Trump Isn't Pleased The South Korean Film 'Parasite' Won Best-Picture Oscar - Cnnpolitics

Trump Isn't Pleased The South Korean Film 'Parasite' Won Best-Picture Oscar - Cnnpolitics

Trump isn't pleased a South Korean film won best-picture Oscar

'Parasite' was the first foreign language movie to win best picture at the Academy Awards. President Trump, however, wasn't impressed.


'Parasite' was the first foreign language movie to win best picture at the Academy Awards. President Trump, however, wasn't impressed.

President Donald Trump bemoaned this year's Academy Award winner for best picture, 'Parasite,' on Thursday because it's a South Korean film.

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Lucky Did Windows Say Lol really what garbage He didn’t get the movie, it’s tough when you can’t read The movie Parasite sucks. Another group added to the NeverAgainTrump movement. Everyone with a conscience and a heart knows they cannot allow another four years for a malignant narcissist of declining mental stability.

That’s what CNN does all day, divide, manufacture and instigate hate amongst Americans Movies are not life. It's something we do to entertain OURSELVES. So he wants America to win best pucture I dont go to movies so I could care less who wins best picture If Hollywood was fare more people of color would win a Oscar So dont call the President names Its Hollywood

LOL. Nobody likes to read movies. Well, no normal people. God bless Trump, vulture should go to hell Barack Obama divided this country!!! Then one side chose Donald Trump as its presidential nominee. He won. And now everybody is blaming Donald Trump for dividing the country! Go back and listen to your own news cast from 2010 if you don’t believe me!

Stop with the racist insults toward Trump. Trump is Pro-American, that's all!

Trump blasts best-picture Oscar for South Korean film 'Parasite'President Donald Trump on Thursday ridiculed the historic best-picture Oscar win... Unreal Respected again... He's only mad because he can't read.

You guys have literally been doing this for decades. You just haven’t seen a republican stand up for himself. Doesn’t taste good, does it? 😂 Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are Russian Agent's!!! Sorry it is him and them Socialism divides the country into two groups. The haves and the have nots!!!!! No middle class in socialism!!!!!

To this demented man, the world is divided between two camps: everybody else and him fakenews EVERYDAY WITH YOU 🤦🏽‍♂️🤮 He can’t read.... Did any one tell realDonaldTrump that more than 100 million people watched parasite. The numbers must have impressed him😬 Why is this news? Many don’t like lots of movies.

Because he is one... in a way🤔 parasite

Ex-North Korean Diplomat Runs for South Korean ParliamentA former North Korean diplomat who fled his embassy posting has become the first defector to run for South Korea’s Parliament Kim:Good job,my boy! Hmmmm. Is this wise? He might be a spy

Trump needs his head seen .the man is insane and can’t control his EGO with his stupid odd comment . Probably hates foreign language films because he has to read captions Did you year that? The President wasn't amused Who told you¿ 😂 Trump is such a little man! Everything is a f****** problem with this guy! When are his supporters going to get tired of this s***?

His attention span wouldn’t allow him to process a thirty second commercial, so forget about a movie. Neither was I.

Trump Mocks Brad Pitt and Parasite for Oscar Wins, Korean Film's Distributor Hilariously Fires Back'What the hell was that all about?' Donald Trump said of Parasite at a rally in Colorado on Thursday realdonaldtrump is a bully & FLOTUS cannot hold him responsible Good for him Trumpanzies love this stupidity. He and they can't read the subtitles because they are not in amerikkkan.

He is the quintessential fascist, Hitler clone in every facet Qu'est-ce qui peut impressionner un abruti inculte et borné sans éducation Toutefois, il reste que vous allez être assez dégénérés ou tarés pour réélire ce monstre de connerie!! Bravo, les américains!! Because one needs to READ ! And this is newsworthy? Stop normalizing anything this maniac says!

' cause he can't read subtitles... This is just something else ain't it this man is so special greatest comedian out there People are realizing that what the liar-in-chief says isen't important to their lives. Are we listening to Russia instead of this fool? He’s right. It shouldn’t have won. That’s not racism it’s nationalism. There’s a category for Best International Film. Put it there. Let an American movie win.

Most people were not impressed, actually Of the racist isn't !!!

Former North Korean diplomat who defected declares run for National Assembly in South KoreaIf elected, Thae Yong-ho would be the first-ever former North Korean official to become a lawmaker in the South. Best to stay away from dancing people at the airport. WednesdayWisdom WednesdayThoughts WednesdayFeeling Resist I feel like this is a trick! I mean there’s that Greek mythology tale about the Trojan horse.

Way too highbrow for a trump. He is a racist!! He hates everyone! Only reason POTUS hated Parasite is he can't fickin read!! Just ask to see his College transcript or his SAT's. Well, it involved reading and non-whites, so.... realDonaldTrump are a parasite If it’s not on CMT or Fox he doesn’t watch, so...

So, we can expect the vile bastard to choose all future Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys and Nobel Awards, right? Trump-America’s first DIKTATOR I love South Korean Movie's and TV episode's. Have you seen'Chocolate'? Oh my goodness! Best, Best. It has comedy, tragedy, drama, romance. Nothing vulgar. Check out Netflix, 'Chocolate'. Oh, 'Ann with an E' is great. It isn't Korean, but wonderful. Netflix.

Didn't know we were supposed to give a crap about what Donny thinks of the Oscars. My bad. I’m guessing the subtitles went by too fast and he could read them.

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Don’t care. The Fake President is ignorant and crass, no critic. He criticized the Korean film to please his nativistic base. realDonaldTrump SenateGOP HouseGOP VP GOPLeader LindseyGrahamSC tedcruz Trump’s Cabal: (Jim_Jordan DevinNunes RepMattGaetz replouiegohmert) Obviously, subtitles are challenging for him😳

Neither was 90% of Americans. And many of us as well The parasite will probably sue because the stole his name. Yogurt has more culture than this imbecile. I’m sure his idea of high art is Smokey and the Bandit III Trump2020 How actors and actresses feel about politics doesn’t matter or influence me the Manic Moron’s movie critiquing is of no concerns to me either. Doesn’t he have more important things to be concerned with?

No he wasn’t because he thinks gone with the wind or Sunset Boulevard should have been up for more awards. I know he’s not progressive but he does like to digress doesn’t he? Of course he hates parasite. Only clever people can understand the essence of the movie.

Scorsese awaits next film by director of South Korea's Oscar-winning 'Parasite'Hollywood veteran Martin Scorsese told the South Korean director of 'Parasi... idc eg: million dollar slumdog korea is the new token akin to india by hollywood elitists fyi - you need a hairstyle Brilliant well thought out movie

He was also upset about home alone 2 Who cares what Trump “thinks”? Parasite is the perfect name for Hollywood Who cares. What does t-p know about frankly anything besides his own self interests? At least he didn’t say “Birth of a Nation”? 🤷🏼‍♂️🙄 Frankly it’s not important to me what films he likes or doesn’t

Any move The Slug hates is going to be a great movie. I'm going to buy it and every movie Brad Pitt has ever made. Guilty conscience. Probably felt attacked Neither am I . It was a joke that ........Joker didn't win

How can he not be impressed he can’t read big words yet sensible words to even make a statement about the movie. He never saw it ..Shut up trump I’m with Trump! Surprising since the movie is about him. Who cares? I think we can grade your sense of the arts by your gold toilets. Please, go away little child.

TraitorTrump is unimpressed because he's a bigger parasite than anyone in that movie. TraitorBigotPathologicalLiarFakePresidentTrump MAGAeqNAZI RepuglikkkanNaziPartyOfPutin If it's not about Trump...then he hates anything of others success Guess he can’t read subtitles? The only movies Trump liked in his lifetime were “classics” like Deep Throat, Debbie Does Dallas, ect......

I saw this wonderful film and can guarantee the Donald would never be able to read and comprehend the subtitles. He would not get that this movie was about people like him. If my president doesn't like it, then I won't watch it. USA is great because of the existence of a good & fair system awarding the capable irrespective of races. It is far too shortsighted in neglecting the spirits of the founding fathers by undermining the foundations that made USA great gradually.

Neither were most Americans Otherism ....neither was I, can't I voice my choice or opinion Guy who can’t read didn’t like a movie with subtitles. Shocking. The old movies were the best You spelled racist wrong... That’s because he can’t read the subtitles. Movie was dope!

What did you expect from a guy who likes junk food and can't sing or dance? He is more into cartoons! You know, like his administration! How can a land so endowed end up with such quality of leadership? Lions should sire lions! WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOU!!!!! A bias president Pictures and words. He should have enjoyed it.

He can’t read captions TRUMP in life you need to except when something is GOOD is it doesn't have to be made in AMERICA to be good & no cares about your feelings😭😭😭 Wow such hard hitting journalism. Orange man didn’t like a movie. Wahhhh The reason is trump couldn’t read the closed caption lol

Who cares what Trump thinks? I don’t. FuckTrump TrumpNotFitForOffice Not only him. Many people were not impressed. What a racist! That’s because he and all his pro trump gang think there is nothing outside of america. The world is laughing at the U.S right now because of this idiot and his maga people.

Of course he didn't like it. It called him out by name ... 'PARASITE.' I’d buy a ringside ticket to watch Pitt kick his fat ass. Please Google McAfee vs HPD! Simple request! It'd be like Bollywood ranking an American movie as better than anything they had made for the year. They could. But why? It's an award givin out in America so make the winner an American film. Not that hard to understand the president would want America always on top.

OMG, iI can’t believe it! He definitely needs to be impeached again. 🥱

That American number one. TrumpWayJackedUP Trump just has way too much Russian money to be our President ! Amazing how he looks for his next “bit” LOL .... what did he expect, The Apprentice ? No one cares if trump wasn't im p ressed Even if I don’t like trump, I have to support him for this case Who cares what he thinks, he doesn’t have a creative bone in his body...

This expression seems to have just finished doing love, as if the body was hollowed out Why isn't he impressed ? He barely understands the English language.

CNN is anti Trump, always looking for ways to pull him down. He's gone beyond your criticism, you have to endure him for next four years. Well sorry, Fast and the Furious 27 was not nominated 🤷🏻‍♂️ If Hollywood wasn’t on such a path of over doing so called “diversity” this movie which by the way only made 35 million dollars would have never been considered. By today’s standards it was a flop. Facts don’t lie

No one cares what he thinks!!! That alone makes it worth a view ! Vital presidential matter people! Our president is hard at work - Fox News, tampons, toilet flushes and now movies! Sheesh he needs a golf break🤪 BS And besides his cult who I’m sure would never watch a foreign film, who cares what he thinks? If Trump watched it I’m sure someone had to explain to him what was going on. Subtitles and all....he can’t read very well I’m told.

He said he didn’t care for Brad Pitt either. He only wishes that he was ever half as good looking as Brad has always been. As for Parasite, he doesn’t have the IQ to follow the premise, let alone read the subtitles.

I’m not surprised what I’m surprised about was how long it took till he showed more of his racism and complained about the movie winning. realDonaldTrump reveals himself to be a complete ***ASS*** every time he speaks. 🤦🏾‍♀️ He wasn’t impressed because he hates anything doing well that is not American 🙄

Of course not he can’t read He’s just finding out... Neither am I, There are French movies like 'Parasite' as well and well made. It's just over hyped. He doesn't have to be impressed with it. I thought the film was excellent, but would not be outraged if a friend thought it wasn't good. However, disliking it because of trade politics is pretty lame... Trying to see both sides of the coin here

Rileks lah atuk. Takkan suma nak sapu Now if realDonaldTrump WAS a stable genius, he would understand! But alas he is not so alas he doesn't! I wasn't either.

OMG who cares if Trump likes it. Who asked him what he thinks about the awards?See if he can answer some questions about say Russia getting all up in our business cnn DumpTrump He had a hard time understanding those damn things at the bottom of the screen. What would that philistine know about anything. 🤣🤣

He can’t read subtitles that’s why. 'I should have won an Oscar for being a 'Parasite.'' - Trump realDonaldTrump praises North Korea but attacks South Korea. When will his idiot supporters realize what is right in front of them? VoteBlue2020 I agree. That movie was crap. It only won because it was foreign and Hollywood likes kissing foreigners asses. The movie sucked. There were much better movies that deserved that award.

He has a right to be. Academy panders to the world to jive up movie sales is the headline. 1. He probably didn't watch that. Ever. 2. The subtitles are too hard for him. 3. Who fucking cares about his opinion? When they made the movie they must have had realDonaldTrump in mind, since we have a Russian parasite in the WH.

I am sure alot of you Americans felt same way the night of the oscars. Hypocrites! CNN ennemy of USA CNN Moslems brotherhood master's voice Although he of all men should understand the title. He’s the title character Anytime he sees a victory based on a fair voting.process and not a rigged one he gets upset. Poor baby

Why do you give this shithead media coverage?! I guess the U.S. film industry collapsed after I stopped going to movie theaters to watch Hollywood garbage.

Of course he’s not. No racist would be impressed. you people are lunatics...shame on you. JustinTyeButle6 he's never please with anything in his life period The parasite invading the White House has a 'thing' to say! Nevermind, he will use his tiny fingers to tweet it. Is that because he can't read. Who cares.....coming form a President that can’t read nd doesn’t know the world map. Doesn’t even know Kansas City is in Missouri. What a DUMB president

What movie did Trump want to win... Donnie Dimwit is still mad at South Korea because he can't force them to pay more for US troops there. Petty Unrealistic VoteHimOut

Neither is most of America Because Trump can’t read subtitles! Can you believe that a foreign film won best picture honors during trump's presidency, what has happened to our great country in only 3 years. Trump should be ashamed. Worst president ever. Make America's films great again. MAFGA. Narrow minded. All his followers are narrow minded as well.

WHO CARES This isn’t interesting or newsworthy!! Hundreds of thousands of refugees are cornered in Syria, the planet is burning up, there is a flu pandemic, Russia is attacking us. Report real news that matters!! Who gives a sh*t about impressing him LNotMyPresident VoteHimOut Trump is a sadist and a racist.

Here’s a newsworthy tweet. No one cares what he thinks. Does it matter ?

He is a Parasite period he will win Oscar where his parents were born. Where are they from? It comes to no one’s surprise President Trump felt displeasure with Parasite’s win? He probably feels it’s too challenging to read subtitles & watch a movie simultaneously. It’s sort of like multitasking, probably a novel concept for his administration.

IMPOTUS can kiss it. Who cares what he thinks! That movie was fantastic!!! He's a Hater. Why is this news? Besides trying to spark a racial debate. You creat racism. Shame on you... movie wasn’t very good. 🤷🏻‍♀️ He is right! Who is Trump in Hollywood He probably didn’t like that “Parasite” sounded like his autobiography.


Vote Bernie Sanders President USA1 Gone with the wind? What is it with this guy and wind? Oh, toupee warning... Trump was right south korea is f* ked up just dont go to southkorea north is better Good taste! We have good chemistry on that point. I also like 'Gone with the Wind' better than 'Parasite.' Manzil Dua | Qunfayaqun Best Dua/Quranic Ayats for breaking Black Magic and Bad Eye . . Qunfayaqun SubscribeNow via YouTube

...maybe because he is a Parasite himself and also think he is upper class. He is a rude new money cheating lied. Hard to imagine that this is what the President talks about! Is this what keeps him up at night? Probably because he couldn’t take credit for it. Who cares about what he thinks? And to think this is the president of the United states of America 😡🤬. Smmfh

In his defense. He thought it was a documentary on his Presidency You must have me confused with someone who gives a crap about Trump's opinion. Who actually give a flying fuck? Why is CNN making it sound like he is racist because he wasn't impressed of a foreign language movie won the oscar He wasnt impressed because we all know deep down which film should have won

Who cares he orally reads at a fifth grade level. Also heard it was a stinker!😖 leader of parasites. Cause he can’t read

He's a Parasite. ParasiteMovie Oscars coming to Bollywood CBC CTV Delhi Indiatrump Welcomeindiatrump welcomepunjab NewYorkCity LosAngeles uspoli cdnpoli USA realDonaldTrump Has he seen it? Best movie ever Maybe he should make an executive order and pick a Ronald Reagan film instead. an opinion is now illegal? I know people who were not impressed either. Should we send them to the spanking room CNN? LOL Clearly the public is not impressed w/ CNN --

It’s truth I really don’t prefer this result. But I don’t agree with Trump’s judgement. He has not seen the film and his evaluation is biased! Now I'm definitely watching this movie Most Americans weren't. What's your point? He’s married to a foreigner. If you apply that logic to his life, he didn’t either.

He didn’t see it. He will never see it. fatdonny is incapable of comprehending this movie or any with sub-titles Why post his daily garbage like this. Seriously Too many 'bigly' words. Not news. Who cares what he thinks!!!! the only thing I agree with Trump on! Who cares what he has to say Nice movie but not better than 1917.

Ok... So.. Is he going to do something about the coronavirus? 🤔🤷 A lot of people didn’t feel Parasite was the Best Picture. In fact the only constant regarding the Oscars is the water cooler arguments and twitter rants about who SHOULD HAVE won the various statues. How is this a news story? Why in the world are you trying to normalize this with such a headline!?

of course he's not happy. The Oscars will bend over side ways to push for diversity knowing full well they're giving out an Oscar to an undeserving nominee. Weird? Hard for realDonaldTrump to read the subtitles The movie wasnt worthy of a big picture nomination....whether it was Korean or not. I've seen them all, and the best one so far was 'Just Mercy' which didnt even get a nomination. AA are becoming too political!

realDonaldTrump his bigotry has no limits. Remove 45 now As if he saw it or has a clue what it’s about! He’s mad because he didn’t ever win any prize for his own stupid show! Trump is the worlds most unpopular president.....Ill vote for Bloomberg.. I’m a republican and did not vote for trump but i also wasn’t impressed with “Parasite”. Guess I’m as bad as trump? Seriously CNN? WTF!!!

Trump’s idea of a good film is Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. He’s so dumb he can’t possibly have the ability to learn a second language. Says the zero talent buffoon. y now hollywood gona run because of him who knows he can buy oscar also OscarAwardshdtv ParasiteMovie was deservable movie because of his hate politics doesnt match

Even though Trump hasn't put $5 Million dollars in my Christmas stocking I still love the big huggebl bear of a man. I'm a poor Veteran worrying about healthcare and crazy people in our Cities and Towns. I can’t take much more of this fool That’s because he can’t read. Neither was I! The soundbites spouted by conservatives are amazingly homogenized. Every dimwitted over-zealous patriot I know has said this about Parasite winning best picture.

Trump is impressed with a Big Mac It wasn’t an impressive movie - how many American movie goers understand Korean? Why? Let other countries show their talents! I'm happy for the South Korean team! They deserved the award~ Long Live South Korea he couldn't keep up with the movie because it is subtitled. Hitler wasn't impressed that Jesse Owens beat his own country's athletes. Just throwing that out there.

Because in his mind americans are a kind of superior race and better then the rest of the world in anything they do. He thinks they discovered the fire or something like this. Pretty sure he was trying to make the point that the American film industry has gone down the drain, and it's a shame that a foreign film won. But, yea. Orange man bad.

He’s a parasite ... yuck who cares? do you have to tweet everything this lunatic says, no matter how ignorant or insignificant? he looks extra clown like freakshowish with his ridiculous fake tan in that photo he's just pathetic

KBatidor The Dems should probably try to impeach him over it - they’d have about the same chance to get him removed from office as the last time. because the real parasite is HIM so HE wanted the Oscar no? He can’t read that fast. Just fyi, , Asian Americans are discriminated against by Harvard and many other Universities. They require the highest SAT score to be accepted, making it harder for them to be accepted. Blacks and Hispanics require the lowest.

Backstorymom1 When someone makes a documentary about Trump's presidency (and they will), 'Parasite' would be a pretty good choice of title. Who cares Too much reading for his taste. I’m sure he couldn’t keep up too. Maybe he hoped JokerMovie won best picture. It was a movie about him, anyway TrustNoOne

He doesn't read.

Neither was most of America. And WTF cares? Can you not post news without using Trumps name? Who cares what he thinks Unusual for Trump not like something which resonates with parasitic behavior---his veritable plague on our country. Yes...I'm sure it pales in comparison to the 70s porn movies he got from Epstein.

Just came back from seeing it, yeah it was Insane Good! Trump is just mad he can't take the credit on it.

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