Trump rally likely contributed to surge in COVID-19 cases, Tulsa health official says

Trump campaign rally likely contributed to local surge in COVID-19 cases, Tulsa County health official says.

7/9/2020 4:11:00 AM

Trump campaign rally likely contributed to local surge in COVID-19 cases, Tulsa County health official says.

A Tulsa health official said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's campaign rally in late June likely contributed to the recent spike in coronavirus cases.

cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday."In the past few days, we've seen almost 500 new cases, and we had several large events just over two weeks ago, so I guess we just connect the dots," Dart said at a press conference.

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Dart, who said prior to the rally he'd recommended it be postponed over health concerns, added on Wednesday that"significant events in the past few weeks" had"more than likely contributed" to Tulsa County's surge in cases.Tulsa County reported 261 new cases on Tuesday, a new record high. The state also broke records this week with 858 new cases on Tuesday and 673 on Wednesday.

MORE: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus"We continue to go up and are at a new peak," Dr. Dale Bratzler, the chief COVID-19 officer at the University of Oklahoma, told ABC News Monday.Hospitals in the area are also beginning to report strain. Hillcrest HealthCare System, a major provider in Oklahoma with two hospitals in Tulsa, is nearly at capacity.

President Donald Trump pumps his fist as he enters his first re-election campaign rally in several months in the midst of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 20, 2020.President Donald Trump pumps his fist as he enters his first re-election campaign rally in several months in the midst of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 20, 2020.

undefined Leah Millis/Reuters"We are running at 90-95% inpatient capacity in our Hillcrest Tulsa metro hospitals and ICUs," Dr. Guy Sneed, the chief medical officer at Hillcrest HealthCare System, told ABC News."Many of our COVID patients are very sick and require ICU services, including mechanical ventilator support. Some are also requiring ECMO services."

"So, the strain on our existing hospital resources remains high, as it does for the other Tulsa area acute care hospitals," he added.In the lead-up to last month's event, health experts raised concerns that the president's rally could end up being a dangerous event in terms of possible infections."I'm really very concerned about this event being a superspreader-type event where there will be potentially many people coming out of this who were exposed and could become sick from COVID-19," Dr. Lena Wen, an emergency physician and public health professor at George Washington University told ABC News.

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Oh brother.😎 Fake news right on time You are Activists posing as a news organization creating fiction to manipulate the people. Fear sells. Peddling fear is how you make a living. You keep people in a state of fear so they keep watching. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople TellAVision MSMLies Your claim: people get infected at rallies, but not at the demonstrations. Stop yourselves ! We are not brainless. We can think for ourselves.

But blm riots dont. So much stoopid in the msm. The protesters and their snot rockets prob did it. They all look like Puck from Real World! But the protesters around the country do not, because they're so damn virtuous. Funny you don’t mention all the anti Trump supporters that were also their. No. it's because of more testing that has been done. Quit blaming Our President Trump on the spikes of the Corona Virus. I'm surprised that he's not being accused of planting the Virus in advance wherever he plans on going. He's the greatest President we ever had.

I guess media forgot they mocked Trump for only having 6k there and half the arena empty because now they say this massive gathering is the cause of a spike. Yet I've not seen a story saying the protests caused any spike. Just Stoopid. You people will be shut up in November! The silent majority will speak in November.

Such bull shit Fake News Protests may have had something to to with it too. It’s like the media is afraid to say it. Of course Say the same news with a history of Fake News. Should be easy to contact trace that right? If contact tracing is not being done as backup to this claim it ain’t worth diddly squat!

Naaaahhhhhhhhhhh Likely? Likely? Likely? How does Likely become NEWS? Why report this? Who did you inform? It was likely before the rally. News would be facts about attendees being hospitalized or at least diagnosed. I must assume from this that this did not occur and there is no evidence! and water is wet, next

Disney says the Covid likes rallies but not protests Total BS. Lies fascist ABC! But truth, ur violent riots did contribute to the surge! The most cases are in the liberal fscist run cities where the rioting is! You know that stories and headlines like this help Trump. People on the fence see the media in the bag for the Dems, and they don’t like that. You did it in 2016. You are doing it now.

See this is why the press is unreliable.... you know a lot of people only read headlines, in the article it mentions rally goers and the protestors outside as fueling the spike but you are so biased you gloss right over that in the headline. This is what makes people distrust you It takes a really smart virus to go after just Trump supporters.

Not even close compared to all the protests and riots. Maybe you forgot about the weeks of protests/riots around the country? FakeNews Go Figure Their 'denial'is making more of US sick. Liberal media guys are soooo predictable. They are fully into politics not 'News' coronavirus I don't think there is a decent person in this picture. As long as these people are at the top of the country, discrimination, disparity issues, coronaviruses, and the crisis of war will not go away.

Defund the ABC - NO More wasted TAX payers money FakeNewsMedia Trump2020NowMoreThanEver LiesofLies FallCabal TheGreatAwakening And nothing to do with the protests? More ABC bullshit!!!!! And riots didn’t People going to the Walmart over the weekend for 4th of July cookout supplies could have contributed to a surge in COVID cases. This is dumb politically driven reporting.

What?!?!?!? You don’t say. Make America Sick Again No shit! Luckily only 1/10 of the people actually came! 🤣🤣 and I bet the dems are buying right into this Okay, your political rallies don't spread the virus, but the other guy's rallies do spread the virus. You just encapsulated what is wrong with America and the state of journalism.

Las protestas de los delincuentes en la calle no verdad Si si xq tú lo digas 🤮🤮🤮🤮 ABC News is unable to mention the exact number ... not information but intoxication ! Likely ?!?! But not one person got sick from the riots all over America. ?.? Really, just how stupid do you think people are?🙃🙃😡 And yet doesn’t report rise in cases for Seattle , New York, Los Angeles, Chicago yadayadayada due to peaceful demonstrations

Interesting what about all the protests that have been going on for weeks with no mask they didn’t shed anything. I don’t know how you continue to pick and choose your narrative so the presidents rallies or disease carriers but protesters are not. Fake news And the____ people who went to the rally...duh

Duh This is false!!!! This is the exact reason why people don’t trust these so called mainstream media. Biased and corrupted Indeed not great but infected... Where Trump goes the virus grows. Sure blame everything on Trump. This is absurd! Trumps single appearance has caused a substantial increase, but MONTHS of protest and unrest haven't?!? This is typical 'liberal logic'.

Outside the coronavirus is kept more at bay with fresh air and the sun. Indoors with the air conditioner its pattern of air flow keep viruses aloft.. The protestors though? Anything to say about them? Gee who would have thought that!!! Oh my the surge realy didn’t come from our America the giant surge came from wruhan in China and surge across the globe the whole world ok tell the truth

For sure. So did protests. Just saying. Everything he did and did not, contributed to tge surge all across the US! Likely because you want it to-ABC Oh yeah!!! Of course!!! DenverChannel Obviously had nothing to do with protesters!!!! How stupid do you think people are? But not the riots or protesters right? They were all COVID free

Let’s not talk about the miles of people protesting & rioting. Is he help his cause or try to kill it So a rally caused a spike but riots did not? 🤔 What else would you have expected This was predictable and also avoidable. But Trump doesn’t care about people lives. He only cares about his political agenda.

Ha trump rides around spreading the plague. All you liberals media and followers wake up, the story you are spreading is what will happen someday with revelation and you won’t have trump republican to blame. Just urself and try to justify why you where left behind Good, we need hers immunity Now do the demonstrations and riots...I’ll wait

Good job 🙄 BS RIP No social distancing. No 😷. Indoors with limited ventilation. This was a recipe for disaster. Not the BLM protests.. just the rally.. yup ok I see where you're going with this 🤮 He knew but didn’t care. That’s why attendees had to sign so he wouldn’t get sued. Always covering his ass.

While rioting and looting did not. You people are Fooking stupid! toldyouso Who is surprised by this? No one. Ya but the rioters are fine. FakeNews Ya think? Any bets its a democrat? That wouldn't have surprised anyone. DUH !!!! Disney your biased reporting is horrible. I trust no report coming from you media as it’s always democratic slanted. Just a disgrace to Journalism with Integrity! The Op-Ed’s are not what we need, we need unbiased truthful reporting. You have a chance but are losing.

But not the riots? 🤨 Damn, keep hoping chump gets coughed on. Well didn't see that one coming And the protests didn’t 😂 This “news” is hilarious. No credibility at all. NO SHIT You dont say Ya think.... they did this to themselves This is why we can’t have sports! A billion dollar industry is shut down, but POTUS can have massive crowds with deaths attributed, and it’s ok. He’s selfish and not helping the process.

Ya right.. couldn’t have come from protesters!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mouth breathers w/o masks duh Let me demonstrate the hypocrisy and dishonest corruption of ABC... This is what the said about the riots in relation to COVID So trump rallies spread covid and BLM riots don’t. Gotcha. How many magas are willing to die to own the libs?

Why don’t they just ask if they attended the rally? Sure it was , wouldn’t expect it from the millions of protesters Donald and his cultists🇺🇸 So the protesters had nothing to do with it either nice ...but not any protests, riots or looting! Shouldn’t Trump have coronavirus by now? DenverChannel I doubt it. It was the rioters/protesters . Very few wore masks. The 14 day timeline fits them better,

Does Fox have the same headline? Start supporting realDonaldTrump But definitely none of the protests and looting contributed to any increases 😂 All that excellent testing is just revealing that pretty much everyone has covid and extremely rare that anyone whose not seriously ill has any problems!! Seriously?! What about the protests, rioting and looting? Why do the COVID cases only “rise” when it fits a narrative against his reelection?🙄

Idiots I guess the protest had nothing to do with it though You are kidding? Civil rights lawyer Leo T. says Black Lives Matter doesn't 'care about the Black lives of the 7-year-old girl in Chicago or 6-year-old in New York.” It’s goal is to tear down the American institution. If you want safe streets, you gotta vote Republican.

You would think the virus,has a calendar reminder set up, to show up at anything, Trump related. Then hits the snooze button on any other large left gathering. Seems like it according to msm. Now do the dozens of protests where hundreds of thousands of people illegally rioted. Dare ya. Effin cowards. Of course they did! Could have assumed they would publish this headline before the rally even happy

DUHHHH Of course they are going to say that...predictable! You reported only a few showed up? Well done. Was waiting to see which idiot would come up with this claim first. Did you ask your ' expert' about BLM protests? BS as usual - report facts for a change! But protests didn't....hmmmm odd But protests didn’t?

Bullshit what about sports and protests bullshit that's ok....pack 'em in Donnie! COVIDIOTS As did the protests Load of crap ! How about all the protesters lining the streets ? No surge in New York or Long Island But riots are had no effect. This is proof it only takes a small crowd to light the COVID fire.

CDCDirector trumpcovid Well, they really need to be honest here. Yes, the rally could've been a focus BUT there were crowds out in protests daily for a week before the rally. If there's a surge in cases, should count all crowded activities * CLICK * Hey stupid! Duh Fear-mongering, But no mention of the mass gatherings of tens of thousands in cities across the US?

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Oh my what a surprise! They didn’t know they were part of his InfectAmericaTour? Right. So his 6500 person rally saw a surge in cases but thousands of protesters nationwide in large cities, in confined areas didn't cause a surge. Sounds like crap news to me. 🤣 And the Al Sharpton Juneteenth celebration with thousands in attendance had nothing to do with it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I was wondering how many of that 500 are asymptomatic? How many of the 500 were only found because of testing? Let's not find out just blame Trump! You're a poor excuse for a 'NEWS' channel! Held Epstein report 3 yrs, didn't care how many more underage girls were raped!! Ya Right! We are well aware of the left playbook and it's gotten old.

ArrestthecopswhokilledBreonnaTaylor Ok , so for one, no one actually believes the numbers that r being put out and for 2, wondering if any covid cases arose from protesting. 🙄🤔 lovesnowflakes So sad. Especially since those with mild or no apparent symptoms sustain lifelong lung damage. “Likely contributed”? Ya think?

MAGAts can deny science but science will not deny them. Covidiots Wow, tens of thousands of rioters couldn't have added any right? And the worst part about this fake news is that the sheep will believe it. But not riots. Lol, ok 👌 People need to wear Masks! 😷 I don't care about raw numbers of positive tests. If they are asymptomatic or not being hospitalized then it isn't as big of a deal. Death rate is declining and hospitals are not being overrun.

Why did health officials allow it to take place? and why are other states allowing Trump to hold gatherings? indoors, shoulder to shoulder, no one wearing masks duh hey MAGA the rallies are OUTDOORS with many wearing masks... it's not rocket science I want to know why is Trump still President and running again? He’s an evil person who is not a president. He’s there for all he can take. He’s a NY thug who needs locked up. Definitely NOT a president! He knows NOTHING and does NOTHING!!! Our country deserves better. Yeah!

Well no 💩! Nah it was them protests Duh. You knew that was coming. But all the routing in Florida n Texas didn’t cause the surge there Is this responsible leadership? Is this defending and protecting the people of th United States? WHEN will people stop defending what this man is doing? WHEN will people understand they are being used? WHEN will there be an end to this madness?

Ya think? Another news agency reports this ! You guys are starting to show your true colors. Your a joke ! Enough already News for the feeble minded. And what about the black lives matter protest. How was that different? No need to risk the health and safety of people to advance your political agenda. In public service, tangible and effective results or actions to address the nation's problems are needed, and not an entertainment stunt.

Oh look, more pointless garbage from . That’s different! DenverChannel Der Tell us something we don't already know. I guess science doesn't matter ... they said likly which means they have no idea SCAMDEMIC Likely?!? Seriously! No social distancing and no masks.. this was a no brainer! So last week the 'media' reported that the protests did not cause a uptick in covid cases. This week they say a Trump rally caused a surge in cases.....look at the size of the protests ok riots then at the rally size. Are you kidding were not stupid and can do math

Hahahaha FAKE NEWS! ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Can we file this under duh? Of course it did. Riots didn't but Trump's rally did. You can riot but not rally. Got it. Ya think Doubtful SCAMDEMIC Ya' think?! LOL, making America a laughing stock, one day at a time. realDonaldTrump if we are all dead, he can have it all to himself...Douche.

ABC is propaganda. No matter what any spike will be tied to trump. It doesn’t matter how many protests are other things are going on. That is why they are fake news 'Likely?' The new journalistic standard of 'likely' How about you wait to write it when it is positively? But of course Orange Man anything goes

Oh and riots and looting in cities didn’t ? CDC tried to warm y'all Please stop the propaganda!!! It will backfire in NOVEMBER DenverChannel I was there in spirit Maybe! Doubtful! He DonaldTrump is the devil. I betcha those riots and protests did too. You just aren’t reporting on that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hospitals are at maximum capacity, 130,000+ American citizens are in their graves & another 3M+ are infected but Trump insists he's done one hell of a job. Mid losing ground to this pandemic he now DEMANDS children return to school - or else.

Lol you're all a friggin joke. Maybe the mass gatherings for weeks was a contributing factor? abcnewslies TruthMatters 6000 people packed together indoors without masks on? Cheering and yelling? Nahh, this must be fake news🙄 ABC NEWS likely contributed to local surge in FAKENEWS ASSHOLE! Couldn’t have been the protestors could it...?

Ya think? Night follows Day😏 More lies Yeah, not the protests and riots. These mental gymnastics the media goes through on a daily basis are not being ignored by us voters. 'Likely' 🙄 EnemyOfThePeople But protests didn’t?! How come covid is politically motivated? More media garbage His supporters don’t have brains to wear mask. But hopefully it eliminated some 👍🏽

The Note: Trump counterprograms for his base, as COVID-19 continues its spreadTHE NOTE: Pres. Trump is focused on protecting monuments and attacking sports franchises, while the White House touts his administration's COVID response. This does not reflect reality as lived by most Americans. That, though, maybe be the point. for once in your miserable partisan life report all of the facts. Yes, cases are up but deaths are down. That is good, jackasses! Maybe maybe may be lol Me. Hubris

U.S. Governors Call For Trump Administration To Renew Its Public Health Emergency Amid Covid-19 Surge'Without these options, governors’ ability to protect the health and safety of their residents will be reduced at a critical time,' the statement reads. Please he is out here trying to spread the virus as much as possible, good luck with that HOGAN HAS PRETTY STRONG STANDING TO DEMAND FEDERAL MANDATED RULES FOR SCHOOL REOPENING AND COVID-19 SAFETY ON BEHALF OF ALL 50 GOVS. TRUMP WOULD CAVE. TrumpIsABully TrumpIsACoward

News Brief: COVID-19 Cases Surge, Economy Struggles, Trump Reelection BidFlorida hospitals are impacted by a surge in COVID-19 cases. Economic comeback could be short-circuited by a jump in coronavirus cases. And, does racial reckoning fit into Trump's reelection strategy?

As COVID cases spike in Florida, Trump now says he’s ‘flexible’ on convention format in JacksonvilleWith coronavirus cases exploding in Florida, the president now says he is "flexible" on plans to hold a large-scale, indoor Republican National Convention next month. Sad face. I was hoping they’d come and get some of that Florida sun/covid. Convention crowd size fears

Kanye West Says He Had COVID-19 and No Longer Supports President TrumpKanye West spoke about his political platform and his new viewpoint of the Trump administration: 'It looks like one big mess to me. I don’t like that I caught wind that he hid in the bunker.' Im sorry, Kanye who? Never heard of him. He is running as a presidential candidate for the Birthday party...

Trump family separation figures move to botched COVID-19 responseRachel Maddow points out that HHS Secretary Alex Azar and Mike Pence press secretary Katie Miller had prominent roles in the Trump administration's family separation scandal and are now integral to the Trump administration's botched response to the coronavirus. maddow WHY WOULD ANDREA MITCHELL HAVE A PICTURE OF TRUMP IN HER BACKGROUND WHEN INTERVIEWING PEOPLE ON HER SHOW...MSNBC IS NOT THINKING AGAIN maddow Back to immigrants now that coronavirus fear-mongering isn’t working? Reminds me of when Biden/Obama deported more immigrants than ANY President & VP in history. I wonder how many families were separated then or when they built the cages? maddow Why is the neo national still in our white house