraire, it’s working like a charm...

To be fair, it’s not a “policy.” It’s simple incoherence wrapped in ignorance.

Potential Senate fight looms over judicial nominee who helped craft Trump immigration policyAlmost exactly a year after the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh turned into a furious fight over judicial temperament, sexual misconduct allegations and political decorum, the Trump administration is facing what could be the 2019 version of the Battle of the Bench: the nomination of Steven alexnazaryan /finance Defiance /contact Tikta STATE TREAD

Trump fires John Bolton amid concerns over leaks and policy disagreements, sources sayPresident Trump announced in a tweet on Tuesday that he had asked his national security adviser, John Bolton, to resign. Sources say the departure was due to disagreements and suspicions Bolton was involved in leaks. The shocking announcement came less than two hours before Bolton was set to participate hunterw blrshepherd The Walrus has a long walk home. hunterw blrshepherd Trump names new National Security Advisor... hunterw blrshepherd Shocker, another wrong hire by DJT! We should listen to him and his 'wisdom' for what reason? He will just change his mind a few days later. He is truly an embarrassment to our country.

Trump fires foreign policy hawk Bolton, citing strong disagreementsSecretary of State Pompeo echoes Trump's tweet on the firing of National Security Adviser Bolton Try water or get a better toilet paper Trump Of course he does! Bunch of spineless sheep. No one who is “in bed with Trump” has to call out his lies while in his grasp. They are spineless. All of them

Injunction against Trump policy lifted in asylum caseA federal appeals court has temporarily lifted a nationwide injunction against President Trump’s effort to deny asylum to immigrants who enter the U.S. after passing through another country The Supreme Court is about to stop the practice of a single judge halting government nation wide USSupremeCourt Good. Misuse of our asylum procedures for financial reasons should result in a felony prosecution, deportation, and permanent ineligiblity to visit here again.

Injunction against Trump policy lifted in asylum caseA federal appeals court has temporarily lifted a nationwide injunction against President Donald Trump’s effort to deny asylum to immigrants who enter the U.S. after passing through another country

Leon Panetta: Trump hasn’t accomplished a major ‘foreign policy objective’'This president has not accomplished any major foreign policy objective. And the result is that we have a very dangerous world as a consequence.' - Leon Panetta on Trump. Yet he wrote what he wrote about PRESIDENT Obama. Just to sell a book? Says the worst and most corrupt member of Obamas team Hey Leon ,did you find those weapons of mass destruction yet.6400 American troops DEAD 24000 WOUNDED and over 100,000 Iraq people Dead ,millions homeless ..these are just some of your great foreign policies ..p.s.lets not forget Libya FUleon