Trump previews new social distancing guidelines based on geographic risks

Trump Previews New Social Distancing Guidelines Based On Geographic Risks - Cnnpolitics

President Trump told US governors that his administration was preparing to issue new, potentially more relaxed social distancing guidelines, even as some experts warn it’s too early to allow Americans to congregate in large groups or return to workplaces

Trump Previews New Social Distancing Guidelines Based On Geographic Risks - Cnnpolitics


President Trump told US governors that his administration was preparing to issue new, potentially more relaxed social distancing guidelines, even as some experts warn it’s too early to allow Americans to congregate in large groups or return to workplaces

President Donald Trump told US governors on Thursday his administration was preparing to issue new, potentially more relaxed social distancing guidelines based on geographic risk factors for the novel coronavirus, even as some health experts warn it's too early to allow Americans to congregate in large groups or return to their workplaces.

(CNN) In a letter, Trump said new coronavirus testing capabilities would allow his administration to identify"high-risk, medium risk and low-risk" counties where different levels of social distancing would be appropriate."Our expanded testing capabilities will quickly enable us to publish criteria, developed in close coordination with the Nation's public health officials and scientists, to help classify counties with respect to continued risks posed by the virus," he wrote.New, more tailored guidelines will help governors and other state policymakers decide on"maintaining, increasing or relaxing social distancing and other mitigation measures they have put in place," Trump wrote.The President has been itching to loosen the 15-day social distancing measures he announced last week in a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.Read More'That's when all hell broke loose': Coronavirus patients start to overwhelm US hospitalsEven as he's agitated to relax the guidelines, however, some state governors have implemented new restrictions on nonessential businesses and large gatherings.Trump said this week that he'd like to see the country"raring to go" by Easter, on April 12, a date that many health experts say is unlikely."There is still a long battle ahead, but our efforts are already paying dividends," he wrote in the letter."As we enhance protections against the virus, Americans across the country are hoping the day will soon arrive when they can resume their normal economic, social and religious lives."Some of Trump's health advisers have warned that loosening guidelines on social distancing before the virus is contained would worsen its spread. They have cautioned against creating arbitrary deadlines on reopening the country."You've got to understand that you don't make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline," Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease specialist, said on CNN on Wednesday."So you've got to respond in what you see happen. And if you keep seeing this acceleration, it doesn't matter what you say. One week, two weeks, three weeks -- you've got to go with what the situation on the ground is."Trump has insisted that as conditions improve in certain areas of the country, or don't devolve into large outbreaks, that business should be able to return to normal.But he's also said that widespread testing isn't necessary in those areas because they don't have large caseloads."We could go to certain states right now that have virtually no problem or a very small problem. We don't have to test the entire state in the middle west, or wherever they may be. We don't have to test the entire state. I think it's ridiculous. We don't have to do it," he said during a briefing at the White House on Wednesday."A lot of those states could go back right now, and they probably will because at some point in the not-too-distant future, certain states are going to come off the rolls."This story has been updated with additional reporting. Read more: CNN

Trump needs to be removed from office. He has zero right to play with peoples lives. Trump is a colossal jerk, chicken, and liar!!! Hmm, does that qualify as a form of filicide? Or just plain selfish indifference? I say we keep ignoring what This President has to say not not do what he wants us to do and stay on the path we are already on to keep it from spreading. He's only worried about his money and not the American People.

More misleading news CNN twisting words again He only cares about his bank account. We are dealing with a president that has mental issues but does not know it or see it. Governor Murphy in NJ said screw that - expect the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster to still remain closed. I will never, ever trust what comes out of Trumps mouth. I will listen and trust the experts from WHO and the CDC.

💵 👤 Trump knows more than experts

Coronavirus stimulus deal would prohibit federal aid for Donald Trump properties, Schumer saysRepublican and Democratic senators have reached a deal on a roughly $2 trillion stimulus package to stem the economic damage from the coronavirus outbreak. Good

WTH... he's so D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L 🤯 Get a better handle on it first ! GOD NO That's cool. We can then have the most cases of any of the countries, keeping it at 1 like always He’s a straight up Moron! Put the politics aside people! This is about people getting sick and dying! I would love for everything to go back to normal, but right now is not the time. Take care of your families and be safe everyone.

CNN going to have egg on face again when the new guidelines come out recognizing not all counties or even states are the same. Some have little to no cases with little risk. You guys realise this is something that's worked on months before it needs to be done. When a pandemic hits first you shut shit down, that's the easy part. The hard part that requires planning is opening back up

American citizens must defy any order issued by this incompetent man Deplorable The crazy part is they are complaining about Trump but they don't say anything about this whole time people never even followed the guild lines and the streets still full of people.

Trump administration to designate Venezuela as state sponsor of terrorism and charge President Maduro, sources sayThe Trump administration is expected to designate Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism as soon as Thursday and bring charges against the country's president, Nicolás Maduro, according to five sources familiar with the situation, in a momentous move that will mark a modern low point in relations between the US and the ailing socialist state. The US is just not good at this 'fighting a pandemic' thing at all, is it? Sheesh... As it should!

He is doing this to save his own ass not lives! If you are smart and I hope you are... I would pass on this one. You can find another job, but you only have one life. Are you willing to gamble it on the hunch of a moraless Liar in Chief? I think he's itching for ppl to die. Only logical explanation for his behavior.

right cause that hoax thing worked out so well for him donald trump mot only creates this shitshow he’s still lying about it will be interesting to see what happen when this rolls on into teump country The idea that people in a 'high risk' county will just stay there and risk theirs lives, rather than pack up and head to an adjoining 'low risk' county, where they're safer & they can go out to eat, shop, etc is pretty ludicrous. I'm sure they won't be symptomatic though, right?

Meanwhile new Hampshire is going to stay at home directive until may What he really means part 13!!! 🤡🤡🤡🤡 brain dead dumpf!!! Trump is More Worried about the Stock Market, then the People Dieing in America. But in the land of the glorious queen and kneeling NFLers... What about me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me....

IOC president defends delay on postponing Olympics, seems to cite Trump in reasoningIOC president Thomas Bach also did not rule out the possibility that the Tokyo Olympics could be held in the spring of 2021 – or that they could be postponed beyond 2021, or canceled altogether.

Brace yourselves for a super spike in infections, God help America with Trump around!! This is not a University course or real estate fraud which he’s best at!! This is serious business requiring intelligence which he clearly does not have Listen Trump do your damn job and get the PPE so badly needed to our health care workers. You deserted the states and told them to do it on their own as a result they are fighting bidding wars. This is your fault now fix it or get the hell out.

It’s spreading faster here than any other country. We have the most cases in the world. pres response - hang out together MORE. I don’t care about you just my bank balance. The Governors should just ignore him Yes, good idea. We don't need anything stopping this next election. 🙏 Trump: The wrong president at the wrong time.

When will the republicans start telling trump he is wrong what will it take someone in there family die them the family will tell him he or she is wrong Why don't he start with a couple of rallies and see if anyone gets sick and then he will know if we can start up again or mot How many people does trump want to die before he starts to do something besides talk about it

When is anyone going to invoke the 25th Amendment on this guy?!

San Francisco mayor slams Trump on coronavirus comment: 'Why are we still listening to the president?'Coronavirus: S.F. mayor slams Trump: 'Why are we still listening to the president?' San Poocisco Mayor 😂 Because her city is doing so well ... Because you're the Mayor of Shit City and need all the help you can get. Exactly! Children are seen not heard

Why don’t you stop, your news is disgraceful. Trump is going to issue a death sentence. Lie....absolute lie! This guy is bonkers how he’s president I’ve no clue I am 100% sure I’d do a far better job common sense ‘empathy total commitment to the job and what it means being president the system failed us so badly

hmm - let me think about that one - NO ONE should listen to him !!! 1-This is what i think (so i am going to screenshot my post) : in less than 2 months, everything will reopen; not only in the usa, but most if not all of the countries... Why? Because the governments will make assessment than losing 2 or 3 % of the population is not worth

A dictator being a dictator So will they kind of spray paint lines to show the border from one not very contagious county to the next one even more contagious so I don’t get confused because I wouldn’t want to cross that line and then get sick🙃

Sherrod Brown Has a Message for America: Listen to Scientists, Not Donald TrumpOhio Senator Sherrod Brown is good and mad, and fighting to stop a coronavirus bailout that stiffs working people When is going to hire REAL journalists SenSherrodBrown In 2018 I was in school and didn't file taxes. I'm $150 short on paying 2019 taxes (self-employed). Gov closed my work. Landlord owns building outright, no fed-backed mortgage. All this equals no rebate, no UI & probably soon homeless and hungry. Thanks4NothingWashington SenSherrodBrown But yet he is ok with it having money it for the Kennedy Centers and illegal aliens and extra money for Representatives!!! HMMMM how is that helping AMERICANS in need?

From someone who said Covid-19 is under control weeks ago and here we are. Dear President DumbBell: This is NOT the time to relax or lift social distancing or sheltering in place. You cannot vacillate in this manner and just obsess over the stock market. We are fighting an infectious virus. Stay sheltered and keep your distance!!!

DO NOT LISTEN TO POTUS Trump says “people want to go back to work”, that’s if their alive!! Americans should pray vaccines, ASAP! They go low, we vote Joe ✌🏻 Preparing. Not issue. Pay attn. iNews9K TRANSLATION: Trump orders blue states to lock down through election day. Here comes the “he only cares about himself and Wall Street” from all the liberals. 😵

Kanye West On Donald Trump: Read The New InterviewWest doubles down on his controversial stance, explaining why he despises assumptions made about his character. Who's listing to kw about anything LOLOLOLOLOL Nobody GAF except Kim

The governors are in charge. Can someone get this incompetent man out of office so we can focus on listening to experts and people that actually care about this country and all it’s people. NoTime2BSelfish Yes because you got a whopping $75 million as part of the deal lame Stream media wake up America how many mask And ventilators could have bought🤬🤯🔥PBS and NPR $75 million that’s what held up the relief bill🤯

IvankaTrump how TF do you sit by and let your father do this? While you’re playing press brief Barbie and making fucking “upstairs play room” forts, he’s marching people to their deaths. YOU have his something. Let all the deaths fall on him. I am starting to wonder if he is the Anti-Christ. This is deliberately killing people.

No, he said they will see how it goes and encouraged people to follow orders till then. The President is listening to Dr. Fauci. Quit miss reporting it borders on lies. realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence CDCgov NIH Amazing how CNN wants the Economy to tank. They r sooo bad, now they r making up stories. Disgusting. What a disgrace. Picking up clues from Dan Rather As bad as CNN. No, CNN is worse!!!

He’s going to kill 10’s of thousands. And quite frankly he just doesn’t care. Well let’s let Florida go first. The rest of us will wait and see how that works out for them 🤷🏼‍♀️ SMH

This guy is nuts. No one is listening to anything he says so theres that What this means: crappy employers and organizers will push work/events and get more people sick. We all pay for care of the sick. The MDs/RNs, and good citizens that don't listen to the president will make less money (get back to work late) and will need to subsidize the idiots.

There are no words..... Trump is not going to do what is best for this country or the people. For him to not , already be doing all that he can, shows he doesn’t do anything unless he can benefit from it. He doesn’t care if all of America is sick and/or dying. What else would he be waiting for? No one should listen to him. We are practicing SocialDistanacing to protect each other COVIDー19 CoronavirusPandemic coronavirus

You are going to surpass China. With far less a population. God bless America. Proud Canadian. Houston we have a problem. This is who Democrat’s and fake news want for your president! Moron of the millennium

Why don't you call him what he really is? A genocide. Is so stupid along with the TN Governor In the name of the mighty dollar... Let's risk the lives of millions in the working class Killer And Chief Hasn’t he already killed enough Americans? Hope our Prime Minister keeps the borders closed to the US. He has absolutely no say in it. Our governors enacted the stay-ins not him. What a moron, believing he is in control when he isn't. Thank god for NYGovCuomo! COVID2019 ThursdayThoughts StayHome Lockdown21 TrumpVirus TrumpMeltdown

I want to read the collective response letter. 25thAmendment

As much at the MSM and the Democrats would love that are country close for the rest of the year . Our President does not want our country to go into a depression . The Dems would love to see that happen ! People need to pay bills and children need to go back to school ! LOOK! IT'S NOT COMPLICATED • wash hands often, and under nails • hands off, don't scratch or pick • keep physical distance, 2+ meters • follow health directions • sneeze and cough in elbow sleeve • stay home, don't go, no visiting What part of the word NO isn't clear!?

If he would have spent half as much energy trying to prepare us for the virus as it appears he's willing to spend trying to open us back up, world would be different. Good, Open up businesses Donny boy! Let's go play Golf.

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