Trump Made 21 False Claims Last Week - Cnnpolitics

Trump Made 21 False Claims Last Week - Cnnpolitics

Trump made 21 false claims last week

President Donald Trump made 21 false claims last week, well below his recent weekly tallies, as he stayed largely quiet in the wake of the massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.


President Trump made 21 false claims last week, well below his recent weekly tallies, as he stayed largely quiet in the wake of the massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Trump made 56 false claims the week prior.

President Donald Trump made 21 false claims last week, well below his recent weekly tallies, as he stayed largely quiet in the wake of the massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

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This is according to FakeNews CNN. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不They still think people believe them不不不不不不不不不不不不 Nobody trusts . Incompetency in the White House. EndTrumpsConcentrationCamps its because he was on vacation for a week. go figure CNN for three years you have false claimed the Duly Elected President of the United States was and agent of Russia. You accused him of treason, You accused him of collusion. The accusations were false-never proven. You put the National Security at risk!

Says the world leader in FakeNews LIES. Stop prettying it up. Mostly on the golf course. Is it a crime to not at least say something nice about Trump ? I understand CNN is Liberal but there can be at least one time for a good coverage than totally and forever against. CNN makes 21 false claims an hour. Plus they showed what hypocrites they are by putting the racist Don Lemon on the air.

Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald TrumpAnthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very important lesson about President Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's been saying that for like 2 years... CillizzaCNN ETTD CillizzaCNN CNN doesn't seem to have learned a lesson: Scaramucci is as much of a con man as Trump.

And you make them 24/7. I think you have him beat CNN, you are the last who should be judging others. You are basically the lowest of the low in the media as we know today. FakeNews When is CNN filing for bankruptcy? How many did Democrat Presidential candidates make? He does it on purpose to get the thin skinned Dems all bent out of shape and its so funny

Lol, who is fact checking you lol Did you also tally the false claims made by Beto? Booker? Harris? Warren? The clowns running for Trump's job are tripping over lies and exaggerations. And yet people still thinks hes wonderful You still have him beat by a few thousand lol So strangely quiet on the economy.

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Wait what... WWEs are invited where now? Is that scripted too? I think this is well done by Bobby Leshley. Take no more racial shit neither from Trump(ed) or his Trumper Zombies. Simple. Who

Fake News Network Thatd make it 21 more false claims by . Just?! This is Billy.Devil likes lying too but he not President.Nobody said President was good liar but he making devil laugh. Coming from the low rated FakeNews network! You think anyone but your remaining viewers believe a word out of your hater mouths? Nosiree!

How many did CNN make ? Judging by recent events with employees running amok Id say hundreds ... false claims, he lied period! Quit sugar coating his lies! LiarInChief Fake news from Democrat political propaganda

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Really bad actors on WWE are even less reliable than the bad actors in Hollywood who want us all to find their hate filled words about Trump to be relevant. Pretenders Well played Big E 遲遲遲遲

Maybe he's running out of things to lie about! Has he run down Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny yet? Please call them what they are...lies. Now move on to talk about the issue that the lie applies to. Call him out, but tell us why. Im glad that opinions are counted as falseclaims. I mean, how dare anyone speak what theyre thinking or feeling in 2019. Tastelessmedia msn getoverit

CNN false claims? Kettle and teapot... come on . Only 21?不不不 yeah, he's a compulsive liar Hes slipping When has this started . He did not have to we were doing well, FFS! 'Donald Trump lied again' It shouldn't be this hard for you to write headlines!

If You're Left-Handed And Suffered Through 15/21 Of These Things, You Deserve A MedalBless ya. kismatkonnection 20/21 H伐

Was it false claims about 3 of your staff ? How many false/biased theories Did CNN advance under the guise of news ? Lets see if you can count them. Why do Americans voted him or this was CIA and army establishment who brought him in power to sign anything on tax payer expense whenever they want He's selfish and its always an I thing to tRUMP. He has it so bad he sometimes talks about himself in third person.

This is not normal or should it be tolerated. SpeakerPelosi stop posturing and Do Something! If Im lying let lightning strike me right now... Fake news as always!!!!! Says who? CNNisFakeNews made 3000 false claims last week

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364 likes in 2 hours. Mmm, followers not so many outside the airport lounges eh? Looking forward to your demise. realDonaldTrump is also false. FakeNews what else is new everything that comes out of this guy is BS And how many fake news stories did YOU have? Bush made the biggest lie when he said that Saddam had WMDs which cost the lives of many Americans

More talks, more false claims. False claims Lies Instead of highlighting how it trended downward, you should have a running total. 21 more lies this week, bringing the total to 12,077

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Hey many press conferences did Barack Obama have? F-A-K-E N-E-W-S FICTION FANTASY he does that to trigger CNN but CNN has not caught on yet,lol. Did we do this analysis during the Obama administration? Its an interesting approach. 21 false claims. 1121 outright lies. Is 'false statements' a polite way of saying 'he lied'?

He condemned the violence... you are; Three years of false Russia collusion, all your paychecks were paid from that. Still milking! Does CNN ever take into account all of their own outright lies, propaganda, misleading statements? They are absolutely SICKENING!

CNN nearly bankrupted! America doesnt want fake news! hows your ratings? LMAO Trump2020 CNN makes 21 false claims in 21 seconds, day after day. You clowns are a joke network. As are all the liberal/socialist guests you have on everyday. All that happens on CNN is lies and deceit that the uneducated listen to and fall in line. Going to be sad in 2020. TRUMP2020

FakeNews He should keep his mouth shut They are LIES! Wasn't he on vacation part of last week? Or perhaps it took him a long time to read his 'beautiful handwritten letter' from his pen pal Kim.

Theyre just alternative facts. Only 21? Slow week...but then again, he was on vacation at his property AGAIN. Philadelphia standoff continues... White gun-toting Mormon Jesus, Santa Claus and Donald John Trump: The only three infallible humans ever born. If you take the time to read the story you'll see it's mostly CNN propaganda oriented opinion!

He lied 21 times Fake News... While CNN made over 9000 Not familiar with CNN but you guys sound like Jr High newspaper. This week Trump wants HK kids to be in harms way

*West Wing World - Attack Of The Tumbleweeds* Tumbleweed: the dead remains of a Russian thistle driven by the wind, and other forces, the weed scatters its seeds as it rolls. Britannica Unfortunately, the MSM made 231 false claims last week up only ten from the week before All lies! CNN IS NOT A NEWS AERVIXE, its a propaganda machine!

TrumpLiesEveryTimeHeSpeaks And hes still gonna win in 2020 and 2024. What are you talkin about?!... Trump is a false claim president! Why cant you just say his fat a$$ lied? Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.

What the fuck is a false claim. Your math skills are better than your journalism skills so at least you have that. Funny how you guys never counted Obama lies,, 尹 And thats surprising? realDonaldTrump is a liar and the GOP is complicit MoscowMitch Omg. Shut up already. We lost count of yours cnn with 22 false claims about trump down this week from 57 last week.

He made up for it since

wow Nobody who likes him cares and everyone who hates him lost count a long time ago. Someone out there has the job of counting the POTUS lies, mistakes and so forth. Fn wow! .....and Fredo came unhinged in public. Who had the better week? 亢亢亢亢亢痰痰痰痰 has made thousands of false claims since Trump has become President. And won the title of Fake News. Now thats something to be proud of.

Add those lies to the other lies and to the other lies and we should have around 12000 lies. CNN has bad week amid April Ryan, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon news: It was quite embarrassing Its sad that this is a thing now.

The only thing false is cnnbrk When you are so salty, even after 3 years 不 Only He say's false statements cause he's a false President. Lets count how many false claims CNN made last night, much less last week. Go away... Fake President! Trumps lies are falling? Just like the Dow. Oh give us a break Fake News 'FREDO'S. ChrisCuomoFredo

You assholes make 56 false statements a show. Don lemons , Fredo(the weak one), and Jake Trapper, to name a few.

A count coming from the leader in FakeNews is a laugh. How about the three clowns at CNN; April, Lemon & Cuomo? Do as I say not as I do! Hypocritical talking heads. This is journalism? MAGACoalition The majority of the country just assumes trump lies, not make 'false claims'. That's what con men do. There's no need to debate this. The guy is a liar, and an incompetent one at that.

CNN lies everyday they make false statements every freaking days. CNN is fake news Have you counted yours, CNN? How many did make? they beat him Just wondering how many other politicians are you fact checking. Because they all lie all the time. And how many people did cuomo threaten with violence and how many men did sexually assault

Total BS......fake news we all know that from Nigeria The content doesnt match the topic. Trump didnt claim anything. He was talking about the last rally. cnn picked on him. That was it. Trump visiting the victims is interpreted as putting on a show for his campaign. Trump talking about other topics is considered inappropriate.

CNN makes false claims anytime it says anything. And how many lies did you tell CNN? Why arent you tracking the false statements from the Dem candidates, like Warren and Harris last week on Ferguson, MO? Afraid you will be fired as the DNC PR Agency? Tracking all of those truthful politicians from DC? Lol

How many false claims did CNN make? Well since you don't post what they were I guess it is just your opinion. How is Fredo UNHINGED Cuomo A born liar Donald Trump. CNN does not know what false claims Trump made, but they are sure he made them. fake news Cnn made a false claim about Russian collusion for 1095 days, for 3 years, 365 days, 24x7. Heal thyself physician

And how many has CNN made since Trump said he was running for POTUS? And cnn does it all day, everyday! Impeach trump for only lying 21 times last week. Hes falling down on the job. Trump doesn't make 'false claims'. This is enabling talk. Trump is a liar. Liars say lies. WE WANT FREDO ! WE WANT FREDO ! WE WANT FREDO !

Read it. If this is what you guys worry about then knock yourself out. Good luck. Said FakeNews who spent 24/7/365 for over 2 years lying to Americans that their president colluded with Russia. Oh, and has yet to apologize. Yup! Like the 2 years false claim of collusion. That's is world record. What about FredoCuomo with his false claims... Oh I forgot Rachel too. GlassHouse

Hahahahaha Perhaps Fredo can tell us the true stats. Smh

What a circus...its like a bad dream. Lies, u make false claims daily If you like your doctor you can keep him. How many did your network make I would bet greater than 500 Did you ever count Obamas lies? What about Obamas gay affair with Larry Sinclair? What about Obamas husband Michael? We know CNN which means not only did you know, but you covered it up. FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople

proclaiming itself as arbiter of truth. Now that is RICH! CNN fact checker: Trump: the sky is blue. CNN: Actually the sky is sky blue, false claim. False? or not non untrue? And how many has CNN done? Isnt Trump sick?

Hilarious cnn is talking about false statements. CNN. Delicious. CNN fake news enemy of the people! The biased and same boring news from this network are the reason for their low ratings and shrinking audience. Americans now know CNN is largely responsible for the divisiveness in our country Everyone subscribe to my YouTube channel 潘儭

Lies. Call them what they are: lies. Coincidentally, realDonaldTrump claimed is Fake News 21 times last week too Fake news I'm sick and tired of 'false claims'. How about 'LIES'. CNN lies all the time FAKE NEWS 21 lies, 56 lies

CNN makes 21 false claims hourly so what is your point here? can we stop with counting false claims already? trump is such a constant and total liar that it's easier to count the true statements he accidentally utters. he will lie even about the simplest things that are observably false. his words mean absolutely nothing. maga = hate

A liar is a liar cnn is a cesspool of lies, slander & manipulation. LowestRatingsInNews HotMess休休休休休休 Chrissy Cuomo threatened a man's life, and y'all are reporting on things y'all think are lies ? What about your Don Lemon and sex assault charges ? Nice network Mr it right in the ground.

FakeNewsCNN makes 21 false claims every hour, if not hundreds! Call atrump a proven pathological liar that what he is. Enough with the false statement talk the man lies every time he opens his mouth. There is a history of pathological lying. And then he went to PA... Due to his constant lies no-one respects The United States.


He'll need to work harder to keep up with CNN's number of lies. What is funny is CNN thinks they should judge this. CNN makes 60 false statements each hour. Your network is a joke. Fact checked: correct What about all the lies and false claims CNN makes every week. CNN is a Disgrace!! Cnn lied 10,00000000000 last night

What crap fake news CNN. Where's Fredo Como? I've had to replace this meter three times just since January! With every tweet or rally, realDonaldTrump keeps BREAKING it! What about this? donlemon cnn dems democRATS JournalismIsDead metoo wednesday wednesdaywisdom WednesdayThoughts The enemy of the people. Fake news

Theyre called lies, the headline should be 'Trump lies less when his trap is shut, who woulda known'

False claims.... How pretty!!... He lies... Can't call a pig a horse... 45 is a straight up and down liar... Stop it!! Please supply a list of incorrect statements and evidence to back up your claims..... fakenewscnn Elections are approaching, so he has to slow them down. Speaking about the 2 tragedies of last week, we are not hearing any 'thoughts and prays' from him,

Quit changing the subject..don't call me Fredo lmao Almost as much as CNN. The Fred network. Compared to 'Everything' you reported? When are you going to report on Don Le Mon your hero being sued for sexual harassment? 'LIES' Trump's middle name. You folks lie all week. You are the Clown News Network. CNN made 5 million false claims in the last 24 hours.

Whos counting CNNs false claims? You really want the public to start a tally on all your bs? 56 down to 21... and some people didnt believe he could improve! Keep it going realDonaldTrump in no time you will be able to spend a week without lying! You mean lies, right? CNN = SHITHOLE How many false claims has CNN made about Russia....OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS

LIES! Call them what they are.. LIES! CNN made 551 false claims last hour Hes a pathological liar sadly How many false claims has CNN made in the past week...?

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