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Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Sent Back to Prison

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was sent back to prison after he “refused the conditions of his home confinement,” the Bureau of Prisons said

7/9/2020 10:56:00 PM

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was sent back to prison after he “refused the conditions of his home confinement,” the Bureau of Prisons said

Michael Cohen , President Trump’s former lawyer, has been taken back into custody, less than two months after he was released to home confinement in May due to coronavirus concerns.

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Not the sharpest pencil in the pack that's for sure. So he can write in prison and have visitation but not in home confinement? Good, doesn’t deserve to be let out Couldn't help himself. Writing a book for more $? All he knows is breaking rules in pursuit of money. I would have disappeared from human sight to finish the sentence, but this dude...

Tell all books can be detrimental to ones freedom. Barr none. Not the sharpest tool........ Where he belongs Dumb ass, was going to Carbone worth it Too much law enforcement in America. Too many prisoners for petty crimes. It's a Cane thing you wouldn't understand 😂 If MichaelCohen212 is realDonaldTrump's former fixer, then he seriously needs to fix himself and MAN UP! Talk MichaelCohen AMERICANS are listening 👂

Now that’s a spicy meatball Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless & callous Covfefe Trump needs a miracle to win & miracles are hard to come by. The white house belongs to Biden after Nov the 4th. Interesting how the eyes say it all. That is FEAR. Tell the real story, WSJ! Barr didn’t want Cohen talking to the media as Supreme Court decision came down against Trump in SDNY lawsuit. ImpeachBarr

Where did Cohen earn his law degree? He keeps getting caught doing the dumbest things. You would think that he would know what is house arrest and at least read the terms of his release. Hey askin for help is anyone willing to donate a $1 to my sister, nephew & I, I lost both my jobs due to COVID I filed for unemployment but waitin for the benefit and we dont have any food & bills comin up if you can help we would be super grateful Venmo or Cashapp MattMartins147

The entitled little pr!ck couldn't just stay home? Good, he's lived his life destroying others, and covering up decades of trump's sexual victimization of women. The ' U' hat explains it all😂😂😂😂 Most lawyers belong in jail. Cohen is the worst of the worst, almost the same level as Avanitti (remember when he was the darling of the dnc for 2020?)🤦🏿‍♂️

Did Barr arrange this? Need to answer this question. Cohen is one of Trump's dumber felons. Suck it Cohen 🖕 this doesnt even make sense dumbest human being on the planet, no wonder trump used you It’s OK Mikey.... You can Breathe.... koff koff.... Uff-Da 😢 The Democrats top witness - so hilarious. As a miamihurricanes fan please take of the mask. Thank in advance.

But, but,... he's a chosen person of nose... Ice in Fort Lauderdale confiscated $3.8 million in cars destined to Venezuela and the Maduro regime. Not too swift this fellow. I wonder who he got to write his SATs Good! He'd rather hangout with the fella s than his wife. Refused? Or disobeyed? Maybe he preferred the prison butt-fucking over what he was getting at home 😏

Hahaha...University of Miami really wishing he’d quit wearing that hat, not liking what this is doing to the brand😂 blew it again............ 🤣 Seems he can't shake his ways. The one guy that tells the truth has to risk his life with Covid 19. The General Liar is free. The Joke is free Russian spy is free Free Cohen. House arrest. And free Reality Winner also.


Trump associate refusing to stay at home after being ordered to? Couldn’t be Good Cornhole league? Moron!!👏 C,D,H,M,N key /well life sucks sometimes I guess he thinks rules don't apply to him or that the prison he was sent to isn't all that bad after all. remains a dope

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen taken into custodyHe thought he was above the law BrianKarem ROGER STONE IS GETTING SPECIAL TREATMENT... MICHAEL COHEN IS NOT THAT LUCKY,

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Taken Into CustodyCohen was released from a federal prison in May due to concerns over possible coronavirus exposure. But let's send the children back to school. Was he the one seen at a fancy restaurant a few days ago? Trump chsers Zsuzsanna Hada, advocate Kispal Edit, like hint expo organize. New scient academy lead mindresercher and Semjen pm deputy hunt. Or father 1998 age row Massacra. Threaten again

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen taken back into federal custody Michael Cohen taken back into federal custody and is returning to prison, his lawyer says; development comes days after Cohen was photographed at an NYC restaurant; Cohen was released early from prison due to coronavirus concerns in May. Gotcha! Sad Sad. If kids are expected to go back to school, Cohen can return to prison.

Michael Cohen taken into custody for violating terms of his early release from prisonPresident Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen has been taken into custody for violating terms of his early release from prison, his attorney Jeffrey Levine told reporters Thursday afternoon. Half assed article ,don’t even say what he violated! C - in journalism. Arrogant or stupid? Or both?

Michael Cohen Was Taken Back Into Custody After Violating The Terms Of His Early ReleaseHis arrest comes a week after he was spotted eating out a restaurant and when he reportedly refused the terms for his continued release. This fucking guy- So there is a book deal and paid interviews coming up. Makes sense. I understand his choice. A low life lying lawyer.

Michael Cohen sent back to jail following visit to Manhattan restaurant Michael Cohen has been remanded back into the custody of federal authorities following visit to Manhattan restaurant. Shame when it turns out the rules apply to you, too. 😂 I guess he thinks he has that white privilege thing & laws don’t apply to him. What an idiot. 🇺🇸 I think it’s time for you Michael to sing like a bird if you want some help on your case . Your boss is on his way out in so many way . He wasn’t going to help you . Your a CB pawn in his game of misuse in the federal government. His gang of congress members and senators hiding