Trump's 2018 Turkey Pardon Bizarrely Foreshadowed 2020 Election

In 2018, Trump pardoned a turkey named “Carrots” who had lost “a fair and open election” but “refused to concede.'

11/25/2020 1:44:00 AM

In 2018, Trump pardoned a turkey named “Carrots” who had lost “a fair and open election” but “refused to concede.'

In 2018, the president pardoned a turkey named “Carrots” who had lost “a fair and open election” but “refused to concede.'

.But while “Carrots” lost the election to “Peas,” Trump claimed the turkey “refused to concede and demanded a recount.”The president then claimed that even though the recount did not change the vote, he was going to pardon both birds.FLASHBACK: In 2018, President Trump attacked Carrots the turkey for refusing to concede he had lost the vote on the White House turkey pardon contest.

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Can we get over having to 'pardon' a turkey! Has anyone attempted to translate the final gobble by Corn as realDonaldTrump walked away from the ceremony? Which one is the biggest Turkey? Trump: 'I hereby pardon you' Turkey: 'Nah, I'm good' He was projecting 2 years in advance, he knew he was a loser! How about we skip the turkey and roast a big fat swine this year ?

Did the Turkey obstruct justice, tamper with witnesses, lie to the FBI or to Congress, and/or blackmail Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political enemies? Is that why he was getting a pardon from Trump? He didn’t really foreshadow anything. Even if Biden had won all 50 states by hundreds of thousands of votes, he’d still be crying that the election was rigged and refusing to concede and demanding recounts. It was always and forever the plan if he lost.

You mean how the GOP made up rules in 2016 for voting on Supreme Court justices and then didn’t follow the rules in 2020? Yeah, that’s politics. Moose and squirrel 🐿 Hello,guys I'm video promoter. I'm Expert in YouTube promotion, Spotify Promotion, Soundcloud promotion, Tiktok promotion and Social media any side. Please give me one chance. I will try my best service for you. This is my Fiverr gig link

These two turkeys are called Donald and Melania Fantastic. Can he just leave now and take his criminal enterprise family with him? Oh and take the swamp creatures too. That’s be great, thanks. Why do u phoneys keep saying this was a fake election? It was ripe with corruption & fraud. All u that refuses to see this are gonna be shocked when Trump is finally declared the legal winner. U dont win by cheating or buying your way into power. That's corruption

He was hinting at a pardon for himself in 2020. God knows he needs one. Did I hear a cry of 'Fowl'? Trump admin: turkeys get pardoned, humans get capital punishment Carrots is Trump secret service code name. This headline is dripping with irony. Maybe he was talking about Stacey Abrams 🤷🏻‍♂️ That's one bloody great big Turkey stood there...who brought the big chicken along btw?

Who is the turkey now!? ;p 😂😂😂😂 Melania’s expression. im a rapper You couldn't make this shit up. He was to be pardoned next 👇🏾 Is this trump projecting he is going to pardon himself? Smell that buzzfeed For your consideration. Too bad for Carrot. History is unflappable when it comes to ironic prognostication. There will be no pardon for the Turkey in the White House this Thanksgiving in the Twilight Zone.