Trump Push To Invalidate Votes In Heavily Black Cities Alarms Civil Rights Groups

Black voters in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta were crucial to Joe Biden's victory. Those are also the places where President Trump's campaign has targeted its legal efforts.

11/24/2020 4:43:00 PM

The push by Trump and his allies to invalidate votes in cities with large Black populations has alarmed leaders, civil rights activists and historians — who see an attempt to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, many of them Black.

Black voters in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta were crucial to Joe Biden's victory. Those are also the places where President Trump's campaign has targeted its legal efforts.

Derrick Johnson, the president of the NAACP, called that action"appalling." He pointed out that the Trump campaign was aided by supporters and allies across the country in his failed efforts to reverse Biden's victory."It's only because of the environment that was created by this president to defy the rule of law, to destroy customs and practices, and to really push people toward a sense of tribalism that's not in our economic interest, that's not in the interest of democracy, for his own selfish and self-reflecting outcome," Johnson said in an interview."And it's unfortunate that there have been so many people willing to put their character, their integrity at stake for such activity."

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Andra Gillespie, a political science professor at Emory University, said voter suppression is typically thought of as rules or practices that, when put in place, have the impact of making people of color less likely to vote than their white counterparts.

The effort that Trump is undertaking, she said, is a new type of attempted voter suppression in which the president is attempting to invalidate ballots that have already been counted."I think he has targeted heavily African American cities because they happen to be heavily Democratic cities, and if he's going to invalidate enough votes to turn the election in his favor, this would actually be the best place to do it," Gillespie said.

Trump's attempt to overturn the election result comes at the end of an election season in which the nation elected its first Black vice president, California Sen. Kamala Harris. It also comes at the end of the year where many voters, particularly voters of color, faced unprecedented obstacles to cast ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the election challenges serving as a sort of punctuation mark on all of that, Clarke said,"I think this will stand out in the history books as one of the darkest moments in our nation's history." Read more: NPR »

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InFNsanity The Hate and Intolorance that is drowning America can no longer be accepted and not coddled or excused. OUR Constitution was worded for a Civilized Society. All Men are Created Equal (regardless perceived intent) Guarantees Equality People. ✌ Garbage news like usual Surprised, the race card again

Liberal sheep Why do you do that? He is not doing any such thing. You should be asking why those locales were chosen by Dominion & Smartmatic to steal election at. To cause max unrest!!! Not his fault. Biden, Soros, and the others did this You are twisting the truth it just has to do with illegal ballots not race

Horse Shit the ones that cared voted legally!!! DefundNPR😑 The corruption happens to be democratic lead cities, also happen to have a large community of oppressed blacks. Imagine that. FALSE! Democrats have used the black community for decades. They perpetrated voter fraud in these inner cities using the black community as their fall guy. Democrats want to disenfranchise the historic number of minorities who voted for Trump.

biden is going back to the failed policies of Obama that will kill the middle class & make then elitists liberals hypocrites richer & stronger than ever, these Socialists liars care nothing about the middle class they are giving away the farm again 6 months to headline disasters The political correctness of headlines is part of the problem with the last 4 years. This is illegal voter suppression and should be called out as such.

This is so ridiculously slanted and biased, it’s perverse. How about this title:” NPR and others turn blind eye to voter fraud in predominantly Democratic urban areas “? Ohhhh!! I see, it’s racist to fight voter fraud. I don’t think the printing machines have a race or gender! NPR is racist for thinking that way. Your implying that black communities are filled with corruption instead of confronting the white Liberals perpetrating the fraud

Fuck it disembarking Dont most cities, except Portland, have large black populations? Lol who is the moron who wrote this? Dems are oppressive racists! Where's the outrage from RealCandaceO? The disenfranchisement of black voters where NO fraud has been found. When asked, what 😳 do have to loose... our votes! realDonaldTrump it's not going to happen MadisonSiriusXM

This is a continuation of what the Republican Party has been doing for decades. This will invalidate more white votes than black votes. Keep playing the race card... it’s what America needs Tragic, never-ending fight. 'an attempt to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, many of them Black.' Again

NPR’s reporter pulled this sh*t out their ass. Where the allegations had been made were largely populated areas that also has minority residents. All the reporter did was single out black residents were the target of the accusations. It’s not a surprising twist. And people say he isn't racist The largest number of unsupervised votes susceptible to fraud in history is what’s really alarming to people NPRFakeNews

His campaign started with racism (birtherism) and will end in racism. Goodbye, so long, no one cares you're gone Just another indicator that the GOP is the racist party. Wake up white men - you don’t control this country any longer - get used to it. And his attempt to disenfranchise minorities come with the approves silence of republicans leaders in Congress

Grrr Ummismaelsf 2nd Place Finisher Claims Masters Tournament Rigged After finishing down five strokes on official scorecards, the indignant player cried foul. 'I’m the winner - the jacket is mine!' he ranted, waving his one remaining unbroken club, while his entourage urged him on. A vote is not black or white! Stop with the division!!

Don't be disenfranchised. Keep fighting the fight. Vote bigger and stronger in every election going forward. Make waves! To be fair I do believe he's racist but I don't believe he wants to throw the votes out bc someone black cast it. He wants them thrown out bc the vast majority are for Biden. If there is a majority black city that went for Trump he'd be fighting to count those votes. Just sayin.

NPR is racist Sure is a good thing you guys get rid of that voting rights act. I mean discrimination was over according to a whole bunch of white senators. Thats how they roll Just what the country needs - more fabricated hysteria. This has been happening in EVERY election since they removed 40k voters in Florida in 2000. When the election was called by 650 votes or something. Ohio and Florida in 2004 was hundreds of thousands of Voters. And right now in Georgia voters who voted weeks ago are being purged.

Npr is such trash. But in the meantime, the Aunties in Philly and the Grand Dads in Detroit and the sharecroppers’ kids in Pittsburgh this plantation owner into the streets, where Lady Justice awaits.....poetic justice Propaganda. The vote of our race isn’t in question. But Biden the the voting has been fraudulent. It is so obvious everyone can plainly see

No kidding? Just figuring this out now, after the election? 🙄 Putin's Magic Lizard Army mind controlled POC, giving Trump more minority votes than any other Republican in the last 60 years! Has ZERO to do with the color of the skin of the voter. Nice thing is the election shows minorities aren’t listening to this crap or falling for it any longer

And this should end the argument whether your president is a racist or not. He Is Racist. He is not alone in this country. Just admit if you are, then you can start a path of learning & acceptance. It’s only a big deal if you continue to hate, it’s not a big deal if you are willing to change. I know what I’m talking about, I was raised in a racist home

This is exactly why Trump's support by minorities grew and broke records among Republican candidates. You can only take advantage of, make false promises to and lie to a group of people so many times before they wise up to your game. Keep on telling them how/why to think! Illegal votes! Seeing racism when there is no racism is NPRs bread and butter.

Illegal votes have no color. stopthehate fakenewsmedia Most them hoping he go to prison Due to the over exaggerated use of the word racist, the word is now used to smear honest people due to the hate of the people using the word! The real problem is the people full of hatred that is dividing this Great Nation! If you hate someone, just call them a racist!

A shameful chapter for GOP I’m going to start writing headlines: Trump’s racist strategy was to invalidate and disenfranchise black voters: it failed—this time. Racism. Trump fuels racism at every opportunity. Shame on them all. It stunning how long it took you to promote the race card. You’re slipping in your identity politics obsession.

NPR could you provide evidence of disenfranchisement please - because it is invalid votes that causes disenfranchisement of voters of every race - we need facts/proof in news stories That *is* what we just witnessed, does that make me and activist or a historian? What does NPR see it as? Blatant racism at its finest, as we look on in disgust.

Or maybe allegations of fraud should just be investigated. And NPR can stop calling everything they don’t like racist. Find something else to say besides everything is racist. It’s getting old Might take awhile for the cool-aid to wear off. “I’ve done more for black Americans then Abraham Lincoln” If you believe that, Trump probably loves you.

Katj512 I wonder how those black people that voted for him feel now? If he’s worried about voter corruption , why didn’t he demand a recount in Detroit in 2016 ? And? NPR you know the truth. The people who committed this fraud did it on purpose in these areas so you and the mainstream media can use black voters for their agenda.

We’ve known Trump has been a racist all his life so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’d attack the minority voters . Duh that’s the mantra. As it should. He has a long history of documented racism. Fortunately, his attempts have all fallen flat. We are better than he is. You elected people opposed to school choice. Spare us the lecture.

'Oh but he's not racist!' It's time for Trumpists to have an intervention with themselves. Yeah ok, TrumpIsPathetic, whatevs. Only concern is states where Biden WON, and yes, targeting the black community. The GOP only likes straight, white, Christian males. Oh FFS, what a reach A lot of those black folks that voted for The president “ain’t black” as Joe proudly proclaimed. So I don’t get this article

California a model for America to address climate change BUT not one American tax dollar should be sent abroad UNTIL CHINA cuts pollution They still won’t learn.. 🤦🏾‍♂️ there are serious allegations of fraud and impropriety in those areas. if someone doesnt want that investigated, sounds like they would be the racist to me.