Trump requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from him

“In my 30 years of doing this work, I've never seen something this egregious,” one food bank director said.

10/1/2020 1:30:00 PM

The Agriculture Department last week began mandating that millions of boxes of surplus food for needy families include a letter from President Donald Trump claiming credit for the program

“In my 30 years of doing this work, I've never seen something this egregious,” one food bank director said.

. The CEO of the organization, Susannah Morgan, wrote in a statement that “there are real questions as to whether food assistance organizations can ethically distribute such a message with an election looming in mere weeks.”The Agriculture Department did not respond to questions about why the letters were previously not required, but now are.

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In response to POLITICO’s questions, a spokesperson for USDA said Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease official at the National Institutes of Health, supports the letters as a messaging tool.“In addition to benefiting from fresh produce, dairy and meat products, Americans in need also are receiving essential information about how to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. These measures include avoiding crowds, maintaining physical distance (6 feet), covering your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others, and washing your hands often,” Fauci said, in a statement provided by USDA.

The single-page letter included in the boxes, however, is less specific, telling people to wash their hands, protect the elderly and vulnerable, and stay home if they feel sick. The letter only says to “consider” wearing a face covering in public, though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explicitly recommends doing so.

The USDA also shared a statement from Ivanka Trump, who has beena public ambassador for the program.On the south side of Chicago, in a predominantly Black neighborhood that has been hard hit by Covid-19, the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation has been handing out USDA food boxes every week since mid-May, when the program began. This week was the first time the president’s letters started showing up in the boxes, which are handed out in the parking lot of a Save-A-Lot grocery store that shut down in February, just weeks before coronavirus began wreaking havoc on the economy, said Carlos Nelson, the CEO of the nonprofit.

“It’s really shocking,” Nelson said, noting that the letters put his organization in an uncomfortable position because the group is required to remain apolitical to maintain its nonprofit tax status. “It seems like it’s being politicized.”On Tuesday, during their weekly distribution event, one long-time volunteer walked off and refused to participate once she realized the packages contained letters from Trump, expressing worry that people may think the boxes were essentially trying to sway votes, Nelson said. Others opened up the boxes and began removing the letters before handing them out to individuals who arrived at the event on foot, though the vast majority were not removed before being handed out.

Some people receiving the boxes pitched the letters out their car windows, Nelson said, leaving them on the ground. "Thankfully we've got a litter abatement team here,” he said. Read more: POLITICO »

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Looking for votes... Omg can he just go away already! Spoiler alert: more FakeYahooNews He takes away their coupons and gives them no choice in selection of food. Yes he is responsible. A very bad man indeed. Idiot He botched the pandemic on purpose and he’s desperate because he knows he’s losing to save his job

There are no words about this idiot. there are just no more words. VoteHimOut 🙄 LIKE THATS GOING TO HELP HIM...IM NOT SURE THATS LEGAL,USING A FED.DEPT TO AID IN YOUR CAMPAIGN.. Desperate for votes! So what? You’re always bad mouthing him. People should know some of the positive things he does because they’re certainly not going to find out from yahoo, slanted news.

A good idea millions of tons of food are thrown away because of out of date stamped on packets....methinks it to keep the price high DumpTrumpDayNov3 Evil. Americas SHAME continues..... vote...BIDEN telling Profiteering Trump...'YOU'RE FIRED' COST of the useless letters $$ how much WASTE $$ could be spent FILLING FOOD PANTRY'S

That's disgusting. Yet another reason to dump Trump. DumpTrumpDayNov3 Do the body bags at hospitals and nursing homes for the covid dead come with a Trump letter too? GOOD!!! Good....lets them know WHO TO BLAME for the failed response of the American Government. Trump is already the KING of Government he the King of Government Cheese! 210,000 Dead Americans.... 13,000,000 Unemployed.... Trump Built that...TrumpsAmerica

It's from people who pay taxes, not the MAGAt's leader. Unbelievable. Just attempting to encourage another group to vote for him realDonaldTrump is beyond narcissistic! I have small grandchildren who do not ask for as much attention! TooNeedy PeteSouza The new version of Regan cheese and Obama phones?

Here’s some food I didn’t bother to support through my own taxes you hungry peons, love and kisses from dear leader. p.s. make sure to vote for me, I’m desperate So what? He deserves alot of credit. realDonaldTrump deserves to pat himself on the back. Y'all never give him credit for anything. And now he has 3 Nobel peace Prize nominations. Credit where credit is due!!!

jaketapper This is wrong. POTUS and his last harrah!!! deejay90192 Are you f’ing kidding us 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Once again using taxpayer money to try to buy the election. DISGUSTING & SHAMELESS! ddale8 That’s his branding strategy. Take credit for other’s work. Sick man NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Gross.

He is despicable. Love the idiots who compare themselves to paying more taxes than Trump, guy who has all those businesses with thousands of workers who has invested millions almost wish we were poor so my kids could get one of the boxes....would treasure the letter. JackMCarey1 This is HIGHLY illegal. Using federal resources to campaign is a gross violation of the Hatch Act.

ddale8 Are you kidding me?! That is disgusting! The lengths this corrupt president and his minions will go to is just wrong. Trump and the republicans could care less about how the American people are suffering through this crisis of the pandemic! Obviously! PeteSouza Disgusting I read the article and could not find the letter or a link to the letter. Wouldn’t it be helpful to include the letter so we can decide if it’s appropriate or not? Only the sheep 🐑 read the headlines and believe them 💯

jaketapper Don’t forget air. Where’s the letter from trump saying “you’re welcome for air. I make air” And wood. And water.... TrumpIsANationalDisgrace DrayTrades jaketapper realDonaldTrump They should just not do it. It’s a disgusting political move and not the law. Put the assholes letters in the trash where he put the mail doting machines.TrumpIsALoser TrumpIsALaughingStock

So wrong wrong wrong unless they are all written in Sharpie Everything Trump's administration does is corrupt. All the more reason to vote him out. Not that there’s not enough other reasons. JFC. How is this legal...oh wait. Article 2, total & complete immunity, the chosen one... when you’re a criminal, they’ll let you do anything.

JonLemire Cocksucker It is a great way to remind people that are having for the first time in their lives to sit in line to get a box of food to feed their families, that Donald Trump is the cause of their having to be there. ddale8 Jared. jaketapper words can't begin to describe the selfishness of this. even worse than when he wanted his signature on the aid cheques. not a selfless bone in his fat dumpty body. 🤮

jaketapper So they should just NOT do it! Ag Dept.- just say 'Yes Sir!'...and then send the boxes out, with no letter. What's he going to do? He won't step foot in single neighborhood to which the boxes are headed. How's he gonna check? This shit is ridiculous. Letter should be from the Americans that are paying for the food.

jaketapper When does he find the time to garden and can all that food? Breadlines in America jaketapper PROPAGANDA! Donald Trump is a FASCIST & NARCISSIST who wants credit for what others are doing. HIS MONEY does not pay for the program, TAXPAYER MONEY pays for all government programs. Fuxk PutinsPuppet donald j trump!

jaketapper scumbag Will a 'similar' letter of credit go into the thousands of Covid Caskets during Trump's last few months in office? realDonaldTrump VP senatemajldr Corrupt narcissists will be corrupt narcissists jaketapper Can anyone be sure he is not selling some of them? ddale8 He literally can't help himself.

A good toilet tissue substitute ddale8 ddale8 Such a dictator move. That is desperation ddale8 Always needing attention and recognition. Geez the weez. ddale8 After he booted out of WH he may need some of that surplus to feed Melania.....if she doesn’t divorce him on Jan 21st What a waste of money. I’d like to know how much that cost.

Did it say “I am the reason you can’t feed your family”. Surprised he doesn’t put one on every ventilator used for Covid also. Such a sick narcissist. VoteHimOut You really can't expect better from an egomaniac like realDonaldTrump. First he's bribing seniors for their vote with a $200 health care scam. Now he's trying to bribe under privileged people with food. That doesn't work well when he's trying to suppress that vote too.

ddale8 Are you fucking kidding me ... a bit of a self-own How much more proof do people need that Trump is a malignant narcissist. Additional toilet paper. ddale8 Trump is an ego strutting Pig ,always was ToluseO So what... ddale8 Joke👍😷🐕 I'll take what is fake news for a billion Chuck ddale8 Disgrace

ToluseO He's getting desperate. ddale8 Just get the food to the people who need it. They can use the paper to pick up dog poop or line a bird cage HMMM. What else can we do to buy votes? I know, poor folks on food support! Great idea boss, we will get on it right away! How about adding his name to the economy plunging 31.4%.

ddale8 Great way to remind people why they have to pick up food boxes for the first time in their lives. Nailed it, Ivanka. ddale8 Quid Pro Quo Donny continues to prove that he will lie, cheat, and steal to get your vote. (And then ignore you afterwords.) ddale8 WTF? How much did realDonaldTrump buy with his 750 dollar tax payments? We have to get this clown out of office.

Disgusting You're welcome Pathetic Absolutely NOT! Remove those letters! What a selfless man. I think a mass burning of these letters will be in order The guy thinks he’s king His narcissism knows no bounds. We-the taxpayers-provide this! VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare I’m not sure there’s is a worse person in the world. He is putrid.

What is wrong with this man? Ivanka explained it months ago: It doesn't matter what you actually do, it only matters what they think you did. The appearance of doing something is what is important, not whether you actually did it. Ass gotmtv The Dept of Ag need to charge his campaign for these bogus fliers. I hope the people that receive the boxes realize that this is nothing but authoritarian propaganda.

realDonaldTrump is trying to buy votes, just like those letters claiming he gave the folks money from stimulus Well yeah, if it wasn't for him, they probably would need the food. So I guess he does deserve credit.🤨 Propaganda through and through What a fraud. Was it paid by his $750 tax payment? So, he uses our tax money to feed the needy, while not paying for any of it out of his own pocket? What a POS...

Enjoy your hamberders. realDonaldTrump This is literally what N. Korea does with food aid to their citzens, only they claim it comes from Kim Jong-Un. I don't know which insult is better... having paper towels tossed at you or getting a Trump letter with your food box. This is pathetic. Taking credit for something he didn't due, and very likely violating campaign laws.

Narcissist-in-Chief Another non-story that the majority of people don't care about. He should take credit for policies that caused so many people to need food. Trickle-down economics at its finest. 'Here's some crumbs from massah's table. Enjoy!' It’s all about him. But we knew that already... Farmers sweat and pray for the weather. Pickers break backs getting food in. Processors stand on their feet for hours. Truckers drive endless boring hours. Donations are given by the millions. Volunteers give selflessly of their time. And Trump wants the credit Narcissism!

Utterly disgusting...”Fox News first reported in July that letters would be included in some boxes over the summer and credited Ivanka Trump with the idea. “ his admin & daughter who came up with this program. Families to Farmers Food Box Program was created bc people were overwhelming the food banks & food at farms were going bad & in the case of milk being dumped out bc schools & restaurants were closed. Tacky for the letter maybe

'some even have refused to distribute them.' That's taking political pettiness to a disgusting new level. They don't care that the needy get good. Dunking on the Pres is far more important. Shameful Ok, this is weird as fuk! This is buying votes! realDonaldTrump grabbed his egocentric last ditch effort to recitate his illigitimacy by the privates to play Americans! This ploy needs to sound an alarm! Election Fraud/Scam on National T.V. Retweet! MSNBC CNN Morning_Joe maddow

Great!!!! Tell everyone that because of his incompetence of handling the COVID-19 response they now have to receive this box of food. That will win him votes. Gross. Just gross. Oh my He can sign the body bags. Wouldn’t need these boxes with a Democratic President in the White House. This is lazy and stupid people’s idea of branding and marketing, it won’t be effective.

So sorry anyone has to be reminded of him while eating. Well, that’s the price of one bog roll saved then! Does the Guinness Book of World Records have a category for biggest ego? What about blackest soul, most racist or softest snowflake? Asking for millions of voters. He should take his fist and stick it up his own ass.

People. Please search for VENEZUELA and CLAP BAGS. This shit has a very well defined script I am sick and tired of him spending our tax dollars so foolishly! And I’m sure the fact that we probably wouldn’t need this program if he had acted more responsibly in the beginning is completely lost on him. VoteHimOut

Won’t it be grand when Biden does all the same such propaganda and tricks. Republicans will never get in office again once the Dems use all Trumps tactics. Can’t wait... What a guy 🙄 Cute food stamps then acts like he gives a rats ass whether or not poop people eat. Ugh ! This man is EVIL Ivanka. Of course. Can't wait for her to be gone as well

Now he's channeling Socialist Dictators? What's in the box?🤔 Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer He should also send letters of condolence to the families who lost loved ones to Covid 19. Pathetic, petty cretin. It’s always all about him yet he spends most of his days ranting on twitter, denying he knows people who worked for him, lying and stealing more $$ from us. I’d burn that letter.

Yup. He’s clearly compensating for failures in certain, umm, areas of his life. Pure autocratic behavior Only if he personally signs each and every one. How about no. This is such a dictator move. Campaigning!! Every day it's some new bullshit and I am so tired. Ridiculous. Trump is not our supreme leader. He shouldn’t be taking personal credit for tax payer funded programs. What a joke. What a national disgrace. Trump must go. Vote Trump out!

From the same man who couldn't care less about the American people than he does paying his taxes... erm... wait... no... this...ah, never mind. At the risk of being redundant, “another example of realDonaldTrump taking credit for something he had nothing to do with” SOP A sick little man. What's the American taxpayer cost on that letter?

How much is that costing ...this man is such a crook and GRIFTER. He wants credit for getting people into needing a food box 🤔 That money come from taxpayers Donald Trump doesn't pay taxes. Geezus...his ego. First the letters w/ the stimulus checks now this. 🤢 I contributed more than Mr. $750, include my name too.

It won't matter. He's toast. trump the jerk lies again. And? What a desperate POS 🙄 Fascism F*** him. It's because of him that we got f****** people that a f****** hungry. Figures Billionaires like to use other people's taxes to take credit for something they didn't support by evading federal taxes So long as needy families get fed, I don't care if he sends them a picture of his butt.

A-hole in chief wants people to love him but they loathe him anyway. WorstPresidentinHistory Sickening. Mr. Biden, are you lisrening?

“Trump Is So Saturated”: Anti-Trump Attack Ads Might Actually Be Helping Him, Democratic Group FindsWhile doom-and-gloom ads thrive on Twitter and cable news, they can turn off voters whom Biden needs, according to the tech-minded operatives at Fellow Americans. “A lot of the blame-Trump-directly messaging actually resulted in lots of backlash,” says one. for the 6 people in America who are undecided, might I just suggest to vote with your conscience, not out of spite because you are sick of ads. I find it hard to believe these people don't find his daily barrage of obnoxious more insulting. PeterHamby Bad take.

Eric Trump: Trump Tax Story Is ‘IRS Scandal Of This Generation’Trump said the focus should be on the IRS, not his father, because they targeted the president for “doing a great job.” 🙏 TrumpFraud Does anyone expect him to say much else? He’ll probably go down with his daddy, is scared as $!+ and can’t logically come up with anything better (even lies) to defend against this. I mean he could ask his dad to just release the tax returns to prove it’s all fake, so why not?

Trump Allies Push ‘Russian Intelligence’ Alleging Clinton Devised Plan To Tie Trump To Russian HackingA purported assessment by Russian intelligence was declassified by the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday. But even he acknowledged the report could be false or exaggerated. Dry Vagina Ad “Biden media allies once again provide cover for corrupt politicians that deserve to be investigated” it is because trump thinks pointing the finger to other people will pull the fire off of him.

Trump Always Finds A New Way To Remind You Of The Amorality Of The Trump EraTrump attacking Biden’s living son while Biden spoke about his late son was a jarring moment of amorality. I am waiting for the press asking GOP Senators and members of the House (if they can find them) tomorrow about this ugly hateful performance by Trump. Waiting to hear them say they did not watch the debate.

‘Appalling,’ ‘dangerous’: Ex-Trump officials react to Trump debate showingTwo former top Trump officials, Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann, are now spending the weeks before the election warning voters about the President. “I think the President showed the nation exactly who he is last night. I’m just glad he put it on display to see what I’ve been watching behind closed doors in briefings,” says Troye. I do believe just as Trump does, that the Democrats are using the coronavirus as a political weapon to win an election. Do you really think Joe Biden cares if anyone dies from Covid? He said nothing at 50 thou, nothing at 100thou, but now the election is here he’s concerned!

The story of Trump as tycoon is 'a fiction', but will it matter to voters?'This will not be as damaging or it won't be damaging at all with this 45% of America that is with this guy no matter what,' jmeacham says about the NY Times report alleging years of tax avoidance by President Trump. jmeacham The Racist factor transcends jmeacham Sometimes swing state elections come down to a few hundred votes. Remember Florida in 2000? A .01% swing might just be the difference between democracy and fascism. Vote early and in person to throw that scumbag to the mercy of his creditors! Don't let the stop counting ballots! jmeacham Trump fooled all his supporters this was something they were afraid of. Karma bites back