Trump Plays Golf As Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 100,000 In U.S.

This is the first time President Trump has played golf since he declared the coronavirus a national emergency.

5/23/2020 11:09:00 PM

This is the first time President Trump has played golf since he declared the coronavirus a national emergency.

This is the first time President Trump has played golf since he declared the coronavirus a national emergency.

Trump is an avid golfer who has been overheard telling his White House guests how much he missed playing the game.On Friday, Birx said it’s OK for Americans to play golf, tennis or other sports this weekend “if you stay 6 feet (1.8 meters) apart.” She also said the Washington metropolitan area had the highest positivity rate in the country. The capital city’s coronavirus death rate is higher than all but four states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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The U.S. leads the world with a reported 1.6 million coronavirus cases and more than 96,000 deaths, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.Trump has ordered U.S. flags on federal buildings and national monuments to half-staff through Sunday in memory of Americans lost to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Trump levied frequent criticism of Barack Obama’s regular golf outings when he was president.“Can you believe that with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter,”during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, comparing Obama to former President Jimmy Carter.

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Ok but like...why should we care? I don't like the man myself but this seems like a really petty headline... Shouldn't he be in church? time to see if the lawn is still there and celebrate ObamaGate Pésimo!!! What 🍊🍄💩 should see at every hole on the course bc he seems not to give a damn. OMG really.. you are desperate for news? We want to go golf and play and enjoy the outdoors... GTFOH

I’m pretty sure he deserves a day off (oh wait...only one?) after all unnecessary BS he has had to encounter from those yahoos in DC realDonaldTrump SMH MAGA2020 Is this a weed wacker ? And like I said before the do nothing. Just want American people to die I don’t think it’s him. I think he’s in the hospital right now. Not with covid but for some other reason. This guy isn’t as fat, walks better, can bend over and grab the ball.

Poor baby. Glad to see he's all torn up about 96,000 dead Americans. His next covid-19 update will be from the 18th hole If Trump sees himself to a wartime president by mentioning Pearl Harbor, would a wartime president be playing golf as American casualties mount two days before Memorial Day? 1.6 million sick with C-19 TrumpDepression

Hang on now. He can’t play please phrase this differently 😜😜 And Pelosi is on vacation & eating $14 a pint ice cream Let’s not forget he was playing golf while ignoring the virus, and campaigning, and being an all around douche canoe. So what is Trump supposed to do, help administer ventilators? Stupid article! Huff Post, memory, Obama plays thru when American journalist gets beheaded! No objective from HuffPost!

Let em eat cake.... So much for our tax money. While the unemployed needs to find food to feed their families. Nice. Ass Americans are dying, no testing, no food, no pay checks but playing golf is priority Shouldn't be GOLFING at all! He SHOULD be signing a freaking relief bill, or making sure States have the supplies they need to test! Sick of MY TAXES paying for HIS recreation!

People say I have the best golf swing...🦠 So nice that our lying, murdering president is having an outing where he can enjoy himself by cheating at his favorite game. The main problem with trump golfing today is that you think he cares about what’s going on in America - trump isn’t running for a second term for altruistic reasons - he’s running for the money and power it affords him.

Hope he pulls a muscle! Good for him. And the lazy sod doesn't even walk the course Disturbing but not surprised . Then again who cares . Where’s melanoma? I bet she’s with her boyfriend. Is he on a golf course or a prairie? Next to attending church, the best place to observe the wonders of God, is on a lush green golf course.

Tell us the cost to the taxpayers. He plays golf as he is that good... at times i feel he does it just to put tax money on his personal business Oh, is the national emergency over? 'If I win I may never see my property -- I may never see these places again,' Trump said at an August 2016 campaign event. 'But because I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go golfing, believe me. Believe me. Believe me, folks.'

He just doesn’t care about his people. The Presidency is just one big ego trip for him. There's gonna be a lot of cheating on the greens. Triggered much?! Probably saved taxpayers $15 million note golfing for 3 months. 'Tell 'em to lower the flags and get me a tee time for 9:30. And extra balls this time. I lost mine.'

Huffkarenpost 30+ million uemployed. Big companies filing for bankruptcy. Small businesses closing their doors. $25+ trillion national debt. 1.6 million Covid-19 cases. 96,000+ dead from Covid-19. The perfect time to go golfing and show the country where your priorities are. tRumpFAIL How close to 2.2 million is that?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to open up everything just so he can golf again. He cheats at golf too Yep. He TOTALLY cares about y’all. Keep protesting in his name. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Why not and he can’t wait to get back to church 😂 I can see the pounds dropping off from the exercise! Just like I hope for myself when my gym opens up !

No it’s not. Republicans want Americans dead so that there is nobody left to vote More people vote more likely gop is to lose as pussygrabber has publicly acknowledge Mourning in America: oh, glad to see the emergency is over and life is perfect for everyone. Well there was that Nero guy. Prayers and condolences go out to the president’s horrific golf game.

Was boris playing too cos he seems to have gone AWOL? Good for him. Such a trooper No, It’s Not... I hope every American gets COVIDー19 You all deserve it. Trump This is the wrong headline to post with this he still going to church tomorrow? Kind of reminds you of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

First time that is publicly known. God forbid he go to the cemetary to pay respect to his friends, or Church to repent & ask for guidance on how to LEAD A COUNTRY. OR TAKE HIS WIFE OUT ON A DATE AS A BELATED MOTHER'S DAY. Yuck Who doesn’t think Trump spent more time golfing at Camp David than “working”?

Well deserved 👍🏻🇺🇸 TrumpKills100K People are dying and he's playing golf. When is this gonna end? I wonder if he's heard of the Roman emperor Nero. I doubt it. But I'm sure he would love the guy. So what if it’s the first time?!? There should be NO golfing time during this time by the President! Shame on you, !

Golf is essential! (?) Golf away. We're better off anytime he's not adding fuel to the Trumpsterfire. He just doesn't get what being a President is about. Wow, he went over 2 months. Does he want a cookie? realDonaldTrump 40 million people in USA are unemployed and does he hit the hole?! I’m just imagining the ball is the virus and I’m crushing it. Except the shank that popped off the ball washer and hit me in the nads. That time the virus won. But only that once in the onions.(said with the voice of an Alec Baldwin impersonator.

That's a good thing, you all have beat him so must with you shit nwes He found a pretext-for all to move on with their lives, to free him of guilt and scrutiny. Good for him! Enjoy! doncoronaman realDonaldTrump If he cared at all, if he had done anything right and not everything wrong, I wouldn't begrudge him a brief respite from the rigors of the office. But he is lazy and ignorant and makes moves only to help himself politically, So, no, he doesn't deserve a break.

C’mon, he had to get out on the links, it helps him thinks. Doesn't surprise me any!! He should NOT b golfing! The HEARTLESS BASTATD! He should b offering condolences to the families of coronavirus victims. However IT's NOT the 'First Time' This HumanityDeficient TrumpTheMinisterofDeath has put people around him AT RISK--His PresidentialDeathSquad are All RUNNING AROUND WITHOUT MASK LIKE A PACK OF WOLVES! 100KinTheUSA LiveAndLetDie DumpTrump

Bet a million bucks he cheated ... Well, his business is doing very well... Leading by example . Get out and back to life people Every swing of the ball he takes another person dies, very sad situation! TrumpOwnsEveryDeath I will give him a free pass for golfing. 73 yo, taking hydroxychloroquine, just a matter of time something unhealthy will happen to him.

Since when has he thought it’s a national emergency? I’d normally say he may need a break. But he’s done sod all to need a break from. Apart from rage tweeting, lying and name calling. Sounds more like a angsty teen. Not the POTUS realDonaldTrump Confirmed cases in the United States are the tip of the iceberg. There are of 1,612,786 confirmed cases May 23 according to Johns Hopkins. But mean estimate by Imperial College team of the percent of US population infected is 4.1% May 17. That means 13,516,590 really infected.

It's the weekend!! Enjoy it Mr. President!! The first 'pictures'of him playing golf since... Good for him Why is this newsworthy? Good for him! And those $100,000 + worth of carts are paid for by us as he brags about donating his small salary So? Doesn't he have something more important to do,? that's one time to many...sociopath

90,000 deaths and counting! He’s still in the weeds! 🙄 And he still sucks... Who plays with him? Does he have friends? 👎👎👎👎👎 tee off 100,000.00 lives later no mask child virus should just disappear once it warms up declared a national emergency 2 months late moron support base Ah. Poor him. He needs to unwind.

Good. He needs some him time. Enjoy. Oh the sacrifices he makes for the nation🙄. Usually human sacrifices but ....heckuva job Trumpie😖. Why not! People are dying just to make him look bad, and they are dying despite his executive order forbidding death ...So he plays golf, drinks bleach and thinks deeply about how he can frame Joe Biden.

Trump golfs while the US burns. You should add up all the days he’s played golf & the cost of security. ~11 months & $130M of taxpayers 💵flushed down Trump’s golden toilet. Let’s hope we don’t have to pay this much after he leaves office. That’s if Individual 1 isn’t hand cuffed & arrested on 1-21-21.😁

Fuck him Aww poor fake, incompetent president. I feel so sorry. Over ninety thousand Americans dead. WOW. What’s important here? Even trump’s uneducated supporters could see something wrong with this. MAYBE. Wow he has played golf since March 8th Shows that he really isnt as Out of touch as he is regularly painted!!

So...what exactly is your point? Is it? Is it really? 🧐 What I want to know is where the Trash realDonaldTrump be attending church services tomorrow given that he's so intensively concerned about churches opening up. 🖕🏽 That swing is horrible too. He isn't even social distancing Well, ain't he a sacrificial lamb.

He cheats at golf, he’s not a big fan of science, insults women, people of color and real American heroes, but he’s strangely talented at killing people...

Trump Plays Golf As Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 100,000 In U.S.This is the first time President Trump has played golf since he declared the coronavirus a national emergency. Who is h? give him a burger

Trump visits one of his private golf courses for first time in 75 daysThe president's visit to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia comes as the White House is pushing states to lift stay-at-home orders and for the economy to reopen. He deserves a break. Hope enjoys it. 🏌🏼‍♂️🦠🇺🇸📈⚰️ Meanwhile ...

Trump heads to golf outing for first time in months as he urges reopeningThe president headed back to the golf greens on Saturday—his first golf outing in more than two months amid the coronavirus pandemic. Dumbo Donny 💩 Why do pictures of him golfing, always show him in the rough 🤔🤣 Enjoy yourself President Trump!

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Trump Returns To Golf Course For 1st Time Since MarchThe president visited his Virginia resort Saturday. It appears that Trump — whose time on the links has been criticized ⁠— hasn't played a round since declaring a national emergency in March. Somewhere in America, someone will be declared dead from Covid-19 the very moment Trump tees off, courtesy of his gross negligence. Golf is fun! 😹

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