Trump Reveals New Proposed Air Force One Designs - Cnnpolitics

Trump Reveals New Proposed Air Force One Designs - Cnnpolitics

Trump reveals new proposed Air Force One designs

A new look for Air Force One would replace the presidential jet's current light blue and white color scheme with something more explicitly patriotic, according to plans revealed by President Donald Trump.


'There's your new Air Force One,' Trump said, holding up four mock-ups of a red, white and blue presidential plane with an American flag on the tail. Trump's proposed makeover would be the first since President John F. Kennedy was in office.

A new look for Air Force One would replace the presidential jet's current light blue and white color scheme with something more explicitly patriotic, according to plans revealed by President Donald Trump.

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How shallow and dumb. What was special about 1962. Nothing , Kennedy redesigned it at his pleasure, so also Trump wants it redesigned no difference but as always will always want to find something wrong about anything Trump does. Trump is 100% on top of everything. Energy Do not let this jerk do this!!

Because he has nothing else to do right?!?!?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ make me Canadian or wake when this ridiculousness is over Yeah a nice red under belly to a 747. Much easier to spot for mischievous “bad hombres” . Assume his security people will also encourage him to use it alone. NOTHING ORIGINAL HERE THE SPIRT OF 76 , AIR FORCE ONE 1976 THE TRUMPS COPY EVERYONE SPEECH MELANIA, SHOES , IVANKA, DONNY JRS HAIR MICHAEL CORLEONE, ERIC TRUMP OBO STAR TREK, DONALD TRUMPS HAIR FONZIE

New paint job looks great CNN on the other hand is joke news GOOD SPENT ON PLANE NOT ON ILLEGAL COMING 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌🏿 This guy talks to President realDonaldTrump with his hands in pockets and laughs casually which would never happen in China. This has been in the pipeline for ages prior to Trump but he questioned them on the price agreed and he got it down So he saved the USA $$ whereas Obama never bothered Yet another story the democrats have no idea about

EXCLUSIVE: Trump unveils his patriotic new paint job for Air Force OnePresident Donald Trump shared never-before-seen images of Air Force One’s prospective redesign on Wednesday during an exclusive interview with ABC News. GStephanopoulos Dealing with the important stuff GStephanopoulos “patriotic” 😂 GStephanopoulos Does it actually need to be repainted or is this another bullshit thing to waste our tax money?

Because all our other problems have been taken care of. Design looks oddly familiar..... He can not even paint the flagg... Good idea Bet the socialist dumicrsts will protest that This is how despots behave. 60% of America does not support AF1 being painted like the reverse Trump plane. 🙄 It's literally the same design as his own plane just upside down....

I think Airforce One is classic and classy. Why spend more money redesigning to Trumps ego colors. I don’t like trump...but that new plane looks a lot better! China want get all money of Hongkong that's why china making new law . So poor China

EXCLUSIVE: Trump reveals historic redesign of Air Force One'Here's your new Air Force One.' Pres. Trump shows GStephanopoulos mock-ups of his vision for the next generation of the presidential aircraft during an exclusive ABC News interview. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos “His vision” 😂 GStephanopoulos A couple folds and that could be a Deal with Mexico...

Trump is a moron. There are bigger problems than the color of AF1. And we care because..... when are you going back and showing what is going on in the world. He has THE tackiest taste in the world Trump is too lazy in making decisions. He doesn’t have job to get done for the country? This is unnecessary, we need a lot of more , we have emergency all over the country, why spend money on air force if it’s not broken, this is not his personal belongings to he do unnecessary spending

First Executive Order when Biden wins. Cancel his colour scheme and retain the existing one. What is wrong with this man. He is getting our country deeper and deeper in debt. Why spend money on a plane while he pretends to cut benefits for the needy, our children in need of food, the elderly totally neglected. All for his ego ?

8h8no dx Give him a model plane set He can build his own to play with. Great for the President. I think Air Force One needs a make over. Red, White and Blue.

Donald Trump, Charlottesville Defender, Draws the Line at Steve KingKing not been invited back onto certain committees, and continues to be shunned by GOP leadership Yeah, Steve King has been targeted here in Iowa by Dems for years. But, now that his party noticed he's an embarrassment, and an extreme right-wing, nazi-racist, he's suddenly toxic. Mind you he's been spouting stupid 💩 his entire career in Congress. He's in a very red district. I can't keep up with all this political intrigue.

He'll never step foot in it. Scrap the plan. Don’t like it. Leave air force one alone. Jail bars would be appropriate. . NO! Why in God's name would anyone let this criminal do this More money added to deficit. He doesn’t have anything better to do than read decorate His fat carcass will never step foot in a redesigned AF1.

Seriously Who cares Complete with a ‘Russian’ section in the cabin. I'm sure it will be Trump Tacky

Lawmakers target Trump's plan to change Air Force One's color schemePresident Donald Trump has been personally involved in conversations about changing the color scheme of Air Force One but congressional lawmakers are working to limit his options for a redesign of the iconic aircraft. He wants it orange with KFC logos on it. Oh well that’s another useful exercise and use of my tax dollars.

Another waste of our hard earned money. Use it for maybe .., Vets... 911 first responders medical .... etc Cnn you’re always reporting his antics. You helped him get elected. You covered him not Hillary. I stopped watching. Why do you want to he.p trump destroy USA? No makeovers especially by Mr. No Class.

This? That’s what you need to focus on, you half baked twit Obama changed the freaking logo This will really give his followers a hard-on. Needs it to look PRESIDENTIAL for his golf weekends!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽bet, it will cost millions and he will hire his buddies to do it! Nice coverage. Not even a picture of the new design.

Tacky solid gold toilets that he can clog up ‘ on the way to his golf game.

Remembering the time Donald Trump hit a hole-in-one at the Pebble Beach Pro-AmRemembering the time Donald Trump hit a hole-in-one at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am via YahooSports YahooSports No, but I do remember that playing golf consumed our previous president. YahooSports A trick ball Magnetic or remote controlled 🔥🔥💯 🤣😂🤣 YahooSports

Why change it he won’t be in it much longer. Design a patriotic prison outfit for you and your kids. realDonaldTrump just loves spending our money. His nasty ass will be gone before any new plane gets a makeover. Glad to see he has nothing better to do but keep spending our money to his liking👎 Why He will be going to jail

THIS IS A FLAT OUT LIE... THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES IN AF-1 SINCE JFK. PettyBS Ooh, Donnie gets to play with model planes. Envy of every 7-year-old. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Talking about wasting taxpayer dollars..... I believe this qualifies.... It's not gold? Another trophy for Trump. Great job Mr President

French president gifts Trump with new 'friendship tree' after the first one diesEmmanuel Macron confirmed the first tree, planted by both presidents on the South Lawn of the White House in April 2018, died in quarantine. What is the over/under on how long this one lasts? That one will die too........

Trump is a threat to our national security. Maybe paint a picture of Trump's fat face on the tail This is what Trump the Chump focuses on?! What?! It’s about time maga Please, don't give this moron a new plane! Trash. Who’s paying for this realDonaldTrump, I guess you can afford old man It will end up looking as classless as him

Next he wil want to redesign the Constitution You are a complete fool💩

So he wants AF1 to look like his personal plane. No thanks Because THAT's really what America really needs right now. SMH More worried about the looks... this is what we elected and we fully deserve it because of the shitty job politicians have done over the years. The feeling of hopelessness is inevitable

This is obscene coming from a man who is actively undermining our democracy and selling off our national secrets to line his own pockets. Patriotic colors? My sweet ass. I hear Boeing 737 has a sale on! PresidentTwatWaffle should snatch up the entire fleet. Hopefully ,dear country , we do nothing this corrupt leader wants. Period 🇺🇸

the UN globalist Blue looks weak......... It’s fine. It’ll change back again when a real President takes office. For fucks sake Maybe he’s getting a head start because the 747 is retiring soon, liberal nutjobs TDS findacure

That sounds tacky. Like we care about rebrands when realDonaldTrump is ruining America and the World ... SMH Lock him up in it Hey realDonaldTrump how about we spend that money on thinks that will actually benefit the people you are supposed to be working for? Things like say, Health Care Reform, Education; or repairing the failing Social Security system?

NO Like he doesn’t have more important things to do Why? How is that MAGA?!?!?! Designed by Moscow, paintings expected to be done by Lindsey Graham. does it come with a blow up doll on every seat? pickaSeatANySeatANdUnderEachSeatTheresAnEnvelopeWIthHushMoney Keep it inconspicuous

Now this👇🏼is what our Air Force One should look like!! 9/11 first responders need that money more than you do and stop golfing and that money can help also . President shows he is very patriotic he loves a Country, I like a Air Force One have America flag in a tell. I believe he will be started soon very big bullshit on a media and politics Democrats about that he looks for anything to attack and harassed a President.

Bet a McDonalds kitchen is added! Keep those burgers coming... Go do some president stuff you fool...painting our plane is just not needed. Go get some people out of cages.... Sure they aren’t Russian flags? If there is not an area for golden showers I’m going to be fucking livid He’s so good at wasting taxpayers MONEY😡😡😡😡

Will it also say 'TRUMP' on the tail? I mean, I realize it won't be completed until after he is out of office, but I'm sure Pres Ivanka or Pres Don Jr will like it. realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump DonaldJTrumpJr VP msnbc foxandfriends If Trump has anything to do with it, Air Force one will be tacky and gaudy. Gold toilets and all. The man has no taste, no class, no dignity.

His fat face isn’t on the tail? CNN: Let's help Congress get the American Sheeple on board for Impeachment... Intern w/Google: Um, hold up on story I don’t want to pay for it! Not needed !!!! BIRTHERS Trump likes weekly paid trips to his golf courses, foreign hotel guests in his hotels, a shiny new (preferably golden) government airplane of his own, beautiful letters from dictators and biographies written by adoring fans, and... is that all too much to ask?! TraitorTrump

does it really need a new paint job ? why not put trump's picture on the tail In an attempt to keep our county safe the people in charge of babysitting realDonaldTrump have come up with a great plan. Give him a box of crayons and pictures of airplanes to color Goes with his personal, garish style. Waste of money as usual

MAKE AMERICA GAUDY AGAIN There is so much that is needed all over the USA. I think redecorating a plane can wait. Dealing with this POTUS we will be bankrupt soon. More wasteful spending but no comparison to his golf trips! Last thing this country needs is Trump remaking yet another American icon in his own vision... and spending millions in the process...

Até o Mr PRESIDENT TRUMP gosta de minhas ESCADAS kkkkk 👏👏👏👏😆😆😆😆🇧🇷🇧🇷 Hey, maybe he should focus on more important issues 🙄are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! Nah, this guy never owned a penthouse decorated in gold. Nothing tacky here. He’s a man of the people, the working class! The best president ever, the most patriotic president ever.The President most hatred by anti Americans people .

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