Trump Makes Fundraising Moves Ahead Of Cpac Speech - Cnnpolitics

Trump Makes Fundraising Moves Ahead Of Cpac Speech - Cnnpolitics

Trump makes fundraising moves ahead of CPAC speech

Former President Donald Trump is weighing the creation of a super PAC as he seeks to assert his authority over the Republican Party and expand his post-presidential political operation.

2/27/2021 10:36:00 PM

Donald Trump spokesman Jason Miller confirmed that the former President is considering forming a super PAC, which can raise unlimited amounts of money from virtually any source and faces no limits on spending.

Former President Donald Trump is weighing the creation of a super PAC as he seeks to assert his authority over the Republican Party and expand his post-presidential political operation.

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BS !!! The poor sad fools who are pouringing money into trumps personal slush fund. No complaints though, less money for the brave patriotic🤑 republicans. Shame, he got them opening states, spreading more disease, denying people financial stimulus while he lines his pockets. He needs all he could get. Useless and being used is his followers

Hp Please we are so tired of hearing this man's name,go somewhere and retire. He bout to Steal all they money Asshole!!! Any one who blindly donates money to an Elitist Racist Demigod should be aware that you are being USED to just make him RICHER!! DONALD J. TRUMP...ANTI-CHRIST, GRAND OLE PARTY...DOMINIONS, QANON...FALSE PROPHETS......DO YOU SER THE PATTERN?

DONALD J. TRUMP......ANTI-CHRIST. GRAND OLE PARTY......DOMINIONS So he’s basically starting GoFundMe ? Hmmmm Is going to make republicans racists great again. Somebody has to support him monetarily. He’s got bills to pay. He's Coming back to haunt The Republicans Party. They set him free it's time for them to feel his attitude.

I have made over $457,000 trading in stock within four months. Though KAREN ASNIN WHITBY is my financial advisor. You can reach her on google. I think the optimal word here is- fundraising! We understand- the Clown owes over 400mil! I doubt his defense will do him any good! Just a quick reminder that the Trump campaign spent $1m a year of donor money on renting Trump properties in 2017 and 2018, years that Trump was not running for election.

Respect Trump Why not we have 70 millions stupid people to pay ! Freak Wonder if all donations/contributions will go to trump's personal use and more cover up $? Pocket your money scam is on .......... Trump has access to those accounts to pay off all his debt and pocket some millions along the way and line his family pocket’s as well ............. what a joke Trumplicans

All his 'fund raising' will go pay off HIS DEBTS and probably HIS FUTURE FINES!! Trump is just interested in getting money Shroud kill and stop the momentum please ! Lock his ass up What is wrong with you people, y'all gonna wish 45 was in charge once this totalitarian pieces of shit kick it into full swing. When you and your children are enslaved for the foreseeable future! Guess y'all like bondage?

He will take the money to pay off his debts and then back out. Lots of suckers out there. Stupid votes stupid ‼️ I hope the government will keep track of them Because that’s what crooks do. Quite simple. He found a way to make money! It's not about politics at all! Did everyone have to bow to the Golden JackA$$ idol?

Their is a lot of suckers in the USA. One day these people will wake up and realize the biggest mistake of their lives, they have been feeding a lie!!! They lost and he become richer!😄😄 Tell me you need money for delinquent taxes and defense attorney fees without telling me you need money for delinquent taxes and defense attorney fees

We need to make it illegal for dead people to vote. He's going to get all this money and not run & will pocket the money. He desperately needs & wants the.💰🤑! With no overseer to tell him what he can or cannot do with money! Hope those people do something to find out what he wants it for! Do y'all think you'll make 🤑 or lose🤑! Beware of his bottom Idea!

That will never ever be spent on any election Always the grifter. Go ahead , throw your money in the garbage. Bwhahahaha! Better check their Tax Returns😂😂😂😂😂 What a lie fake news as always 🙏 Trump is history now, please don't give him hype. He is just wasting time & money 🙏🤔 Was this what he bribed the Republicans with, to not be voted against, and so all the big companies would support those who contributed to the resurrection? Seriously this madness needs to stop!!

Watch the cult donate millions to this and Trump end up pocketing 90% 😂 Please, keep him as the face of that party! Thy won’t win another national election... Another racist alined with trump Wake up people...this guy is STEALING from you!!!! Crook Fundraising, has he or the republican party paid back all his rally expenses. Or does the taxpayer pay for that also

The grift continues Did he drive himself with tiny hands? He is the King of Grifters! Why can't he just go away from the political scene like other former presidents do after there term or terms. This guy is like cancer for the GOP yet Graham, Cruz and McCarthy kiss his feet, like he is some godlike figure.

He can call it Trump Super PAC University 2.0 He needs loads of money to pay his debts and taxes. Someone should keep an eye on this con man. Where From prison Genius. He doesn’t want one - He wants to ban them and he’ll be easily able to outspend dems with out super PAC support. Also super PACs are anti American and hurt the democratic process.

The American Indians were right all those years ago white man (orange) in this case talks with large empty wallet and forked tongue Of course he is he is gonna fleece his ignorant sheep for every penny he can get Greedy tyrant Why don’t we stop giving this psychopath so much attention. He still conning his supporters out of money

Man he knows how to get their money !!!!! Bet his cultists will get him out of debt. Sad day for the Republicans and I am one Just another way to con stupid rich people out of their money for his own personal gain. the supporters of this new Super PAC is getting ready to take care of Donald Trump's lifestyle financially.

He will be in jail before anything else happens Are they gonna call it the Federal Reserve? They should call it the Federal Reserve. 🤣 CNN has zero credible stories about Trump !!! Well, I’m not surprised he’s saving money for his lawsuits! And he is still finding new ways to steal money and getting away with it.

Well. He'll get the money, cause fools will be fooled! Dirty corruption money from anyone wanting to destroy our democracy don’t call yourself a Republican you’re anarchists Republicans left are Trumplicans at CPAC. His dream, esp. since his businesses are, as always, failing. watch your wallets boys and girls.......

And this is what he tells them to get broke a$$ people to send the cult leader their mortgage, food. Medical bill money. Kinda reminds you of Hitler right? Trump is going to RIP y’all pants off y’all ass CNN just can't let go of their money maker. Discusting The only power Donald Trump has now, is to keep on lying, lol!

Bottom line ...President Obama (and his family) in that WHITE house did a JOB on folk’s psyche...especially 45 frump! Obama lives RENT-FREE in orange dude’s ? brain 24/7..365 days a year! Money that he can use to pay his debts? The grift continues. Best way to stay wealthy is to start a PAC and just funnel yourself money. Not illegal and unlimited funding. Why run for President.

people crying that they haven't gotten the next stimulus check will send him money Oh God, help us. So he can pocket it lol Trump is a true representation of a african president. As he should... or else the norm in 10 years will be guys kissing guys and being illegal to be white 🤮 Trump is the cleverest person ever..he conned politics and now he's starting on the idiots who support him...sad day for 🇺🇸

Grifters JUST LIKE HIS FATHER, N GRANDFATHER. CROOKED Just what he wanted, honestly he should just forget politics and make a Church of Trump. He wouldn't pay taxes and would get ridiculous amounts of donations and tithings from its followers. If you're thinking it wouldn't have followers you're crazy his followers are fanatical

That is why Trump is stayed where he's at to raise money for himself. Trump doesn't care about anyone when it comes to money I dont believe money can change who you really are. So it might be wise to consider using it to do good. A super pac of shit trump dose not like brown or black people. But how when against the government. White people against white people. Uneducated white people seem to be the problem against the government. Uneducated people like trump. The republican party must be full of them.

The new Trump grifting method JasonMillerinDC This from the dead beat Dad who won’t pay child support & Miller tells a judge he'll be unemployed after Dec. 15. Ahhhh, sure looks like he has a job! He must be indicted NOW!!!!😡 Don the Con doing what he does best. Lie and deceive. Come on, NY...go get him!

I thought he already did🤡😳🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤮 Hey, me too! Who are you? The worst virus that affect the USA ever... Trump family will transform America in their private circus... And why? Because Americans let them do it... Call it “The Trump Project” The leader of the band is tired... NYDC indictments now on tax evasion before the morons heads swell again and public officials get killed again

The grifters going to grift till he’s in jail😆 He's going to need all of the cash the crazy base sends him. His legal expenses are going to skyrocket. But can he spend it in jail? This man is a master of con! He’s got all the ways figured out how he can use the system for his personal gain. Maybe it’s time to take a look at how the system is broken and can be fixed. I know it’s not in the interest of the 1%

😂😂😂 go away already good for him, he has developed a very good customer base to continue buying his BS. If this Jason Miller has not paid to support his children, it might be for the best if you stopped treating him as a responsible figure with something to tell us. Don the Con, raising maga money to continue funding his lifestyle! Where did the post election money raised go again?...

Translation: He’s broke. Can he collect from jail. He and his fellow goon squad have been getting unlimited money from Russia for a decade or more and continue as we speak. There is nothing new or illegal about it. This government is corrupt AF on both sides. When is everyone going to just let it go? We have no controls

I hope he take all their money and they go bankrupt. They would never be able to go to him for a dime. They are still a lot of blind deaf and dumb people out there. Lord please help their silly minds. POTUS PUT A FEDERAL MANDATE IN STAT!!!! This is beyond ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed He needs these fools to pay for his crimes from SDNY an Attorney General of NY also rape case that's pending...

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! To pay off his debts to foreign countries, including Russia, no doubt. The war has begun. Biden attack siria. He want a nobel. Just another reason for campaign spending reform, if 2020 didn’t already convince folks. Think of all the ways that money could be better spent.

Why are we still concerned about orange head Prepaid gift cards will be the preferred payment method. Don’t they get it? All he cares about is the money. As long as it keeps coming.. he will never let up. Just another scam to steal money for himself and family. you mean do what rich socialist Democrats do?

Good timing especially when he’s under investigation for tax fraud He needs money to pay off debt & pay for lawyers fees I thought that's where he is speaking tonite. That's right friends, step right up.... This man is going to milk his base for all the have. Hahaha! All about money! F Trump! I am tired of hearing about him! He is disgusting! He was a terrible President! He is a terrible person! He lied over & over! He is not someone any child needs 2 see leading our country! He is full of hate & ignorance! Pple R stupid if they believe in that fool again!

Dark money fits his shady lifestyle of lawyers and payoffs, so no surprise... Another layer of their TOTAL stupidity Those legal fees are coming soon! His troglodyte zombie cultists still show him with money! He is just once again separating fools and their money. This should be illegal. PACs are just a way to circumvent election laws. It should be outlawed period.

Will he be able to do that while in prison? No big surprise, grifters always grifting. I hope everyone understands he’s raising that money for himself. Even if he runs, he’s planning to funnel that money for himself and his pending bankruptcies. Of course he is. And his new party will be named appropriately 'The trump party' He has to have his name on everything.

Conman gotta con! stop giving him air I heard he’s also considering going back to Epstein’s Island Why keep covering him Let him babble his incoherent stupidity into the wild blue yonder! We have a president. There are many, many stories with covering. T Is not it. Quit!!! 45 has found his honey well. What do you do with 74million gullible people? You lie, cheat and steal from them.

Gee, I thought he was a millionaire. I guess was lied too. He's broke and needs to find new ways to line his pockets Trump murdered: The USA has surpassed 500,000 coronavirus-related deaths. 1/22/20 “We have it totally under control.” 2/26 “Within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.” 2/28 “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

Why can't he just go away and do something else like all other former presidents The grift goes on...keep your money folk. 45’$ got $$$$$$$$$ on his mind! He's broke folks and that $400M loan is coming due. His cult will prop him up though. There's a sucker born every day and two to take him in. His cult followers will gleefully empty their pockets for him.

At CPAC Good for him! Interesting concept, I’m in 😀 He’s going to use the $ from the PAC for personal expenses like he used $ from his “nonprofit”. Trump’s grift is like a televangelist who tells his flock that Jesus wants him to have a 3rd private jet. These same suckers will pour $ into trump’s pocket.

Who? Here comes more con news kool-aid people will give up all their life saving they did it to jim Jones in another freaking country cult loosers omg ! You ain't doing nothing but paying that man's debt down He will get lots of cult members to contribute and then milk it dry for his benefit Man cnn you really got to work on your titles Trump is planning to give a speech at the cpac also known as the Conservative political action party which already exists for a long time and Trump is going there to promote fundraising not to form this large party to end the world

His own personal source of income! Guess what.....I'm a democrat and I agree. As well as Republicans should agree when one of their own is accused. No one hit send at the White House, Congress or Senate. He had all his puppets in place & still do. Democracy is over because white America is worshipping a con who is stealing us blind.

Yup, he’ll use it to bail him out of his debts, lawsuits, failed businesses and even fund his children’s luxuries. Then throw all his donors under the bus when the💩hit the fan. Good old Donny The Mob Boss. Get ready for the skimming of the slush fund by the Grifter in Chief. He’ll need a lot of coin for his SDNY defense

Much like any politician, and your point? People are so naive! Another grift Of course he would, grift I heard they unveiled a gold statue of trump , doesn't the bible talk about graven images of fake gods in exodus and Daniel. Where’s my money Go cry losers WOW, no remorse with the former Sitting President, lol.

Translation: he's going to raise money for bail in the near future! And there it is... Trump's end game Hopefully he'll croak and step back standby. Trying to discourage Americans from voting makes sense..when you can't win outright. Go back to your reality TV shows. It's so funny how scare feel libs on aTrump's comeback 😂😂😂

And this is why electoral reform is needed Almost laughable, happy their wasting their money on a fantasy. China and N. Korea adore the image of 'leaders'. Of course he is, grifter. In the words of Dan Cummins, CULT CULT CULT CULT Get TRUMP's name out of your NEWS. Attention is powerful, whether it is negative or positive.

It’s always about the money with trump The grift that keeps on grifting. Dumpster has found his new grift He belongs in prison trumPutin is going to bleed them dry for as long as he can & then bleed them some more to “help” him get out of prison. Bright side? All that money won’t go to someone who might really get elected.

Told you he’d get the MAGA nation to pay for his upcoming trials. Stop giving this imbecile any news spot. Use your time wisely instead! People donating to a fascist..take names and numbers. CNN loves Trump The con keeps on coming. TrumpCult To do what? Other than paying off the money owed to Yuri and Ivan, I mean. FollowTheMoney The Lincoln Project but without the whole harassment, sexual preying on young boys and attempted coverup. Got it. In other words, a personal bank account To pay his legal fees? Why are you just quoting Miller without noting what he's done and is accused of? I was with a similar man. He took everything and thought I would be grateful to be with him. He was an outstanding guy, he thought. So this has a sad ending for everyone involved except him. Because Donald has a much bigger fan club.

Suckers I still can't believe that there are people out there that are still blindly following this Huge LIAR and are willing to financially support his Lies My God the man's a crook, he just got himself a birthday present create a Super PAC and I get all the money I need to pay off my creditors. What, he’s going to keep raising money under false pretenses, using it for himself and not what he claims, and continue hornswaggling his cultish followers? Fools and their money are soon parted.

A superpac of Nazis of course he does. someone has to pay for all his legal fees and balloon payments coming up. why shouldn't be his poor supporters Keep investing in trump GOP members. Lol He loves you. Lol So if the Democrats do it, it is ok. But if Trump does , it impeachment for him. Some highly educated scam artists Democrat will be an anonymous source. Then they will try and impeach a private citizen again.

He was always searching for money and has found a cash cow in politics. He will bleed it dry to the very end. Another way to scam people The fools and their money are soon parted.... To line his pockets. TheTrumpOrganization2 All about raising money . Of course he needs the money. See what he did with the donations after the election directly on his pocket

So more debt creating and the people paying for trump ?! Take head out the sand and open your eyes. He tells fantastic stories but the moment you believe him, you will be crushed Cool I was wondering how America would be destroyed. I had global warming but it looks like this may come first Just how much money does Trump need to raise to offset the loans that are coming due? The taxes owed on income taxes due to New York, the US Treasury, etc., along with penalties and interest? And Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka asking help from father with their palms upwards?

So he can use it to pay for his defence lawyers 😡 He’s such a thief! Is that allowed He just needs to seriously go away, he needs to let America get back to normalcy not craziness. People that used to be good are now horrible, it is so sad for this world not good. He is worst then a child. Hi! If you have a twitter following; please retweet my pinned. Please use your influence to help. If you have the means please donate. If you cannot do either please comment on my pinned tweet it boosts the algorithm so that I can be found. Thank you 🥺

“To be wealthy and honored in an unjust society is a disgrace.” — Confucius Yet his base claimed that he was independently wealthy and couldn't be bought by anybody. Suckers. Another day, another Trump scam. He needs one to pay all his debts. Hahahaha. Sorry Donald Trump paying his debts. Hahahaha He forgot to add... ‘as long as the money is spent on Donald Trump.’

If you haven’t seen jonstewart’s excellent film Irresistible, catch it on HBO. It deals with many of these issues. ...and here we go. If you build it they will come Donald Trump is going to use that money for himself Jason deadbeat Dad we are not stupid. This Super PAC will basically be a 'Gofundme' for Trump to use at his disposal. And dispose of it he will. Hundreds of millions of dollars in Trump-loans are due very soon...sounds like this Super PAC came along just in time. Just in time for his supporters to pay his debts.

After 4 years of government abuse, what has to go through some ones mind to be able say, 'I will send him more of my money so he can live his lifestyle and I will live if poverty' Oplichter. Steal as much money as they want with no consequences when they rip people off. He is creating a movement against the government in our faces, (once again) they should convict this man, he is not worthy of freedom, he is dangerous and all of them that wouldn’t vote against him will live to regret it.

It’s unconscionable and beyond tacky, that in the midst of a pandemic whilst people are dying daily, Trump and his ‘people’ are focusing on fundraising. Is nothing sacred anymore? There was a time when respect and sensitivity were shown to people in mourning. Are those days over? stop giving him attention

No no no no no Well the democrats are not against Trump being President again. They are not working hard to get things done at all. That is the best way to keep him out of office. Super PAC?! Super Grift, more like! He needs to make money somehow, I am sure the doors are closing around him quicker than he would have anticipated

Why is that cunt not in court yet? Suckers!! From jail? Trump felling into a great con. Repubs are a dumb but the rich are so greedy. trump needs to be in jail for all that he did .. anyone else would have tried to overthrow the gov they would be in jail the impeachment was a sham , why is he allowed to do this ......

It’s time to lock this MF’er UP. The con never ends. Is that enough $ to keep him out of prison Any source? Russia? Middle east? Lol LOL he needs it for all his lawsuits coming up. Hope his lawyer's get a BIG retainer upfront. america corrupt to the core Never underestimate the PREDICTABILITY OF DEPLORABLE SNOWFLAKE CONSERVATIVE VALUES CHRISTIAN EVANGELICALS

Trump irrationality is supported very much by the British and should Trump be back British will be glad Don't let this crook form a super PAC, he will literally take the money for it. Hey MAGA people keep giving him money he desperately needs it. Poor little rich kid! Is that even fucking legal man? If morons want to be separated from their cash & give it to a con-artist willingly, can you blame him for taking it & laughing hysterically all the way to the bank? I can't stand the man & there's only one news report I want to hear regarding him, but this I can't be upset about.

Donald Trump is the new Nigerian email scam. Conman The fools the cool aid drinkers will pay for it, he’s broke as hell. He needs money to pay his lawyers !!!! One day they will wake up and find out it was all lies and cry that they lost everything and where is Trump to get them out of trouble 🤔 He needs the money since he owes 480 million to the Deutsche Bank, so what if he fleeces his supporters for the money. If his people are stupid enough to believe in his bullshit, they deserve what they get.

Maybe to counter a democrat party that can form a cabal to 'inforce' an election? TW// Blood, Violence A civilian was shot in the head near 65 street and 41 street,Mandalay The pieces of brain tissue in the helmet can been seen as in the photos. SPRING REVOLUTION Feb28Coup MilkTeaAlliance cnni RapporteurUn TostevinM freya_cole

He knows how to take GOP money. Ah and the grift goes on..... always wants someone else to pay his bill's, that's what the recent political actions are about, not country not patriotism, not service but some steep legal bill's on the horizon. TRUMP, you had your chance for meaningful change, but decided to act arrogantly and inappropriately amongst others. You are no longer President. Deal with it. Seek help for it. Realize the world is moving along...

The grift continues Nkakasawa na puro nlng mukha nitong taong ito ang nkikita ko sa bawat pagbukas ko ng twitter... Democrats are majority now why don't you get this man in jail. Kaumay ang mukha nito Your situation with this Trump reminds me to the one we had beginning of 1930s! Regards from Germany! Coming to a scream near you. First there was The Big direct from your bank account....The Big Con. Lock him up!

The GOP appeased their fuhrer. No masks, Nazi stage. These super pacs needs to be illegal already. Strike down the damn Citizens United that was designed for this scam and billionaires practically buying influence. Why not? Dems have many An easy way for him to raise funds! Raising money for his legal defenses! He has no intention of running in 2024!

You need to speak to me America will become's inevitable. Just another example of 45 taking $$, most of it from hardworking people to line his own pockets. I doubt he’s ever actually earned an honest dollar. He’s a bullying thief in a business suit. 😝😝 Somebody please offer this grifter another TV show. It will be like dangling keys in front of a baby and he'll forget politics.

Man Trump pimpin his party now🤣🤣🤣🤣 To siphon money from his duped supporters into his pocket. Still grifting from people who can’t afford it. Any source? Like foreign money? I want to see how many idiots will 'donate' to him. After the tax investigation, he will not be able to run for anything, NY better hurry up with that. But, each finding goes deeper than the previous. How can people not see how corruption?

Omg the MEGA stupids will give money away. Hello Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq etc. Trumps favorite business partners. Put his ass in jail Enough with Super Pacs! There is no democracy if elections are bought So delusional Of course he’ll raise $$ he can spend pretty much however he wants to. Sounds right up his alley. Duh.

He need money to pay for a room at the Aged Care Facility. and there it is, the only reason he will take the leadership mantle from others, it's all about the Grift. Money in his pocket and chaos for the Republican Party as he leaves them swimming in grievance with no policy or platform to stand on. This is just purely beautiful

Who cares? Democrats will lose control of the House & Senate in 2022 (as planned) and Kamala Harris will be crushed by any Republican who runs against her in the 2024 General Election, especially if it’s Trump or Nikki Haley. He’s gonna need it for attorney & court fees DJT said about his own supporters, he loves the uneducated. That is so wrong.

Everything's looking good for Dems in 4 yrs . The GOP is keeping the same guy who caused the insurrection on the Capitol, lost the WH, Senate & the house. They're filling their ranks with conspiracy theorists & a sore LOSER who got impeached 2 TIMES! Is Jason Miller Trump’s only spokesperson? If so he is in more trouble than anyone would think...

DonaldTrump as POTUS is clearly an absolute nogo for the so called free world & means the clear abdication of UnitedStates as Leader of the 'freeworld'; even under weak JimmyCarter WestGermany demanded co leadership - 40 years ago. BerlinRepublic in metamorphosis. Told my bank that I'd gladly 'pay them Tuesday for a hamburger today' to buy that new sportscar, but they wouldn't approve me.

Trump 2024 It should be illegal to milk idiots and use their money to pay off debts to foreign banks! JasonMillerinDC I’m other words Nazi A con man until he draws his last breath. the federal government as a state should keep its eyes open where Trump is in the money collection fund, because Trump was able to use it as a means of taking money from organized crimes. dirty money and money laundering.

I guess the only consolation is that 45 is stealing from the biggest gullible suckers imaginable: his gop base. Of course the money will go straight into his pocket. Fooled time and time again. What a loser and a bad one at that!! Trump makes America great again😂 Follow 4 follow back Can we please exile him to St. Elba?

Can't run for office when. Your a convicted felon So create a Super PAC and keep grifting. He said he would do this while campaigning in 2016 for the sole purpose of undermining the election of his enemies/opponents/anyone who isn’t his sycophant. Donald Trump's traditional message of white grievance combined with populist paranoia remains as influential among conservatives today as it was during the 1960s when George Wallace used it to legitimize segregation at the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

The con man is back in town. My dear! If you are struggling to choose a gift right now, you should click on my home page and have a look, there will be something you want!😤😤 45 has to make cash some somehow. Doesn't qualify for unemployment. According to FEC, SuperPAC's do have express limits on how they can spend. '.. not use those funds to make contributions, whether direct, in-kind or via coordinated communications, to federal candidates or committees.'

Tick tock tick tock🕰⌚⌛⏰💣💥💀 While Trump was conveniently supporting an increased COVID payout for America during his administration, his accountants at Deutsche Bank withdrew records and resigned...the same bank that laundered money for Epstein's Child Trafficking Ring. Meet the Golden Calf of our Republic!

More ways to rip people off We told you all Trump is a professional Conman , and he's got people Brainwashed into thinking that he's some kind of saviour , and the facts are all Lies only he tells you the truth and everything else is Lies even Science . So absolutely nothing he dose will surprise me nothing

WorstPOTUSever Before or after going to prison? 🔗 Of course he is he's in debt to his eyeballs and he's about to lose everything he owns what better way for him to come up with quick cash to pay off his debtors. We all know that with him it's all about the grift Legalized election tampering Are you fools still giving this maniac your money. Are you still bring stupid. When will you learn he is using you poor fools.

Trump makes America look weak. trump brought somuch evil2gov ontop of whats already there that once all of them almost immediately took from everyone&voted4taxbreaks even larger2rich they showed bein fake gov. playing their charade puttin trump2test4gov slapon wrist&now foist him back onUSCitizens.hes a devil

MAGAs will send him money 🤣 and he knows this 🤣 Who in the hell cares, I don't. A super PAC? In other words... Perpetuating Another Con Of course he is lol You make it sound like it is illegal and Democrats do not have any. Oh, that's why politicians are kissing his ass...its kiss my ass for cash. Is that so he can pay back his lawyers?

You act like democrats don’t have super pacs please tell the entire story He loves the poorly educated. Sounds like a great investment though. so the former guy get all kinds of scummy again. got it. Grifters gonna grift! Stop acknowledging Trump. so he is screaming Putin I need money--loans are coming due

A new scam Why not just burn your money? Are there really people out there still daft enough to continue funding this leech? Remember this.! Hmm 🤔 Of course he is. the corruption is getting bigger,lock them all up This is why the American politics is so corrupt. Big donors dont donate out of idealism….they want a return on their donation. This is why Trump and its Trumpism is successful in America because he will give his big donors a return on their money….this is GOP is embracing him.

Can we stop seeing his face? Because he’s desperate for money I’ll bet. Those tax returns probably show that he’s broke! So he can scam more stupid people? This oompa-loompa figured out the biggest grift of all time. He’s really just following the televangelist way. Remember when Michael Cohen said he hated them but admired their ability to monetise stupidity?

Putin's wallet opened... They’ll be accepting roubles as usual? 😂 So maybe he'll pay his taxes If you give money to this, you’ve probably also given money to a Nigerian prince and an IRS agent in India. I'm astounded by the amount of 🤏🧠🧟‍♂️people in CPAC still believing he's still the current President.

Incredible amount of moronic comments here, just look beyond. This is why your country is based on genuine unequivocal hatred. Das ist er. Big Don always looking for making money, making people’s lives better NOTSO MUCH Maybe if the country would completely ignore what Trump thinks or does, he would go away. It’s like having an annoying friend that does stupid stuff for attention. When everyone decides to ignore him or her, she/he will either go away or stop being stupid. Let’s move, please!

The SuperPac will raise Millions, Trump will funbel it yo his Business, Stop, Rinse, Repeat! Trump found the only thing he is good at; swindling Republicans! Fascism plan started back in the 80s, came into full motion after citizens United and is forming its last parts for the eventual terror this extremist party of republicanism has in store as they destabilize the nation pillar by pillar.

Grifter still grifting! Criminal CNN. Useless network I'm feeling at run for president Stop talking about him. Saudi Arabia and Israel will help fund his super PAC...! 😡 Trump's way of stealing money to pay for his countless lawsuits and debts. This is crazy SHOCKER? Nooooope! He’s about to have MILLIONS to pay back, legal fees etc. That’s why he bailed his little puppies out! He’s worthless!

He’ll need it to pay the lawsuits Myanmar Let the guy rest! Y’all know we can regulate this shit right? But you’d have to agree to stop letting these lobbyist give democrats money for their corporate interests as well. Please CNN, HE IS THE EX-PRESIDENT OFTHE UNITE STATES. What better way to line one's pockets!! Gotta luv it!! Not a tax on rich or poor but rather a tax on the stupid!!

People haven’t learned! That’s why he can claw back and stir up the country again! The internal faultlines, disparity,simmering discontentment, largely result of indifference,discriminations are on display. External double standards will dent credibility. Why do we give this thug any media attention if we and the media stopped talking about this thug trump we would all be better off let the legal law deal with him they are all coming for him

This is exactly what's wrong with politricks. The big money players get to give millions, and shape negative policies, against the will of the people. This should be unlawful. We need common people, in touch with the people, to represent the people. OMG NO NO NO Sounds like he has learned something from the swamp

Grab your wallets Trump supporters, the guy is broke and needs your money to pay your debts. He must have watched Irresistible today. Gave him ideas. This doesn’t sound legal Hopefully he has to do it from a prison cell Another way to put some in his own pocket... I’d be curious to see how much he will spend on “others”!

U American will miss DT and regret letting him down. Will see what Biden do and got bless America Why are we still talking about this loser? Anyone that contributes deserves to be taken for every penny then. Of course he is... he’s going to need it to pay for all his legal fees on upcoming indictments. Excellent, both parties are corrupt

Thank you Mr. President What company would support this fool!! They wouldn’t because people would end up canceling them in the end!! If his supporters fork-over the money then they deserve to lose it. Maybe he will spend the money on another portrait of himself. “Raise unlimited amounts of limits on spending”. Sounds PERFECT for the next level of grifting & the dolts will be LINING UP to contribute to the “STING”. Critical Thinking not an issue; they’ve gulped down the Kool-Aid. Amazing how easy it is to turn ur brain to mush.

A failed businessman and a corrupt politician’s idea - good luck with that! cultismisasadreality QPAC2021 QPAC This isn’t right he should be in prison 🙄 I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. marksust7

Ha ha ha! And his followers are stupid enough to give him all their money. He loves the uneducated and gullible. 😂😂 Won’t he just declare personal bankruptcy again? Can you write about someone else? Get his ass out of the spotlight. We had burnout for four years. Let us enjoy some peace for a change.

Yep, just like and George Soros. Looks like we’ll get to see, yet again, how many American fools can be parted from their money🙄🤷‍♂️ This is wrong in so many ways Put this crook in jail. God knows the funds won't come out of his pocket! That will get tRump no where. And the grift continues... Holy shit!!! He will put that money in his own pocket. Lol omg that people.

Hea gotta figure out someway of paying his legal fees. And the idiotic ppl that follow his bs r willing to donate to this criminal So for him business as usual. How many stupid Americans are there that people keep donating to Trump? Ahhhh shit. CNN shaking in their loafers Nietzsche explained it better.... Some people are master minded, and some are are slave minded. To that I add....and most are ignorant. Some of the master minded are willing to help the slave minded. None of the opposite have ever, and will never do. The Wise One US Navy Vet

I think these PACs should be banned. They are nothing but corrupt slush funds. He has to pay his legal fees somehow Needs it to pay for his upcoming taxes and business losses. Political action committee He just needs to go away now. Thief🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Isn’t that the case with other Super Pacs? Ok Jimmy and Tammy Fey Baker

Go ahead fools give the idiot your hard earned money He will be the only candidate to ever run from Cell Block 6 That’s assuming he doesn’t get indicted in NYC Of course he is!!! Don the Con!!! Spending other people‘s money - that‘s what Trump is best at. Best system in the world. Kind of like the Lincoln project.. you guys loved them

GOP abandoned ethics of the Party Of Lincoln and now is bought / paid for by D J Trump who practices winning over all no matter what it takes even if built on lies, avarice, and breaking the laws of Democracy and Christianity. He promised to drain the swamp , but made it worse, Trump is looking at every way he can steel his supporters money

As long as the Trumplicans keep worshipping the Golden JackA$$ & the Nazi symbols brought to the convention,WE ARE DOOMED as a democratic republic & heading into an authoritarian regime. The entire Trump family is pure corruption. Grown up adults don’t insult, threaten or demean. So he can embezzle it. That’s all.

Time to plug that hole before Trump amasses all that ill-gotten wealth. Super PAC all your stuff up and get out Criminal When he gets out of jail the list of cases against him growing everyday. STOP giving money to this guy!!! Remember the anti-Christ is supposed to appear LIKE a redeemer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s such a scam artist conman.

Of course he is, then he can steal more money and pay off his debts. I really don’t see how people still believe his BS. He is a modern day Snake Oil Salesman...... He is the Pied Piper from hell leading the masses to destruction while he sits and laughs How stupid all these people are, the money will go to paying off all his legal battles. Stupid....

So...Trump is in that much financial trouble. Hope not , but he has no money , stole it from republicans party And how will the monies b used. Who is in charge. Followers of chump wake up. Ur being taken for a ride So he wants to “raise money” and spend it to spend on his own businesses or pay for more strippers so it doesn’t come out of his own pocket.

President Trump was quite right when he said Tedros Adhanom was a bad person and he was hiding the coronavirus as non-pandemic for a long time. but nobody believed him. THIS IS WHY REPUBLICANS LET HIM GET AWAY WITH INSURRECTION. GOP THE PARTY OF POWER AT ANY COST. natashavote2022 But hey grifters gon grift.

Trump not trying to run for President, he needs to pay his bills and wants to use idiots money to do it. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Grift on. From prison? Who conceived of super pacs? Incredibly bad idea that supports cheating and lying and totally destroys accountability and transparency. I want to know where political money comes from, you should too

Basically his gofundmeplease to help him get out of debt, and those idiots are gonna fall for it. Then again he's not gonna have to much success from behind Bars. It doesn’t matter he’s going to jail. So get your hopes up. Of course he is. His 'political career' has been the most successful grift of his life. He can't stop that free money.

🤮 In more germane News, Germany also 'conveniently' seized over 35 Tons of Cocaine from Panama...allegedly thwarting a nefarious Dutch trafficking ring. In fact, the EU alone has seized 100s in the passed decade. Coincidently, thats enough to ilicitly finance yet another World War! Maybe the federal an state government should look at each donor an if they receive any type of assistance it is cut off. Our tax dollars should not be used for any political contributions.

The king of scams is begging for your contributions even though he says he is a wealthy businessman. Just another lie from his mouth. All his sheep will follow and make him richer while they stay poor and compliant about not having money lol. He’ll need the dough for his legal bills. Grifter gonna grift.

Ya’all had the opportunity SEVERAL times to do something with this POS but he somehow continually evades the consequences to his actions! Just because you occasionally sweep him under the carpet doesn’t mean he’s going away! He’s like an untreated STI! And he could steal at will He's going to need a lot of money for attorney fees now that his taxes are under review. Oh, that's right, he can't find anyone to represent him. Maybe Mr. Cruz, a Harvard & Princeton law grad, will do it pro bono. Wouldn't that be fun to watch unfold.

They even raised money from Russian oligarch Awesome. More money to steal. fromprison Theonlyricgold QPAC Of course he is. What took him so long?! Viva Trump For all the losers and suckers to donate into. Too funny. It makes sense he has to pay his attorneys to keep him out of jail. Do you think he will share it with down ballot candidates?

Of course he is, he needs to pay off his crippling debt and support his failed businesses. Another grift🤷🏾‍♂️ Kids in Cages Miller is a spokesman for the Ex President. That pretty much says it all. The danger continues,because America is enabling it to happen. Not Being In Prison!🙏💖 There’s a Republican mark born everyday

Yep...all a bunch of suck ups and ass kissers. They ought to try telling the truth once in a while..... The federal government needs to do something about the obscene amounts of money involved in politics. The corruption in campaign fundings is accepted practice but it should be illegal. Trump is not going to run but he is going to grift 100s of millions of dollars to pay bribes.

Media are addicted to trump. Trump organization is gonna need it Lock him up..! Trump is the man,man with vision They need to stop these super pacs and funnel the $ where? Nice How to buy congress— Buttbuggering up the side of the pyramid to the eye of the money god- what a pathetic state of affairs—every one on their cubic square-no communion—all commerce, no culture

Hitler reincarnated So he can get rich and make money off if the less fortunate. Donald Trump is a disgrace to America our Democracy and constitution. Milking the stupid base He just keeps exposing ever law that needs to be reformed. This guy doesn't give a Damn about None of you yet you continue to kiss his Nasty Ass and Praise his name. Instead of In God We Trust it's In Trump We Trust. LMAO.

He wants ALL your money. A lot of stupid people out there I think he should take those stupid people and buy him an island and they all go there and form there own little country where he can be king and they worship him and drink his koolaid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It's nice to see him getting involved with a non-profit charity for once.

In my opinion, he's nuts. Here comes the con man with his con plan. Natural progression of his con game. TrumpMediaDeathSpiral What Trump needs is free money! He doesn't care about anything else!!!! How much is he keeping to pay his legal bills? 🤑😂 Trump is the best With other people's money. Ripping people off to finance all his court defenses. TrumpIsACriminal

Even while he’s in jail? Looking for some legal battle $$? Guess he is going broke Remember, folks: this all started as a fund to pay Trump's legal expenses to challenge the election results. Instead, pennies-to-the-dollar went toward his legal fees, the rest goes to this political slush fund as he plots his revenge against real Republicans.

Of course he is, he needs money and why not just take from those who worship him. Pathetic Sort out your laws, America. “Freedom”, but just for the rich. JoanPennnative 🆘 We urgently need an entire global Systems Change - Health, Financial, Education, Politics, Corporate Fiat. There is not one system in the world that is presently working for the good of all. The current centuries-old operating systems are too corrupt and defunct to redeem.

Saintsfan5348 Grifters gonna grift Neat, now talk about what formers: Clinton, Bush, Carter and Obama are doing since they're gone. Good ideas. He is going to suggest a run for the next four years—speaking at rallies and soaking up praise—right up to Election Day. That way he can steal his followers’ money and screw with GOP—who will take a serious financial hit. They had their chance to be rid of him and chickened out.

StupidIsStupidGives A country ruled by money. Donny and his cult of trumplicans are horrible people. Where is the empathy for Americans who are broke and hungry and jobless. I hate him and them. They do not deserve respect-they don’t give any. The committee 'could be a brand new entity' or a repurposed version of 'America First,' an existing super PAC launched while Trump was in office, Miller told CNN's Jim Acosta. Money will go straight into his pockets, losers and suckers. 🧐

He needs to start raising money for his upcoming attorney fees that he won’t pay Super pac for a super con attest funded by a super stupid cult. He's not going nowhere 😂😂 And he's coming to your dreams 😁😁 I feel that he's still the number one politician in the US And he's the new kings maker. Don't send trump any money, he is trying to buy his way out of the legalities he's facing, spending your money. Make trump pay his own problems and when he runs out of money, it's JAIL TIME!

Simply lawsuit money than anything political. And the SenateGOP gave him the green light to do this and wreck yet more havoc. The shame. this guy is a pure con man! Thanks CNN for telling us what a super PAC is lol GREAT ANOTHER SCAM just stay away you’re irrelevant 🤨 So he's plan on stealing more from his cult members

He’s going to be fighting in court for years. Stop the gaslighting from he a presence for long time. No he won’t. Onward. Cause he is a crook and will steal from anyone That's the whole point for him and them. Amazingly enough there are people that don't care what he does. No right or wrong. Just follow. Supporting the actual one and only worst president and most dangerous to our democracy. No accounting for taste ,facts everyone gets a choice

He wants to cheat beyond anyones control-something he's good at . As a president he was a total failure. And so the grift is revealed. Remember Republicans, you facilitated this. This is your money and it's being used to pay off his cronies. He didn't drain the swamp he put alligators in it and doubled its size

Anyone who donates should know it is for his mounting legal bills that are coming and the avalanche to follow In addition to the one he started AFTER the election? Did he bother to pay all those small local lawyers with his donations? One thing is certain: he will never spend one dime on anyone else’s campaign.

Grifter & Douche Smells of corruption...It is unfortunate that divisiveness, fear, and hatred have become the rallying cry for these GOP conservatives. This is where American racism and mob violence gets its energy..... Have we learned nothing from the Jan 6 insurrection? What he starting to beg already 🤔

Whoa, infinity dollars. That’s NUTS. TeamNut From which he will inevitably pillage 4 personal use. Trumps spokesman is the guy that pilled his mistress for the abortion? Not much lower Trump can go but I look forward to watching it. Trump will use the money for whatever he needs. He cheats ! and we are still investigating the obvious for 5 years. sleep safe America

He must have heard that his DUPED STATE still has some money left over. that they don't know what to do with. And if literally anybody else did this would you care? This is why campaign finance laws are corrupt and need to be repealed and revised. 😈😇 What a filthy criminal. This creep’s makes me vomit!

Trump will need it because he spends like a drunken sailor. A criminal will always be a criminal. Disgusted He’s gonna call it the “I’m gonna steal all these stupid bumpkins’ money” super PAC. Go Trumpster Can he do that (potentially) from behind bars too 😵 White privilege at its best. Smh. that is one of the 30.000 lies he threw 😂

The con continues. Your pathetic report on ETHIOPIA the none existent church massacre shows how corrupted People installed inside CNN. I just lost faith In every western media who only focus creating chaos and make money. Shame on you and your employees who participate in this misleading report! No way, donny j trump trying to make a easy buck

Omg, can’t someone get rid of this blight on society Need a new way to make a living. All to pay off his endless debts and people are so stupid they’ll continue to line his pockets. Jail Trump All could of ended for like 2.50$ 😜 There’s money in peddling hate and no one grift’s better than trump. Why do people still want to give him money? Are they idiots?

A super grift. And sadly his Trumpian followers will gladly put their money in his pockets. Sounds like the movie 'Dumb and Dumber'. Where STUPID people can send their money so Trump can pay his debt. Non surprise of the month. Another way to put this is Trump wants to line his pockets with millions, he has no intention of running in 2024. By then he will be bankrupt, on his way to prison or already in prison and a disgrace

OH MY GOD WE'RE ACTUALLY IN A TERRIBLE MOVIE AND THE BAD GUYS ARE WINNING This is what scares the Democrats But how much will he skim 🤔 Donations from Russian oligarchs are preferred. But Chinese funds will not be turned down as long they are secret. Why he’s going to jail I think he's still looking for a new grift to help pay back his massive debts to... whatever frightening loan sharks or foreign nations he owes money to.

He's probably thinking this was part of the divine plan that he should stumble upon a way to bring in loads f money without having to work for it. Could it be? Maybe the Big Macs will do everyone a favor soon. To spend on what exactly? Then yiu can be certain that there will be corruption Scammers gotta scam

So he can steal more If GOP had some decency left they would have already kicked him out Once a con always a con. Will bilk his followers as long as possible. Best thing a democratic can do is register republican and vote against Trumpers in the primaries. Hahaha and millions of idiots Will send money to their God! Good! Let them ruin themselves 🤣

So he needs continual, perpetual lawsuits..and Congress must outlaw Super Pacs.