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Mueller Report, Russia Investigation

Trump Praises Attorney General for Intervening in Stone Case

The Justice Department had moved against its own prosecutors to recommend a shorter sentence for one of President Trump’s friends, Roger J. Stone Jr.


President Trump congratulated William Barr for intervening to lower the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone , broadening concerns that the department is ceding its independence to White House influence

The Justice Department had moved against its own prosecutors to recommend a shorter sentence for one of President Trump’s friends, Roger J. Stone Jr.

his political rivals . The president has also demanded loyalty from those who surround him, and he has been pleased with Mr. Barr’s leadership of the department. Mr. Trump fired his first attorney general , who did not interfere in a special counsel investigation into whether the Trump campaign had coordinated with Russia. The special counsel ultimately did not recommend conspiracy charges, but the case against Mr. Stone stems from the Russia inquiry. The rare act of overruling the decisions of career prosecutors, particularly in such a politically charged case, reinforced concerns by Democrats and others that Mr. Trump was tipping the scales of justice in favor of his interests. Walter M. Shaub Jr., the former head of the Office of Government Ethics, likened Tuesday’s actions to those in countries with authoritarian regimes. “A corrupt authoritarian and his henchmen are wielding the Justice Department as a shield for friends and a sword for political rivals,” Mr. Shaub said . “It is impossible to overstate the danger.” Democrats have called for an independent evaluation of the decision making process. “I do not take a position on the proper prison term for Mr. Stone, but it would be a blatant abuse of power if President Trump has in fact intervened to reverse the recommendations of career prosecutors at the Department of Justice,” said Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and a former federal prosecutor himself. Mr. Schiff led the House impeachment team’s arguments that the president should be removed from office. Mr. Schiff is also chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which Mr. Stone was convicted of obstructing. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, Read more: The New York Times

William Barr and Roger Stone should be in jail, side-by-side, jumpsuits down, hands on knees, doing their newly assigned prison job as 'D**k Warmers.' From the Compromise of 1877 to now, Trump continues the long history of white fear against conditions that seemingly lift up black and brown peoples (i.e Obama). Trump’s criminality is in the cultures blood.

“Broadening concerns.” Duh - ya think so? They’re all crooks. Seriously? How many times have President’s complimented their AGs on cases. FFS take a look at John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. Not a problem...right. I’m surprised he didn’t let his people testify during the impeachment hearing. Clearly he’s cool with lying to Congress.

Barr must be Trumps wait that was... A hideous crime against. The American people Trump making a mockery of the American Justice system. I can’t believe this! We do have a King!🤬 Someone needs to speak out about the injustice - Dems get nothing when they lie, etc. Anyone who speaks up about Pres Trump gets major unfair sentences

'Broadening concern'!! Trump took complete control of the Justice Department a year ago! The NYT and WP keep pretending this is a normal presidency.

Trump Praises Barr for ‘Taking Charge’ in Roger Stone CasePresident Trump praised Attorney General William Barr for “taking charge” of case against Roger Stone , weighing in on a controversy that started when the Justice Department moved to recommend less prison time for the president’s longtime confidant. That Mr. Trump inappropriately involves himself in investigations and prosecutions, and has Mr. Barr acting as his personal lawyer rather than as Head of the Justice Department strongly suggests that justice is wrongfully being manipulated. Trump: 'Thank you for your corruption, Bill Barr.'

I think we are well past the “concerned” stage. Barr is suppose to be the lawyer if the people, not the president. So who is protecting us, we the people? You never had a problem when Obama done it so shut up NYT's Crooks and criminals!! Trump, Barr, McConnell, Graham, Mulvaney....and the list goes on. Need someone to clean sweep the growing cancer of corruption in the WH.

Evil triumphs as the nation's judiciary withers. Roger Stone is being abused. Pardon him. Time for the next impeachment More & more people are realizing that their lives are better since Trump became POTUS. Egregious over sentencing is not a sign of a healthy DOJ. A DOJ that steps in to stop rogue prosecutors is a DOJ that is getting healthier. The sentencing guidelines were completely ignored by the Prosecutors. The DOJ didthe right thing.

Trump praises AG William Barr after Roger Stone sentencing reversal leads 4 prosecutors to quitTrump, in a tweet, congratulated Attorney General William Barr 'for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought.' So what is the point of having an attorney general or courts or judges ... if they are all going to do whatever trump wants. 🇺🇸 is lost your country is circling the drain. Talk about problem solving.

It's all Barr's baby now, whether he wants it or not. Concerns aren’t broadening. It’s clearly already happening Sick of the blatant criminality of this administration . . He was talking about the Mueller investigation. I know, I know, he interferes so often, it's confusing. Well, the DEEP STATE is coming to an END!

🤯 What is the new sentence? The only way out of this nightmare is for us to turn out to vote in such droves that no amount of cheating will keep this con and his sycophants in office. He does whatever he went, Wake up America 2021 dictator in action:

Trump withdraws Treasury nomination of ex-US attorney who oversaw Stone prosecutionPresident Donald Trump on Tuesday abruptly withdrew the nomination for Jessie Liu, the former US attorney who headed the office that oversaw Roger Stone 's prosecution, to serve in a top Treasury Department position, three sources told CNN. Livid2point0 Much wailing and teeth gnashing on tonight. 😜 Lucy's Sister? Nhưng ta bị cô lập ! Ta muốn giúp Trump và Tập

It’s no secret the hoax should extend to all it incriminated!! The fruit is poisonous We're a little bit past 'concern,' aren't we? Great Job. Now FIRE all the Progressive Left Political Operatives/Traitors where ever and when ever possible. Barr is making John Mitchell look good... Dig. Find the incriminating evidence and expose it. THAT'S The News.

The swamp filled with far left cockroaches is being drained. Praise God for realDonaldTrump! CoupFAIL DurhamIsComing RIPdemParty A leopard can’t change its spots This system works for the super rich.

Roger Stone prosecution team are 'heroes' for quitting, says former U.S. attorney generalThe Roger Stone prosecutors walked out after the Department of Justice undermined their original sentencing memo in what President Donald Trump's critics claim is political interference. Everybody knows that the fix is in BananaRepublicUSA Heros.. hahaha the hate is disgusting

Or just simply a criminal and traitor that of course see all legal authority as an enemy,unless it can be used against your own enemies of course. As an Attorney General who fellates the President (I mean that figuratively, of course), isn't interfering on a case that reflects badly on the Trump a conflict of interest?

Good boy!!!!! I'll bet Barr's chest is a little more puffed out today after the belly rub he got from his master You'd have to prove it's the other way around. Even then you'd find many presidents did similar things to lower jail time for people they knew. Not that the MSM would EVER report that. Barr is Trump's lap dog. Not news. News is The Truth behind the Obvious.

In very short time the justice system and it's integrity hes become so corrupted than no one will trust in it again. That's how an enemy of a working nation operates. Except this whole Russia thing was bullshit. While Mr. Trump is setting Justice back to 1860, Samsung just beat Apple in the 5G race on his watch. Foldable glass!!! Are you kidding me? Amazing!!!

7-9 yrs is outrageous. That is the true retribution. Imagine if Jessie Smollet, Jim Comey or HRC got same?

Roger Stone: Prosecutors withdraw from Stone case after DOJ intervenesBannanaRepublic And how much time is Hillary Clinton gonna get for her collusion with A fake dossier?

Easy out for Trump. All he has to say is something like 'I never told Bill Barr to look into the sentencing, he did that on his own'. Doesn't anyone understand Trump can do whatever he wants since the MoscowMitch acquittal? What about the Senators that intervened with scumbag Wolfe’s sentencing? Ceding it's independence? He has his nose so far up Trump's ass it's a wonder he can breathe.

Democracy has died with this president and the current republicans. We’re no better than Russia now. When you remove checks and balances and separation of powers, you undermine the Constitution. We should all be aware of what is happening.

Barr takes control of legal matters of interest to Trump, including Stone sentencingBarr&39;s intervention in Roger Stone &39;s case wasn&39;t the first time senior political appointees reached into a case involving an ex-Trump aide, officials say. NBCNews Time for justice. NBCNews Big scoop...

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