Trump returns to polarizing themes in Fourth of July address

The president's speech from the White House's South Lawn marked a sea change from his 2019 address, which largely stuck to patriotic and not political themes.

7/5/2020 3:19:00 AM

President Donald Trump on Saturday railed against protesters, China and the media in an address marking America's Independence Day — typically a non-partisan celebration of national unity

The president's speech from the White House's South Lawn marked a sea change from his 2019 address, which largely stuck to patriotic and not political themes.

President Donald Trump on Saturday railed against protesters, China and the media in an address marking America's Independence Day — typically a non-partisan celebration of national unity.Trump, whose address largely mimicked the tone of his stump speeches, continued his attacks on protesters he said are “lying” about American history by calling for the removal of statues and memorials celebrating slaveholders and colonial and Confederate figures.

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AdvertisementAnd similar to his speech at Mount Rushmore on Friday, Trump pledged to defend American monuments and the country’s “rich heritage.”“We will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children or trample on our freedoms,” the president said, assailing protesters as “anarchist agitators” who “have absolutely no clue what they are doing.”

The Saturday speech, delivered on July 4 amid the backdrop of a pandemic, record-high unemployment and nationwide protests, marked a sea change from Trump’s Independence Day address in 2019, which largely stuck to patriotic and not political themes.And as the president faces questions over his agenda for a potential second term, Trump hinted that his priorities will remain largely the same: low taxes, a strong military, religious freedom and law and order.

“We should all want the same thing,” Trump said.Trump also defended his administration’s pandemic response, pinning the blame for the virus on China.“We have the most and finest testing anywhere in the world, and we are producing gowns and masks and surgical equipment in our country, where heretofore it was almost exclusively made in foreign lands, in particular China, ironically this virus and others came from,” Trump said, blaming Chinese “deception” for allowing the virus to spread.

Trump devoted a portion of his address to rail at the media, which he claimed without evidence “falsely and consistently label their opponents as racists.”“When you level these false charges, you not only slander me, you not only slander the American people, but you slander generations of heroes who gave their lives for America,” Trump said.

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Hinted? ReelectTrump123 Humpty Trumpty will fall off his wall Ripping off the American public. ...why change what is working? It has the left beside themselves with anger because Trump is more successful. Ruining our country and golfing, that’s the platform the GOP are saying they are good with, VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

Continue to destroy America, destroy democracy, bankrupt the country and then move to Russia? That’s because he has no priories he just wings it Trumps polarizing theme, the same. HATE SPEECHES, DIVISIVE SPEECHES. PROMISES TRUMP KNOWS HE WON'T KEEP. Lots of promises not kept. Continue the LIES. Keep the CORRUPTION going. Hire the best IDIOTS who kiss his ASS.

He has had no Agenda for the first term 🥵 sorta make it up as u go......... Yeah, Trump really needs to quit with this whole polarizing theme 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Land a cushy gig on pox news I think that's where the antichirst is headed He plans to run on his being the worst thing for America & the rest of the world besides the dictator he bows down to Putin.

By polarizing you mean America first, thats what the majority of Americans want . Priorities? Donny ran on Hate and a Horrible America in 2016. His Slogan MAGA. 4 years later he is Still running on Hate and a Horrible America. NOTHING 'Great' in 4 YEARS. Trump's 2020 agenda is no different from his 2016 agenda...get (re)elected. That is all that mattered then. It's all that matters now. He had the Wall in 2016 and he has traitor monuments in 2020. Both stupid issues to get behind, but they appeal to the education challenged.

And what agenda is that!?! Lie, deceive, break the law, play golf, support Putin!?!?! He should stick with that for 4 months and ensure his loss at the polls So tweeting, playing golf, eating fast food, insulting everyone, crying about everything, doing nothing, and hiding in the bunker? Got it realDonaldTrump TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsACompleteFailure TrumpisaLoser TrumpIsALaughingStock

Projection! Politico is polarizing! Destroying the country & our resources! F Politico The “poles” are Americanism vs Marxism. Good vs Evil. Exceptionalism vs suppresion. Prosperity vs bread lines. Trump vs Biden. Polarization is good. So his “policies” remain zero except A+ in racism & white supremacy can't he continue to Tweet as a civilian? Someone tell him he doesn't have to be President to do that.

His agenda: 1.steal from the people. 2.start a race war. 3.kill as much Americans as possible. 4.bend over and spread em for vlad. 5. What else Trump is evil and uses the tricks of the devil to manipulate the zombie sycophants cheering his speeches. The zombies who are cheering for him now, will be devastated by him if he wins a second term.

America is putting him out with a one way ticket to Russia! 4 MORE years of lies, dividing the Country, increasing the National debt, golfing and ranting on twitter? NO WAY. NO MORE Trump!!!! IndependenceFromTrump. GoJoe and show your support for JoeBiden2020 with our lawn signs!! Delivered right to your door. Follow and DM us for details.

This was more than a hint. Caution!!!! This idiot is even dumber than he appears to be!! realDonaldTrump is simply re-running his previous campaign. He apparently wants a 'do-over' to try to keep his promises (the Russia/Crimea one is still working). His campaign thereby admits that he couldn't fulfill his major promise to MAGA. KAG has pretty much disappeared.

To destroy america Hate, hate, hate 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬!!, sucking up to dictators and nazis and playing golf and eating junk food and lie? Racist incompetence seem to be his only priorities. ResignNow What priorities? Oh well that's splendid news, isn't it. He is awaiting Putin's instructions. the chaos maker is at it again

So: 1) Golf 2) Kiss Putin's rear end 3) Let Americans die 4) Repeat 1-3 5) Say some racist stuff in an almost unintelligible way Got it. Taking away health care and tax cuts for the rich? Who in their right mind would vote for this guy? Checklist: ✅Racism ✅Hate ✅Mayhem ✅Pandemic mismanagement ✅Propaganda ✅Lies ✅Crime ✅Constitutional crises ✅Environmental catastrophe ✅Greed ✅Ignorance ✅Dementia ✅Partridge/Pear tree

Do-nothing-donald. Need I say more? Good news for Twitter I suppose 😂 In other words Trump's agenda is to keep screwing up this country, keep promoting racial problems, dividing this country even more and pushing our allies farther away from us. And kissing more of Putin's ass. Tweet tweet tweet all day and swindle taxpayer money... pollute and murder Americans.

More destruction of our country and the world. TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump TraitorTrump

He had that distant look in his eyes, like that of a person losing his mind; slipping, sweeping, sloping away. The list of his short term accomplishments are rather huge starting with obliterating ISIS. But to me, the most important was exposing the media goons like you Politico. You hate America and never had anything truthful or anything positive to report.

At best, Trump will wait for SCOTUS to die & appoint from conservative list given to him. Besides building.. emoluments to The Donald - Trump's agenda for a potential term, hinted at in his July 4 address; his priorities will remain largely the same So, cruelty then. Never forget his vicious, Republican hate and greed speech made at the Boy Scout Jamboree. Eagle Scouts MikeBloomberg / StateDept Secretary Rex Tillerson condemned Trump, while most Republicans cheered Trump's Hate Orgy. SaraGideon GreenfieldIowa AmyMcGrathKY kanyewest

America first is hard to beat. He has no vision. He’s stale. Trump doubles down on America Carnage, and this is your weak lede? criming. Yea nothing TRUMP DONT CHANGE HIS MIND WITH WIND AND THIS IS WHY HE LL WIN LARGELY ON 3RD OF NOVEMBER. Returns? He never uses anything else So basically “build a wall”, deport any immigrant who isn’t white, and a bunch of nonspecific meandering bullshit about “winning” while blaming the media, Obama, and Hilary for everything bad? Got it. More of the same.

TrumpIsANationalDisgrace VoteJoeBiden2020 How long can he continually shit on the constitution? So basically, continuing to enrich himself and ta hell with everything else? Showing off his massive hooters on the links. How did he hint that? He said nothing about anything How about asking JoeBiden? Other than pandering to blacks and accusing Americans of being bigoted racists... We don't know what he plans to do if he wins. He has no policy, no plans only a bad resume

Could someone recap the president's priorities for his 1st we could compare So, golfing, self-aggrandisemen, ignoring bad situations where leadership is required, and playing the victim to such an extent he starts carrying his own body-outline chalk. So, nothing? Seems legit. That’s all he’s got

GrifterInChief only had one agenda, steal as much as possible Be corrupt and spread division and hate. tRump has no policies, has no plan. Never has. And he also has no second term. Start packing sucker. for me because I promise more of the same? White supremacist realDonaldTrump gave dark carnage vile campaign speeches, threatened Americans to please his KKK voters. This evil is more and more dangerous! Wake up America, vote for JoeBiden!!!!

Can’t you just disappear? So, 6 miles of wall and filling his pockets at our expense...marvellous SAVETHEDEEPSTATEFROMTHERADICALLEFT SAVETHEDEEPSTATEFROMTHERADICALLEFT SAVETHEDEEPSTATEFROMTHERADICALLEFT SAVETHEDEEPSTATEFROMTHERADICALLEFT Babble daily bullshit and make everyone hate each other? Siphoning tax dollars, Twitter, and golf.

he's a one-trick pony one trick is all that horse can do he does, one trick only it's the principal source of his revenue Like the Wall that was supposed to happen in the first 100 days? He is a polarizing theme. We can only work to make sure he is gone. GodBlessPresidentTrump So....committing crime and playing golf?

4 more years Embezzle, cheat, inflame, sell out AND STAY OUT OF JAIL! Same same, not even different SethAbramson He is the first, and hopefully, the last 21st century racist leader of America. SethAbramson China doesn’t care what the IMPOTUS says as we celebrate Independence Day by paying China for the fireworks .

SethAbramson 'Returns to polarizing themes...'? FFS. As if he ever left those themes in the first place... SethAbramson It's his last one (July 4th as POTUS). He wanted it to be a beauty. SethAbramson Color me shocked If anyone indoctrinate children, it's repubs. They teach their kids to hate others based on gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Why? Just why?

SethAbramson How much did taxpayers pay this weekend for the Trump campaign? The Divider in Chief 😡🇺🇸 Everday without fail and so exhausting. Sick speech from what excerpts I have read!! I thought taxpayers didn’t pay for campaign rallies? When the lamestream media already set the stage for a partisan celebration. With their daily divisive and irresponsible media coverage of the POTUS.

Common sense is not a partisan issue Call it a rally why dont you. Mobbed up Don This is realDonaldTrump robbing a large portion of the nation of Independence Day by using it for his disinformation campaign. Shame on Trump. VoteTrumpOut Trump 2020 Just another campaign speech on the taxpayers dime. Nothing polarising about patriotism, only media polarising and hateful!!

Trump has absolutely no idea how to be anything other than polarizing, or even why he would want to. Biden2020 It was a great speech. ...BLM protestors don’t think it’s non-partisan, why focus on Trump? He isn’t destroying cities and people’s lives. Not true. I guess you did not listen. Support the U.S. and Pay your fair share of American Taxes.

Because it’s sll about him and his doomed re-election. Biden2020Landslide Idiot Ridiculous. Dangerous. Depraved. Do you not see the left hating America? Trump is worse than Covid 19, or any plague we have ever had. Playing politics on the nation’s celebration of Independence ? This guy has no respect of country. Everything is politics. Everything is about him. He’s disgusting !

Doesn't anyone else get tired of his constant whining, moaning and groaning. Always playing the victim. Enough already... Everything turned partisan in the Union of the Soviet Socialist States... So, I guess the bill for the whole deal will be sent to the Republican Party because it really was only a campaign rally? What are the rules about using White House property for that?

Campaign event funded by all taxpayers. This is one of the few times people other Fox New cult is listening to him. Trump couldn’t unify two magnets. He can't help but dig his heels in deeper and deeper even though he is down a well politically. So done. very presidential, very inspiring. He railed against Marxists, rioters, police haters, statue and monument destroyers. He railed against these hateful terror groups Antifa and BLM who have made it blatantly clear they want to destroy this country. They hate USA. National unity was the cry to stop these radicals!

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture warPresident Trump accuses his opponents of wanting to 'end America' and vows to protect statues and monuments. Noahbierman Update: The hostage situation at MtRushmore is now over. The monuments are in critical but stable condition. realDonaldTrump Noahbierman What a weirdo Noahbierman “Far-left Fascism?”

Trump celebrates July Fourth at Mount RushmoreDespite wildfire fears, fireworks followed his speech, in which he announced he would establish a statuary garden to recognize American heroes. And the maga support actors peed their pants while wildly stomping their feet and clapping their hands. 🤮 Maybe your crazy POTUS wants to become the fifth one? 🤣🤡 Trump He’s probably already suffering from Covid. That’s his exit plan before November.

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How to safely celebrate Fourth of July, according to an expertDo’s and don’ts for the Fourth of July weekend, according to biologist ErinBromage: 👥 Limit the number of people you mix with 🌳 Stay outdoors 🏖️ Keep your distance, even on a beach ErinBromage Do’s and don’ts for CNN: Stop reporting fake news and using fake anonymous sources. ErinBromage Remember to never split infinitives ErinBromage And stop wasting energy on fire works that cash can feed homeless children. Build shelters and bring out the food for the poor instead.

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