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Trump Jr. defends tweeting article with whistleblower's alleged identity

President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., appeared on ABC’s The View on Thursday.


On TheView, Don ald Trump Jr. defends tweeting article with whistleblower's alleged identity.

President Don ald Trump’s son, Don ald Trump Jr. , appeared on ABC’s The View on Thursday.

"The whole point of releasing a name is to intimidate someone, to threaten someone, and to scare other people from coming out. That's something that dictators do. I have lived in China. I have seen that first hand. That's not what America does. We stand by our people,” co-host Abby Huntsman said.

“What you seem to have done, it feels very disingenuous because you can't say, ‘I'm a private citizen,’ and yet you're in the middle of all of this,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said. “Everybody talked to you, you know, you're part of this.”

"You and your family have hurt a lot of people..." @MeghanMcCain says."Does all of this make you feel good?"

"I don't think any of that makes me feel good, but I think we got into this because we wanted to do what's right for America. My father has been working tirelessly to bring back the American dream to those who have watched politicians with no business experience send that American dream abroad to countries that hate our guts," he said. He has brought jobs back. He has created unprecedented levels of unemployment numbers for African-Americans for Hispanic Americans."

My son, @DonaldJTrumpJr is coming out with a new book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us” – available tomorrow, November 5th! A great new book that I highly recommend for ALL to read. Go order it today!

Nationwide polls have showed growing support for the impeachment and removal of President Trump. An ABC News/ Washington Post poll released last week showed that 49% of Americans support impeaching and removing President Trump from office. Another poll from Monmouth University showed that among registered voters, President Trump’s approval rating is at 44%.

.@HuntsmanAbby:"Who do you hope runs against your dad?"

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TheView You and your family are a joke! TheView ABC News shut down big story of Amy robach wine to stop child molestation don't care who is or how far it goes up TheView I saw the episode. Donald Junior was a smog, lied through his teeth, and he did not follow me one bit. I could’ve reached through the television and slapped him one. A defiant bastard.

TheView Unlike AzbC who squashed a story about jeffreyepstein for 3 years. shameonyou for protecting a childsexring & pedophile TheView He CC’d it to be a catalyst of change for humanity based upon “who” he is, a founder of Gold to him lol! But now claims he found gold on WHOpi Goldberg...because she stood up for RP? even though that is a wrong thing to do, for me..It doesn’t equate to

TheView Chubbs McCain say that his family hurt a lot of people and mentioned the khan family. Well Meg, it's your dad who supported a war that got the Khan's kid killed and many other people killed, I think your Daddy did way worse TheView TheView Apparently WhoopiGoldberg is Not telling the truth She did speak of Impeachment from day 1 Let's go to the tape! On The View on November 9, 2016 Whoopi Goldberg said, 'We can kick his ass out. You know, there is such a thing called impeachment you know.'

TheView Douchbag! TheView Desperate men, desperate actions TheView you should be ashamed about burying the story about Epstein for three years. you condemned lots of young girls by getting them raped.

Meghan McCain and Donald Trump Jr. Face Off on 'The View'The president's son addressed the comments made by his father about the late Senator John McCain.

TheView Not a good move. More like a bullying tactic. TheView TheView Good job Junior TheView abc will you please defend your lack of morals when you didn’t out Epstein years ago. The victims since the. Should sue you! I would! TheView Love him💕💕💕💕 Whoopi and joy losing their minds. Hilarious TheView Fantastic job DonaldJTrumpJr

TheView Give it up. The name is everywhere. TheView TheView DonaldJTrumpJr do you defend you and your family using the charity Trump foundations money for all your personal use. In the amount over 2mil$$. Just how much money do you people need that you have to take from a charity? You people are deplorable. Grifters. GOP senatemajldr

TheView Wow 😳

Donald Trump Jr. talks 'Triggered' and impeachment inquiry'There was no quid pro quo,' Don ald Trump Jr. tells TheView on admin's Ukraine policy. In revised testimony, Amb. Sondland said he delivered message to top Ukraine official that U.S. aid was contingent on Ukraine's ability to launch probe wanted by Trump TheView Where are the cries of 'hearsay' when Don Jr. talks? TheView They’re joking right? TheView It was just so much

TheView Many, many people retweeted the same information. Will Twitter arrest them all now? TheView Who's donald Jr? Lol TheView Pathetic when Whoopi said the The View is an “opinion show” when literally they were not give the chance to Donald Trump Jr to speak. More pathetic when Joy said: “this is not a MAGA rally” to the audience when they applauded DTJR after saying that his dad released the transcript

TheView Is that Uday Hussein ? TheView “Imagine a country where its president is fined $2 million for stealing money from a charity and nobody cares? You're living there.” TheView I think it’s very sad, knowing he’s a liar and a cheat, that people still support his dad, and now defend his son, a sad excuse for a citizen who claims his first thoughts while in Arlington were about the sacrifices HIS family has made, due to dad’s presidency.

TheView I cannot stand any of these people...celebs or politicians. Who watches daytime TV? TheView I can defend a lot of shite, doesn't make it true, doesn't make it right. TheView TheView WhoopiGoldberg and her man, sharing a laugh 😂 throwback

Donald Trump Jr. Slammed For Outing Alleged Whistleblower, As Major News Outlets Decline To Publish NameThe whistleblower’s lawyer said that revealing their identity could put them in serious danger.\n If the whistler blower comes to ANY harm i hope the secret service remember they work for this nation and arrest this horrifc excuse of a person. Ridiculous! The WBer’s name has been out there for weeks. I tweeted way before DonaldJTrumpJr / I’m a private citizen like him! Bluster and MSM bias / always. IT WAS ALREADY COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Get it? This isn't breaking news. More like embarrassing news.

TheView He should. ABC and the The View are crap. ABC do you defend Bill Clinton, and Obama who were part of Epstein? TheView Why don't you worry more about suppressing a story exposing Epstein and many of your favorite Dem elite so as not to hurt HRC on an election she eventually got buried about your role in getting a CBS employee fired over the tape? slimeballs

TheView Funny that the Left and their operatives (you) didn't criticize o see issues with Dem's (Schiff) leaking select blurbs from secret testimony and running with it as fact or the like of Comey leaking info to Times but let a Trump or GOP do it and you are all up in arms. phonymedia TheView was already in an article....and yet you guys are pissed because he tweeted it? Get over yourselves

TheView Shame on TheView for having this asshat on their show. TheView ABC TRASH TheView As if the news would report anything different. Ha ha TheView Why aren't you talking about Trump Family fraud and campaign finance violations and having to pay 12 million in fines for frauding charitable donors?

TheView Media that enables fascism is part of fascism. TheView Didn’t y’all just fire a whistleblower?

Donald Trump Jr. Slammed For Outing Alleged Whistleblower, As Major News Outlets Decline To Publish Name Don ald Trump Jr. slammed for outing alleged whistleblower, as major news outlets decline to publish the name by rachsandl rachsandl The kid makes me laugh..such a tool rachsandl JR deserves karma. JR deserves to go to HELL rachsandl He broke the law. LockHimUp

TheView Oh please -- he tweeted an article! He didn't put out previously unknown information! Your biased bigotry is blatant. Just in case you don't realize it, you all made extra-special fools of yourselves yesterday -- you were caught in more than one lie. TheView You people do realize that Schiff himself blew the whistleblowers secret identity 🤣🤣

TheView TheView Oh please -- he tweeted an article! He didn't put out previously unknown information! Your biased bigotry is blatant. TheView Your karma will forever be tainted. TheView You females lied over and over again, I don't know why DonaldJTrumpJr bothered with y'all at all. TheView Does anyone even watch that racist hateful show? ABC should be embarrassed for the view.

TheView There is no defense for doing that! TheView Lmao!!! I think the name was already put out there before Jr. said anything... what about Epstein? TheView Son of a grifter trying to get his grift going.

‘The View’ Versus Donald Trump Jr.: Loud, Low Blows, Politics, Scandals And Great TVWhoopi Goldberg wouldn’t say his name, Sunny Hostin said he was lying, Abby Huntsman accused him of using “dictator” tactics. And Don ald Trump Jr. gave it back, accusing Joy Behar… “...accusing Joy Behar of once wearing blackface (she didn’t)...” Uhhh: And if that’s not enough, let’s see it from the horses mouth:

TheView TheView There's no Russian info Don Jr wouldn't accept if beneficial. Beit state news or directly from one of its handlers. TheView The gap widens b/t the cultist, unpatriotic Trumpers and the real patriots who call out their BS daily. We, who believe in facts & rational thinking, know the difference. Kudos to Abby Huntsman for calling out how Trump & his Mafioso have killed the USA. ImpeachAndRemoveTrump

TheView Why is this show still on the air? They all need to go. TheView Next time you decide you’re going to give a sick, disgusting, cheesy, nothing of a person an outlet for his lying venom, educate yourselves so he doesn’t mop the floor w you. Y’all took a knife to a gunfight. He was totally prepped. Please, you can do better.

TheView throw don jr in jail TheView Jr. maybe a private citizen, but did he get the info from government sources? Follow the money, and you may find some interesting actions by this 'private citizen'. TheView Coup exposed. TheView To Don Jr...Your dad has done NOTHING for the middle class, NOTHING for Black and Brown Americans, RUINED our world class leadership in the world by reducing us to a laughing matter, please anybodybutTrumpin2020

TheView He’s a Lounge Lizard, just like Sr.

'The Booing Is F***ing Us Up': 'The View' Melts Down Over Donald Trump Jr. VisitGuests clashed with hosts and hosts clashed with audience members at the ABC show on Thursday. Why on earth would they invite them on in the first place? Bin courtney love schrott soon nirvana 2 te den ihr net mal bescheid gibt ihr wixxer good

TheView This was ridiculous, they are bullies ( Trumps) and it shows when dad says jump how the Republicans jump so high, but they better watch out, a jail cell will be waiting on them like the others that stood by him TheView DonaldJTrumpJr absolutley destroyed the crazy witches on this brain dead show. Hilarious!

TheView We all know who the whistle blower is and he's not a whistleblower...just another democrats scam to waste taxpayers dollars and time TheView How about that Georgie Stephanopoulos partying with Jeffrey Epstein and his PLAYMATES! How about that Georgie ! TheView TheView So sharing PUBIC information is now somehow illegal? You can't make this stuff up.

TheView His name is all over the internet, social media what’s the problem? TheView Isn’t leaking classified info illegal? Isn’t it illegal to harass and identify a Whistleblower? Does he work for the administration? If not, how was he given this information? So many legal questions TheView If he did that he should be arrested

TheView If you can read, you know who whistleblower is!

TheView There is no defense for this! trumps are horrible, classless people. TheView Literally just sat on the show so they could attack him and his family. Shit was annoying to watch TheView This Kenny Loggins wannabe is doing his daddy's dirty work.... TheView I can’t believe u gave these racists a platform.

TheView Sorry. You don't get to ask for more civility in political discourse and then turn around and continue to bash and hate every day. Your hypocrisy reeks. You can't blame Don Jr for something Drudge and other outlets did. He just quoted them. But you have your agenda it's clear. TheView He did a great job! Made you dopes look even dumber...That's saying something.

TheView ABC seems determined to reelect the Nazi. TheView This was one of the best episodes ever. Joy, Sunny, Whoopi, you never disappoint. Btw, that’s NOT a black face! TheView 😉 TheView I've watched for years, but this show is no longer enjoyable. Trying to be a news show full of bullies.

TheView TheView Most amazing part everyone already KNEW WHO HE WAS WEEKS AGO but nice try trying to blame him sorry but most people are smarter than you seem to give them credit TheView Guess what Whoopi when a guess comes on to any talk show you have to introduce that persons Name! Donald Trump Jr TheView ABC puts Donald JR. on for ratings then cries how he outed the whistleblower. Hypocrites. Oh, and even worse, they had a chance to stop a Epstein 3 years ago but allowed more victims to be victimized by not doing so. Then they outed the person who blew the whistle on them for tha

TheView Trump2020 TheView We the people want transparency to make judgement. And then there is you and NBC that cover and hide an elite pedophile ring. Trust has been broken long ago. TheView It's ok joy lied! TheView Isn't it illegal to use office or that positional status to make profit? TheView The whistleblower is now irrelevant.

TheView JoyVBehar is Liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Heres your exact words, “I was 29. It was a Halloween party. I went as a beautiful African woman.” FridayThoughts TheView

TheView He owned the view! TheView Don’t give Dotard Jr a platform. That’s what happened w/Trump, & look he’s now President. Which is what JR is lining himself up for. I’m all for seeing both sides, Conservative AMD Liberal, but the Trump Family is neither. They only are in this to profit for themselves! TheView

TheView The rotten apple did not drop far from the rotten tree. TheView Must have been really hard to sit near him. TheView The best part was when DTJr was getting more applause than the “ladies” and then they shamed the audience for it 😂 TheView Love our TRUMP FAMILY . The Left is a bunch of... TheView Everyone wants justice yet run to a Mein Kempf racist for input. 'America' for them to save is not of inclusion Even Hitler lied in a way that veered ppl to his way of thinking. They want to get rid of ALL who speak against them. What next. .firing squad for the press

TheView wow .i believe hes brought out the book right now as a different way to help his dads so called future.. he used that for his dads political gain ... just a different form of promoting . and They are Not a couple shes Convenient Accessory .I wonder how much they are paying her TheView It must stink for Democrats to know that a public open door testimony from their key witness would reveal that they are guilty of everything they are accusing Trump. Lol.


TheView He was having a hard time keeping his lies strait/ and his girlfriend must be a horrible lawyer if she doesn’t know whistleblower laws 🙄🙄 TheView ABC the Network that covered up for Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, think of how many young girls could have been saved. TheView JR and his colla-ginned up girlfriend should get an award for fugliest couple of the year! Really hard to look at those two. Actually, it’s hard to look at most of the Trump family.

TheView Great interview yesterday. Your guests are so caught up in the moment and with themselves, they wouldn't know the 'TRUTH' or how to say 'I'M SORRY' if their lives depended on it. Guess they should breath some fresh air and come down to earth!! knuckleheadjr headstuckinthesand TheView Big deal. The whistleblower’s identity had already been revealed.

TheView We all know who it is... TheView Well it's definitely established that the whistleblower is a Dem plant or spy. Just another Dem gimic to scare people they must Love hysteria TheView Trump told his son to do it because he couldn’t do it himself. If he had ousted the whistleblowers himself, it would have been another impeachable offense.

TheView TheView ABC the network that covers up for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

TheView It's ok if you're on the left. TheView “Lock him up!” TheView ABC the pedophile network who didn't report the Jeffrey Epstein story. Is it because Bill Clinton was mentioned and George Stephanopolus works for ABC. TheView And WhoopiGoldberg defends JoyVBehar wearing black face by declaring as a black woman she knows what black face is like other people don’t have a opinion.

TheView DonaldJTrumpJr was correct about Joy in blackface. The View showed pics of her wearing it!! And he was also right about retweeting the Whistleblowers name as it was previously reported multiple times prior up to a before. His name is even on hearing transcripts. Such a farce EAR_68 TheView Shifty already released it. C’mon ABC...let go of your TDS

TheView Wow TheView Scumbag TheView Go HuntsmanAbby !! You raked him over the coals! TheView DonaldJTrumpJr had and those brood of vipers for LUNCH! (Don't call them ladies, because ladies don't act like they do.) Im sure the ratings went through the roof because Jr was on! Trust me, most Americans won't watch those witches. Triggered

TheView I loved seeing DonaldJTrumpJr school the view and the hags that call themselves “hosts...” I love hearing about Whoopi getting triggered! Only on Twitter though as I wouldn’t be caught dead actually watching this leftist propaganda show. TheView Oh yes Whoopie definitely know what is a black face For this debacle you should’ve e been fired by the standards YOUVE applies

TheView BEHAR DRESSED AS A BLACK WOMAN FOR HALLOWEEN FOLKS! She totally lied on the show!!1979 she went in'costume' as a black woman! TheView The transcript you posted yesterday to your viewers was a lie who removed words out the original one you posted? Wow I guess you are officially FakeNews TheView Sunny Hostin, leftist on The View makes false claims about the transcript of President Trumps phone call w/ Ukraine. She read what she said was the transcript, but CONVENIENTLY LEFT OUT crucial parts! That Don Jr Couldn’t tweet out the whistle blowers name, LIE! ONLY the IG cant

TheView Even sleazier than his father TheView Discredited ABC network, TheView JoyVBehar WhoopiGoldberg RadicalLeft controls dem party/media, academia, entertainment, sports minions aka UsefulIdiots of which our leaders, teachers, refugees from socialist lands warned ie EnemyWithin TheView Didnt you fire your whistle blower ABC?

TheView BREAKING: EricCiaramella is the FakeWhistleblower TheView Thank God for America and President Trump!

TheView You treated Don Jr. and Kim so bad.WhoopiGoldberg you're the rudest person ever! Was so angry for them today. It was really nice to see kimguilfoyle and DonaldJTrumpJr outclass you every step of the way. I think your 5000th show should be the last. It was honestly embarrassing TheView Whoopi said it wasn’t “rape rape” “he just plead guilty to sex with a minor” ( after giving her Qualuudes BillCosby )?

TheView There's no defense. What Jr. did was wrong. And saying that someone else who is lesser known published it first is not an excuse. They all should be in jail. We will be so much better off without the trumps and their swarm of locusts. TheView Let's just hope he doesn't have access to clandestine personnel files. This is why family members should not be intricately involved in the administration.

TheView Why didn’t ABC run the Epstein story 3 years ago. TheView Whistleblower..🤔🤔🤔( that 1917 espionage act is going to come in handy)!! TheView “THIS ISN’T A TRUMP RALLY”!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 TheView Trump 2020! TheView WhoopiGoldberg saw the way you introduced DJT Jr. and not every saying they title the 1st DJT has. NOT MY PRESIDENT! How could you guys have that moron on?!

TheView These people are way too sensitive it’s a new world these days toughen up

TheView I don’t know who is more evil this “person” or Steve Bannon. TheView Jr is scum just like the whole family is ImpeachTrump TheView Apples don’t fall far from tree TheView TheView TheView So Lame!! Whenever the studio audience cheers for joyless JoyVBehar & HuntsmanAbby Great👍🏻 When ANY cheers for DonaldJTrumpJr WhoopiGoldberg calls them “children” to quiet them..”it’s not a MAGA rally!” Bias at its best!👎🏻👎🏻 TheView

TheView There is no way to defend it. Scooter Libby went to prison for divulging the identity of an operative. This whistle-blower was & should have been fully protected by the Whistle-blower Protection Act of 1989. And Jr. should be charged! TheView StephMillerShow TheRealTBone RadioGuyChris I really wish the media and talk shows would stop allowing Joffrey Baratheon to sell his bound collection of lies!

TheView Don Junior laid these fools out TheView It is amazing to me how many people actually believe Trump, Jr and would be willing to pay $50.00 for his book of lies.

TheView DonaldJTrumpJr mopped up the floor with these hateful, racist women! Trump2020 TheView FridayThoughts TheView Punk. TheView Abby showed her stupidity, sunny wishes laws,whoopi is rude and plays the race card, Meghan has daddy issues, and Joy wore freakin blackface. TheView DonaldJTrumpJr took on the Establishment Pedowood media and won Qanon

TheView Donald Trump Jr. shut those old crows up. they know nothing, and they keep calling Trump racist but not a damn one of them can prove it at all! NO ONE CAN!!! TheView TheView The guy doesn't get anonymity. Besides, the Constitution trumps statute. No brainer. TheView TheView Good for him ! Read the law of whistleblowers. Not one rule says he can’t .

TheView Arrest him

TheView TheView Did he not violate a law? Shouldn’t he be prosecuted criminally? Throw him in jail! TheView The View was rude and childish! I love that he didn’t back down to those witches especially Whoopi n Behar! Not one can hold a candle to Barbara Walters TheView Lock her up. TheView Jail Trump jr!

TheView YOU👏ARE👏THE👏LAUGHING 👏STOCK👏OF👏THE👏WORLD joyworeblackfaceandepsteindidntkillhimself TheView R these ur friends? TheView And yet, Junior dodges the question as to why he tweets it to begin with. Because what we want to know was what was his motive for sharing the information. He kept going on the defends avoiding the question.

TheView Frankly, I'm surprised abc is even discussing anything on social media. I think they should just STFU. Epsteindidntkillhimself TheView DonaldJTrumpJr these 2 look jus alike. NOT!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣 I am African American I know blackface when I c it.

TheView He killed. The TheView sucked Donkey Do-g. TheView Jail time? TheView Your hosts are a bunch of liars! WhoopiGoldberg is full of more hot air than any 'whoopie cushion' ive ever seen. The view needs to be cancelled and the hosts relocated to canada. TheView He's arrogant. TheView He poo poo all over the hypocrites on view a racist and a sex offender defender

TheView Trump2020 TheView LOCK HIM UP! TheView Lock him up !!! TheView 'ABC is right now chasing down a whistleblower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. So, if we're going to have the conversation about the outrage about whistleblowers...' ~ Don Jr. EpsteinCoverup TheView Donald Trump Jr. Here is a question for you. How about tweeting out some of those Charity Money which you and your family alledgedly stole, and now have to repaid. Did you consult with the Family Adviser on that one too?

TheView As ABC is trying to unmask their own Whistleblower. Hilarious! TheView TheView May he be served with a cease and desist order. TheView trump2020 kag gayafortrump TheView DJT, Jr. is defending the indefensible. This was exhausting to watch. TheView You got more class than any of them bitches on The View Trump jr. Don't even lower yourself to their standards. Enjoy was blackface

TheView .TheView Why did you have DonaldJTrumpJr and Vampira on at the same time? Not that kimguilfoyle is hideous or anything but let's just agree that she's not that attractive and had 19 layers of makeup on. TheView TheView Have people forgotten that Crooked Clinton got Impeached? TheView Just because a minor company tweeted a name assumed to be The whistleblower, doesn't mean that Donald Trump Jr. should do it. Jr. has a much larger following. If this person or his family is hurt or he never gets another job God will hold Trump Junior accountable.

TheView Worst guest I have seen so far on the View, rude, loud and with a victim mentality. As he kept remaining everyone he’s just a “rich” guy from New York, 😂😂😂 like that meant something 😂🤪🤪

TheView DonaldJTrumpJr has a 🏆👰 kimguilfoyle. TheView If I was on the fence...they allowed DJTJ to make points. Too many lies without backup BS called out. All the lies were fast and furious, just like their people like it🙄 TheView His behavior is really similar to his Dad. TheView Jr put the hags to shame

TheView 🍿🤓👍 TheView TheView TheView HE LOOKS LIKE A BUMB TheView There is NO defense for that! TheView

TheView This despicable show got Trump Train Owned today by DTJR!! TheView He retweeted an article published days before. Why would anyone need to defend that? The View hosts are IDIOTS!!! TheView A random dude just ran down the street yelling, 'Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella! Eric Ciaramella!' Who is that?

TheView Someone tell DonaldJTrumpJr he needs to lay off the cocaine. TheView DON JR OWNED YOUR LIBERAL LOSER SHOW!!! THE LADIES ASK HIM A QUESTION AND HE TRIES TO ANSWER IT, THEY TALK OVER HIM. TRUMP 2020 TheView theview, your treatment of Don Jr. Was disgusting. Take that stupid bell away from the comedian Whoopi. Cause she is not superior to anyone else in this country. Stay in your lane Whoopi and go back to comedy. And Joy Behar is abhorrent.

TheView Did Ellis Jr, walk off with his plastic gf? What evidence is there that he actually wrote anything? TheView They want the identity so maybe the whistleblower will end up like Epstein TheView TheView ERIC CIARAMELLA

TheView The whistleblower? You mean Eric Ciaramella? That's his name. The registered Democrat and friend of Joe Biden, Eric Ciaramella. So for anyone wanting to find out more about this clearly politically biased 'whistleblower', just Google 'Eric Ciaramella'. TheView The ladies got a whoop ass handed to them!

TheView So what . It's not a crime to tweet the name. Go on with your horrible reporting and that horrible horrible show. You people are sick and ridiculous. I wouldn't watch it if you paid me too. TheView If some anonymous person got you fired from a job, wouldn't you want to know who it was ? If not, start packing your things. 😎( Anonymous: Yes, I'd like to report... ) realDonaldTrump POTUS Raiders EpsteinCoverup Epstein Rivers LoveUWonho Anonymous HTGAWM

TheView Schiff did it first lol TheView He RE-tweeted an article. There's a difference. Why'd ABC quash the Epstein story? MSMCorruptionCabal TheView He has the right to do it even tho it Triggered you! Hopefully Americans decide to look at how they are doing and vote not to destroy the economy this election. Trump2020

TheView Cretin TheView TheView He put that person and their family in danger. And shouldn't he be arrested for that?

TheView Come on abc “alleged” 😏 TheView Loved how he called out Joy and Whoopie! They could not interrupt him fast enough LOL! TheView Don Jr crushed it today on The View. Loved it. The ladies can't take what they do to others. TheView TheView Whistleblower AntiTrumper LiberalPuppet BetaMale Wimp Liar FullOfHate

TheView And the law protects a whistleblower from getting fired etc, not from his identity being known. TheView He really should not have mentioned Eric Ciaramella’s name. Maybe he didn’t purposely mention Eric Ciaramella’s name. He should apologize to Eric Ciaramella if he turn out to not be the whistleblower.

TheView The view is a low class show. TheView Donald junior said he Is a public citizen how did he get that information about On the whistle blew. Is that post to be classify information? TheView Dullard jr’s defense of RT, the whistleblower’s ID, is like coming across a person who’s been stabbed & re-stabbing the person, & claiming that he didn’t stab The person because The person was already stabbed, when he happened to come upon the person.

TheView TheView He looked like a clown. He couldn't be more uncomfortable with a group full of high educated women with simple cut and paste questions. He looked weaker then his father for once. Lock his treason ass up right next to his father. 🥴🤐😷🤫 TheView why do they keep allowing them to break the law? this is way out of hand.

TheView so DonaldJTrumpJr speaking the truth to JoyVBehar and WhoopiGoldberg isn't ok? LIARS TheView Hypocrites hodgetwins thank you for stating the same facts DonaldTrumpJr did but was spoken over and pretty much called a liar when in fact they were lyin. TheView Behar in the blackface she denied

TheView And then there was that moment when WhoopiGoldberg said, “this show is over.” 😂😂😂 TheView Motor mouth monkey TheView IF we haven’t heard the Whistleblower’s name by now - it’s phony! There probably is NO Whistleblower! 👎😏 TheView 😤🤬🤯 TheView Creepy and corrupt. 🇺🇸

TheView TheView TheView Why give him a platform to promote his book. Why doesn't he go to the right wing media. TheView Great job today DonaldJTrumpJr!!! TheView It was already out . Get your facts straight!! TheView Reading the comments here instead of saying ABC NBC protect sex predators they go after a guy who can tweet like any citizen but it’s because he bares the TRUMP name !!!! Pretty bias !!

TheView There is no whistle blower, I am the only one! TheView You actually have to be on the call and hear it first hand to be a whistleblower. It's not a whisper down the lane type of thing. And it's not a law that a REAL whistleblowers name can't be revealed. Eric Ciaramella is a Fake whistleblower, and his attorney Ziad is a Fraud

TheView Bat Rastard TheView 🤮

TheView The whistleblower who turns out to be an intimate part of the coup team espousing “impeachment” on day 1 of Trumps administration? The one who collaborates with Biden? Brennan? Schiff? LMBO. Pretty embarrassing isn’t it? The “coached” whistleblower. CoupHasCollapsed TheView He has no defense.

TheView Hilarious how lying Joy thinks we forgot she wore blackface. TheView TheView No word on his book? Missed that part of the interview TheView The dems and libs can edit and leaked a calls because I had a number of the Whitehouse but controlled in Manila Philippines😆. They can even make all the enemies as the whistleblower by it. But President Trump has nothing to hide as anomalous as they claimed.😊

TheView That whole segment was a hot mess!! TheView He is selfish sob. TheView Oh get over it! Really? Like that name hadn’t been on multiple newsfeeds prior. Good grief you guys just continue to wallow in the gutters! I guess all your deep state takedowns were all duds-no firsthand knowledge- ImpeachmentByEmotion. It’s laughable how desperate you are

TheView Don’t know how you call that show the view there’s one view on that show the socialist view

TheView what a shame today’s episode could have been the start of what they all say they want. Civility! But not one person at that table could give it today! It was all just one big attack after the next! They are all such hypocrites!! TheView What did megs say TheView Jughead DonaldJTrumpJr was there to sell hi book.

TheView If you want news based on FACTS good or bad Fox news is real news. TheView He has a goiter which needs to be checked out! TheView Whoopi unhinged after Roman Polanski commentary......”It wasn’t rape rape.” Conversation OVER!!! TheView TheView So what! The horrible human Joy was hilarious on the show! She lost her tiny mind! Disgusting group you have!

TheView DonaldJTrumpJr b**ch-slapped every single one of you c**ts without fail. I love watching you burn in fires you always start. NICE ONE DONNY JR. !! *SLAP SLAP* 🤚🏻✋🏻 TheView The whistleblower was already exposed but of course you have to blame Trump for everything!!

TheView It was a great show! TheView Lock him up TheView He is an idiot & should have been indicted by Mueller. TheView Omg. Ya gave Jr., the reaction, he & his team were looking for. TheView we’re total bullies. Oh poor Trump & his family. His supporters are gonna eat that shit up. DO NOT INTERVIEW THEM, period.

TheView All of you people just really made me so sad today, how could you have this pair of idiots on ? They don’t know shit they lie and they are just as stupid as the father. Plus all they did was shout n yell sad !!! TheView As he should epstiencoverup TheView MartySchafter TheView TheView 5000 episodes is remarkable, but your choice for the guests was disgusting. Granted, you’re looking for viewers but giving airtime to the son of a corrupt president, Americans have had enough. Hence the Boo’s everywhere.

TheView Lock him up! Whistleblower’s federally protected! Maybe DonaldJTrumpJr should follow the law unlike his father

TheView ABC and the view got their assess whipped. They think they are winning the information war. TheView Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella

TheView He should be held accountable for the things he does. The whole family should be too. TheView Don't you just love the way Biff throws his chest out, raises his head and looks down on everybody with those beady eyes? TheView Meghan McCain’s got a lot of nerve saying the Trump family has caused pain. Trump is one of the greatest presidents and his children have done so much for the benefit of society. Her father was part of the fake Russian collusion delusion and killed a great health plan for all

TheView Whoopi is so disrespectful! Saying “ these two” she can’t even say Donald Trump jr who is on the show. So unprofessional! She is acting no different as any or person with a prejudice manner! Whoopi take a good look at yourselves inner and outer appearance! TheView WhoopiGoldberg sunny JoyVBehar HuntsmanAbby MeghanMcCain I’ve never watched the view as intense as I was today. It started with the way WhoopiGoldberg introduced the junior in the whitehouse until it ended! What the hell did I just watch😱😱😱 🤣🤣 You guys rock❤️

TheView Zero respect for Junior. Not sure why you had him on the View. I deleted this episode from DVR without watching. Seriously? TheView Some intense therapy to address his daddy issues would be helpful. TheView WHY was he even on the View, especially on such a monumental 5000th program?

TheView What was trump jr. defense? “Hey, l’m a trump. That means I’m an a**hole! What did you expect?” TheView DonaldJTrumpJr did a great job. The people have a right to know, something that the press has forgotten. TheView The view was pathetic today as usual. TheView The real question is why can someone hide their identity if their testimony leads to the impeachment of the POTUS? Where is the due process?

TheView Hey JoyVBehar 👇🏿 TheView He tweeted a link to a website. So it had to be on the website before he shared correct? So then the website would be the caller outer right? Or am I wrong about the website? TheView The best thing that’s happened to ABC’s ratings was having DonaldJTrumpJr and kimguilfoyle on. You should thank them!

TheView TheView Junior looks like such a strung out drug addict between those eyes and that mouth something's not quite right there TheView The closest that The View can say Donald Trump is to have its twitter account retweet another's tweet with the name... talk about childish behavior by the hosts. The dumbing down of public discourse - and drowning out of opposing views - is what The View is ALL about.

TheView News Flash for Sunny Hostin:An accused person has the right to face their accuser. Last time I checked, that was the Rule of Law and in the Constitution. THAT takes care of your so-called 'law degree.'Schiff and the Dems have ZIP. And, yes,Trump has the right to face his accuser. TheView Whistleblower is protected with job not identity Look it up ABC

TheView View couldn't defend ABC'S Epstein Coverup ! TheView Liberals all about outing people if they don’t agree with them. TheView SCHIFF EXPOSED HIS NAME FIRST! DUMMIES! Plus the whistle blower is a TRUMP HATER-DEMOCRAT! Whose lawyer made inappropriate statements in 2016 about setting out to impeach Trump! WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION! Stupid Media!🤮

TheView What he did is a criminal act. TheView I am a granny and knew his name weeks ago. TheView maybe you shouldn’t be worrying about DonaldJTrumpJr and worry about not releasing info that could have saved children from getting raped! TheView TheView

TheView asshole from heel that thing he is with TheView .. ABC COVERED-UP CHILD ABUSE TO PROTECT HILLARY CAMPAIGN...IT'S ALL ON VIDEO.... . TheView TheView I am sorry to say this was a horrible way to celebrate your 5,000th eposide. Allowing Jr to come into the View and screams lies showing no respect for anyone was disgusting. I am sure when it was over Whoopi needed to throw up and then take a Nap.

TheView Why he was given this platform to spead his DISTORTED MESSAGE is IRRESPONSIBLE and FOOLISH... TheView I was stuck in a waiting room and these cows were yapping away, the owner of the facility came running to change the channel, everyone was disgusted with the filth that comes out of the mouths of these women 🤮

TheView It was public information at that point, just like when you all were fine with Trump donors being doxxed and their addresses compiled into a list and released TheView Isn't that targeted harassment on little Jr's part!? Accurate or not, that's harassment of this person plus illegal! TheView Let the investigation continue. If he did nothing wrong, nothing will be found. No problems.

TheView He is garbage. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the trashy tree.

TheView Should burn his book TheView and joy was in blackface. just watched the clip on youtube. TheView DonaldJTrumpJr & kimguilfoyle You both were unbelievably i r r i t a t i n g ‼️ So obnoxious, loud, illogical & pure liars!!! Such a perfect match 😬🤨 TheView This was beyond abusive on the part of the hosts. They throw around the word civility yet have no intention of showing said. They sounded like unjustifiably arrogant screaming idiots. Congratulations Donald Trump Jr for showing extreme restraint and unjustified respect.

TheView I suspect the real Whistleblower worked at CBS. Your thoughts? TheView I think what you meant to say was the alleged whistleblower TheView I believe it was a setup to have him come on the Veiw. The host went out to attack him and his family. The net work and the host of the Veiw are a disgrace to our country. Just look at the host, one of them has a rat nest for her hair

TheView It would be a shame if Jr got hit by a bus. TheView EpsteinCoverup TheView he is like his daddy rich but has the demeanor of a teen age girl scorned at the school dance

TheView The shame NOTHING Democrats waste more money than I've ever seen. TheView Tell us how deals with their whistleblowers? TheView This alleged whistleblower should file a lawsuit. If Trump knew the name, he’d be on TV shouting to the top of his lungs. Junior knows nothing! He is responsible for endangering someone’s life.

TheView TheView TheView He should have never been allowed on the show! TheView Did anyone think he would say “yeah I messed up, I shouldn’t have done that” TheView Traitor? TheView So? TheView You protected Epstein. Your have no opinion or creditibility.. You are garbage

TheView Jerkoff.

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