Trump Releases Video Calling For Calm But Doesn't Mention İmpeachment - Cnnpolitics

Trump Releases Video Calling For Calm But Doesn't Mention İmpeachment - Cnnpolitics

Trump releases video calling for calm but doesn't mention impeachment

President Trump in a video message did not acknowledge his second impeachment, but instead called for peace and claimed that those who mobbed the US Capitol last week are not his “true” supporters

19 hours ago

President Trump in a video message did not acknowledge his second impeachment, but instead called for peace and claimed that those who mobbed the US Capitol last week are not his “true” supporters

On the day he was impeached for a history-making second time, President Donald Trump lacked a comprehensive legal strategy, had nothing on his public schedule and was without his preferred social media methods of responding -- in part because his son-in-law put a stop to efforts establishing his presence on fringe platforms after he was banned from Twitter.

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'No one is above the law': Pelosi signs article of impeachment against Trump

The House voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Capitol attack. The vote comes as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office on Jan. 20. Follow here for the latest.

Yes, those are exactly his supporters!! He is just now noticing who his supporters really are? „Please don’t impeach me again..“ Of course they are. They’re everything he represents Listening to CNN great coverage on planning of insurrection. Is there anyway that Trump et al might have been aware plans were been made. if so what would that mean in terms of culpability. If I know a crime is going to be committed am I not obliged to inform the authorities.

At this point he will say anything. Just go away PresidentTrump Where does this come from? You’re fulla dung mate. McDonald Trump. Is this a reconciliatory talk or a sympathy talk? Well damn. That's not going to make them happy 😂 oh boy Jajá At 2:56, “I’ve been briefed...and I CANNOT emphasize there must be NO violence, no law breaking, no vandalism...” Hmm, is that double negative on purpose?

Now he says it! “Unequivocally” should have come before, during and after the rally! At 2:56, “I’ve been briefed...., but CANNOT emphasize that there must be no violence, no law breaking, ...” Is his double negative sending a message to his idiot followers? It wasn’t so hard to do. I wish he had used this tone early on.

Oh man that shit was hilarious just wacthing that 🤡 squinting his eyes bc he can read the teleprompter 🤣. Dumb look on his face reading that shit. But more priceless is the thought his village of morons seeing that 🤣. Thank you Pelosi that woman is a boss. Trump has Already Stated in an interview that He doesn’t take defeat very well.... He didn’t Lie on that part and we should have taken him for his word then... Now look where we are at!!! Impeachment

This is abusive behavior... we have literally suffered abuse for the past four years under this loser. Not even reference of regret for the tragic 5 deaths and in particular a police officer who potentially was murdered. This is why the Impeachmentis so important. He must be held accountable! trump never mentioned the officer who died at the US Capitol. His supporters should feel like idiots ....trump told them to go to the Capitol..he said he would be with them and he abandoned them. 😂😂😂😂They were stupid enough to believe a lying conman!!!

This is too late He might want to start with his damn kids Eric & Don Jr. who wanted to go after every “zero” and commit acts of violance while having a good time doing it. ImpeachmentDay Because his ‘true’ supporters would not have left? Oi🙄🙄 what happened to 'you are special and we love you?' 😂😂 He can say anything that benefits him without shame

This is a SALES PITCH!!! “Please calm down and don’t impeach me...this doesn’t work if you impeach I’m sorry for now (fingers crossed)” Why did he even bother? It’s so fake and such a farce. It’s truly repulsive. Yes, that's because it's irrelevant.... Got thrown under the bus 🚌? Too little to late

Most will think this speech is just Trump trying to save what’s left of his ASSets. Do you think Trump followers will now turn on Trump after this speech? Or follow his words? I pray that the supporters that they arrested is not the ones who hates blacks, because they are going to be feed to the dogs. They should know what population is in the pen, and they're going to know them before they step feet inside the pen. This is a dangerous game!

I guess not ... his true supporters eat beans, stay at his hotels, play at his golf courses and watch re-runs of his now cancelled TV Show Trump is afraid of his Money, because big BANKS like DEUTSCHE BANK and other Banks dont wont to give him CREDIT ANYMORE. So he is letting his Supporters down. That is what you call (RAT) .

CULT Members - you are being DISOWNED, after the pat on the back. You mean the ones he told “we love you, you’re special” those traitors his “true” supporters! The ones that flew the confederate flag in the capitol! Those clowns 🤡!! Trump drops everybody eventually.Remember that all you Dino Why give this joke the time of day him an his family should be jailed

Too little too late The MAGAts know he didn’t mean it. They know what he really means. Not “true” supporters? Let me guess. Did he say that Biden won the election? If he didn’t then this means nothing. The Big Lie is still out. That attitude encourages violence and abuse on a smaller scale. I am retaliated against by LivoniaPD after my sexual assault grievance about Curt Caid, Rick Ostrowski,Mike Murphy. They harass my family at my house& in stores RAPISTCOPS.

One of the highlights to me is acknowledging and admitting “ COVID 19”and not his sarcastic phrase “The China Virus” his talent is a movie actor I think he needs to start immediately.. Oh now they are not your supporters Those.were.his.supporters Watch the footage... He’s afraid of jail at this point Those were the ones he called Patriots, his creation, the MAGA people, too late to try to wash his hands off this.

But they’re so special, and he loves them This needed to be said.....a long time ago. Unfortunately when reporters ask him, he comes across less convincing, and most people see this teleprompter speech as insincere. He also needs to apologize for any part he may have 'inadvertently' played. HAH! Typical Trump defense 'i don't know these MAGA people, never met them, but take photos with a lot of people'

Trump trying to cover his ass. He's clever but not smart. Even I can see that sublimbly, he's telling them just what to do as he says what not to do. The way he lists the specific acts is clearly a message. Cool, not cool. Thanks for the heads up. Now that his coup failed, the collaborators are thrown under the bus for his next play: to somehow avoid trial and conviction by the Senate, along with a prohibition from running for any public office again.

He also didn’t acknowledge President-Elect Biden. It took a week for him to condemn the actions last week. Why? Because he had lost contacts, loans and received other hits to his bank account. That is all he really cares about. TooLittleTooLateTrump Hostage trump vid Hostage video He should have read the teleprompter more in the last 4 years 😄

Listed almost atop the “Trump Movement” is adherence to Law and Order—righteous indeed. That requires the President to explain to his followers why he would not accept outcomes from the judges (he appointed many) because they would not go along with his election fraud hoax. He lies And this is to unite Our Great Nation how? I NEVER heard our President POTUS ask ANYONE to attack the Capital of Our Great Nation.

HOLY CRAP, DOES HE EVER KNOW HE IS IN DEEP LEGAL TROUBLE!! He also never conceded or congratulate Joe Biden Jr.. Read between the lines!! 'Not his true supporters.' Oh, you mean like those in Congress? Can't imagine that any rioters will take being 'not his true supporters' lightly. It would be a shame if 'not his true supporters' didn't show up on Jan 20. What a shame.

Seriously f%ck this a*hole! Enough is enough. This man is a cancer and it's spreading. Cut it out like you do with any other malignant growth. Of course not he’s playing people once again. He is responsible for this historic even but he only cares about himself and he sees his $$ disappearing and that’s what is most important to him. Banks want their $$, he’s going to have huge lawyer fees just to keep him out of jail

Lmfao this is hilarious I literally started cackling in the middle of watching this video this dude is all over the place I don’t believe him! No apologies, no resignation, no acknowledgement of guilt, nothing. And you probably speaked today because forced to do it. And impeachment 2 as well. Too little too late

What impeachment 🙄 Trump called his Thug followers Patriots and said he loved them. Trump said he said nothing wrong and was told his statements were perfect. He didnt acknowledge Biden won the election. Nobody will believe anything in the video is genuine. He is the one who needs calm..we are fine!!.. his brand is shit...

Accident or Arson, the results are the same. - Smokey the Bear Better than nothing given he now fears republican support, but get real—does he deserve a gold star for finally doing his job and preventing violence? The mobs are unleashed—and nothing goes away unless and until he admits the truth—the election was free and fair.

He got neutered again today. Hopefully, he is told to STFU for the next week. If all criminals got a do over we would have very few incarcerated Ez 7:25) When distress cometh...they will seek for peace and there shall be none 26) Trouble shall come upon trouble...rumour upon rumour...27)...the people of the land shall be troubled. I will do to them according to their way, and will judge them according to their judgments

So now he says it! So, U threw your base under the bus. Base u hear this? He only cares about himself. He said he is going with you. But now you are in jail while he was watching u on TV. Stop believing in this guy. He only cares of himself. Hyatt HiltonHotels Marriott HayAdamsHotel hyattwashington ShorehamHotel OmniHotels I'm humbly asking all DC hotels to follow Airbnb's decision to block and cancel all reservations during inauguration week as we read reports of a second far right riot planned DontRentDC

Weak Its just more BS