Trump mispronounced Thailand as 'Thighland' and the puns ran wild

Trump inspired plenty of puns when he mispronounced Thailand as Thighland

8/7/2020 12:44:00 AM

Trump inspired plenty of puns when he mispronounced Thailand as Thighland

Earlier this week Trump referred to Yosemite National Park as 'Yo-Semite.'

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Woll ! I went to thighland once....caught some sort of virus but Hydroxychloroquine and some IVdisinfectant cured me. Thighland also near Endaya, per el presidente I suppose we should all be grateful that the virus originated in Wuhan. Just imagine if it had started in Fooc-how

Trump urges 'vote by mail' in Florida in reversal of his earlier stanceIn a reversal from previous position that mail-in voting could result in widespread fraud, US President Trump urges 'vote by mail' in Florida

Watch live: Trump holds briefing as coronavirus relief negotiations continuePresident Donald Trump is expected to hold a press briefing on Tuesday as Congress continues to negotiate the parameters of the next coronavirus relief package. Uncle Idiot reads the weather Dnc has done everything they can to destroy lives. BUllish

As Trump Attacks Mail-In Voting, Many GOP Lawmakers Say They’ve Voted By Mail'I think we've actually had success with mail-in voting in my state. I've voted remotely before and I haven't had any challenges,' Sen. Todd Young said. What could go wrong when you elect a reality tv personality who has bankrupt six of his companies. As long as they don’t flip on what they’re saying to just blindly follow this fool. MuteTrump

Dr. Lipi Roy: Trump 'doesn't have this understanding' to communicate key coronavirus informationDr. Lipi Roy found Trump disputing coronavirus data with Axios’ Jonathan Swan ‘disturbing:’ “We’ve seen now, over the course of months, this current president doesn’t have that nuance, understanding the ‘A, and B,’ the ability to communicate the key information … We need to get the simple data out there, clear information.” lipiroy The more you hate him, the more I like him. I’ll be voting against democratic sanctioned rioting looting arson and calls to defund the police. TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 lipiroy Dead lamees lipiroy More CRAP from MSNBC. Do you ever stop? How much do you pay these losers to do your bidding? Shame on you.

Neil Young Sues Trump Campaign Over Songs Played at RalliesNeil Young has sued President Trump's campaign over his songs being played at Trump rallies. BillClintonIsAPedo ? SaveTheChildren He’s got to make money somehow because he hasn’t had a hit in over a decade

Trump says COVID-19 is receding (it isn't), still has no national planPolitico’s Anita Kumar says President Trump’s advisers are “begging him to come up with this national strategy for a political reason, for a reason to get this under control so he can say ‘look I did manage this.’” Anita is full of it! She needs to watch the briefings! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight 🤡😂🤡😂😂🤡😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂🤡😂🤡🤡🤡🤡 Good luck finding anything trump didn’t screw up.