Trump Organization found guilty of tax fraud scheme

12/7/2022 4:40:00 AM

Donald Trump's real estate company was convicted of carrying out a 15-year-long criminal scheme to defraud tax authorities, adding to the legal woes facing the former president as he campaigns for the office again.

Donald Trump's real estate company was convicted of carrying out a 15-year-long criminal scheme to defraud tax authorities, adding to the legal woes facing the former U.S. president as he campaigns for the office again in 2024

Donald Trump's real estate company was convicted of carrying out a 15-year-long criminal scheme to defraud tax authorities, adding to the legal woes facing the former president as he campaigns for the office again.

4 5 The case centered on charges that the company paid personal expenses like free rent and car leases for executives including Weisselberg without reporting the income, and gave them bonuses as non-employee compensation from other Trump entities like the Mar-a-lago Club, without deducting taxes.By.WATCH LIVE Key Points John Bolton, the onetime national security advisor to former President Donald Trump, said he is "absolutely" considering launching a 2024 presidential bid.White nationalist Nick Fuentes gets in food fight at LA In-N-Out Former National Security Advisor John Bolton said Monday he may launch a 2024 White House run if other prospective GOP presidential candidates fail to denounce Donald Trump’s comment about terminating the Constitution.

According to testimony during the four-week trial, Trump himself signed the bonus checks annually, paid private school tuition for Weisselberg's grandchildren, authorized the lease for his luxury Manhattan apartment and approved a salary deduction for another executive."The whole narrative that Donald Trump was blissfully ignorant is just not real, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass told jurors during his closing argument on Friday.He said the "smorgasbord of benefits" was designed to keep top executives "happy and loyal.Former National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks to reporters after speaking in a panel hosted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran – U." Republican Trump, who on Nov.15 announced his third campaign for the presidency, said in a statement he was "disappointed" by the verdict but called the case a "Manhattan witch hunt.’ You have to say, ‘I would oppose people who would undercut it.

" Both Bragg and his predecessor who brought the charges, Cyrus Vance, are Democrats.Anna Moneymaker | Getty Images Donald Trump 's national security advisor for more than a year, said Monday he is "absolutely" considering launching a 2024 presidential bid — in large part to challenge Trump.SEPARATE LAWSUIT The Trump Organization separately faces a fraud lawsuit brought by New York state Attorney General Letitia James.Trump himself is being investigated by the U.S.Bolton, who has periodically been a vocal Trump critic since departing his administration in September 2019, called the former president's declaration "an existential threat to the republic itself.Department of Justice over his handling of sensitive government documents after he left office in January 2021 and attempts to overturn the November 2020 election, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden.” Trump fired Bolton in September 2019 after the then-president reportedly clashed with the longtime diplomat on issues related to North Korea and Afghanistan.

Lawyers for the Trump Organization argued that Weisselberg carried out the scheme to benefit himself, not the company.They tried to paint him as a rogue employee." In follow-up posts, Trump declared in all caps that "IF AN ELECTION IS IRREFUTABLY FRAUDULENT, IT SHOULD GO TO THE RIGHTFUL WINNER OR, AT A MINIMUM, BE REDONE.Weisselberg is currently on paid leave and testified that he hopes to get another $500,000 bonus in January Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform on Nov.19.that his family got "no economic gain from the acts done by the executive."You can't have this kind of approach.

" Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty in August to concealing $1.76 million in income from tax authorities, testified that although Trump signed checks involved, he did not conspire with him.He said that the company saved money by paying for his rent, utilities, Mercedes-Benz car leases for him and his wife and other personal expenses rather than raising his salary, because a wage hike would have had to account for taxes." Bolton called on GOP leaders to denounce Trump, who is currently the only Republican to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.He said Trump's two sons - who took over the company's operations in 2017 - gave him a raise after they knew about his tax dodge scheme.By then, Trump was president, and the company was preparing for greater scrutiny.

"We were going through an entire cleanup process of the company to make sure that since Mr.The Biden administration said attacks on the Constitution should be "universally condemned.Trump is now president everything was being done properly," Weisselberg testified.Reporting by Luc Cohen and Karen Freifeld in New York; additional reporting by Andrew Hofstetter in New York; Editing by Noeleen Walder and Grant McCool Our Standards:.

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Trump is feeling the panic set in.

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