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Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns towards protesters

A couple was seen barefoot and brandishing firearms on protesters as they entered their neighborhood during a protest against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson

6/29/2020 9:35:00 PM

A couple was seen barefoot and brandishing firearms on protesters as they entered their neighborhood during a protest against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday posted a video showing a Missouri couple brandishing guns towards protesters calling for police reforms, again accentuating racial tensions in America.

Without comment, Trump on Monday retweeted an ABC News video showing a white couple brandishing guns towards Black and white protesters marching past a St. Louis home. In the video and others on social media, some protesters can be seen pausing to film or photograph the couple, while others can be heard to shout, “Keep moving!” and “Let’s go!”

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Trump also blasted Princeton University’s weekend announcement that it was removing former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s name from its schools over his racist remarks and policies.“Incredible stupidity!” Trump tweeted.Opinion polls show Trump trailing his likely Democratic rival in the Nov. 3 election, former Vice President Joe Biden, and an increasing number of Americans sympathizing with protesters and support policing reforms.

The Princeton decision is part of a sweeping reassessment of historical icons and monikers amid growing calls for racial justice following the killing of Black Americans, including George Floyd, whose death under the knee of a white police officer roused world protests.

Critics have highlighted Trump’s hostile response to protests against racial injustice and actions like Princeton’s, even as Mississippi on Sunday voted to remove the Confederate flag symbol from its state flag, Walmart stopped selling the Confederate flag, and NASCAR banned the Civil War-era symbol.

Slideshow(5 Images)Trump on Monday also retweeted 15 earlier posts highlighting people wanted by the U.S. Park Police for allegedly vandalizing a statue in Lafayette Square outside the White House on June 22.Trump, who canceled a weekend trip to his New Jersey resort to manage what he said was expected unrest in Washington, golfed at his Virginia property both Saturday and Sunday with no other public events.

Weekend Washington events were largely peaceful, including the Black Mamas March on Saturday.Reporting by Susan Heavey; Editing by Howard Goller Read more: Reuters Top News »

YOU ARE FAKE NEWS. THOSE PROTESTERS BREAKING IN THEIR HOME. THEY ARE DEFENDING THEIR HOME. IF I WAS THERE I SHOT THEM ON SPOT. STOP SPREADING MISLEADING ARTICLES , YOU IDIOTS. No longer peaceful if they broke through a private gate to get into a private residence. They knocked a gate down to get there and threatened to kill them.

Just shoot them if its legal start a trend The right to protect what’s theirs I wonder what would have happened if they didn't have firearms and told them to leave. I bet they wouldn't have. I also bet they'd do extra stupid shit. I can't help but notice how long he was pointing his gun at his wife. Just sayin'

Peaceful 🤣 Reuters you’re so kind! 😏 I bet there will be some feces on the wall. Overkill. They don’t look too menacing to me Yeah. Totally. Good times being in 'journalism' these days. THAT looks like a delightfully tasteful house - that suits the inhabitants very well Looks like GTA vice city. Totally justified. The house they own looks like an older home that is probably bordered now by an older area or areas that are more prone to have violent leftist anarchists living in it.

The whole situation is out of control ... Mercy on humanity Unless the economic lower 1/3 of Amer. get a bigger piece of the pie expect millions with pichforks going on millionaire's private property. If you invested in McDonald stock you became rich on the fact that workes there work for $8 or starvation wages. That mansion is theirs.

Ambulance chasers, waving guns at people from their McMansion. Disgusting all around. Found the video that shows them tresspassing. the clip is at 1:34 Jesus. the pink shirt and sandals bother me ... prodigy Why she holding a gun like that 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Now you call the police and you defund the very folks that will support you on time of need. This guy had no police protection. None

Gutless trash would have ransacked their house. Burn Loot Murder is not a protest it is rebellion Forgot to mention they busted down a gate to access private property. Some took great liberty of assumptions writing this. GabrielloZitel1 And by peaceful protesters you mean criminal scum, of course. Interesting to see the cowardly rioters and looters get out when confronted with weapons. As citizens we have a right to protect our families and property. All lives matter.

fake news They broke down the iron gate at the entrance to their subdivision . They were not peaceful. Watch Tucker Carlson’s show from last night. It’s horrifying. When the people has no law, they may become the wild animal. Moreover, the beasts always talk another guilty, when they are guilty. 😂😂🤣 “peaceful protests “

Why did those white people feel so afraid that they felt it necessary to protect their property? Was it because a mob was standing with toes on their property yelling at them? Or because blacks were strutting back and forth yelling at them? There is only one guy trying to move c's okay'll be fine😑 just close your 🤬 dilated pupils

They broke down barriers and trespassed on private property!!!! Reuter’s, you’re just as idiotic as the other mainstream media. It’s why people are losing faith in you. These people were protecting themselves from a mob who broke into their gated community. Yes they should have been less grandeur about it, but we all know why they weren’t.

Enough of your bs call it what it is and not what’s fitting your narrative This is poor reporting the peaceful protestors first broke into the house I am glad the criminals that destroyed the security gate to trespass did not damage anything else. I am glad they had security and were not harmed. STOP CALLING THEM PEACEFUL!! Wtf they wearing masks if they peaceful and why they go into private property. They need to be dealimmediately unless this is about election and will drag till elections are over

You left out the fact the trespassers broke into a private community! Gated communities are not public venues! The police should have choke hold them all. They sure aren’t acting peaceful - they sound like a mob in this clip .... the couple were demonstrating their rights to defend their property with lethal force - which is legal if attacked .

People have a right to bare arms isn't it in your constitution. The point of the article is that the couple used the threat of deadly force against the protestors who clearly had no bad intentions. And then you have the president legitimising this by posting it, which only exacerbates racial divides. The house

And by 'peaceful' you mean broke through a wrought iron gate into a gated community and were threatening to kill them? are you going to retract you false reporting ? I have only one question. Were the home owners REALLY going to shoot people in the street if they felt threatened? In Spain(Europe) if somebody trespasses your property you call the police, not aim firearms at people this is barbarism

Nice pink pastel polo bro! It didn’t quite go down that way. Check your reporting. Check your bias. Check your privilege. This is how you need to protect your home. Take an example from these people. FAKE NEWS these “protesters” were traspassing Not an iota of White Privilege dripping out there on that St. Louis street.

“ Not Yet Violent Protesters” Well it is their right to protect their property thats America, in fact they are even allowed to shoot if somebody enters ... crazy but again thats is the Law there Same on you for not putting the full true facts. “Peaceful protesters” watch the guy point the gun at his wife lmao GOPCowards

'Peaceful' - yea right, lets put the guns down and have a cup of tea with them skinny 'lost gen' kids - AllWivesMatter Assault Rifle owners be like 👇 Peaceful... Ya rifgit I saw a lot of them the past month, real peaceful, Reuters is liberal as fuck They feared for their lives? Based on what? Black people being closer than they usually are?

they have the right to protect their property Peaceful protesters? Don't embarrass yourself Just imagine how the reaction would differ by law enforcement if the race of these two people and the protestors were reversed. A black man with an AR 15 type military weapon pointing at white people. That is what racism is all about!

Nobody was interested in their home. Lucky for the owners, because they don’t even know how to hold a weapon. Defending their property. Thats how it works Peaceful? Wearing masks and backpacks? Peaceful my eggs. This is NOT the whole video. Look it up Peaceful? They are only peaceful when pointed with a gun. Good job from these fellow americans.

Peaceful? They were trespassing on private property in a gated community FakeNews Peaceful? FU Reuters. Need to change the spelling of peaceful to 'peacefools' ... Wrong headline couple aims at protesters. It clearly showed that he is holding and not aiming at anyone. Money can’t buy that kind of class. If it did I’d return it.

Destruction of property to get onto private property isn't really peaceful lol... They look like some real bad asses right? Fat man in Khakis and a pink polo. Overweight bleached blonde. You’d think they’d spend money at a gym or med spa rather than Guns R Us. Long rifle for, , , , , I think pointing a gun is considered assault ?

This article sheds light on the history of St. Louis' gated areas and 'private' city streets. Created specifically to keep out the surrounding community, which is AKA Segregation: Tell the truth. They broke the gate and walk on their property. Not a public street. Peaceful? What were their intentions?

Peaceful protesters don’t make threats I guess the couple didn´t want to be treated as some 'peaceful protesters' did with David Dorn. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔SAD WORLD ISNT IT? ITS ALL ABOUT HATE!!!! Protesters were traspassing private property . Show the whole video reuters These are peaceful demonstrators that residents greet them with weapons.

If the couple were not brandishing firearms, so called peaceful protesters would have been very peaceful in destroying their home. I find no mistake in the part of the couple as they are defending. Good Shoot it The couple has no weapons to defend themselves, and it is estimated that they will be attacked by thugs, not to mention the so-called peaceful march.

They were armed protestors who broke his gate down. Too bad he didn’t shoot them all. Peaceful 🤣🤣🤣 you media shit.... Maybe it’s because these protestors/rioters have been known to do things like this after breaking into places that they weren’t supposed to be like they were here Verbal threats to the couple were violence. Stop lying, Reuters. This couple was self-defening!!

Good job thanks for being American and willing to fight for your ground Lies from Reuters. The usual Adios Reuters Stand your ground clause Get the story straight. Peaceful Broke down a gate. Said they’d burn the house down and kill their dog... Thank God they were peaceful. she nearly shot her husband like 50 times in 30 seconds

Good for the couple. This attorney couple brandishing guns at peaceful protesters is totally disgusting. This is a crime and they should be charged. fakenews These thugs broke down the gates of a private gated community. A strong show of force by these Democrat civil rights attorneys may have prevented more violence. Castle doctrine gives them every right to protect themselves.

More lies by Reuters. This mob broke through a gate, trespassed onto private property and threatened to harm peaceful homeowners. Reject the political violence by the Biden campaign, democrats and their radical militia Antifa. everyone needs their 15 mins of fame. Those 2 need gun handling classes. Fake news!!! Nothing peaceful about the people shown here.

do you have a full video? Peaceful protesters do not notmally break a law by trespassing private property. So, this is still America and boom boom should happen Arrest them now. They are attorneys allegedly. They should be disbarred. Fake news! Protesters destroyed the entry to the private community, and shouted death threats. Couple called the police who did not come. Luckily, the couple was able to defend their lives and their property themselves.

Now just picture a black couple doing this. I think they would have been shot on sight and questioned later. I think we all know what the outcome would have been if he wasn't there with a gun. Peaceful protestors trespassing on private property Oohh no. Semoga mereka diselamatkan_Nya Here is a video of a Rochester NY Couple who encountered a group of peaceful protestors without a gun.

God Bless America!! Those homeowners have the right to protect their home. Yes, their lives matter too. 'Peaceful' and break into a private property by means of breaking it's gate. FakeNews nowadays. Hey Reuter’s- there’s about 290 million folks out there this evening buying Pink Polo’s and Dockers to rock with their AR’s. I suspect you’ll really have something to write about shortly.

Show the whole fucking video!!! They broke into their PRIVATE residence to protest!!! These people have every fucking right to protect what’s theres!! If the script was flipped and they were black, they’d STILL HAVE EVERY FUCKING RIGHT TO PROTECT WHATS THERES!! STOP with the BS!! 2ndAmendment Extremely disturbing video of a lawless mob breaking into a fully walled and gated property. As these protests continue to escalate and ratchet up we are heading into Civil War if the police don’t get control

The caption is a lie. The people yelling they were on a public street is a lie they were on private property they broke in to a fully gated walled private property. No police anywhere seen for protection. At that point you have to protect yourself 2ndAmendment People were not peacefully protesting people broke the law by breaking and entering into private property they were not walking on a street they were walking on private property a mob - no proptection. Portent of things to come. 2ndAmendment

'Peaceful protesters'? Are you blind and stupid? They opened a private gate and went in. It's trespassing! The couple had all the rights to protect their home. Period! They've waited years to have a reason to use the guns. That woman and guy has never been in a gun fight. He knew the protesters were peaceful. for now.

Shame on you Reuters! How low have you gone abusing people's intelligence and calling these rioters peaceful protesters? These people were seating in their own back yard eating dinner when this mob destroyed their property! You tell me when it became against the law to defend your own property! Of course you aren’t going to see that part!!!!

Looks pretty tough in that pink polo shirt. You can do what you want on your own property. 🤐 If they approached my home without my consent, I would shoot. Their names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey. They are both personal injury trial lawyers. Seems like you’d normally include these detail in a report. Why not them?

Literally not true. This headline is completely not true. No matter their wealth, this is white trash. Looks like peaceful residence defending their home. If there is a cultural revolution I wouldn’t want to be the press. Murica! The_Wiebz Wow Are they in jail yet How about we 'peacefully' walking in Reuters editor's home tomorrow?

If someone was about to loot my house i would do exactly the same thing... probably hold that gun right though Pay tribute to the couple defending their property. Forgot to show the gate they unlocked and went through and deemed OK to protect your Private Property. Tell the truth, FAKE NEWS OK Reuters, if they came to your office you guys do nothing and very welcome about them right? because you says 'Peaceful Protesters'.

That broke into the neighborhood. I'd be laughing just because of the pistol packin Karen and her ramboesque chihuahua guard hubby. FakeNews Well! I do enjoy how wrongly they’re holding their firearms. Like they’re purses or something. Ooooooooo, we’re SO scared now.....🙄 They weren't just walking by their home they were trespassing by entering the gate to their property, fake news . Stop spreading lies and hate.

Thats all folks. Lets go These “peaceful” protestors broke in and trespassed on private property and the home owners have the right to protect themselves. Get the whole video. is fakenews realDonaldTrump stop this media madness. This video Is similar to the movie 'the purge' Shame on Reuter’s. This has to be part of the St. Louis west end. Several streets are private and blocked to auto traffic except for residents. These “protesters” are invading private property and the homeowner has the right to protect his property. We know who the bad guys are!

On their private road in their private gated community. These aren’t gated communities in STL Central West End. The gates limit vehicle traffic but open side gates allow pedestrian traffic. I’ve walked in those areas many times. 🤦‍♀️ Look at the scared little man😂😂 Those 'homeowners' have zero concept of weapons safety. The woman is holding that pistol like a spray bottle, and the man flags his wife (I assume) more than once. Also, I see no evidence of violence or violent intent in this video aside from the 'homeowners'.

Wow- those 2 are the definition of fear and ignorance. Geraldbermudez_ A veces dan ganas de que se...los trague un tiburón. 😒 These two are irrelevant. The mayor that caused this is what everyone should be talking about. She's the bully! Did you forget to say that they broken into a gated community Yeah...I thought so!

Peaceful? They broke down the gate to get into the neighbourhood, you lying media horse. There’s that overused phrase again. “Peaceful protesters”. This is a ride or die couple! Wonder how long they have been together...RelationshipGoals Wow! That's White Power...please pass the ammo.....white racism reinforced.

They were trespassing on private property in a gated community. But because you are a leftist rag you spin it into a lie. The word of the day is 'cur·ti·lage' Well I am thankful for the second amendment in the American constitution. I know socialist Reuters hates it but I support that couple's right to defend their stuff.

You'd think with the money they have they'd hire people that actually know how to use those weapons they're flailing around. Of course that wouldn't get them a spot on Fox News in prime time like this will surely get them. It is an obvious reaction from this couple, they're not used to see protestors go by their 'mansion';most /similar rich neighborhoods would feel offended by protests like this.

It’s about time someone stood up for themselves Good for the couple 👏👏 George and Karen done lost they minds!!!! Stop using the word 'peaceful'. Rich Karen and her boy What the media is failing to tell you is that the protestors went into a private gated community that none of them live in and made threats to homeowners. But of course left wing mainstream likes to lie and mislead in order to push a false narrative .

Walked ONTO their property - not by the property. Get it right. It was private property so yea.....and they were throwing threats at the home owners lol FAKE NEWS. Plus they have a right to protect their home. Stay mad BLM stay mad yall being played plus have you noticed your groups are getting smaller at every protest.

Good for that couple!! If these fools walk by my house I’m locked and loaded too! stackingbrass Peaceable Assembly rights DO NOT EXIST ON PRIVATE PROPERTY . . . Come Reuters, learn the fracking law. A Gate-Community is private property. The protesters are guilty of Criminal Trespass. They broke through the gate and entered the private property

They broke into a private area. Wtf Reuters, post the whole goddamn thing Well they did have statues... This is fake news. Peaceful protesters don’t trespass by breaking through their gates. You left that part out. They should not have been that close Given how so many “peaceful “ demonstrations have turned out not so “peaceful “, they have a perfect right to stand guard and protect their home. It would be irresponsible not to do so.

Forward your address. I'll show up with a 100 people to your home and break in for a peaceful protest. Dont call the cops. Remember you are defunding them. Don't mind us trashing your house and the fire we set. Its peaceful. Complain about it and we will get you fired. Awesome 👏 keep the trash away “One fellow standing right in front of me pulled out two pistol magazines, clicked them together and said you’re next. That was the first death threat we got that night,” Mark McCloskey said - Reuters makes it seem so innocent, peaceful protestors my ass

Let’s see, Dufund and bash the police and you get this . Let protesters run wild with no one getting arrested and you get this. People defending there property and life. Are they really Democrats? この二人は犯罪者から自己防衛しただけですね! 'PEACEFUL protesters' don't break down gates & trespass on private, gated property...that's a MOB. St. Louis police are investigating...not the home owners, the mob.

She had her gun pointed at her partner's back and head for 3 seconds. They entered private property, they should be arrested. Great job by those home owners, proper way to defend what’s yours, keep those “peaceful” criminals away. Fuck them The protesters were on private property clearly posted NO TRESPASSING. Enough said

Not peaceful. They BROKE through a secure private gate. Can you just report the news without your liberal Minneapolis bias? Say hello to my lil frien!!!! Good for that couple. I’m proud of them. That’s what hero’s look like. Defend your property. I would shot a few rounds off maybe even shot a pinky toe clean smooth off!

Real life scarface lol Public sidewalk peaceful or violent protest, in my sense, no one is allowed to forcefully enter someone’s property. To what extent someone should feel safe if numerous unknown people gather around your property and family? Fuck Reuters Evidente en Reuters : Infiltración comunista de los medios de comunicación occidentales. Como que manifestantes pacíficos? Han destruido lo que se les ha permitido.

Trespassing isn't peaceful is the home still standing lol This is America. Filthy rich leeches on society threatening unarmed protesters with assault rifles for walking on their private street. Time to dust off the guillotine Tf. Protests do not give the right to invade private property... Everyone has the right to defend their land. Let the protesters learn to READ the private street signs! CBSNews

What a misleading headline They are actually pointing those weapons at people while clearly not knowing how to handle them. Rueters twisting the truth again. People actually believe the things you write. You clearly have an agenda. 'Peaceful protestors?' Western media is garbage and will no doubt remain so as long as liberals (useful idiots) keep swallowing it hook line and sinker.

Intimidating thugs who enter private property - there fixed it for ya ! Peaceful...? Nuts. “Peaceful protesters” on private property... BLM $$$ 💣💣💣 They were in a gated community FFS reuters. You are a seriously demented news service with a strong case if TDS ✌🐸 Trespassing- is NOT considered peaceful.Demostrators broke in and destroyed private property.

Little man syndrome! I read the couple are Democrats that donate huge amounts to the party. hahahaha, awesome, now they'll leave the dems for sure, lol The home owner looks like BennyHill This is not the full video Reuters wins the race to the FAKE NEWS BOTTOM. “Protesters” don’t break into private property with angry mobs.

I wonder why would a normal guy get out armed to defend his house . I just wonder why ? You have the right by law , to defend you property whatever it takes , with guns included . Again , why is he with a gun defending his home against a 'peaceful' protest ? ⚠️🚨🧠⚡️'Over-active Amygdala Alert!' ⚠️🚨🧠⚡️

The bravery of the american white male is kind of sad. We have the right to bear arms on our property .... this couple is a little extreme, but they are within their right none the less Reuters goes radical extreme left to tout far left propaganda misinformation. Invading private property is not peaceful. Vandalizing private property is not peaceful. Having some kind of cause does not justify suspending the rights of innocent people. Reuters is complicit.

They’re on their fucking property!!! Psycho's He needs a tall fence and a couple of dogs and still his guns Isso se chama cidadão de bem estadunidense deus me livre Looks like they know how to handle those guns very well 'peaceful protesters' 🤣🤣🤣😅 Let’s take a look at the fence they smashed in to enter the gated community shall we?

Good family Peaceful? You mean after they destroyed a gate and trespassed? Normal lunatics!!!! these people with they psycho guns are lunatics!!! just like 100% of trump supporters! PERIOD this means they are uncomfortable... good! Peaceful? Peaceful protesters 😂 They have the right to defend their home ! TRUMPiCANS 🇺🇸

Hey you're fricking lying with your headline. Breaking into, and trespassing on private property is anything but peaceful. Crazy! Solo están defendiendo su hogar ; eso para nada es una protesta “pacífica” Welcome to the Purge Amerikan Idiots!!! The couple is right, no 'peaceful protesters' can be trusted there. They aren't shooting, aren't they? The USA is what it is, this is typical USA, and no one can change it overnight.

So, those 'Pacific protesters' entered a gated community in the middle of rioting, and looting in a lot of places in America and this couple had to give them the benefit of the doubt? Now mobs are the good guys and people defending their homes are the bad guys. Fake news leftist propaganda, now also on 👎🏻

you are a lying. It is a private property! And have they been arrested for this felonious act? No. Why? WhitePrivilege Peaceful my ass.. The mob broke into their estate Now I know Reuters not credible. Yep we've all seen these peaceful protesters peacefully looting, burning, robbing and trying to establish pure anarchy.

I wonder what 'well regulated militia' this armed couple belong to as it is required by the Second Amendment. That ay a gun... R can sell you a proper banger mar mate They were trespassing. I will report this tweet by reuters, it's malicious hate speech These are the Trump's brainwashed paramilitary the 'good people' on the 'other side'...

AttyMcCloskey Look how famous you are getting!! No - the protesters broke down the entrance to a gated community to get at the couple and harass them The number one rule of gun ownership is don’t point it at anyone unless you intend to fire. Their second amendment rights should be stripped for failing to adhere to that rule. assholes

Reuters is running cover for antifa. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS AS WELL. RIOTERS HAVE NO BUSINESS ON PEOPLE'S PRIVATE PROPERTY They are standing on private property. Look for the entire video. The protesters broke open a gate and went onto private property. I guess they have a right to defend their home. Is it still considered “peaceful” after the protestors have trespassed onto private property?

Those protesters broke into private property. racism+cruelty+chaos+carnage+death = point, features, attraction Rs won't defect in electorate, senate, anywhere. it's up to anti-racists to take america back ignore the noise. protest. vote. get everyone you know in every state to vote. BlackLivesMatter BlackVotesMatter

Thugs broke through the gate. They entered private property. The full clip clearly shows them entering through a gate. They were not just passing. Peaceful?! Walked past?! Wow you guys are really something else Trespassing thru and destroying private property is not peacefully walking down a sidewalk Reported for fakenews

Have v have nots = civil war More people need to do this Private Property. Trumpkins in the wild peaceful my ass, they would have been killed in neighborhood These two look like it's either staged or they have zero clue what they're doing. You give guns for the people and after you are angry because they use them? Such a stupid country.

siri show me small dick syndrome The “peaceful” protesters were trespassing on private property. ‘Peaceful’, gtfoh!!! This is a lie, watch the video. They broke down a locked iron gate and were in their yard on their private property, and threatened to rush the house and kill their dog. Shame on you Reuters.

How do you know they were peaceful? What is the background? Please come up with some facts. Peaceful? They broke into a private community! FakeNews 'peaceful protesters ' ai lmao Not just brandishing, AIMING THEM AT PEOPLE. Not the same. proof guns are for cowards! You spelled “entered their private property” wrong :)

Totally understandable. Anyone at home would act this way! 🤷‍♂️ ...or you would go to give them your keys? 🤔 Are they the tiger people? Relationship goals... Why haven’t they been arrested If it were black people pointing guns at white people, the race soldiers would’ve pulled up 20 squad cars deep & made an example. If these two are not charged, it goes to show the anti blackness practiced in law.

It was private property they broke the gate and then told them they would kill them they grabbed guns because the people had guns .. the news is pathetic Honestly, from Long Island, the most incredible thing about all of this is that the house is valued at only about 1.1m. Here in Nassau County that’s a 3 bedroom cape, maybe 2.5 baths no property to speak of.

BakerLuke Looks like they needed to be well tooled up against an angry crowd. Weak as strap tho Sad, pathetic people. Good. We all need to stand up to the mob. Lets see how your editor reacts when these hooligans enter his house. Editors, who needs em? Hard to believe this is normal in the USA. Keith and Karen, the 2K's

That is not in their neighborhood, that is ont their private property.. 2nd Amendment. Why is this news. What about the gunshot MURDERS of black people in Chicago over the weekend? What is that? No one cares, you say by your silence - Reuters and blm StandUpAmerica “After they tore down the gates to enter their neighbourhood”. Fixed your headline.

“Peaceful protestors” this is private property they trespassed onto and vandalized the gate... therefore breaking laws Speechless That is what all Americans should do. This is pathetic!!!!!! Idiots watching too much Fox News, not knowing that the protestors aren’t the rioters. Thank god nobidy was shot. That stupid woman is waving a gun and pointing it at people on a public roadway. Why not arrested? And the little gun is pointing what? An AR15 or something?

These people should be arrested. Nobody was on their property and it’s against the law to “brandish” a fire arm Isnt that illegal to be carrying firearms to threaten protesters I can't think of a better street to paint 'Black Lives Matter.' Right in front of that house! Some one should invade this racist, loonie radical country and take away all their weapons and nukes... They are seriously broken their...

TRUMPiCANS 🇺🇸 legends The protesters broke into a private, gated community and threatened the couple when the couple told the crowd they were trespassing. They defended themselves and avoided further problems with these violent herds. 🎥🍿 An Election Year Production When are they going to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon? You can’t just point guns at people especially when your finger is on the trigger.

Oh my... dude had no idea how to hold that weapon. If he had tripped backing up that step, she’d be dead. 😳 idiotswithguns 💁‍♀️”BLM supporters broke into premises to steal” Media folks stop the continuous bias news to BLM.If media can’t speak the truth move over & we the tax payers, honest law abiding citizens will do your job. Good on this couple to show enough is enough to the criminal BLM.

🤥🤥🤥 😩 soy latte v ar-15 Protestors were in a gated neighborhood, but if you look at some of the still shots, she has her trigger on the finger the whole damn time. 15 yards at a full sprint is plenty of time to move your finger from guard to trigger. Just saying. A couple of Trumpist Psychos. Nothing rare.

What the .... ? Is that the Missouri Militia? Why not tell the truth and say these 'protesters' had broken into these couple's property? Where is the ethical reporting? 😂 That’s awesome! These people are out of control. You can't just go around breaking down gates on private property because you want to, or feel you're entitled to. Who do these protesters think they are? Go break down shit on your own property.

The media has zero conscience. Zero. Castle and stand your ground laws, have you heard them? Trespassing! Tako se to radi, bravoo Looks like they’re pointing the guns at each other. Being locked inside the house with the wife for this long can be stressful.😂 Good for them defending their property! The vandals who hate their country need to be taught a lesson from time to time - hopefully they will have enough lessons soon and finally see the errors in their ways.

Being that this appears to be a regular occurrence every home owner and business owner should do the same. It appears we can not rely on city officials to use the police to protect personal and business property. They should be arrested just for holding their guns the way they do. They're a menace to society.

These are no protesters. These are Looters. Thanks God that couple had guns which saved them and there properties. ScumMedia Interview on St. Louis TV: Wow, this is looking more and more like the French Revolution. Loonies Armed and justifiably so, don’t enter someone else’s property boys and girls. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Heroes🇺🇸 Barefoot? Wowzer, such detail. They are entitled to protect their property but the lady should not be pointing the weapon. America is rotten. Her finger was on the trigger in photos I’ve seen. She could have easily accidentally shot someone. Nothing says 'this is a house to break into' like advertising there's guns inside...

Uh, you forgot to state that it was private property and posted as such. Funny how anything that gets close to Beverly Hills gets squashed, no? These folks don't have that luxury, so God Bless the 2A! Without it there would be no 1A. One would not trust these protesters as people are becoming victims of this protests

FakeNews Here the real story People who do not no how to handle firearms should not own them. That crazy Karen has her finger on the trigger she is so lucky that a accident did not happen. SMH Lmao he retweeted a video of a florida man shouting white power, then claimed he had never heard it before, what a 🤡

😁 Who are these people? Perfect, I guess the rioters didn't go into their 'pants up let's loot' mode . white power in display Someone brandishes automatic weapons like that at me from their front yard while I’m passing by, they better damn well shoot me fatally. If not, I’ll be sitting in that house like Axel Foley while you’re off at Camp Salad Toss for 6-8.

When White Pride becomes White Shame! and the police action was ?/ JerryHelton14 Couple of vodka gimlets in front of Fox news and suddenly he's Pablo Escobar What was the outcome? Report THAT. She doesn't know how to hold a gun. (She'd be a prefect Secy of Defense for little donnie, The Useful Idiot.) They are also committing a felony--this is assault with a deadly weapon. It could also be aggravated assault in certain states.

Terrible trigger discipline, her finger was on the trigger. At one point the man points his rifle right at her chest. WellRegulated If they pointed those weapons at police officers would it be considered a deadly threat and therefore allow the police to respond with deadly force? 😂😂😂 👍 A REAL MAN! It's ALWAYS them. The first ones to cause trouble and the FIRST to wave around a gun. They are trash.

Terrible handling of fire weapons. He pointed the rifle at his wife, and she had her finger on the pistol's trigger the whole time. Surely it is not legal to point guns at people walking in the street. That is craziness. Would have been great if they shot each other by mistake .... sorry I can be evil .... most of the time 😂

The 'peaceful' protesters destroyed the gates and several wore gas masks. How many people can they possibly shoot before they’re rounded up? 🤡 🤡 Do they think if those guys were out to vandalize their property, those two guns will stop them? you have lost your minds. Trespassing on private property is a crime. These BLM skid marks should all be arrested for trespassing.

I know how scary and outrageous this is, but I can't get past the fact that they look like fat, spoiled, middle school children on the tough, just like their president. Makes one want to step up and slap them. I'm gonna guess they weren't arrested? Looks like they were actually afraid. Those protesters had no right to walk on private property. I feel sorry for this couple, at this point. You fuckers who won't leave them alone need to get personal lives of your own. FYI: you've the right to defend your property, even armed.

Oh how the affluent are terrified in these times. You won’t beat us, so join us. The posting of a racist video by Trump just served to embolden white supremacist's armed with their 2A. What are they so afraid of standing in front of their white castle? “State law does not prohibit the open carrying of firearms, but does prohibit exhibiting “any weapon readily capable of lethal use” in an angry or threatening manner in the presence of one or more persons. Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.030.1(4).”

Poor little rich kids with guns, only in America! You gotta do what you gotta do to protect yours. If a mob appears in front of your house, be alert. Only in America would we see this. What are their names? Assholes Nah they in the right.theyre on their property Don't spin this as protesters. The elite pushing for civil war seem to be making it happen. The sheep are easily manipulated, especially when you give them firearms and tell them people are coming after their freedom.

If this was black couple, they would be dead - first choked and then shot - and the judge would say that the police officers, who killed them, did so in self-defense. Afterwards he would ban blacks to carry assault rifles... BlackLivesMattters TrumpSupporters I see no problem. Good people defending their property.

What law firm hires these twits? Rioters were threatening their property and safety. Lucky man The future without police The uncivilised America; if you white you have the right to point guns with intent to cause harm, if you black you are shot first and thereafter we ask questions.... DumbA Fascist...

Little Black boys get shot by police in their own yard for holding a toy gun but these two can brandish machine guns at people walking by and that's fine. Idc if it was a gated community, they were still on the road, not on the couple's actual property. Merica 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲👍👍👍👍 Great America Someone has obviously just watched Scarface🙈

Brace and good protesters. Put that gun down and listen man. LOL...losers! O wow, what a couple! Their guns were literally easier to get than their shoes. Look at the way she holds her gun. 🤣 Maaaaan, a 7 year old me held my super soaker or LEGO built blaster with stronger conviction. Lara Croft, she ain’t!

This short video contains everything that is wrong with America Citizens have the right to protect their lives and property and YES bare arms!!! Rioters beware break the law and pay the price. I bet police are enjoying the show but if they were black couple holding a gun in that manner would have been a history. This is the reason BlackLivesMattters

Lol How does exercising your 2A rights against people who are exercising their 1A rights help anyone. There are better solutions, since when did 2A become the bedrock of this country. America can be so much more. I think they have been watching too much Fox and OAN. God bless them for protecting own neighbourhood! People with balls!

pointing guns at the public, with fingers on the triggers. arrest these lunatics! They broke down a private gate and trespassed on a private road on the homeowners property.

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday EditionPresident Donald Trump is once again visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA today, getting in a few swings at the little white ball. But before he departed for the links, he tweeted … one cant help but notice how damn fat and slovenly realDonaldTrump has gotten since this photo. Not a good look for tv, which already adds 20 pounds Snowflake

President Trump Retweets a Video of a Supporter Shouting 'White Power' at Florida ProtestersPresident Trump shares video of a supporter shouting 'white power' at Florida protesters: 'Thank you to the great people of The Villages' RAPIST TRUMP'S SUPPORT IS DWINDLING AND IS NOW BELOW 30% FAVORABLE. IT'S JAIL TIME! That's the majority of Trump supporters! Later that day they shouted buffet open!

Donald Trump Approves Rally with Supporter Screaming 'White Power'Well, Donald Trump loves his white supremacists, because he just gave his stamp of approval on a protest where one of his loudest supporters is screaming 'white power.' Why can't white people chant White Power. Blacks chant BLM, Hispanics chant PR Power. What's wrong with loving your race. We all should all be able to love our people and our country. So be gone with the negative media coverage. Looks about white, I mean reich, I mean right-wing. You know what I'm saying.

Rolling Stones threaten to sue Donald Trump if he plays their songs at ralliesOne of the biggest rock bands in history is furious their music is being used for the President’s political ends, called 'a campaign of hate' by late singer Tom Petty's family A Campaign of Hate? What about the Rolling Stones song Street Fighting Man? 'Hey did I tell you that my name Was called disturbance! ... And I'll shout and scream And I'll kill the king and I'll rail at all his servants'! Always great!

Meet The Billionaire Oil, Gas And Coal Tycoons Donating To Donald Trump“I believe that the upcoming election is the most important in a generation,” said Energy Transfer Partners billionaire Kelcy Warren. mtindera07 Cool, now do Democrat Donors. 😉 mtindera07 Boo Hoo Forbes ...... mtindera07 Now do George Soros

Donald Trump Suspended From Twitch Over ‘Hateful Conduct’ ViolationsTwitch has temporarily kicking Donald Trump off the streaming service, citing a violation of its policy against “hateful conduct.” In a statement, Amazon-owned Twitch said, “Hateful con… Well that’s an attack on free speech. Trump had a Twitch?! Was he live streaming himself riding on the golf cart? Pogchamp moment