Trump on being president: 'It's probably costing me from $3B to $5B'

During a visit to a Pennsylvania factory, the president claimed without evidence that he was losing money while in office.


President Trump claims that being president is costing him billions of dollars, 'This thing is costing me a fortune, being president”

During a visit to a Pennsylvania factory, the president claimed without evidence that he was losing money while in office.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that being president will personally cost him billions of dollars, due in part to the lawyers he has had to hire to defend him in various lawsuits.

reports that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

“It's probably costing me from $3 to $5 billion for the privilege of being — and I couldn't care less—I don’t care. You know if you’re wealthy, it doesn't matter. I just want to do a great job,” Trump added.

“Can you imagine if I got a fair press? I mean we’re leading without it,” Trump said. “The election would be over. Have they ever called off an election before? Just said, ‘Look, let’s go, go on, four more years.”

Trump, on official visit to Shell Plant, reupps his Pocahontas attack on Elizabeth Warren.

The White House had looked to showcase the massive construction project the president was there to tour as a symbol of the Trump economy in a key swing state. When complete, the facility is projected to employ about 500 workers who will make plastic pellets from ethane, a byproduct of fracking, that can be turned into a range of plastic goods, from food packaging to car parts.

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How much did you make for 2018 Mr. President? Not counting your presidenatal salary, what was your total gross salary for 2018? Lies It’s costing us a fortune to have him as president!😡 Make him prove it with his tax returns. That's why he needs to keep going to his golf resort to get some money back. He lies

So then....QUIT!!! Aww poor trump...not!!! He is not a billionaire,maybe a couple of hundred million.Come on jay-z got moore money and moore pull then the leader of the free world.This man stroke his own ego because it make him feel important.Sorry but his moms spoiled him and his pop's never laid down the law.

Good, so do us a favor resigns and save your money

Scaramucci compares Trump to Chernobyl nuclear disaster, says GOP may need to replace Trump for 2020'We are now in the early episodes of 'Chernobyl' on HBO,' Anthony Scaramucci said on Sunday. 'The reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start donaldtrump is an antichildbigot racistinchief rapistinchief bananarepublican MangoMussolini orangepieceoffeces downwithputin puckfutin Sorry Newsweek, this is not a credible source. It’s just another, now apostate,Trump enabler. Get to work and give me some real news for a change. DumpTrump This dudes 15 minutes were up quite a while back

According to NBCNews, themselves: Trump is not that rich. Does not matter pretty soon all his property will be owned by the people. Not a problem we will supply him with housing and food the rest of his life. He should quit then Another lie!!!!!!!!! Not nearly as much as it’s costing us, buddy! In taxpayer $$ for all your golfing, lost prestige of the US, sorry foreign relations, and economic instability. You, the very stable genius, admin the country like your companies- into the ground. realDonaldTrump

So quit already Anyone believing this still thinks he is the Christian messiah. Renuncia HDP Good. Hopefully it’ll cost him his freedom, too. Unlikely. Trump has a cheap lease on the old Post Office building, which he should NOT have while he occupies the Oval Office. He has events at his OWN resorts on the taxpayers' dime. He stiffs municipal, county & state governments that provide services to him at his 'rallies'

Possible Trump challenger Mark Sanford would vote for Trump over BidenFormer Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford is mulling a challenge to President Trump next year for the Republican nomination. But he also says that in a potential matchup between former Vice President Joe Biden and Trump, he’d pick Trump. Then he’s no better. DumptheTrumps Then what good is he

It’s costing us our reputation forever The Liar-in-chief has no credibilty. If he is making statements about billions of dollars in losses, he has opened the door to showing his taxes. Show the American people what your 'losses' are. He's not alone. Barf Liar! I wonder if he's read the Emoluments Clause? You realize he's gone completely mad right

That's horrible. Please resign so you don't lose all that money, I beg you. He needs to stop lying

Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald TrumpAnthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very important lesson about President Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's been saying that for like 2 years... CillizzaCNN ETTD CillizzaCNN CNN doesn't seem to have learned a lesson: Scaramucci is as much of a con man as Trump.

In other words he's bleeding taxpayers to channel money to his own businesses while bankrupting the nation. Whatever he says it's the opposite that tends to be true. I think his businesses are suffering because of the “brand association”. I agree. Be rich. RESIGN !! I don't see how that is possible because he didn't give up his businesses and soooooo that must mean his businesses are failing. And the presidency should not be referred to as 'this thing.' 🤬🤬

Oh mg. he can't be serious. How in the world can even one person take him seriously. I think it is ok to say you are wrong- something you will never hear this from this idiot in chief. Fake news. He’s costing taxpayers billions of dollars staying at his properties every weekend. Now everyone knows he's lying

Sure, that's why he is hiding his TAXES? BOO HOO-please someone give him some cheese. He is costing the USA billions. All this winning.

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Wait what... WWEs are invited where now? Is that scripted too? I think this is well done by Bobby Leshley. Take no more racial shit neither from Trump(ed) or his Trumper Zombies. Simple. Who

Costing me a fortune also, but I don’t have the luxury of unlimited borrowing BS Then release your taxes. You can quit anytime. You’re not doing anything productive anyway. We appreciate you realDonaldTrump !!!!! TRUMP 2020 ... sorry to keep making you lose money, lol, but the Country needs you!!!! 🇺🇸💕🇺🇸💕🇺🇸

realDonaldTrump Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight LiarInChief Missing out on all that laundered money? President Trump is full of shit. Step Down!!!!

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Really bad actors on WWE are even less reliable than the bad actors in Hollywood who want us all to find their hate filled words about Trump to be relevant. Pretenders Well played Big E 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Its costing us trillions Because he is GETTING SUED!! Dammit. Resign sir. Please do us a favor Release your returns If he's losing billions even the way he's been manipulating the markets with his idiotic tariffs, then he certainly isn't a stable financial genius. I South Africa, there is a wonderful saying which suits this headline perfectly ... “ag shame!”

Then quit 😁 This sums up the Trump presidency Trump isn't rich to begin with, so I really don't know what he's whining about

Trump admin quiet on Moscow protests while defending Hong Kong's demonstrationsFor more than a month now, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of two major cities to demand democratic reforms and been met by strong crackdowns by their government. But only one of those movements is getting vocal support from the U.S. China doesn't 'support' Trump the way Russia does... and Russia supports Trump the same way you hold up a puppet. truth TrumpResignNow Трамп не сделает ничего, чтобы расстроить своего марионеточного Путина In Romania and France, everything is fine.

So, step down already. SAVE MONEY RESIGN TODAY!!!!!! So resign Resign and save us all some money. Then, by all means, quit your job. Maybe because you get Sued by Americans for bringing there life's in danger by your racist slurs in your speeches. i understand if millions of Americans starting a lawsuit against you. As president you have great power, but with that great power comes great responsibility.

Well damn SHOW THE TAXES.. LETS SEE👀 Please leave office, we don't want a fake President The damage he's done and continues to do to the country and the world can't be measured.

TrumpRecession TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist Don’t let us keep you, Donnie... Close the door on your way out. Dow falls trump is to blame He can resign. We want proof! Only in reputation. Lying sack of crap There’s always the solution of QUITTING. Why does he stay then. Just another lie.

EVIDENCE? Rich folk talking about their money is so gauche... Then quit. Please. I doubt Trump being President is costing him billions of dollars Bless you. Stand aside let someone else take the job, bingo you can go back to making money. We won’t mind, honest! Test results confirmed that was a lie Your wealth has never ever been in the Billions of dollars Donald! Stop your lying!

He’ll-ooooo-oooo. realDonaldTrump TAX RETURNS Fine you can leave. Is he speaking of the national debt he has added onto us all?

Probably not even close to true. On the other hand, Trump being president IS costing America much more than money - division across the country, loss of respect abroad (except for dictators), loss of any sense of moral authority, degraded environment, etc. ... OK then let's see his tax return and prove it!!

Hopefully it’ll bankrupt you!!! Well please quit we wouldn’t want you to lose the opportunity to steal more money and file bankruptcy over and over. Poor Donnie Does that man ever tell the truth The please resign!!! Your wife has to work, and not home as a mother to your child, so an Illegal alien can have a free ride on your tax dollars!

Bullshit Please feel free to leave. It will be welcomed by many stop printing his lies without fact check immediately following.

Then leave realDonaldTrump And that is why he is not worthy of the office. PublicServant45 Then resign fatfuck! 🤬🖕 Sure it is. Maybe lead with the fact that he has yet to show any proof of this, namely his taxes. I mean he golf's at his personal properties, at taxpayer expense, EVERY WEEKEND & the Saudis & Chinese have been stuffing his pockets, through his DC hotel, since he was sworn in.

Actually it's costing all of us billions. Good. Mr Trump, please resign & go back to your gold tower in NYC. America has had enough of you! HUGE LIE. This guy is in the Presidency to raise his income and explode his ego. This man lies more than running water.🙄 So. Quit! Please.

I say BS to this. I think the only reason Trump ran for President was to prop up his sagging brand. His base are going to be crestfallen when they find out he is in debt up to his ear lobes and is beholden to the Russians. Then that’s the only thing good coming out of your presidency!! 👍🏻👍🏻 So in other words he is making money. Everything he says is a lie and is opposite. ImpeachTrumpNow

He is not a billionaire, why fight for so long so no one could see your taxes ? So we know its the opposite then. Then quit and make that money. I get it, he is the president, but to publish as newsworthy every stupid thing he says...what does that make you ? realDonaldTrump Here is an idea then; quite & enjoy all your fabulous money by taking yourself out for s nice McDonald’s dinner! Enjoy!

Then resign!

I'm sure our delusional president actually believes that. You dont eat your cake and have it. This is not news. Please stop amplifying lies when so much is going on in the world Liar. He's profiting off the presidency! Well don’t feel obliged to continue, I’m sure you can tender your resignation & “go back to making your billions”

I present to all Trump Business Failures !! It's costing him a fortune in bankruptcies. Where the fuck did he get these numbers?🤣🤣🤣 Then quit. What about how much it is costing us

Bullshit! DerangedDonald and his family haven't made so much money as after he became president! And vacationing every weekend at one of his properties! He is enriching himself daily! Don't be fooled! You should leave as soon as possible Today is good realDonaldTrump how? I thought you signed over all your business so you aren't losing money your family is.

What's new? Wasn't he losing that much and avoiding paying taxes when he wasn't President? Did he become President to make money or serve his crew of deplorables? So much for Americans first 😂 OMG! He is costing taxpayers billions if dollars and is exploding the deficit. RealityCheck TreasonousTrump TrumpLies realDonaldTrump

THEN QUIT!!!! US TOO 😱😱😱😆!!!!!!! projecting again; since once he is out of office all of the criminal charges can stick and the confiscations of assets can begin.

Resign It’s costing us And more than just money Stop his grifting spree Trumps are like contestants in a fan blown money booth. Grabbing and grabbing. Turn the fan off Unplug it Blackmail and bribery is expensive these days! Good leave! It is costing us billions having you in office! good, resign and truly Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's nothing compared to what it's costing us and this country to have him in the White house Shows us the taxes Also he's making tons of money being the president so this is total crap Liar Unreal. It’s too bad he doesn’t have remorse for the money he is costing Americans, especially the $108 million he has cost taxpayers for golf outings.

realDonaldTrump always playing victim . WhiteHouse get DerangedDonald a porn stars nipple to suck on & remind the fool he volunteered for the job. First, he has never had billions. Second, his empire is so bad it probably never will, especially with his idiot sons running it. You can’t lose what you never had.

Emoluments. He could ya know stop doing it Then why does he not just resign “I don’t care about the money, and I’m just happy to serve.” That’s what trump really said though. Hahahaha Yes, and while he’s whining in PA, Jr is in Bali doing this in conjunction with some financial and/or construction help from the Chinese:

Good. Then quit. realDonaldTrump No where nearly as much as 45 is costing the rest of us. Awwww. Can I suggest a way out of this money drain, Donald?

How about giving the fact checkers a voice in your slanted, RacistPresident’s delusional rants Why not refer to his tax returns that could prove that he’s lying? He had to give up his companies. So yes being president is definitely a burden and inconvenience. Seems like someone is setting the stage for a 2020 loss!

Only a moron would believe this... Awe well, guess that means that his sons are just as bad at running his business as his was. And don’t worry buddy, everytime you golf at your resort it costs us, we are losing billions too. Another four years of golf, no voteblue Well then, you are welcome to “go back where you came from” and leave us be so we can become a civilized country again.

So he has no confidence in his children running his companies. I am crestfallen. Why not quit and get back to your old day job? Maybe you should quit. realDonaldTrump

This is sooooo fucking old guys. 2016 trump hate material. He’s said this multiple times. You must hate the message he was giving to Pennsylvanians. Jobs jobs and more jobs. Your trickery only works on the weak minded. Then resign and keep your money and give the American people a piece of mind and have everyone singing oh happy day.

Well, then he should leave the WH and go back to his money, as he doesn’t want to do this most important and highest job. Not true. You mean you r costing us a fortune with your golf grifting, unpaid taxes, frivolous trips 2 your private property in Florida, dragging your superfluous grown kids along for the ride 2 everywhere on our dime, paying 4 upkeep on Melanoma’s home, selling your soul☠️ 🤡👺

Please, please, go, go, we will understand and be extremely grateful forever and ever... He should PROVE his worth. Let’s see them tax returns. Then leave! DonTheCon

I get it. His taxes are going to show he isn't the billionaire he claims to be, so he's setting up his next lie. 'I was a billionaire, but being president cost me money.' That is what it has always been with this president. Money and power. He cares nothing about Americans and the issues facing each and every citizen.

Did anyone ask how he came about this figure or is this just clickbait. Jesus, NBC, what’s the difference between you and Buzzfeed? Go home. No one else ever complained. Pay your bills. What’s your credit score? Lol Then...quit!! No problem, leave. Well, quit then. QED. Why are you even repeating his lies? Remove the soundboard!

Has any president ever lost money being president? Tf is he talking about? Well, he’s aiming to make a lot by kissing Putin, MBS, and KJU’s asses at the cost of our democracy. Anything is worth a trump tower to him. Anything. P.S. realDonaldTrump , release your tax returns.

Yeah. In legal fees. His way of explaining why he’s actually broke. realDonaldTrump is lying again. Show your taxes. wasregan It's only costing this country being divided, stoked racism, bigotry, hatred, our allies suspicious of us, our election safety...Please feel free to resign any time. It's costing this country our lives. realDonaldTrump

In attorney fees. Somebody should tell him to save his money and let it go then, most of us will support that decision. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂proof? True In legal bills and back hander pay-offs It’s also going to cost you your freedom when you’re no longer President.

That’s a lie you know Trump is taking the piss when he says this he is making more money since his been president don’t be blind he is just greedy and a liar and a deflector good. quit. Cry me a river TrumpIsAWhiteSupremist TrumpIsARacist TrumpIsADisgrace TrumpIsBroke TrumpIsARacistRapist 2 X 0 = 0... The only thing to prove is that which is in doubt...

SDGMasterglass Ehh...and how much is costing US economy to have Trump in charge? kieranlee1970 It cost America it’s morals!! This is just more TrumpLiesEveryTimeHeSpeaks BS. He has made heaps, pays nothing he owes and is on the biggest ego trip any of putinspuppets have managed. which is of course the opposite

Then go

alain_frachon ' Allez-voir là-bas, faisait signe Donald le futé, si j´y suis ' ! 🤣 Well according to the latest Forbes rich list. His worth has decreased by over a £1 Bn since he became President and their are the legal fees, business losses. It all mounts up for him☹️☹️ All other Presidents have got rich? Why? the swamp and corruption and fury back room deals

He lies about everything, so he is lying about this too. Not as much as the American people HE SHOULD RESIGN THEN SINCE HE IS SO UNHAPPY He's only Werth 789,000,000 million so he's not a billion aer!!! And it's not costing him a penny!! It's coming out of our pockets not his!!!!! From private or state pocket? wonder4ulworld

It's so bad.. He's welcome to resign at anytime

So save your ill-gotten gains and get out. What ever Trump says, consider the opposite to be true. No other prez has taken more bribes/donations—in exchange for gov. contracts. No other prez has squandered over $100 mill. paying himself to play golf. Trump is bankrupting America-grabbing all he can before he’s ousted.

So sickening it’s unreal I can’t believe it I guess that means he’s leaving office, then. Godspeed, realDonaldTrump, I wish I could say it’s been a pleasure knowing you. morgfair Well the good thing is he doesn’t have a very large ego and he doesn’t care very much about himself TheWorstPresidentEver!!

ThisIsALie. He doesn’t even have $3B to $5B. 😂😂😂😂 LyinTrump Trump is trying to justify why he's broke...guess we'll see those tax returns soon. 😂 Which network will be the first to cut him off when he spews outrageous lies? The damage is done when they rerun his blatant brainwashing on loop, regardless of their fact checking.


ok thoughts and prayers on your financial loss. Stop stealing from the rest of us. Pretty please resign . TY realDonaldTrump If you are losing money or not making it blame your son or son-in-law orherewisw give up being President. Being POTUS is not a money making exercise. hes honestly noy lying. with all of the legal fees he will have to pay when he gets out of office he will go bankrupt

One billion. He lost one billion dollars & I'm supposed to pretend he knows how to do math? Spoiler alert. He's MAKING money not losing it. Trump lies. Remember that. TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist TrumpIsARacist Then please walk away! That’s a Lie 🤔🤔🤔🤔another one And he will be collecting every penny of it off the backs of the poor

How is that possible when you patented MAGA and KAG. RacistHat sales dropping? Resign Trump losing money while in office. His office is keeping his very expensive hotels full

Probably his least believable lie But a lot of attention old s.o.a.g.😁 I strongly suggest that you back to the private sector, ASAP, so that you can continue to lie about all the money you are not making, but no one will care. Trump 🤡🤡🤡 LiarInChief WorstPresidentEver Tell the MORON to resign 😂😂😂😂

Why is it costing him a fortune? And how is it costing him a fortune? Then he should resign!The sooner the better! FROM A DYING MAN!!! 30% USA ADULTS HAVE HAD MENTLE DISORDERS. WHO SHOULD MAKE MEDICAL DECISIONS FOR THEM? ESPECIALLY PUT THEM ON DEADLY INJECTABLES, SUCH AS JANSSEN'S Janssen's i.m. particle injectables are deadly if injected into vein DEADLY, DEADLY, DEADLY, DEADLY DEADLY, DEAD

Well stop then well, maybe he should just quit, and go back to his colleges, steak industry, casinos, airlines, beverage co, board games, magazine, mortgage co, communication co, travel co, making vodka... oh wait, those all failed. He's totally bilking tax payers while in office Well, how sad for him.

Great! He can step down right now. ResignTrump CrayCray Then quit!! Those designer emoluments bags are costing him a fortune. donaldtrumplies ssaveikonis Please leave... How worth is your 'Reputation and Dignity' in dollars Then quit!! Oh gezzz... racist train wreck realDonaldTrump is costing the rest of us so much more. Our democracy, our freedom, our future. The whiny little man can go back where he came from.

This President realDonaldTrump has to be the best fisherman in the world. He could throw out a line with dirty socks and catch a leftist 😂 What it’s costing us can’t even be measured. Then he should resign That’s peanuts compared what he’s cost this country due to his being president. Lawrence Only if he proves it.

Pull my finger! More bullshit from the fake news leader! White Animals and a dog attack a American black man. Disgusting! Just think what it is costing the country and world. IKYFL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

It’s most certainly costing America. then, he better resign and then he can tend to his business matters. Then why doesn’t he resign? Does he even have that kind of money? Isn’t he broke? You wanted you got it STOP BITCHIN Please resign... do yourself and America a huge favor He can quit any time but he won’t because he knows he’ll need to pardon himself. I think that plus ego is his only motivation.

Reveal your tax returns and financial reports so we can confirm your statement. If usual, your are lying. Now imagine for a moment what Trump being president is costing the United States. This man is not serious what a big fraud just a joke.

Oh Dear God, please let him go make trillions. Go do your thing Mr Trump. I have no doubt!!! Whilst we're on the topic the presidential salary is a joke and inentivizes corruption. nbc you can do your job & not repeat his lies. We know what he said. We can hear and read, but you can tell us something we don't know b

realDonaldTrump also said before elected being President was worth the loss... Except for the millions of dollars you are raking in off the backs of Americans. It's hard to lose $5 billion when you're not even a billionaire. Then leave. You are doing a crappy job at it anyway. realDonaldTrump We, the American people, would be so happy if you decided to go back to your old job so you could continue to make all those billions, 😂😂, and we could regain our sanity back. 😊

You should definitely quit then He claims lots of things. Very few of which turn out to be true.

Aww hell. It’s costing us FAR more I assure you. You ask for it you got it so enjoy being broke Well then, just leave the White House. Just an FYI realDonaldTrump to be POTUS means being a public servant and not a for profit center. volsandsooners Then stop being President, if you’re do fucking worried about money.

Costing us a lot more than it is costing him. please do not let us make you lose any more money, stop being Pres. Then please resign immediately! And whose problem is that? WELL U'RE DOING A TERRIBLE JOB, SO I GUESS EVERYONE IS LOSING HERE🤷🏾‍♂️ If he produced his taxes as he promised ...

I think he spelled making wrong Quit Trump is making money USING the USA as his own personal cash cow. GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP u r putting money n real Americans pockets It's all about him 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Well he should leave then and build that hotel in Russia Lies 😂😂 he and his familymembers are millionaires at most.

No it's costing the American people every time he goes to his golf course?!!!🤬 Resign

Amazingly this is one thing he could prove. If only he showed his taxes. Otherwise he's just wasting our time, like always. I still cheer for his death every day. RESIGN!!! So quit. We don’t care if you’re losing money. However, that’s hard to believe since taxpayers are funding endless trips to golf courses you own.

Was never worth $ billions. He’s making $ as President but many of his properties are losing $ because his brand is bad & he’s a lousy businessman. Declared bankruptcy many times. Settled $ laundering suit in ‘90s & it’s still going on. Cheat, thief, tax evader. PutinsPuppet Lie Lie Lie Prove it - Let's see your tax records He Who Lies More Than Pieces of Sand In The Sahara!

Oh my. Pls submit an invoice to Trump Tower. It’s a lie but let’s not take a chance. Please just quit! realDonaldTrump You can resign any time. Now would be fine. So stop. Stop it. Stop being president. This is not rocket science. A ten-year-old kid could...oh wait

Billions? HeLies Uh, oh... trump’s in trouble and this will be his exit strategy! Good... GET OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE! 💎 If he resigns, I’d throw a few bucks his way as well. morgfair Well.. we certainly don't want you to go we would understand if you left fact..we would highly encourage you to you can 'legitimately' make money again

😿 Hopefully it will also land him in jail. Release the TaxReturns Based on his track record of bankruptcies pretty sure he's better off where he is, as are the workers and suppliers he can't stiff. So stop

Let’s see those taxes, Mr. Sacrifice It’s costing us more. science_biased resign and don't let the door hit you on the way out Imagine what it’s costing the rest of the world. Gets expensive, what with the extortion fees, the bribes, paying the hackers & the election riggers, the porn star payoffs & NDA payments - I imagine hit men probably cost a heck of a lot too

realDonaldTrump I don’t believe this is costing you a dime. Prove me wrong. Show your taxes. Didn’t Jr just sign a deal in Indonesia including Chinese steel/financing? He could always quit. It would save him money and would be a whole lot better for the Americans. Quit then Maybe he should just quit now, and keep from losing any more money! I'm sure the country would forgive him! TrumpResignNow

'This thing'? Being a president of the United States of America- the most prestigious position in the World AND this is how this brainless two legged thing feels! Money is Trump God! See how misplaced & non deserving.......... why oh why he is still there belittling

ResignTrump Whatever b*t** 😳😳😳😳😳 Why not go back where he came from — problem solved for everyone. if it's too high a price to pay I encourage him to resign. Well, we don't want to see you suffer, so please feel free to quit any time, Maybe you should quit! You should be ashamed he averages 12 lies a day and you amplify this Bullshit.

He can just leave.... If this is true you would have no problem with the public seeing your tax returns. Your word has no credibility

Not true. He’s not worth what he claims. He pays little to no taxes. He’s feeding at the federal trough. Resign! He is a lying liar! Lying again Sounds like he could use the FreedomDividend So resign. Please. But he ran from president and want to be re-elected. How much is China and Russia paying him? And we should believe him why?

And also his sanity. Resign then!

TrumpCrimeFamily Boy bye. ANOTHER TRUMP LIE!!!! Nope, that fucker is making bank off his 280 days of charging tax payers for his golf trips to his own properties. The fact that it costs Trump billions shows he is a failure. He bankrupts this nation. He needs no help in losing millions. He’s never had billions to lose

Considering that he has never been a billionaire this strikes me as another lie. Then, by all means, resign. WhiteHouse ALL ABOUT HIM AGWIN. HE CAN QUIT ANYTIME. HE IS MAKING$$$$$$ WITH ALL THE EMOLLIENTS. Trump golfing trips are costing US taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars! Deficit at ALLTIME High

We know....🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂 I'd only he had a billion. Truly the blue collar 'billionaire.' Tax returns will reveal he broke. Common sense will tell you,that is nonsense!He made more money on his presidency this any other president, since they stepped away from their businesses. Trump uses his businesses at least every weekend to make money.His whole family has profited greatly from him being in the WH

Prove it if anyone believes this they deserve to be made to work for him. He has made more for his golf courses than they have since they opened just in the last 2 plus years, plus he didnt bankrupt a business since he has our government to bankrupt, his sons are making $ from GOP Its costing America and its citizens more than that and not just in money.

He must think because he’s POTUS, he gets ownership of the Treasury and all that’s in it. It’s lies the Trump Inc. aka Crime Family is raking in millions let’s see he always stays in Trump shit holes and we are paying for Secret Service to stay he meets foreign dignitaries in Trump hotels where they stay- in other words Crime Syndicate😝

Unless trump provides proof I am not falling for his nonsense. Yeah... highly doubtful mr bankruptcy

He’s so full of you-know-what! Losing our money, not his. It would be interesting to see how much he profits from a golfing weekend at one of his properties. Tell me when stop laughing! He's so gross. You’re doing it wrong Hey NBC! This isn't news, this is Trump spreading lies again! ... and you falling for it again! Snake Oil salesman wins again! TrumpLiesEveryTimeHeSpeaks

Resign MFr realDonaldTrump then please by all means RESIGN! Get out, go get your billions. Do not let us hold you back.. No one is holding you hear, no one is making you stay. GO! Please we don’t mind if you leave. TRUMP RESIGN NOW! Go make your money. Because we don’t need you. FLOTUS Then MR Trump do everyone a favor and quit

Go back to your tower NotMyPresident

I am sure it is. realDonaldTrump - all those lawyers fees get expensive eh? Well if you feel that way.....RESIGN Actually, it’s costing America trillions. uh... so leave? God, then how bout you don’t run for re-re-election and go back to bankrupting casinos and universities Good. Save us all and money and resign.

Then step down!! As if we care. He's not even a billionaire anyway.

realDonaldTrump being in office is costing our country much more than money, but lives, morality, rule of law and decency. Feel free to resign Another lie from the lier in chief It’s costing our country so much more. Then he should resign. However, I find that hard to believe. So.....does any other boss accept this much bitching from their employees? Don’t run for a second term and go back to “making money”.

Then he should resign! It's the best financial decision! willis_roberson Then he should resign. It’s the right thing to do. 'The proof is in the pudding'. Show us the tax returns.

I believe him. However he is making big personal deals he’ll make up for all he lost when he’s out of office. realDonaldTrump All we need to do is look at the national debt increase since you took office to know that YOU ARE COSTING US MONEY!! 🇺🇸🤬😢 morgfair Then leave dude! realDonaldTrump prove it! showusyourtaxreturns 😂🖕

Hard to know? You won't share your taxes. MAYBE YOU SHOULD QUIT. morgfair ReleaseTrumpsTaxes Why are you printing his unrefuted lies?

One word RESIGN Doubtful. His Mara Lago property is taking it in. KellyAlspals LOL and how much is it costing America! The only thing he has his mind. He is controlling the markets too with his speech on tariffs and his trust are making ton's money...Buy low ....and Sell High....Doing this more frequently to help on Donald Jr. and Eric in their investments....No fool here.

RESIGN MF More like he lost 3 billion votes, not $$! Everyone who voted for him, never voted before, newly eligible voters & all others combined~that's abt 3 billion people his idiot ways have cost him! The only $$ his presidency has cost, has cost the US treasury what he could steal, etc! realDonaldTrump yeah, you should resign quickly.

If Mr. Trump is losing so much money, Maybe he should quit And take his shady dealings back to New York. Oh. That's right. NY Is investigating him. SO QUIT AND BO BACK TO MAKING BILLIONS liar

Just the attitude we want in a President 🤢 No it is costing the American taxpayers millions for his golf games and security for his huge family. Meanwhile he does nothing but take protections away from us and the environment and rake in money for his stupid hotels. Worst President ever! Donald Duck would have been better

Uh oh. I feel a “and that’s why I’m not running in 2020” coming on. realDonaldTrump no one is forcing you to stay. Feel free to leave ANYTIME BS It’s costing us our pride and dignity realDonaldTrump POTUS !! Mr. CHEETO Well for Gods sake quit! I don’t think it would hurt a lot of people’s feelings. Than why he don't resign if he complaining about losing money. The country would be better off.

And then to watch the video? Geez! He tries to make the crowd feel sorry that he's losing $5 billion. Bullshit. But then rails on Obama for a $60 million book deal. Jealous?

“This costing me” Just keep amplifying his lies, NBC. Here’s a suggestion- do some investigating and report some real news. You’re not Trump’s stenographer Lie, lie, & lie again. You are pure evil Lol lol lol Bah ahaha ha Then resign There is no proof that he or his family has ever turned a profit.

It’s costing me sleep

MaytasDeb Then quit and make everyone happy I came here just to read some of the triggered liberal comments... loooool.... see you losers in 2020 We need receipts You know how he could prove that? By releasing his tax returns. He is making business deals while in office like everyone else did no one is buying that ‼️

Just another gross lie the biggest crook of all times. He makes mr madoff look like Peter Pan or Robin Hood I think that’s another lie. Please leave Sir we will all be happy! realDonaldTrump “some of which are total bullshit”

Liar He has been making more by all sorts of ways & we all know he is not paying for his golf trips Thats been taxpayers I swear this guynlies about everything bye Then please, don't run again! WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump SHOW US YOUR TAX RETURNS BEFORE you make such a statement As you are a verified LIAR so we cannot trust a word you say

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WHAT A JOKE Yet another lie. Just Quit you could have all the Monopoly Billions you want! Resign bullshit That’s assuming he had $3-$5 billion to start with....still waiting on those tax returns... Good. Quit.

MicheleScott12 Trump complains it's costing him money to be 'president? Bull shit. He's jerking the stock market around for profit, telling friends and family what he's going to say or tweet to make the market move... THEY ARE ALL INSIDER TRADING!!!! He’s making money! The role of POTUS wasn't intended to be about the money.

Step down and go make your billions , we don't need you Donnie! I suspect he's right. Democrats have made a concerted effort to damage his existing businesses. Trump himself takes NO salary! Nor do some members of his cabinet and staff. I have no doubt the fascist left has had an impact on his income.

Now apply the TwistedTrump formula and you know that he is making money off of it Resign Receipts or it didn't happen Lololol facts say otherwise. He’s a crazy, loser. PA peeps know better. 🇺🇸 Even with the huge tax break, he gave to himself and his companies and all the money the government pays his companies for him to stay at HIS properties and play golf at His golf courses.

U can always resign That’s nothing compared to what he’s costing us Why would you tweet this without mocking or (to the same effect) factchecking it? EMOLUMENTS Liar, pants on fire. He’s Costing The American People. It’s always the opposite of what he says. Wake up America, you have a national duty. Better to be respected than to demand respect. Demand respect is false. Earned respect is true and genuine. He lacks Amygdala size. Sad.

Such a liar He’d probably be bankrupt from his projects in Asia. Golf courses, TRUMP name used while he’s in the WH. Then resign, realDonaldTrump. Instead of bankrupting our country, go BK you personal failures as a business man; airline, hotels, casinos, steaks, vodka, university. Go be a scam on your own dime. DonTheCon TrumpCrimeFamily LiarInChief GOPTaxScam TrumpColluded TrumpLies

Biggest thief in the history of mankind

Do the world a favor and RESIGN! Omg. He’s never even had $1B. We better subpoena his financials because if this is true we might need to pay him back. Lol what a total lying moron. Anyone who believes this crap is one sad sad ignorant person. Hi, we're NBC news. We uncritically amplify a pathological liar cuz jornuhlizzzm. FarceEstate

Well, let's take a look at those taxes to verify, shall we? Trump is SO RICH, I'd like him to prove it! Pay your bills, pay back America for every cent you have spent on vacations and golfing ! ABC CBSNews Channel4News CNN MSNBC nytimes Then quit! We’ll put Obama back in the White House! Damn everyone is working. Life should be great for everyone unless you’re a liberal. They’re angry as hell even when they control the White House

Thank you realDonaldTrump ! Trump2020LandslideBaby Proof once again that Trump never knows how to further his own interests.

That’s nothing compared to what it’s costing the US Taxpayers, Americans, immigrants and the environment He’s a liar... Liar. He and his family of grifters are lining their pockets. We know Trump is more crooked than Hilary but he’s in office and untouchable. Haha. Total Tool statement, whose a Tool? Our POTUS is 🤦🏻‍♂️

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy He doesn't have that much...he 's robbing our coffers...what he has is OURS... Who can stand to listen to his foul mean-spirited talk? Does it mean something to anyone? If Trump was losing $B’s he would resign in a second, no ifs and or buts. At the core Trump is greedy.

Then he should just resign & save money. Omg yes! He’s such a victim! POTUS We would LOVE to receive your resignation, this being such an inconvenience and all. All the payoffs It occurred 2 me instead of toxic tongue’s tax returns-we need to c his & his inner circle’s current stock records re past few years-especially 1 day before & 1 day after his volatile tweets that rdriving & manipulating markets -inside trading to the MAX- just saying -🌊❄️😡😰

Yes. America was in his office begging on knees to bless us with his greatness. Welfare queen buffoon I think America would be happy to make a deal with him that would allow him to keep his tax returns private: Resign from office, and we will drop the lawsuit to get them. You should step down He is saying that because he has to show his taxes soon and you will know he has nothing. The man is a desert in every way.

Lying Grifter!

So resign? I’m not sure why Trump won’t show ANY tax returns, since he’s whining and complaining about it costing him a fortune. We’re the American Taxpayers that pay him the money and he’s costing us, dealing with unacceptable leadership, racism and xenophobic behavior. TrumpIsADisgrace Maybe in legal fees.

Claims? Did you ask for proof of this claim? Please go do your work. It's our money it's losing now. Not just Putin's. Please feel free to pursue your dreams! Says a Grifting 'POTUS' realDonaldTrump who has been stuffing his pockets every weekend from HIS own golfing resorts... Who has been violating the EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE since 20th of January, 2017... Who has EMBEZZLED the USTreasury with his GOP's GOPTAXSCAM... 🙄

What BS he's really just whining that he can't steal more

Guess that’s it then The only President in my lifetime who has LOST net worth by becoming POTUS, not gained it. That should tell you something. MAGA Well then, get back to your business. We will understand realDonaldTrump . ASAP would be good. Please, go back to private life. You'll be doing the country a huge favor.

Hopefully, it's going to cost him his home and family when he runs to Moscow to avoid prison in the U.S. Please, set him free! Then leave & do us all a favor! What about the billions he is getting from Saudis! Bribes, payoffs, and “contributions” That is what he meant how it costs him that much to be president. By The Way... how has that not taking a paycheck worked out?


Lies!!! In so many ways. Just can’t take any word he says ever to be true! Then win a second term.... MAGA Its costing all of us, immensely. But he should feel free to resign at any point. TrumpResignNow Oh please tell him it's ok to return to his former existence. We'll make it somehow. Who photoshopped 100 lbs. off of him?

The president never admits to losing if it is real. He is not losing money being president. He would punch you in the face if it was true. Sorry, he would imply he would punch you in the face, and then really hope someone in the crowd does that for him. I would imagine that money laundering is harder when you have the government looking at everything.

Wait till he sees how much prison is going to cost him. Let's see your financials.

I’m sure it is true And he doesn’t need the ABUSE and lying ACCUSATIONS He is saying his presidency is costing *us* a fortune. He is scamming money all over the place. Plus he doesn’t pay taxes Trump had never had $3-5 billion. He's worth $800 million tops, and a lot of debt. Poor thing realDonaldTrump refuses to show his taxes. DonTheCon

You can leave anytime you want Until we see his tax returns Uh. I thought his kids were running the business. That said, he was not going to make 5 billion in 3 yrs anyway. Just saying. Plus, you have to be worth 4 billion to claim 5 billion would have been lost.

Resign then! Easy fix! I'm sure his crooked ass is picking it up on the back end. Just a bunch. Yeah right. Post haste... 🙄🤷🏽‍♂️ Then please leave, leave, leave, leave us all alone. Go away! Don't go away mad, just go away! Sounds fair. Donald Trump being President is costing taxpayers billions too. bejaha Please quit

irina_florescu That is what he is going to use as his “out”, his reason to not run again. It’s easier on the old ego, than admitting he is a failure. So now we know: the exact opposite is true. I believe his dubious family 'business' is actually more money than before he was elected. What a BS artist.

So that means you can’t afford to run another term? when he started he was bankrupt by 800 million so if he now has $20 he is ahead BUT the country is way behind It’s costing everyone else a lot more.For many it is costing their lives. Please Resign Bullshit!!! So he’s made more money than he has in years... that’s my guess since he’s the gaslighter in chief

Prove it. Should we just take his word for it? 🙄 Then resign Please

Bullshit. His favors to the Russians, Saudis, North Koreans are saving him from billions he owes the Cossack Oligarchs. I say Bullcrap...he and his cronies are making billions every month just shorting the markets before announcing tariffs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m pretty sure he’s made more money over the past two years than he ever has!

Then he can leave. And don’t let the door hit him on the way out. This is what he’s really saying...being president is making me a fortune.. I lie n cheat to my base n they load me up with money not to mention all the money I steal it’s great... suckers..... If you don’t like it, leave. Who cares? First and foremost, he’s lying. Shocking,I know. 🙄 Secondly, realDonaldTrump, if you truly believe you’re losing a fortune. here’s an idea to help you save the remainder of it-why don’t you resign? Oh that’s right-if you resign, you’ll be arrested. Can’t wait!

What a crock! He should resign if it’s important to him ! Pssst...trump lies Only your tax returns can prove that Or, because his taxes will eventually be leaked, the people will see he was never a billionaire. Then please feel free to leave 'this thing' 😡 If that’s the case Please Resign Today If this is true ,this greedy S.O.B. would leave The White House tomorrow. If anything Trump and his friends have been ripping the citizens off since day one. I don’t believe anything this grifter says for one second.

So we can all know it's not. The opposite is true. Good! He is costing our Nation by his racist words and policies. bejaha Poor thing. He could fix it and resign.

Well stop it then because it’s costing us even more both monetarily and morally!! Resign! Do ALL of us a favor!! The presidency is Trump’s ‘ stay out of jail’ card. He thinks he’s doing us a favor by sitting in that office. Not! He will probably sue us all for the loses that he would’ve lost himself anyway

If being the worst potus in US history is such a personal burden, he should resign. We would understand. And celebrate! Lmao 🤣 Prove it. Show your tax returns! Yes, realDonaldTrump , you're just a victim. We know. How do you manage? Well then please walk away. Everyone would be so happy! STabbytosavit OFFS It’s a miracle that every other previous president has found a way to remain solvent. Where’s all the green fees $$ going? I thought those were his golf courses?!? Charlatan IgnorAnus ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Please STOP reporting on all the STUPID things he says. This isn't 'news.' Please focus on what he DOES. This is how he distracts... Stop falling into the traps.

Then quit! Another lie. Just the right amount of Reeee’s here What liar give me s break!! Pretty sure you can’t lose billions if you don’t have it. It true. Meanwhile the idiots in the left don’t see the hypocrisy. Obama’s and the Clintons got rich off of government. Meanwhile this great man loses millions, if not billions.


Considering that it is preventing you from being in jail, I’d say it was worth it for you. Can’t wait till your done and see what happens. “If you don’t like it, then leave” Then don’t run for re-election please. He's costing us a thousand times more. Trump has added $3 trillion to the national debt, so far.

Wrong . He's costing US money by being 'President' 🙄‼️‼️ LiarInChief RacistInChief RapistInChief ImpeachNow FakePresident 🤣😅😂; and with your tariff tax, it’s costing consumers and farmers $billions too. Do you hear that? .... That's the sound of the world's smallest violin playing. Oh, how my heart bleeds.

... and your freedom Easy solution... Isn’t losing money your specialty?

TrumpResignNow STabbytosavit In legal fees? realDonaldTrump please - for the love of our country and for all of our sanity - please QUIT. We don’t want you to lose one more dollar. Quit now and let us Make America Great Again. Well I think you should remedy that immediately and resign. And it’s costing America it’s dignity. Priceless.

Using his vacation golf outings, this is probably the most money he has made in a while. Then we care about him and his fortune and ask him to resign to tend to his business. he should quit DianaBubby729 Then resign and we’ll begin rebuilding after the damage you’ve done.

bullshit Thanks for your sacrafice of billions if dollars, Donald Trump. Haven't you give us so much? Take a breather. We'll take it from here. Like the man said at the end of Babe: 'That'll do, Don.' grassley2020 this guy is a character... Simple answer to that one... This isn’t true, but let’s pretend it is. Quit then, Donnie. We’re begging you.

Only the tax returns can prove that Bullshit. He’s probably selling our national secrets to MBS and Putin, tax payers pay for golf every weekend at his resorts that he profits from, he’s being paid to make the policies he makes by other corrupt people. Probably making more than he did before he became the fake Prez

You have been golfing every weekend and charging millions to the American tax payers. You cant blame being president on going broke. You've been doing that for decades. According to the IRS you have lost more money than any person in America. That's nothing to be proud of.

I sincerely hope so potus 🖕👋 Easy fix, quit Please resign now and go make as much money as you want. Lol 😂 Cry me a effing river. It’s costing me thousands in psych visits and meds. wbaldeborah Payoffs are expensive Liar. Why ARE you getting this? It is not news, it is not important and YOU are giving him MORE media attention. Just STOP.

Here’s $20, resign and I’ll double it!!! taking NO pay and unlike the former occupant of the WH yes is losing money instead of MAKING $$ He should quit then. It's costing Americans TRILLIONS that you are President so leave and go back to your billions so we can save ourselves from your TRILLIONS in US deficits

Yet another lie 🙄 Maybe he should resign then! Resign and quit screwing all of America, you will still have the people who choose to business with you...can’t wait to see how that goes. Good! Resign! Wait but actually you’re making money out of it! Yeah, just ask Michael Cohen....

GFY🖕🏻 Do the World a Favour...STOP being President and go and earn your billions! (Which you Lie about as well!) I’d be all for his going back to the private sector... he won’t cause narcissistic Bullies have to have a pulpit but gosh it’d be nice! Costing realDonaldTrump because your too busy trying to open more buildings to have since you will be impeached don’t want to be in the street, well maybe when you go to jail will have a place to sleep at least.Costing you to pay people to get killed since you can’t do your job!

Prove it, and show us your tax returns. Another lie. Show us your taxes. realDonaldTrump FakeNews IsYou It probably is, being a business owner isn't easy and he is most likely very good at his trade. Obama was a lawmaker his whole life. Oh bullshit! He’s still raking it in, one way or another! Guys who use their money to control others are never very nice...

Don't worry your exit papers are coming soon thanks to newer evidence found on you ......🤣🤣🤣🤣 Please report correctly that this is a blatant lie Such sacrifice...... Trump has acquired a fortune from his abuse of powers while in office. Probably on Lawyers! Prove it, show us your tax returns. Otherwise BS.

Yep it's ALL ABOUT HIM!!! let's see his taxes to see if that's true That’s our tax dollars he’s wasting. He’s too dumb to know the difference. Then quit!

Correction: You’re STEALING billions of dollars selling off America! Suuuuuure 🙄 But it is okay for taxpayers to pay $340,000,000 for his golf trips (ref: Forbes by Chuck Jones Jul 10, 2019, 12:13pm)? Well, it’s costing us our country, so... Ultimately, it will cost him the billions of imaginary wealth he claims to have.

Okay how is that doesn’t the state pay 💰 for everything you need they pay for toilet 🚽 paper 🧻 too 4-sho And it's costing Americans respect, a restful nights' sleep, families being divided...

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