Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a ‘hoax’

At South Carolina rally on the eve of the Democratic primary, the president sought to manage Americans’ expectations about the White House’s response to the outbreak.


President Trump on Friday night tried to cast the global outbreak of the coronavirus as a liberal conspiracy intended to undermine his first term, lumping it alongside impeachment and the Mueller investigation

At South Carolina rally on the eve of the Democratic primary, the president sought to manage Americans’ expectations about the White House’s response to the outbreak.

WhatsApp NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — President Donald Trump on Friday night tried to cast the global outbreak of the coronavirus as a liberal conspiracy intended to undermine his first term, lumping it alongside impeachment and the Mueller investigation. He blamed the press for acting hysterically about the virus, which has now spread to China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy and the U.S, and he downplayed its dangers, saying against expert opinion it was on par with the flu. Advertisement “The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. They're politicizing it,” he said. “They don't have any clue. They can't even count their votes in Iowa. No, they can't. They can't count their votes. One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.’ That did not work out too well. They could not do it. They tried the impeachment hoax.” Then Trump called the coronavirus “their new hoax.” Trump’s comments came as the White House has struggled to adequately respond to and contain the coronavirus’s increasingly sweeping path. At the rally — held here on the eve of the Democratic primary in South Carolina — he sought to manage Americans’ expectations about the White House’s ability to fight it. By undermining the news reporting on the virus and by trying to hold liberals responsible for a potential public health crisis that has little to do with politics, Trump did what he often does best: He sought to deflect blame at a time when many Americans sought leadership and scientific facts. After Trump had downplayed the risks of coronavirus, he reassured supporters that the White House was “magnificently organized” in fighting it. In fact, Trump’s administration spent the week jockeying among themselves to lead the response, while the stock market tumbled with losses not seen since the global financial recession. White House officials and the president grew so concerned this week that Trump put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the response effort, swapping out his beleaguered health secretary. None of that came up on Friday night, as Trump trash-talked his Democratic opponents in 2020 and characterized the coronavirus as the latest issue touching on border security. “Whether it is the virus that we're talking about or many other public health threats, the Democrat policy of open borders is a direct threat to the health and well-being of all Americans. Now, you see it with the coronavirus. You see it. You see it with the coronavirus. You see that. When you have this virus or any other virus or any other problem coming in, it's not the only thing that comes in through the border and we are setting records now at the order,” Trump said. Earlier in the week, the Trump administration tried to allay Americans’ concerns about the virus by downplaying the coronavirus’s seriousness. Trump also congratulated himself for shutting down flights between the U.S. and China. But by the end of the week, White House officials including the president had shifted to pushing back against anyone who expressed too much concern about the virus or its effect on the economy, repeatedly blaming the Democrats and the media for the growing concerns and the steep drop in the stock market amid the uncertainty. “It’s the unknown, you know, they look at it, and they say how long will this last. I think they’re not very happy with the Democrat candidates when they see them, and I think that has an impact,” Trump said at the White House on Friday afternoon before traveling to the campaign rally. Top White House officials kept up the same mantra all day Friday. The director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow told reporters that “people should not overreact” from investors to everyday Americans. "Given what we know factually, it looks to me like the market had gone too far,” Kudlow said. Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney talked about the ongoing coverage of the coronavirus as an attempt by the media to politically damage the president during an election year. Health officials, meanwhile, spent the last two days trying to determine how a California resident became infected with coronavirus and who else the patient may have exposed to it. This was the first potential case of coronavirus in the U.S. that had not been contracted from traveling abroad and potential sign it could spread throughout the U.S. That wasn’t the message on Air Force One on the flight down to South Carolina, with the televisions turned to Fox News. In the bubble the president travels in, the TV headlines told the world the president had a “firm grasp” on the coronavirus and that Democrats tried to score “political points” on it. Filed Under: Read more: POLITICO

Narcissistic personality disorder. realDonaldTrump Pray this coronavirus does not create fear & chaos of Biblical proportions. Let our scientist do their work with their God given talent & knowledge. Politicians stay out of the way. Well I guess he hasn't spoken to Kim , Xi or Vlad for the real truth !

WOMP WOMP Well THAT’s a tired old song. How many times is he going to change the title of it before MAGAland realizes Trump himself is the hoax? 🖕🏻🤥🤡🤮🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 More Fakenews. I mean really, u must bank on the notion that most ppl don't listen to his statements directly. This type of twisting of his words is exactly why u have lost the trust of the American public. And, the TDS Trump haters will believe anything that fees their hate

Político just went full Rachel Maddow , you never go Full Rachel Maddow. Hey MAGAs, Trump is trying to kill you. Sincerely, Thinking folks

Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats' 'new hoax'President Donald Trump spoke on Friday from a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. Trump is the GOPs failed attempt at intelligent life. My god, we’re so screwed. I think dems should start modeling trump. They should blame trump and republicans for aids.

So Very Sad. There is something Very Wrong with Trump It's ironic how many conspiracies are based upon actual things. Proven false. Your lying and you know it. This type of crap is why should be shut down. Everything is political for him! Viruses, illnesses, etc are not Democrat or Republican issues! They're human issues! But I waste my time and energy. realDonaldTrump will never understand!

This guy (I hesitate to call him a 'man') is a true menace to our way of life.... trumpslump DumpTrump2020 What if...we have trump visit the sick ? No hazmat , barehands give them a good old trump handshake to make them feel better, maybe a kiss or two just to really seal the deal. jcheethamwriter He has to stop snorting the Adderall.

Dr Fauci did an excellent job describing the need and steps for containment, and how to keep this from getting out of hand like the 1918 pandemic. Only wish Trump and Pence spent less time demanding praise, and more time telling people to listen to Dr Fauci and Dr Redfield. Knowledgeable people are aware that realDonaldTrump is

Trump Rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, live stream: How to watch president's remarks on eve of primary electionHere's how to watch President Donald Trump's campaign rally from South Carolina on Friday, the day before Democrats cast their votes in the state primary. No way. AnyoneButTrump2020 Hell to the no.

Politico hard at work spreading bullshit fake news bissygumdrops As a liberal Democrat, I have never felt this much POWER before! Trump wants his morons to think our side controls coronavirus to swing the election! Wheee! He’s essentially saying only our side has the nukes, baby! When you think that a global disaster has a personal relationship to you, it proves you are a real pathological narcissistic sick person of universal proportions

Can I please be the first to tell Mr. Ego that he is simply not that important?! And someone very rightly pointed out that Trump's wealth is in golf and hotels....places that will be impacted by reduced travel. So it's in his financial interest to downplay the risks of the virus. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus

ST_U political! We know exactly what TheDemocrats & their FakeNews clowns 🤡 are doing! Trying to undermine the President yet AGAIN! It’s ALL OLD & worn out like your Presidential candidates! Fake news. Inept narcissistic POTUs says a lot and most of what he says are lies. Take it from there. He must have someone read twitter to him. He gets the jist of how those who are disgusted by him feel. Never wanted him in the WH, disgusted by his actions & continue to be vocal & resist.

So realDonaldTrump BELIEVE that China sabotaged their own economic growth to punish Trump!? If true, they must KNOW he is a menace to go to such draconian measures to eliminate him! WHAT DO THEY KNOW THAT WE DON’T!?

Trump wins appeal to block McGahn testimonyPresident Trump scored a major legal victory on Friday when a federal appeals court panel ruled Democrats have no right to hear testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn How is that is possible? As Sonia Sotomayor told us, the courts are bought and sold. We are living in authoritarian rule. The signs are all there. SO. MUCH. WINNING.! ...and still not tired. KAG2020 VoteDemsOut

Let’s see, who was it that flew back 14 infected Americans, on flight w healthy travelers against CDC advice around Feb 20th? realDonaldTrump might wanna slow your roll there big fella Delete this tweet This is a lie. That is not what he said, taken completely out of context. Just another dishonest bullshit attack from Politico. You wouldn't know honest journalism if it bit you in the ass.

That is NOT what he said! You so-called news people will say anything to try to undermine him. It must be a sad, sad existence to go to work everyday and lie like a rug even though NO ONE believes you. Just when you think you’ve heard it all...stupidity at it’s finest! Elecciones2020 COVIDー19 March1st TrumpIsAnIdiot TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Biden2020

The FakeNews is now shameless and will lie right to your face. You are FAKE NEWS. This has been disproven a number of times already. Fake News by the liberal media. Please delete your post. That’s a lie, it was what TheDemocrats have been saying spreading misinformation that realDonaldTrump called a hoax. Get your facts straight.

Trump to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe again as intel chiefThe Texas Republican was previously announced in July as Trump's next intel chief, only to be withdrawn later amid concerns over alleged embellishments on his resume.

No, no he didn't... You got caught fibbing by Facebook didnt you Politico. I cannot believe what we are all witnessing. This demagogue cannot be reelected, as a Brit I'm powerless to vote him out, and as a citizen of the world I'm prisoner to his machinations. A malignant narcissist processes all information through the “ME” filter.

^^^^ all these replies tell me MSM succeeded in the false narrative they were pushing against the President of the USA. Still voting for Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Well, it certainly appears that way if you watch the news!!! JS. I don’t think he needs any help undermining his first term. He has done quite well on his own.

Trump administration defends coronavirus response from rising criticismThe Trump administration on Friday sought to reassure Americans that it was resp... The answer for the question Did John Hopkins move them out of first place?

Bullshit! That’s not what realDonaldTrump said. Do better!!!!!!!!!!! The left media depend on gullible low information dem voters. Dems need to wake up and quit being so gullible and falling for garbage like this article. Politico is officially a joke now. They are not interested in promoting the truth, only their elitist narrative. FakeNews

Hopefully he’ll get it. No, he called liberals out for trying to politicize coronavirus. Your headline is ridiculous.. NO. He said the dems are trying to make his administrations response to the virus look bad. THAT is the HOAX not the virus Fact check - false This was flagged as false by FB and their fact checkers... Js

Now we get to add paranoia to his list of mental illnesses VoteBlueNoMatterWho This whole statement is a TOTAL Lie!!! Just unbelievable how the MSM just LIES!!!! FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Sure. See the base knows the content. Know exactly what was said and what was meant. Now you try to sell something different to your 'blip bit' society. That makes you look like a ignorant maniplitive fool

Trump Reinvents Pandemic Response Wheel After Scrapping Team Obama Left HimTrump has so far downplayed the coronavirus threat and accused Democrats and the news media of trying to hurt the stock market and his reelection chances. My goodness that's orange man.

Fakenews - great idea to politicize a civil challenge That's a lie. Facebook called you fake news too! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Um even Facebook labeled your article fake fkn news No he didn’t say that you waste of oxygen, he said the democrats are perpetuating a hoax that he isn’t doing enough. A couple of weeks ago he was criticized for overreacting when stopping flights from China.

As if anyone believe THAT! And did they bite⁉️ Stupid question, of course they did. They rise and set on his outlandish claims about, well, everything‼️ Fyi, Facebook is marking this article as fake news, citing which is run by DailyCaller KAG

IDIOT as usual!!! Let’s hope his moronic base listens to him! 🤞 lol, thats literally not even close to what happened. He literally said straight up the coronavirus is serious and we need to be careful, but that the politicization of it and blaming him and his people for it is what he has a problem with.

Let them follow him, he's the new Jim Jones. 😎🤢💩 No brains except to bribe rape and screw the American poor and middle class “Ignorance is the greatest threat to humanity!”TLM Turn around is fair play This is way out of context. So much so it's a lie. You need to delete this post! LMAOOO this reporting is a hoax and that's what he was talking about.

Lord the fakenews never ends!! Lie lies lies. Clearly he said the hoax is YOU (MSM) and your Democrat partners blaming him and his administration for the coronavirus. He is exactly right! You all don't actually give a shit about people. As usual, great reporting by Politico. StupidPeopleEndMankind MoreFakeNews. When did he supposedly say that? We’ll wait.

“Trumpers” must see through Trump’s weird logic, nonsense, and lies. This is who runs the country folks, a Liar in Chief. He’s conned some of us long enough. We’re lucky all he had to heal with so far were his created crisis. We can’t risk having him in the WH any longer. Lies.

Trump IS the virus infecting this and other countries EvilIncarnate wehearyouselling Politico. No. He said the politicization of the virus was the issue. Journalism is hard. You suck at it. Why does he think everything is about him? That's what Meglo maniacs do. maggieNYT Lyin’ Donnie Chump has no credibility with anyone who hasn’t joined his cult. Now he’s trying to walk back that it’s a “hoax” by saying the hoax is that people are being criticized. He has so little commend of the English language that he doesn’t understand that makes no sense.

Fake news. maggieNYT And today he wants to close the Southern boarded due to “the” hoax?!?! He was talking about how the media and the left are exploiting it. You just proved him right.

NOPE, FAKE NEWS, wrong again. Tainted Mockingbird media. DT's level of narcissism is sickening & frightening. How unhinged is he? This is fakenews... He was referring to the dummycrats blaming Him for a virus outbreak in China THIS IS A LIE. QuarantineTrump I see you are upholding your reputation as an EnemyOfThePeople. That's not what he said, and you know it. Disgraceful.

Fake News! Yeah that’s pretty much so Lies, disgraceful deceptive fake news narrative. Liar.

False You realize you're literally lying here right? Perhaps a retraction. You are FakeNews Get this guy outta there already! Wrong. POTUS has stressed the serious of this virus for 2-1/2 months. As soon as we heard about the virus in China. Facts only facts please!!! He didn't say the virus is a hoax, but that you assholes would use it in some way to 'get him.' And that's true. You are.

This is a total misrepresentation of what was said. SHOCKER Beyond words here.... He did not call the corona virus a hoax. Do your research before publishing fake news. Did you even listen to his speech?

You know by now this is fake news. You know by now this is not at all what he said, but then, you knew it when he said it. For the slow crowd, he said: 'Democratic complaints about his handling of the coronavirus threat are 'their new hoax.'' But keep pimping that fake news. Of course it is! The d!rty dems are in Cahoots with China! SO. HR. OB

You've got a better chance at dying at the hands of a street thug in a democrat controlled city. Literally... He did not say the virus is a hoax. He said that once again the Dems and media are trying to use something yo attavk him. Girst it was Russia, Ukraine, Impeachment, Russia again and now CVid. The Dems politicized this first to attack him, thats the hoax, not the virus u liars.

Politico is straight up lying in this article. Sad. Sad. Sad. I’ve never seen anyone so stupid or so irresponsible with other people’s lives !! More FakeNews. Understanding is hard for you. This kind of distorted crap is exactly what he was talking about. This, by the way, is how you continue to lose credibility. EnemyOfThePeople

FAKE NEWS Man, this is getting old.🙄

His only worldview is captured by his mirror. You're lying yet again. Fake News Alert: He didn't call the virus a hoax. He called Democrats politicizing it and lying about it to try and take him out a hoax. (I prefer to call what the dem/media are doing Bullshit. But Hoax works too.) This is an outright lie!

Complete lie and you know it. Trump said Dem characterizations of his handling it is a hoax. Your article is case in point Today's COVID-19 statistics as of 2/29/20 13:00 EST Source: No he didn't. He called the dems reaction to blaming the virus on him a hoax. Not the virus itself

Pence is in charge, WOW !! FAKE NEWS. You count on the fact that people will not watch the video and will simply believe you then parrot your lies. It’s time to get rid of trump! LIARS!!! He did NOT!!!! He called the POLITICIZATION of the Coronavirus a hoax!!! Sad thing is.... you actually KNOW you're lying, and doing it anyway. Your whole organization is a HOAX!!!

This takes disgusting to a new level. Shame on whoever wrote that bullshit. This is a lie! POTUS never said that. He said that MSM and Dems politicizing the virus is a hoax. GOOD TRY THO! Totally idiot we are so lucky Yawn You all know he is calling the politicization and MSM coverage of the Coronavirus the Hoax. And indeed, it is. News Flash: The American People are smart and can see through the BS. JustStop

Pffftt...nonsense.....more media distortion designed to embarrass POTUS You, instead, further damage your publication's image....just junk journalism. WhiteHouse Anyone seriously claiming that trump thinks the pandemic itself is a conspiracy and anyone who actually believes that has lost completely the plot. You’ve heard him address it and take limited but still some action against it. He straight up knows it’s real. Get a grip.

That’s fine, people who contract The hoax virus 🦠 won’t be needing any valuable medical attention. Trump has one glorious result in which he never get enough due credit. He has pulled back the veil on how many idiots there are in MSM, DNC, et al as they scurry to show the world how extremely stupid they can be as the try to attack Trump.

Liars. That is not what he said. Corona virus is (as we understand the data today) aprox. 20x more deadly than the Flu. The flu kills roughly 30k americans annually. Do the math, and decide for yourself whether it is a liberal plot to get at realDonaldTrump just remember virus's do not discriminate politically.

What an outright lie!! He was clearly saying that Dems were trying to sow panic and that is the damn hoax!! The absolute rambling that comes out of his mouth is pathetic and such an embarrassment to our country. And, to suggest that this virus is a hoax by the dems and the media to prevent his re-election is beyond being irresponsible.

That is one way to cull the herd...😬😂 There a biological viruses and then there are political viruses. If Corona gets out of hand impeachment will be minor by comparison in his biography. he was talking about politicization and the media’s reaction to the outbreak. You know that, and you still lie to push an agenda... You’re no better then CNN You’re FakeNewsMedia

And you people wonder why America distrusts the MSM.

Danger. To. Society. RemoveTrump You Fake News people are really DEMENTED aren't you... Why the lying? Misleading people. Disinformation. Trump campaign is suing NYT for lying during campaign. You should all be held accountable. What you just tweeted is demonstrably untrue. It's coming... Reported and blocked for the distribution of fake news!

Reported as fake news. Shame on you. No, he said the media is creating a hoax about a fictional lack of preparation. And you’re propagating it. Liar liar pants on 🔥🔥🔥 Irresponsible representation of what actually happened. He is correct in what he was implying - that dems and corporate media are trying to bludgeon him w/ coronavirus. The dems and media have been called out as liars for the things they’re saying. They’re all so blinded by hate

Politico hard at work misinforming its followers. Totally irresponsible!!! typhoidtrump Well since coronavirus is fact-based, it’s interesting he associated it with the fact-based impeachment and Mueller Report.

He’s right. Dear you should have watched the rally. This comment by your news is a lie. You are lying. POTUS never said Coronavirus was a hoax. You lie. This is total FakeNews That’s not what he said at all!! Stop this nonsense! Thanks for the opinion piece. When people see the video of what he actually said and put it in context, it’s another nail in the coffin of leftist pseudo journalism.

Pathetic! This moron is an extreme dangerous individual that will eventually cause a lot of damage to the health and well being of all of us just for his personal ambition of being re-elected , but the saddest part is that the GOP has become an willing accomplice in his scheme Haha classic!! No he did not! You people are liars and you wonder why we LOATHE you. It’s not because Trump tells us to hate you. It is because you lie and ie and you never admit you were wrong and retract. FakeNewsMedia


Ask Chuck. The stock markets worldwide disagree with realDonaldTrump ! CNNPolitics foxnewspolitics My God the idiot in the WH really does think everything is about him! Actually it was the liberal news he called hoaxes. But keep spreading your lies.... Endangering every American this should lead to his impeachment

He is very mentally ill. Not what he said,liars. He called the politicization of the virus a hoax & this tweet is proving his point. It's really not that hard to understand. More fakenews. He said you hacks were politicizing it. Clear now

LIARS. He did not. Fake News Viruses aren't racist; we all look the same to them. coronavirus Trump counts on support by the illiterate, uneducated, gullible base, informed by Fox45 his “National broadcast” TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Hoax, Trump as president of United States of America It’s not a hoax but that doesn’t mean his opponents won’t use it as ammunition to pounce on whatever he does. No matter what, it’ll be either too much or too little, and don’t forget the article that said it was his FAULT.

BS...he didn't say Coronavirus is a hoax. He said that the media hyping it and spreading mass panic was the hoax. You know - lying, like you're doing in this tweet. And his brain dead crowd at the tax payer funded 'rally' of red hat ignoranti stare at him with the freedom from facts that stupidity gives them. When the red hat funerals begin maybe a few will get it and realize that Drumpf has no idea what to do and who to call upon to help

False. He characterized the Democrats attacks on his repose as another hoax. That is not what he said. He said the media and left's reaction was a hoax, and you proved his point. More lies from the MockingbirdMedia.

Nutjob. Certifiable loon Just the biased SMEAR against him causing the Stock market into a correction. And propagandists like you playing along. You may fool a few stupid people with this lie. But majority of American know Trump called the Democrat response a hoax. NOT THE CORONAVIRUS! is about as stupid as CNN

This is an absolute lie. I hope he sues your a$$es too. Why aren’t trump and his money-grubbing daughter NOT planning a trip to make a deal with Xi Jinping? We could probably shore up our relationship with China. I think the trumps should head over there immediately! ( since coronavirusus is a hoax) No he did not. The hoax, as he explained, is the overblown, out of control, irrational coverage. See: Politico

Rev 13:8 (KJV) And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. “The Great Controversy” by Ellen White Audio Order book: Libs will believe anything. Look at all the lies they believed from lib politicians they elected to run their cities regardless of the shitholes those pols turned those cities into.

How can you live with yourself spreading disinformation and lies? That's not correct.

And -- again -- he was right. More B.S. from donnie Dipwad Let’s send ALL REPUBLICANS TO TRAVIS AIR-FORCE BASE THEY ARE WELCOME TO PROVE IT TO US. INCLUDING THE ADMINISTRATION He said liberal media handling of the outbreak would be a hoax. Thanks for proving him right. Was he talking about the virus or the media coverage? The virus or the Dems' reactions & responses? The virus or fakenews like this?

liars, u r......we all heard what he said..... It was only a matter of time before Trump would blame the Liberals for the Corona virus. This is why we should never elect morons for president. Trump can cure cancer and these liberal butt heads would still find a reason to hate on him. You the liberal media really need to get your act together. Just stop assuming and presuming, keep your opinions out of it.

He is right you are fake news everyone knows it another failed set up by the Dems. I am disgusted!

You lie like all liberals do. That’s not what he said. The politicization of it that you fools on the left are now doing is what he was referring to. Liberalism is a mental disorder and you need help. More lies from the fake news media. POTUS called out the democrats ... but truth isn’t important for the liberal media any longer.

Wow, what a LIE! This behavior is not helpful. Mr. Trump could have used this event to spread some timely and useful information to calm things down. Like the scathing rebuke by the Democrats the other day, this type of hyperbole just increases hysteria or induces shrugs, both bad. Dump Trump!!! He is totally incompetent!!! Vote Blue.

OzenRhoda He needs to tell his supporters to stare at the sun too And you along with your Democrat buddies are the problem!

This is a flat out lie by . The POTUS was referring to the Lefts claims that he didn’t do anything to address the potential spread to the US. Nancy P and Co. Have been running around saying POTUS acted too little too late. THAT is the Hoax. That's exactly what they're doing? No surprise. The Dems are so predictable.

Nav2115 People dying is NOT a hoax. It's a terrible illness like the 1917-18 worldwide pandemic flu, killing millions. 🙄😉 He is correct and you know it. That is not only stupid and ignorant realDonaldTrump but criminal And the crowds cheered as he blamed the coronavirus on the Democrats. What has happened to America? Is he paying these people?

Some people will continue following the Pied Piper until he drowns them. Why are you spreading misinformation again. He did not say it was a hoax. The media is in panic. The media is a hoax. He’s way ahead of it! printthetruth

Hoax? So no one is sick and its no big deal people... dump Trump! Russia's asset He is such a cancer on our country. The real sad part is his lemmings believe him and could die as a result of his virus denial PARANOIA - Obama wiretapped Trump Towers, the Mueller Report was a hoax, the impeachment was caused by the DEMS, the coronavirus is a hoax. To Trump, nothing is his fault...he's always the victim of a hoax, a scam, the DEMS, Hillary, Biden, Obama...SAD state of mind.

That is just a flat out lie. Seriously, why do you lie about realDonaldTrump? Can you not just report the facts? Ever lie you tell just makes his support stronger. LAMESTREAM FAKE NEWS president finds 'new' B.S. theory to cover his incompetence He didn't say it was a hoax. He's referring to the way you're covering it and how you'll soon call for his impeachment over the issue. Take this LIE down. misinformation

Impeached for life! trumpimpeached Liar FakeNews ... .realDonaldTrump was calling the politicization of the coronavirus a hoax ... and it IS Influenza (the flu) has a higher mortality rate than the Coronavirus and has killed more people this year. So call the hysteria what it is; a stoking of the fire by the radical left to induce panic in global markets (aka. A HOAX)

No, Trump did not. Stop spreading lies Politico. He was talking abt the dems using coronavirus as their latest hoax. Anyone who buys what the left is selling is an ill-informed idiot. 😑 The hoax realDonaldTrump is referring to is how the media and the democrats (but I repeat myself) are weaponizing the virus in an effort...drumroll, harm his chances of reelection. America has how many cases? Big deal. Should we contain or panic? Idiots.

You know you could just put a video up proving what your saying is truthful but you won't because you're not. Perhaps u r hoping no one will state the truth as u have lied once again. Net net u have been a sponsor of the fake Russia trump hoax, this is just to next swing. Trump is great for tax paying Americans. Vote trump in 2020

Stop lying. And Politico spins again!! Americans know what he said. Americans are not stupid! Why do you constantly lie? Watch the clip. This isn’t true. Your inability to understand words due to your obsession with Trump is obvious to anyone not fully crazed. Right wing swings from whipping up fear about the disease to distract from impeachment to claiming coverage of the disease is an attack similar to impeachment.

That's exactly the opposite of what he said. He’s a virus!

No, he didn’t. The most horrifying part are the fools who actually believe him. If DoNothingDonald isn't voted OUT of the office that he should NEVER been allowed into, America will continue to suffer for their poor choice. This headline is a hoax. Not even close to reality No he didn't. Another politico lie

He didn't say that about the are out and out liars! He did say that the Libs are lying about him and using the coronavirus to make him look bad...which is completely true! Wow politico, your TDS is showing. It’s the coverage by the leftist media he was objecting to. Keep doing what your are doing. We see right through it.

He’s not wrong EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews YOU ARE DISGUSTING LIARS! POTUS realDonaldTrump said the do nothing Democrats are using Coronavirus as their new hoax *Saying he hasn't acted on it.' When in fact he was WAY ahead of it. They bashed that too. IGNORANT EnoughSaid Childish. NotMyPresident

DrSFJ Wow if only we had such tools at our disposal....and if we did we wouldn’t use them! Fake News. Bull crap! Liar. He didn't say the virus was a hoax... he said the Dems & you propagandists fear mongering about it & berating his actions to contain it is the hoax. Remember when you idiots chastised him for blocking travel from China? Yeah... that kind of BS

Democrats released the coronavirus in Wuhan . Yes and the Dems got China to start it and 40 other countries to participate. And here we thought they were the Do Nothing Democrats It is how fake news covers it. That is the hoax. This is a lie!!!

potus You are endangering your base and all the rest of us. They WILL get will you. Oh wait -- you are already sick. No, but your chicken little reporting has been atrocious. In times like this we need only facts, but all you provide is hyperbole. The virus is going to kill Republicans and Democrats but the Democrats are desperate and yes they’re using it as a tool to cause fear panic in blame Trump is not the cause of the virus if anything it’s been in the Dems oversight on this man-made virus

😄 everything negative is a hoax See a pattern here. Reality is Trump is the HOAX fake president. You are FOS Politico is part of the hoax as evidence by this tweet You twist his words to fit your narrative. Hack organization. Listen to what he actually said and report the truth This is lie and lies are dangerous! the media is pure scum!

Actually fact check 5 pinocchios, he said Democrats exploiting the coronavirus is a hoax, Democrats are painting a false narrative about the President's handling. Why lie? maggieNYT Hurricane Katrina: “We're ordering a lot of supplies. We're ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn't be ordering unless it was something like this. But we're ordering a lot of different elements of medical.' -- Trump on the coronavirus.

No that’s not what he tried to do with smith you love to manipulate the context altogether4CH Politico YOU are the problem! Quit circulating LIES. He did not say HOAX. I call BS! It's a SMEAR campaign by the corrupt, power hungry Dems and their propaganda machine, the liberal media. Why are you adding to the lies being told by dems? Democrats are ginning up a conspiracy The President is trying to calm fears while the medical community tries to combat this virus Dems are screaming death and destruction only.. with no solutions

altogether4CH That's not what he said...a-holes. altogether4CH That is a LIE Politico! I watched the entire rally. What he talked about was how the sick Dems are making the Coronavirus a hot political issue. He said they are blaming him which is the damn truth! He never ever said it was a HOAX. Your damn bias is flashing neon again.

Thanks for your untiring efforts to spread the propaganda of the trump Republican administration. Free platform for their destructive political platform Liberal hacks... fake news The degree of illiteracy in this country is truly astonishing. Trump is very specific about his complaint about the politicization of this crisis yet so many intensify the political attacks by misinterpreting what he said.

Didnt see the coverage. Did his Deplorables buy it? He’s usually right!!! is still a thing? FakeNews at it’s finest!! KAG2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

So, Pence as Coronavirus Czar approved this garbage? Dude. You just made it political. Along with the NYT who said it should be called “Trumpvirus”. Along with the other Dems who’ve made various other political statements as well. This is just politics to the Dems. And no he isn’t saying it’s a conspiracy. How stupid

Not true. He said the reporting on it a hoax. FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Trump is beyond a parody & saving. He is on for the mother of all defeat on Nov 3 2020. He's calling politicization of the virus a hoax. This is so dangerous Yes, but did he really say that? 🤔 If his supporters treat the coronavirus as a hoax then they are more ignorant than I thought!! It would show great stupidity on their part.

Nuts, the man is nuts!

The scary thing is that there are still people out there who believe Trump! maggieNYT Ask those people who have it if it is a liberal conspiracy. My god! Can we please just get someone with an ounce of intelligence in the office MoronInChief This man is the biggest Arsehole to ever lead a country. IQ of a wood pigeon. Get rid of him ! NOW!

GOP really guys? You’re letting this happen. I’m looking forward to when you all get coronavirusus for not stopping this idiot. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus COVID19 Otroligt! Han måste vara ”sjuk” Trump has no sense of embarrassment or shame‼️Oh my gosh‼️Doesn’t he know the rest of the world is watching him & are fully recognizing this CRAZY paranoid behavior‼️This,puts America in the greatest danger you can’t even imagine! The worldview of Trump👇🏼

Right so the democrats in China? Is that what he means? Or the 40 other countries that now have it as well? That’s a conspiracy? Honestly. The virus is not political & it won’t care what he says about it. It will just continue to get worse while he denies it is. WACKO! Let him go visit and sit in a room with the 'supposed' infected victims of coronavirus and see what happens?

JournalismIsDead The headline is purposefully misleading & politico knows it! He did NOT say the virus was a conspiracy, he said the media’s coverage of it & the Dems sudden uproar about it, is an attempt to undermine him. But keep the propaganda flowing ! If he heard Chuck & Nancy’s pronouncements this week, I think I can understand.

This man is not only a joke as president, but a joke to the world - yet his base follow like a cult of insane religious zealots. Liar liar pants on fire. He called the political posturing by the left a hoax. He is totally stupid. He is dangerous for USA Thats what a CULT would do Cult45 Send him to China to investigate.

totally inaccurate reporting Well, this is good news, it means Trump supporters will die in greater numbers when the virus hits the USA.

Wrong. Not that the virus as a hoax, but what the left is trying to use it as. Your spin was stupid. This is false. The media’s reporting of the President’s handling of the virus is what Pres Trump is calling a hoax. This article is another example of the media disinformation on the issue. Close Sounds right to me!

With zero U.S. fatalities and TEN TIMES more people recovered from the virus than killed by it, what would YOU call it? This is a new level of deranged. How could this be. Reality is the virus and trump is the hoax. You know there's this thing called the internet that allows me to go back and hear the comments for myself and conclude you're full of shit, right?

This is so dangerous! Irresponsible

Apparently Politico doesnt read the AP either Fact checks must suck when you parrot other's propaganda. No. He didn't say it was a hoax, the Democrats attempt at politicizing it is the hoax. No he didn't. He's right msm and the dems are a disgrace to America and the world. What is it they fear so much that they are willing to use coronavirus politically, cause panic and encourage financial markets to crash. Its almost like it was planned.Msm are a part of it

Impeached Trump reality is stranger than fiction. maggieNYT With over 17,000 D.T. lies documented and your total denial of scientific facts of any kind, you are telling us to risk or lives, families, communities, nation to believe anything you say? Sadly, if 4 Senators had broken ranks, you would already be gone. Tragic!

you guys twisted what was said wtf Time to unfollow Politico. This was a big miss on their part. Fake News! Fake news!!!! Pay attention. THIS type of article is apart of the hoax. It’s the deliberate overhyping and fearmongering of the virus to blame on Trump and help crash the economy. They make up a lie, report on the lie and then exacerbate the lie. A Vicious cycle.

CeciliaCmaida Dude thinks everything’s about him! Quite delusional

Does anyone remember when DJT told everyone not to believe what they see or what they hear? Over 200 have died in South Korea, Japan has closed its school for a month, deaths across Europe, Iran and elsewhere and the so-called leader of the free world is calling it a Hoax? If the shoe fits..... He is an embarrassment. I will not insult my intelligence, betray my honor or devalue my integrity by showing him any respect.

Again fake news from politico 🙄🤡🤡🤡 FakeNewsMedia Sure. Because the virus is only in America? What do outbreaks in other countries have to do with his first term? Reminds me of someone: 'After the election, the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accused Iran’s enemies of exaggerating the threat of coronavirus to scare voters away from the polls'

PithyCherub If someone doesn’t pick up this garbage soon, I’m going to lose it We’re screwed I knew you were a leftist rag, but come on, show a little self respect. Projecting!!

See how 'their new hoax' got pulled out of the quoted paragraph? That's so they could take it out of context, not telling you exactly what he said the new hoax indeed was, so they could replace with their own interpretation. Not true! Fake news from the deranged socialists dems. So pathetic 25th Amendment exists for a reason...

Don't listen to this idiot stand and say the Corona virus is fake. This virus is very bad, and the deaths are starting to pile up! Instead of flapping his jaws, Trump needs to light a fire under everything and anything to find an antivirus before it kills your kids, parents, etc! maggieNYT Even the headline is misleading, he’s not saying the existence of Coronavirus is a hoax, he’s saying the hype is the hoax

The coronavirus is real, and it's going to get a whole he'll of a lot worse in the weeks to come. This is not something Trump can hide behind and blame on someone else. It's only a couple of steps from becoming a total World wide pandemic, and THE WORLD NEEDS TO DEAL WITH IT NOW! Nope just the way it's covered by inane websites like Stupidico.

Wow, the compassion for the bereaved families is astounding

That’s inaccurate. Liar and chief and crap flows You ought to be sued over this deception. He is a malignant narcissist and getting worse every day :( Good luck with that! Trump appoints himself Chief Medical Officer of the USA The US is not a country, it's a soap opera. With the current cast in the White House, it may be moved to the sit-com category. 🤦‍♂️

You've got to be an idiot to write this article, or to believe it. He did not call the virus a Democrat hoax. That is a lie easily discernible by watching the video. He called the democrat reaction to the steps he's taken, a hoax, which it is. First the said he was overreacting, now it's he is not doing enough.

What's wrong with this President? He seeing conspiracy around corners that don't exist. Could he be suffering from delusions of malcontent?

Just more Chinese propaganda since sold their soul to a communist government, just like the NBA. Follow the money. God, liberals are unable to tell the truth. Mentally challenged. A four year would be more honest and befuddle these files. New rules! Everyone spreading the false disinformation that Donald Trump called the coronavirus a 'hoax' is violating Twitter TOS to interfere against a 2020 candidate TwitterSafety F

And here is the appropriate response to Politico's conspiracy theory about truth that is NOT a conspiracy theory: People will die because of his incompetence. Democrats and media politicize coronavirus blaming President for something China is responsible. It seems Leftist are assets of Communist and Russia.

And here they go, 3, 2, 1, they're all vomiting the same talking points. Watch in the a.m., DemonRats will be spewing, in tandum, the same lines. So predictable. 🙄 COVID19 Looks like the hoax is spreading ... 😟 Up to 40 possibly exposed to coronavirus at Gold Coast beauty salon via ABCNews It is difficult to believe this is the man who holds the office of President of the United States. We are living this nightmare.

He's saying that the media & Dems are hoaxing us by politicizing the Coronavirus. You're making his point, you hacks.

This is a lie. LIAR Fake news. He said it was real and they have been on top of it but that they democrats will exploit it as the next hoax The flu has killed more people this year. That about sums it up Traditional USA Flu season. The latest Flu View surveillance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that as of January 18, 2020, there have been 15 million cases of flu, 140,000 hospitalizations, and 8200 deaths in the US this influenza season.

FakeNews Whoever produced this at polcrapico should reroll their profession. Right-oh! Jolly good show! Well. At least you’re consistent. Committed, even. So. Much. Journalisming. Not what he said...Journalism

Thank you for proving his point. How do you feel about that? 👿👿 No, he called the all the LIES from the LEFT about Coronavirus a HOAX. This is all you, create news by lying. If it breaks out in our country it will be because of our porous border, Chinese have tried multiple times to enter just this wk. The fault lies w/Nancy Pelosi & Dems.

Polit Bureau: TOTALLY FALSE. Same as everything you publish. More left wing liberal Demoncrat Regressives, void of ethics, moral integrity and honesty. God Bless America anyway, please, and keep us safe. Nice try realDonaldTrump doctor should take a MRI of his brain. I am sure the corona virus besidethes other viruses have found a home their. He has to go. He is doing untold damage to America. God help America.ananavarro Susan_Hennessey AliVelshi thedailybeast

Trump is being unfair to his supporters. realDonaldTrump A worldwide virus isn’t about you. Get over yourself. bajabug It’s just all about him. The US is going into a very dangerous place.

He’s Crazy as hell need to disappear off the face of the earth 👿👿👿👿👿 Let’s try to maintain context Dems are playing this fear factor game to damage realDonaldTrump FakeNews No, he said democrats wishing death and blaming it on him is the hoax. You all are so predictable. With every pen-stroke he gets you all to show your bias. EnemyOfThePeople

maggieNYT THE GREAT PURGE.....MIGHT BE A GREAT IDEA... GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS NATION;WATCH OUT FOR THE RED HATS. THEY MIGHT HAVE IT. Let's put aside that this guy is in a presidential position, TrumpIsSocialpath TrumpIsUnfitForOffice This is not a leader, a poor example to all. GOPCOVERUP GOPCorruptionOverCountry

Geez. My hearing or understanding has gone to hell. The definition of pathetic. POTUS and LindseyGrahamSC are known liars. SCVoters need to vote for JaimeHarrison and dump Graham. Ever get the feeling you're all indispensable

He's not wrong KAG2020LandslideVictory MAGA KAG2020 This is exactly what he was talking about. He didn’t say the virus is a hoax. He said the Dems (and you idiots) are politicizing the outbreak IdiotInChief Wow, you liberals are either 1. really bad at English or 1. purposely misinterpreting what he says. I say 2.

Politico is partisan garbage. This is fake news. Another lie by fake politico Unvaccinated trumpanzees who has never had a flue shot will be the first to go. Sounds good to me.

Those Chinese liberals have been after trump for years. Someone please give this boy a time-out. Yeah, saying dems are politicizing it isn’t remotely the same as this “paraphrased” headline JFC maggieNYT More evidence Trump is unfit to be POTUS. Pence & cabinet really should invoke 25th amendment. More fake news—watch his remarks for yourself and don’t fall for this propaganda!

Politico lies and they don't care. Look up what Trump said. This is a lie Politico knows what they tweeted is a lie They don't care maggieNYT I think he blasted the demogoging of the crisis hoax. Your comment is totally out of context and poor journalism. The Marxist left has found their new 'wrap up smear.' FakeNews

He’s trying to bend reality AGAIN...

Trump is working hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Meanwhile Politico and other left wing media outlets are either blaming him for it or spreading other lies such as this article. He challenges most popular cheerleader in high school for most paranoid, entitled and narcissistic. I TOTALLY 100% agree with the PRESIDENT! Since 2015, LIBERALS have conspired to bring down this ELECTED PRESIDENT! Just another “impeachment” by DemocRATS to hurt the President... DemocRATS hate Trump more than they Love Americans

He is insane. Headline written obviously by someone who didn't listen. I mean there is video of the comment. He's calling the shifting democrat criticism a hoax, not the virus itself. Stop lying. Lol. Lol. Lol. U guys really can’t stop lying. LIARS WESEEYOU Keep digging Politico. Because fake news headlines like this have worked so well so far.🙄 So well in fact they have improved Trump popularity to better than Obama's at same point. Keep proving who you are...PLEASE!🙏

This is a lie.

You’re lying. The liberal media reaction and blame game is the hoax. Hacks. Fake fake,fake fake This tweet is a lie. He said the “ hoax” was Democrsts lying and criticizing him for a crisis that has not yet happened...when just three weeks ago they said this This is why fake news is the enemy of the people!

That isn’t what he said... roll the tape Orson Wells, “War of the Worlds”, 1938. People committed suicide believing aliens were attacking earth. Nobody thought about changing radio station. Fox and Trump, same insanity. Change the channel, your life may depend upon it. This is a total lie. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

That’s not at all what he said; you continue to embarrass urself

Liars Why don’t you try reporting the truth ? Great is officially dumped into the bowl of STUPID! BestPresidentEver45 This is a lie. STOP FRIGGIN LYING! Here, this will help you get the facts straight... No he didn’t but they are saying he isn’t doing enough and isn’t ready yet potus was first to stop flights from China coming in! More FakeNews

sarah_siskin Wtf Narcissistic boob of all time

You’re lying!!!!! This is why you’re called FakeNewsMedia propoganda This is false reporting. If you review exactly what he said, one cannot come to this conclusion. Not in reality here on earth anyway. POLITICO NO NO Politico fake news hacks caught lying, again. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Oiy, Politico! You lie like a rug.

Every single day I thought the media had hit bottom. Then again and again. Flat out lying about their antics the last 4 days. Read a transcript since you seem to have issues listening to the English language. It’s misinformation like this that causes people to have no faith in media. Sounds about right

You lied for 3+ years that POTUS was an 'agent of Russia' Instead of apologizing you continue to lie. Only desperate fools are still listening to you. You are lying, Politico. Trump did NOT say that but you just keep on spinning that 🦠CV chaos and panic 💩. Liars. fakenews. You people need to stop the propaganda. That’s your nasty take. Not what POTUS said.

Bullshit! You lie Pandemocrat Very North Korea-like This is a blatant and unadulterated lie. I ask anyone here that has not been completely poisoned by the Leftist kool-aid to watch the unedited rally to see Trump's full statement, in context, to see that this Politico tweet is a lie. Our media is outrageous .. this is not what he said ..

No sense in explaining anything to the left. They don't have the mental mentality to absorb common sense. Another hoax.

You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie. Greattttt...that’ll be great for the American public you are intentionally misconstruing what was said. This is a blatant lie. It proves his actual point. Politico = The National Enquirer. The virus is true... Its the attempts of organizations like Politico trying to use it against Trump that wonders into being a hoax But you liars know this.

That headline s a total lie. What's it like to root for a deadly viral outbreak? Nope he called the Democrats exploiting the Coronavirus to damage him the new hoax. You don't listen very good do you.

What a BS misrepresentation of what he said and meant..... Enemy of the people folks.... FakeNews This is a flat out lie. We all know you're in the tank for the dems, but damn, try to hide it a little more. When this is all over you won't have any credibility left at all. Sad. No he didn’t , but thanks for playing. He (correctly) called out people for politicizing it , rather than addressing it. Liberals would rather play politics than work together for a solution to this

Do you people EVER tell the truth? Do a bit of research. that's not what he did, and this is the kind of thing that is destroying the reputation of the press Sick lie that is not what he said fake news propaganda

Don's hair is on fire. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. You’ll feel a helluva lot better. This should be considered actionable libel You are absolutely delusional. The 'hoax' is his political opponents claiming his administration didn't respond appropriately to it. Only through a willful choice could you interpret his coments this incorrect way.

Lie He said that Politico and other unscrupulous 'news' outlets claiming our country is not prepared is the new 'Hoax' Why is it again that no one trusts you any more? No. The pessimism and worst case scenario hypothesizing and hyperbole is the “hoax” part, dumba$$es. Try buying some critical thinking skills on amazon and maybe you can learn to decipher the meaning behind simple sentences. PurposelyMisconstruedMeaning EnemyOfThePeople

25th amendment Not everything's about you dude. Stop pandering for attention. Smile more. Everything is a hoax for this bitch... Trumpers should hug each other at his rallies to prove that the coronavirus is a hoax, Good Lord! This guy is a lunatic. 86_45_in_November Should be impeached for putting our country in danger. Shame!

OMG! Please stop! maggieNYT No way he said this.

It's funny how everything bad that happens during his presidency is someone else's fault.... what a great role model. Deadly lies to save his fragile ego. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Idiotic! And we are supposed to trust what he says? Un fathomable He's going down. maggieNYT His toadies won’t believe it’s a hoax when they test positive

so what is he saying? the Dems conspired with every country on the planet to come up with a fake virus that is fake killing thousands of fake people and all these countries are willing to go along with the hoax because they don't like him? Oh, that makes sense. Politico go scratch it , he’s saying they are using it against him as if he had something to do with the virus , blame Trump ,because the media is the arm of DNC which is arm or NWO, which will take ALL of our RIGHTS AWAY . WAKE UP AMERICA !

So crazy. He is mentally ill. Coronavirus is a conspiracy to keep Trump from being reelected. GOP already calling it a hoax. Of course the MAGA crowd wildly cheered at the rally but they will be crying when their friends and neighbors get sick and die. Fools. Walter_Wong Do they know that those red MAGA hats are made in CHINA - also known as the land of Coronavirus?

maggieNYT We have to get rid of this guy.

What the hell is wrong with this man!?!? The biggest hoax ever is that he is president. This is completely irresponsible. Is this someone who has learned their lesson senategop? Can you imagine what would happen if someone who was at the rally turns up to be carrying the virus next week? How many participants will go about their business believing it to be a hoax?

No President Trump said the fear mongering the left is doing is another Hoax Dead racists can’t vote. Wait, is this a Democratic hoax, or is it a serious threat that requires shutting down the border? It can't be both, right? Complete FakeNews and Leftist propaganda With enough money and fake promises to those less fortunate, literally anyone can be president...

What an irresponsible “Mickey Mouse” of a president. Yeah sure, let’s believe this know it all con artist instead of believing scientists Thats not at all what he said ...i did not vote for trump but it is obv that liberals are hoping the markets crash badly and the virus ruins trump so they can blame it on him ...politico is the worst ...

Does anyone care if his base believes him? Darwin at work. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Holy Mother of God he’s as Crazy as I thought he was. He is NOT saying the Coronavid19 itself is a hoax what he is saying, and he IS correct, it has become the liberals/Democrats political weapon to undermine his first term with the help of Dem controlled media outlets like YOU to incite panic and crash the stock market!

Mr. It’s All About Me is at it again with his trumped up lies. To 45: maggieNYT Or or ... It’s a global threat only an idiot would ignore maggieNYT they believe the evil one, won't take any precautions, get sick, then infect everyone around them. Oh for the love of God He’s getting crazier every day if that’s even possible.

Maybe they will all catch it!

Is he sedated? Lord he is such an idiot-& people listen 2 him. I just don't understand-All we have to do is to take a pledge to vote against him-no matter who the nominee is. tell your friends, co workers, family, we ALL need to vote to get him off the world stage-His 15 minutes of fame is UP- And his supporters will still blindly follow. TrumpCult

realDonaldTrump Did pence or trump do anything more than put every Cabinet member who has anything to dow with the economy on the task force? Anyone who supports or believes trump now deserves whatever they get. Sadly, the rest of us are stuck here too. 2/2 This is absolutely the definition of fake news. What a completely misleading headline.

Darwinism. maggieNYT How about them 401k balances ? Aaaaaand there it is, today’s winner, realDonaldTrump for stupidest thing on Twitter today. Good luck America. You are screwed. realDonaldTrump Hope the GOP is happy. This guy is starl raving mad. The only reason this virus will make trump look bad is the way he is botching the response. Did Pence make arrangements for tests and masks and needed medical supplies before his fundraiser tonight? 1/

He may have finally put his padded foot in his mouth. If MAGAS start getting sick... maggieNYT The toddler in chief AstroHardin God help the US of A. Wtf ..he thinks that everything is about him maggieNYT He's sounding more like a 21st Century Pharoah everyday...coronavirus could be his boils. None of those things were hoaxes.

I wonder if this will finally get the international community to say en masse that he’s a complete idiot and a danger to the world Maniac crazy self absorbed. Sickening I mean this country is stupid enough to believe it 🤷🏽‍♂️... This is why education is so important. People have died. Granted the death rate is relatively low but to push lies and continue to be ignorant of the facts is irresponsible and unbecoming for a president.

Maybe if someone he loves (if he has that capacity) gets it he’ll shut up about this being some depraved conspiracy of democrats. maggieNYT We are in Dear Leader territory He speaks truth. And that appears to be a problem for you and your comrades. But not for most of us, including the over 100k in India and the 15k+- at the rally tonight...not to mention all the ones at the other rallies over the last 3.5 yrs. 🤣

Little Donnie Dipwad The virus is out to get him. It’s a witch hunting virus! Seriously a hoax 🤦🏻‍♂️ What are they going to say next? That the Dems created the coronavirus to undo his presidency maggieNYT That’s how stupid he and his supporters are POTUS is the greatest threat to the USA. Someone needs to do something about that.

maggieNYT Sorry, . , that's not what he said. This is stupid of you.

Politico is such tool of the Left that it’s now a Parody maggieNYT Sad man... think of your grandchildren...😞 This is why we can't have nice things maggieNYT Simply not true. He was rightly pointing out the left’s and the media’s reaction. And like clockwork, you’ve proved him right. No, coronovirus is real. The democrat and media are hyping the threat way beyond what it is. That is the hoax.

Unfit criminal Trump Trump need no help undermining his presidency, he does a fine job, all on his own. Crazy man WTH reason does he always think it's about him. That's just scary shit! The star of the next Looney Tunes full length feature no acting required. Make sure you rate it G so the base can see it

... When quale was the dumbest human. What an asshole. 30% of the population will believe him and put everyone else at risk. It’s not a hoax. We need to hear from the scientists. We need to be prepared.

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Trump raises idea of quarantines affecting NY, NJ and Conn.

Covid-19 is making some athletes scrub their hands down to the muscle and tissue

Apple releases coronavirus screening app and website in partnership with CDC

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A Philadelphia Hospital Remains Closed as Talks Between the Owner and City Fall Apart Krispy Kreme is giving out a free dozen doughnuts to healthcare workers First Live Concert Post Coronavirus Poll: Vote Trump says he's considering short-term quarantine of New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut Trump raises idea of quarantines affecting NY, NJ and Conn. Covid-19 is making some athletes scrub their hands down to the muscle and tissue Apple releases coronavirus screening app and website in partnership with CDC Hillary and Bill Clinton sent over 400 pizzas to New York hospitals fighting against coronavirus Coronavirus live updates: Trump considers enforceable quarantine in NY, NJ; 200 US cities lack face masks AP PHOTOS: Italy's front-line medical heroes, in portraits 5 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall on the coronavirus response Coronavirus live updates: Pandemic upends daily life worldwide - CNN