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Trump Moves to Ban Foreign Telecom Gear, Targeting Huawei and Escalating Battle With China

Breaking News: President Trump issued an order aimed at banning foreign telecom gear that poses a national security risk, escalating a battle against China


Breaking News: President Trump issued an order aimed at banning foreign telecom gear that poses a national security risk, escalating a battle against China

The ban was expected. American officials have long warned that they would stop sharing intelligence if allies installed Chinese technology on their 5G networks.

Mr. Trump issued an executive order instructing the commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, to ban transactions “posing an unacceptable risk” but did not single out any nation or company. The action has long been expected and is the

The executive order was “agnostic,” White House officials said in a call with reporters, declining to single out China as the focus on Mr. Trump’s action. “This administration will do what it takes to keep America safe and prosperous and to protect America from foreign adversaries” targeting vulnerabilities in American communications infrastructure, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said in a statement.

Mr. Trump declared the threat posed by foreign adversaries on American telecommunications networks a national emergency under a law used to impose sanctions against nations like Iran and Russia.

Huawei has denied those charges, and its chief executive has said he would shut down the company rather than obey Chinese government orders to intercept or divert internet traffic. American officials say he would have no choice: Chinese law requires that the country’s firms obey instructions from the nation’s Ministry of State Security.

The ban could also help with the Trump administration’s campaign to get European allies to block Huawei. Some allies had questioned why they should block Huawei if the United States had not. Other European officials have suspected that Mr. Trump will soften or eliminate the ban as part of a trade deal with China. Most major allies have resisted the Trump administration’s push, except Australia, which banned Huawei last summer.

“We must have a cleareyed view of the threats that we face and be prepared to do what is necessary to counter those threats,” Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said in a statement. “Today’s executive order does just that.”

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he doubted that Chinese companies could meet American standards and laws on surveillance.

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K...time to do something about Russia and protect our elections?...Oh...nevermind. That's never happening. Have fun distracting the cult with the usual nonsense. So realDonaldTrump declares a National Emergency, just in case Huawei becomes a security threat, yet does nothing to Russia for actually interfering in the 2016 presidential elections, why does Russia get such special treatment?

This should make US spies in Europe very easy to spot. They'll be the ones queueing to use the phone box. China can go f itself. We need to totally decouple from this murderous Chinese regime hell bent on destroying the world order by unlawful means. Aren’t iPhones built in China That’ll go down well in the USA won’t it when millions of people need a new phone

Hilarious considering the USA spying that took place against European leaders in recent years. Scare mongering at its finest Yes just ban the market leader and their tech that's years ahead of America's, so sad and pathetic that he's banning better tech to keep the shitty stuff safe. You guys have just been put back about 5 years and I feel so sorry for you

This will end badly for the US. They don’t have any players competitive in 6G technology, excluding Huawei will cause them to fall further behind while Huawei gains a dominant global position! Apple will be hit hard! By the way Apple, Facebook & Twitter posed, posing and will pose more risks to many other countries! US generated turmoils in many countries by using them.

So will he be breaking into our homes with his thuggish ICE and stealing our huawei phones ? It's wonderful that Trump cares about America. And puts American's first.

China announces tariff retaliation as Trump defends US movesJUST IN: Pres. Trump continues to defend his escalating trade war with China as good economic policy as China announces plans to retaliate against the latest U.S. move to hike the tariff rate on Chinese goods. The easiest war to win.. victimless war... Stock market appear to have had enough of his shanannigans We need this to FINALLY get a good deal 🙄

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Why is America set on making so many damn enemies right now like can't we chill tf out realDonaldTrump CMMadhyaPradesh RahulGandhi PriyankaGandhi INCIndia OfficeOfKNath JM_Scindia VTankha INCMP digvijaya_28 dmgwalior Mr A.A. SIDDIQUI PRINCIPAL, MAHILA POLYTECHNIC, GWALIOR IS CHOR. FIR N.55/12. P.S. TECHNICAL EDUCATION NOT OBEYED S.C.ORDERS. SEE S.C. ORDER, REMOVE HIM.

who care Exhuming McCarthy. Check your history books we are repeating it. This is actually a good thing. Do we really want our communications network in the hands of the Chinese government? but not Russia Thank you Mr President. America - We ban Huawei because China is spying on people. It is not right of them to do that Also America - We spy on our own people. Also America - We been importing China made good for decades, but now it a problem.

What happened to the free market? Lol ErikHales don't hate the player..

As Trump fights with China over trade, U.S.-China economic relationship already being redefinedThe trend of U.S. companies serving Chinese consumers with products made in China could pose a significant challenge to Trump’s “America First” agenda Whose side is WAshington Post on: America's or China's? it seems like China's. Boycott China. Even Chuck Shummer agrees. Paradise Lost - Trump

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Trump just has a childish grudge against China. The one positive thing Trump has been doing in his disaster of an administration is taking the dangers of China seriously. China poses massive threats to American freedoms of information & spying via technological espionage. They are a dictatorship masquerading as a free market.

No other nation spies on the US more than Israel. I'd be more concerned about them than Hauwei. This is all because Hillary Clinton hypothetically said “China, if you’re listening” on Maddow. I don't know what the big fuss is. I've always quite liked Hawaii. Huawei will continue it's progress. Regardless the US government attacks. Huawei technological advantage is clear and undeniable.

And yet.... at least in Florida, the cellphone you receive with Foodstamps through Assurance Wireless is a ZTE phone. Thanks for caring. Yet does NOTHING about 🇷🇺 Russia.... Things that make you go hmmm.... Ban them if you can't compete with them. ChinaUS China USChinaTradeWar Amazingly hypocritical considering that the NSA has been spying forever on everyone everywhere through telecom networks (including the German Chancellor). It's like an old whore playing frightened virgin.. The truth is that American equipment manufacturers are late. Disgusting!

Buttigieg trolls Trump with Chinese proverb after Trump mocks him on holding his own with ChinaPete Buttigieg said he wasn't worried about Trump's 'name-calling and the games he plays.' Ok BUTTPIG! Pete Buttigieg All-American PeteButtigieg2020 AndyWarhol

Wow - something I agree with North Korea V2.0 Wasn’t Huawei bailed out by our president even after he imposed sanctios against China? It would have gone under without assistance from the US? I recall one US agency had concerns because the sanctions were just imposed on China. Please somebody correct me if I am wrong!!

Jeeessss ..... go go This should’ve been done decades ago! I actually wouldn't mind this in principle, if I knew there was an actual well thought out plan behind it. But there almost certainly is not. But this actual act, I can't say I oppose. All telecom gear and anything that touches our communications systems should be TAA or adhere to the Buy American Act!

Excellent! Past administrations have sold us out. We finally have a godly man with brains & a backbone in the Oval Office! The Art of the Deal in real time. China will shape up or ship out. You get a National Emergency and you get a National Emergency!!! Trump Tech Emergency But what about the Native companies still using some of their parts imported from China?

Exclusive: Trump expected to sign order paving way for U.S. telecoms ban on HuaweiPresident Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week barring ... davidshepardson You cannot block technology with various bans... davidshepardson Technology can never be prevented with various bans... davidshepardson China's intensive support to Huawei is precisely in line with its national goals.

He keeps claiming he has a good relationship with China's leader. But he makes it clear he just really really hates China. Regardless if it even makes sense. He just has a childish grudge against China. Good move. China’s Communist leaders are a threat to humanity. The laughing staff in Greece...What is doing that pedo clown in Greece? Are you proud of him? Cheers

Let China start dumping US bonds...forced the fed to raise interest rates and send some rather large up Trumps arse to make him shut up TRUMP POSES TO BAN COMPANIES HE CAN'T CONTROL.. In sorry but i totally agree with this why should they be able to keep tabs on us but we can't keep tabs on them. For far too long we have been 2nd to china even in our own country they come over here and receive luxuries and money that we citizens can't.

Mr. fake president I think this is some more fake news that you’re producing, you have no idea what you’re doing and the sad thing is is the world is going to literally implode under your presidency you are the worst president. So does that mean the voting machines (with remote access) in Maryland that were made by Russians will finally be scrapped?

Yeah buy american so the nsa has all the sweet backdoors for itself. Putin is in control of all of this and Trump is going to get a slice or a sliver of some big major kickback.If the United States of America wants to see the world not implode literally right now, the Democrats need to impeach this satanic evil evil man now

US tariffs on China jump as deadline passes, China immediately says it will retaliateThe Trump administration is hiking duties on $200 billion worth of Chinese products to 25% from 10%. Futures are reacting based on your tweets . Do you guys have set any algorithms?

👌 About time... Shocking behaviour once again by Trump He doesn’t care about the implications of his behaviour on those who work so hard in America! Time for Trump to be defeated in 2020! Any breaking news on the Steele Dossier investigation?

China's Sinopec, CNPC skip Iran oil buys for May as U.S. sanctions waivers end: sources China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec Group) and China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC... لكم السؤال ... The only language a bully (the US) understand is the power. Making a new deal with America is like playing chess with gorilla! 很明显,美国希望它们去购买美国石油。 我认为这也是贸易战的一部分,中国会接受,这样可以平衡一部分中美贸易逆差。

Sinopec, CNPC skip Iran oil purchases for May to avoid U.S. sanctions China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec Group) and China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC... BREAKING 0530 Multiple Fighter jets, C-150s with equipment/military personnel taking off and flying overhead at my location. 0606: Fighter jets and C-150s take off. 0612: More of the same. I’m told this is an activation to the Middle East for a strike.

Trump says new China tariffs are because Beijing 'broke the deal' China and the United States were moving towards an agreement to end a months-long trade war when, suddenly, it all fell apart this week. jgriffiths Keep hope alive 😆😆😆 jgriffiths jgriffiths Yang2020 YangGang

Why Markets Aren’t Sweating the U.S.-China Trade War Much: The ‘Trump Put’Trump's administration has followed through on some of his threats but has backed off whenever markets and the economy have looked soft BillionDollarLoser That would depend on whether the shorts have been covered ? American ppl must (somehow and soon) realize that realDonaldTrump's main job isn't 'make America great again'. His job (as mandated by VladimirPutin) is to create division, chaos, and confusion in the American society. This would weaken the US to an eventual cripple point!

Trump Renews Trade War as China Talks End Without a DealTrade talks between China and the U.S. ended without a deal, hours after President Trump renewed his trade war with China by raising tariffs No deal better than bad deal! mass people always love trump What a dealmaker 🙄

Trump fights China on trade, surrenders on human rightsPresident Trump fights China on trade, but surrenders on human rights | By FridaGhitis for CNNOpinion FridaGhitis Opinion You don't have any ratings you don't have any viewers you don't have an audience so just shut up fake news FridaGhitis Opinion Ask Joe Biden the same question! FridaGhitis Opinion Trump likes dictators because he has become one.

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