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Trump Plans to Divert Additional $7.2 Billion From Military to Wall

The amount far exceeds what Congress allocated for border barriers this year as the president, with his eye on his re-election campaign, rushes to show major progress on a signature promise.


President Trump plans to divert an additional $7.2 billion in military funding for the construction of a wall on the southern border. The amount far exceeds what Congress allocated for border barriers this year.

The amount far exceeds what Congress allocated for border barriers this year as the president, with his eye on his re-election campaign, rushes to show major progress on a signature promise.

The funding would allow the administration to complete more than 880 miles of border wall by 2022, the officials said. But Mr. Trump is still far behind on his promise to deliver 450 miles of wall by the end of this year. Just last Friday, the acting homeland security secretary celebrated the completion of 100 miles of border wall, much of it on land already owned by the federal government.

Mr. Trump’s pursuit of a border wall picked up momentum last Thursday when a federal appeals court allowed the administration to use $3.6 billion in military construction funds, a move that delayed or suspended

. The ruling overturned a decision by an El Paso judge who had found that Mr. Trump’s emergency proclamation, which allowed him to obtain the military funds, was unlawful.

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Please deposit that check into a national healthcare fund instead. That's $8,135,593.22 a mile. What does that buy in infrastructure? Cost per mile of... roads in a rural areas = $4-6M. road in an urban area = $8M 6 lane interstate in a rural area = $7 M 6 lane interstate in an urban area = $11M Fixing Flint's water = 1.5B

Good, build it bigger, stronger and better, you turds albertojdejesus Instead of feeding school kids? Instead of educational grants? This is his version of The Presidential Library. Makes sense since a library would be a very useless thing for him Pres Trump a Mover,a Shaker,a Deal Maker!!!!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

But think about all that money we will have when Mexico pays us back with interest! Wait a FCKN minute. ' Exceeds the amount'' ? No NO!! Congress approves a budget request. No one can randomly change where the budgeted money goes. There ain't no limit exceedable! It must be spent on the item.. program for which it was approved by CONGRESS! Whose NUTS HERE

Good for the President. It is his plan and security for all of us. Congress feels obliged to thwart him at every effort he makes to make life better for US. They hate Trump and his supporters. The Deplorables. Democrats don’t care if they destroy our country .Children stomp feet. New York Times Sucks!!!!!!Fake News,Anti-American!!!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

If he brought the troops home, he could divert more.

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News just in, Mexico has taken over America! They are also paying for the wall. IF YOU WANT IT. TAKE IT! OUT OF! YOUR OWN! POCKET! BUT YOU WON'T! WHY!?!?! BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! SO STOP WASTING OURS!!! Take away more money from the military!! On a wall that nobody wants. LittleBirdSteph Is it a wall or just an electric fence?

What is more important..? Wall or the people guarding the wall.. The military is grossly overpaid to begin with but this money could of easily gone to literally any other program and been a huge benefit. Sorry Trumpy, not even time. Halting when you're voted out of office. And the mess you get up will come right down just like the Berlin wall.

Non existent cost control. NYT, BernieSanders, whine much? And soon all the racist Texans who voted for him, will complain and fight that the government is 'seizing their private land'. Because foresight is for the open-minded.

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Thought a judge said THIS is illegal? Why have we not yet organized a mass protest at the border? Make sure no tunnels left between the border walls of Mexico and US. Why not get rid of Congress and let Trump spend funds as he sees fit. He knows best. Damn shame that money wasn’t used on something more useful to the general population

They just gave the military what $7 trillion dollars they could reallocate $7b. These fucks think they're slick. But how are we going to pay for Medicare for all, and socialism. Derp! “Mark Johnston.... estimated that homelessness could be effectively eradicated in the United States at an annual cost of about $20 billion” we can end homelessness, but fuck the poor is what he’s saying

Start looking to where all the money is going. Because it isn't going to a wall. I bet the Mexican Mexican military is pissed! Congres can send the bill to Mexico.

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How, oh how can we possibly pay for Medicare for all Imagine what good we could do with $7.2 billion. $7 billion. Could help so many people in so many painful, dire situations right now, this moment. And it’s going for racism construction. What a crying shame. the VA is still criminally underfunded and this money could go to helping soldiers transition back to civilian life w skills workshops and proper medical care

.realDonaldTrump: MeXiCo WiLl pAy fOr It! maga This is a guy who bankrupted casinos. CASINOS. Audit time Wait, I thought the Mexicans were going to pay for that? I hope a new administration will investigate the corruption in contracting Candidate Blondie promised Mexico would pay for the wall, we should hold him to it. Not one inch of construction that isn't funded by Mexico.

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yeah, well, the courts will tell him NO!. Trump is an ass. I always believe that all trump' supporters make me sick Waste of money. Do we even have a constitution? Can someone explain to me why most of the Military people on my FB feed.. loves this dude? I cannot for the life of me figure this out Divert to Puerto Rico who desperately need it!

TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies Thank god for the veterans cash cow budget for the memorial wall, got to love the transparent motives for supporting veterans by our president Great! He’s king, it doesn’t matter.

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Graft. He's gotta get his buddies pockets full before he's out. Where's the checks and balances? Since when do we give ultimate power to a president? He's steals money from American families all the time and we let it happen. Bring on the election. Duh Stop that money What about our troops?🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Hmmmm. When Congress approves a budget request for specific (in this case military) spending, that approved money must be spent on the specific items for which it was approved. AND NO ONE RESPONDS !!! This is totally nuts!

This! I thought Mexico was to pay for the wall? Money needed money for defense of USA's southern border. If it’s his prerogative, let the man exercise it. seems to be working hard to persuade this NewYorkDemocrat to vote fo Mr. Trump. foolsfakesandfrauds

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KKKTrump taking $7.2 billion from military for d plastic wall, with all due respect KKKTrump supports what happen,though Mexico paying for d plastic wall, whos paying, can’t hear u, who! When does this nonsense come to an end? Better get it done while money still exists lol All that money on a vanity project and in 3 years: 100 new feet of wall. What did he say? He's 'a builder, this is what he does.' Uh, huh.

He does exactly what he wants even though he is a minority President (3 million less votes) while legally elected members of Congress sit with their thumbs up their butts.. Awesome 👍🏻 ...a despicable fukcerdummy move by criminal fukcertraitor trumpster... The 'wall' has dramatically lowered the flow of illegal immigration. How? Instead of walking right through, they have to climb over or find an area with no wall.

Yep for a president that supposedly LOVES the military he sure takes a lot of money from us! Can we please get this douche bag out of office? realDonaldTrump is a criminal! We’re cooked 🤮🤮🤮

He should be the Syracuse mascot, considering how round and orange he is. Why isn’t Mexico paying for it? Unreal. In the meantime, SS and Medicare are threatened?! Bullshit, they wouldn't let him have it if the money wasn't there. Trump has bought back trillions to the country since entering office. Also, as he sends troops to Iran. This is setting up a disaster and NOT SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS

Hello, Congress? Imagine that. A President making good on a promise. I sure hope everyone remembers who we were told was paying for this! Also I sure hope everyone remembers who is actually paying for this! What happen to Mexico paying for the wall?

trump is making the wall a military issue when it is not. Ilegal to use military funds in a none military objective. Right On Mr. President! But I thought the military was running out of bullets? Thank God for President Trump! It is time to build a wall on our border! Especially, since we are funding and building walls on the borders of other countries around the world. Shameful! You have sold your soul to the devil at the expense of the American people.

Let's lose this clown now! The military doesn't need it... 🙄 Great idea The wall gets built. Promise made promise kept . That’s leadership. I'm not (yet) tired of winning. Back to the courts. But, he still gets his headline.

America destroys itself, the movie. Time to remove this traitor from office. We don’t have a government; we have a king. Cult45 So when are we getting that big ole payment from Mexico as promised? Oh right, never. From what I read, the wall helps a lot. Also that Mexico steps up and helps people in their country.

And THAT is how Mexico pays for the wall. And they'll let him BoutDamnTime BuildTheDamnWall WeLoveLEGALimmigrants Trump2020 baby! He has no respect for our military. Too bad many probably voted for him. Military spending to the wall - not healthcare or veterans care or UFO investigation or CLEMvsLSU CFPChampionship TheBachelor CONNECT_BTS bachelor America BadBoysForLife

He needs another lawsuit.This is another family enterprise. Another method of fleecing America.There is not enough oversight of Trump. Jared Kushner is over this funding. By the time it’s over it will be like the untraceable 9 billion lost to corruption in Iraq War.He is corrupt Such waste as the country’s infrastructure is trash

lies Mexican money for the military, right? He’s diverting money from Mexico, that was earmarked for the military, to build the wall? That’s what the blurb is meant to say, right? BC I’m pretty sure I’m remembering correctly, Trump swore Mexico was paying 4 our big, beautiful wall... Awesome, build the wall keep the criminals, child traffickers and illegals out. You want to come here? Follow the process like everyone else in the world.

Again. Trump is not pro military. If he were he wouldn’t take funding away from families and schools ScottWapnerCNBC So I guess Trump lied when he said Mexico would pay for it. CORRUPTION 101! TRUMP IS STEALING THE TAXPAYERS MONEY BY FUNNELING MONEY FROM ONE AGENCY TO TRUMP CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE LLC BC HE KNOWS CORRUPTION CANNOT BE FULLY DOCUMENTED IN THE MILITARY AND THIS BORDER WALL! SpeakerPelosi realDonaldTrump


Good! Keeping his promises Where is Mexico’s money? When a PRESIDENT has too much power it’s called a DICTATORSHIP. Positive vibes from CANADA He is like a dictator now and hopefully the American people can come together to stop him Why didn’t he use the Saudi money or is that in realDonaldTrump personal account

GOOD! keep Democrat criminals out! But he loves yhe military. Lol Too bad!

When is he diverting money towards the deconstruction of all those cancer causing wind mills? BuildTheWall It’s working so well of course ☝️People living in the streets and losing healthcare and the planet is burning of course MAGA It's obvious that the military has plenty of funding and doesn't need any more. Trumps using those funds for his little wall project that seems to be sucking up the cash for his construction buddies. Our military isn't Trumps bank account.

Government needing more than double the $ initially thought to complete a project. Sounds like government. This is a great example why M4A and other high cost programs won’t work. We can project a cost but truly have no idea. Stop taxing us so much and let us be free Gitter done! Let’s send all these troops to the Middle East, but still their budget to build a wall! WTH is wrong with him?

And he will get away with it. Congress is a powerless joke. At least someone cares about the security of our border. But but Mexico was paying for the wall!

Gee, the military must not need all that money they’ve been budgeted. Greatest president ever!!! Awesome 👍🇺🇸 MILITARY FUNDS DIVERTED FROM MILITARY TO BUILDING WALL. ForIMPARTIAL observers, regardless political positions, some FACTS are evident: 1. All🌎countries must protect their borders from human,drugs smugglers, traffickers & terrorists. 2.Democrats&Republicans haven’t give answer to aBROKEN immigration system, unable to protect anyone.

Excellent ! What ... he lied again? I thought he was all about making the military super mega uber strong too? I'm beginning to wonder about this Schrump fellow ... The prez is leading us to financial ruin just like Atlantic City & most of his life ventures.Stealing from Peter to pay Paul without regard to consequences.Our treasury is his personal bank account.This is how countries end up like Venezuela. The wall is Trump’s white elephant

P... O.. I get e-mails offering me penis extensions all the time, and they don’t cost anywhere near 7.2 Billion

BESTPresidentEVER This is someone who is putting his people 1st And the Mexicans are contributing how much ? He’s building the wall, nothing new here Has Trump seen the refugees climb the fences? These funds should be directed to disaster relief in Puerto Rico, education, health or any other positive program.

Another $7.2 Billion of OUR TAXPAYER MONEY, NOT $ from Mexico?! All this moving about of Billions now totaling 13 Billion of Congressional allocated Military funds, what are the chances that a few billion gets waylaid or lost? Build that wall! Why cant this be stopped? This democratic experiment is failing.

Winning 💯❤️🇺🇸 So much for making Mexico pay for it. Dear New York Times, I believe building the wall and funding the military is the same - they're both security measures.. My fear is that a future President might use this as a precedent to try to build a 'Northern Wall'.. evidently, warfare has changed..

Will they happen looks like he really wants that protective wall built...just like he said... Trump may win the election by 40 states. DNC is in chaos and no candidate with10 months to go So how many inches of new wall will this 7.2 billion cover? the wall is only a visual fence People n drugs could get in using drones n gyrocopters

Waste. Help homeless people instead of throwing our money away He’s been stealing from tax payers his whole life. That makes it 10 Billion for a vanity project when that could go to the poorest in this country- there are American kids who are malnourished and he just took food stamps away from them. Evil man

Trump and his supporters need their own planet to live on so he doesnt completely destroy this one bit by bit. Military funding. Leaving vets high and dry. Not one inch of new wall has been built , where is our money ? Of course, you kids still want seperate rooms haha This is it! It is time to CUT military spending and CUT IT IN HALF The military is NOT TraitorTrump🇷🇺🇷🇺 's personal slush fund

The more he takes from the military budget the more dangerous it is for the soldier! Food supples late getting to them especially on mission! Put his son and daughter on draft! This is so wrong. I can’t believe we are not hearing more from the military folks about the absurdity and misappropriation of these funds. This seems truly to be another case deserving of an Article of Impeachment.

The BerlinWallCopyBeast strikes again.His Berlin Wall Legacy will be Remembered even inSpirit WorldDimension,where He will Stand forCreator HolyWord's FinalJudgment.John 1:1-5&9-12 & Revelation 20:10-15. So if his Name is notListed inCreatorHolyWord'sBook of Life,He wil bDamnd So I guess those service members will continue to live in mold infested housing for another year or two. Their children will grow up with breathing problems. How do you think this will effect service members readiness?

Why does Trump stand like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Not like he nearly caused a war this past week. It’s called fortifying the border, a legit defensive move for a country to take. I told myself I'd never hate anyone, but those Trumps has changed all of that shit. 🤬🤬🤬 He is running some kind of scam to line his pockets here, I’m certain of it.

About time we are building the wall. Who cares what the open borders, illegal alien loving congress thinks? I wish my president was working as hard as realDonaldTrump to fulfill his campaign promises.

What about Puerto Rico? More money for this breechable Wall..meantime still no workable healthcare..still no infrastructure repair..still 39 trillion in debt..still depleting military funds..still cutting back or cutting out vital programs..still no clean water in Flint.. The 'whole new' United States of America at its best! What exactly are you running from

This sub-person...simply makes me S I C K !! Never mind Mexico. We have GREAT funds for this wall. And we have PERFECT funding for a GREAT game of SpacedWarGames. What?You want to keep 'giving' all those disability queens (not mentioning kings) free money? We will spend that to see if those not expected to get well did.

At least building a wall does not blow people up. Strange way to show your support for our military; the snake oil salesman continues to run free with taxpayer dollars and absolute disregard to our co-equal branches of government. Of course. He has no respect for our military. He has no respect for anything. He’s just a fat old gross pig who can’t get it up anymore and was going bankrupt and is now fleecing taxpayers, pouring tax $ and foreign $ into his pockets. How he’s still around is beyond me.

A panicking POTUS, out of control and trying anything possible to change the current narrative away from his 'IMMINENT' Impeachment Trial.

SpeakerPelosi Here’s something else you can impeach him for. Congress controls the purse. Why does he keep getting to divert funds. But SNAP. Trump’s action foreshadows the billions a Democratic President will transfer to “climate security” projects in the future. Hell yeah! What he 'plans' to do and what he can legally do are two different things. 250 miles of 'wall' on a 2600 mile border is not security, it is a nativist monument to stupidity.

Steal budget from service member again. As a Mexican. I agree with this. :) Mexico Gave The Money To Pentagon To Give To Border Funding... Mexico is paying....paying.....ppp Ok so we have to give him more money than they were using for the Damn wall nahhhh

Good. That’s like 1 1/2 stealth fighter jets... Well the HouseDemocrats GOP gave him a blank defense check to avoid a shutdown He really drove a hard bargain with Mexico, huh? The art of that deal was amazing.... He setting his investments up for success. He owns a large stake in investments in some of the companies hired to construct the wall.

Excellent Over budget and behind schedule. Americans cash in the trash. Oh God please stop this nonsense FLINT MI STILL DOES NOT HAVE CLEAN WATER So instead of Mexico paying for it, the military (and the taxpayers) are paying for it..... Come on GOP, time to throw a fit about cutting money from the military..... oh, wait.....

The Republican Taliban party is going full facist mode, they have no regards to the Constitution, for which they swore on a Bible to uphold. Guessing that the Talibans word means crapola.

You misspelled ' his offshore personal bank account.' AdderallTrump Has the process of checks and balances been completely eliminated? Are there any principled members of the gop left? He was right about being able to shoot someone and get away with it. Let a thief steal and he’ll do it again. 😁 Wasn’t this already ruled illegal? 🙄

Congress can STOP this! Is the military funding from Mexico? Such a damn waste of money .

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