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Trump is proposing internment camps for migrants detained at the border: Sen. Merkley

Sen. Jeff Merkley's book, 'America Is Better Than This: Trump's War Against Migrant Families,' is about his account visiting detention facilities on the southern border.

8/21/2019 11:57:00 PM

Sen. Merkley tells ABC that Pres. Trump is proposing internment camps for migrants detained at U.S.-Mexico border. 'It is the large-scale imprisonment of children and parents for the duration of their immigration proceedings which can go on for years.'

Sen. Jeff Merkley 's book, 'America Is Better Than This: Trump's War Against Migrant Families,' is about his account visiting detention facilities on the southern border.

"It is the large-scale imprisonment of children and parents for the duration of their immigration proceedings which can go on for years" Merkley told Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce on the podcast."And we must not allow America to go back to the philosophy of World War II where we lock up thousands of families for years at a time."

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His new book,"America Is Better Than This: Trump's War Against Migrant Families," is centered around his account of visiting detention facilities on the southern border.The Trump administration has made efforts to do away with the Flores Agreement, a court-approved settlement, which does not allow children to be held in detention facilities for more than 20 days.

Trump and Republicans have called the Flores Agreement a"loophole" which encourages undocumented immigrants to bring their children when trying to cross the border.The senator disagrees saying,"Flores is a fundamental protection of the health and welfare of children and it is exactly the foundation that was established by the court in the agreement. This administration does not accept that it must provide fundamental protection for children."

When asked about why immigration is such a deeply rooted issue for him, Merkley cited his experience living in developing countries like West Africa and Mexico."I can personally connect with what is going on in these countries when they're in severe turmoil that produces refugees fleeing persecution," he said.

In June 2018, Merkley visited multiple migrant detention facilities in McAllen, Texas."The kids were being torn out of their parents arms and they were being sorted into these cages there at the facility," he said.He said that he was initially denied entry to another facility converted from an old Walmart which held 1,500 boys.

Nearly a year after that visit, Merkley introduced the"Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act," which would prohibit the separation of families, require facilities to provide hygiene products and medical evaluations for all children taken into custody.

In 2013, a major piece of immigration legislation passed the Senate, with four Democrat senators and four Republican senators coming together to craft the bill which passed with a super majority. One of those Republicans who worked across the aisle was Sen. John McCain.

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Nearly a year after the senator's death, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl sat down with Cindy McCain to talk about her late husband's legacy."John was always fighting for the little guy … what we're sorely lacking right now is his voice of reason," she said."The ability to work across the aisle on these issues. That's how we worked for so many years and now to just close on the ranks and not talk to anybody -- it doesn't make any sense."

A portion of that interview was played for Merkley on the podcast. He agreed with Cindy McCain's assessment and that the Arizona senator worked with Democrats to help craft an"extensive fix to a broken immigration system."Powerhouse Politics podcast is a weekly program that posts every Wednesday, and includes headliner interviews and in-depth looks at the people and events shaping U.S. politics.

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and private prisons will profit Who is going to pay for this? MEXICO This is not Germany in 1940s. This America home of the free and brave. My mother and grandparents were in an internment camp in WWII. A concentration camp with forced labour, guards, barbed wire, violence. Sounds the same to me. Everyone in America can just open their homes. How about you have them stay at your house!!?

Or we could revive the F.C.M.P. Hey here’s a novel thought why don’t you help them get across the border and go back to their homeland then we wouldn’t have this issue. Seems like a simple problem solved. Trump is going to spend more on migrants than he claims migrants cost the USA. Who is going to pay for all of this? One guess! Taxpayers! Why do I think welfare is cheaper than what trump’s buddies would charge!

I suppose the anarchist thinks they should just go free. These people belong no where near governing our country. IMPEACH TRUMP AOC called it. CONCENTRATION CAMPS. history with the Indians Gov't gave them blankets with small pox. Here again no health care for the kids and flu is a big problem in usa. So?

'which can go on for years' See the problem? Here is the solution: Have a hearing within 10 business days of arrival. If they are not eligible, put them on a bus and send them back. Problem solved in less than 2 weeks. Same old democratic BS!! Chief of Staff Kelly USA is a land of immigrants, can Trump deny it ! He is not only president US has elected! Americans be Americans! Beauty lies there!

realDonaldTrump will have Americans pay for it. WorstPresidentEver OK so if you are thinking to cross illegally and know there are internment camps what will you do Will you cross or stay in Mexico? Duh realDonaldTrump so you want to keep immigrants as prisoners? You are inhumane 💩😈 despicable and disgusting

His base needs to educate themselves on Nazi Germany. All Europeans living outside of Europe are occupying someone else’s land! The repatriation of all Europeans would resolve; poverty, inequality, the immigration & refugee crisis! Asia Africa SouthAmerica Australia NorthAmerica Antartica NewZealand SriLanka China

Internment camp's, concentration camp's, barbed wire, watch tower's with goon's with rifles and search light's + dog patrol's. Anti jewish, anti non white, self praising rhetoric, mind dead follower's... Um... we been here before haven't we...... That's what happens to criminals they get put in jail. Wise up they don't belong here they got no business being here they need to be sent back get the hell out of our country. End of problem

Then use your position to work to speed the process up, and to secure the border. It’s your damn job for crying out loud! It happens small step by small step. We have got to stop this insanity!!!! Let's be honest, he wants Concentration Camps. From that fact where does he go to 'Death Camps?' or Slavery?

Enslaving now under trump ? They can go back if they don't want to stay. Someone will bus them back. No one made them come they no how to rape an kill people in th e US. They could have stayed in their own country an did that. They are not sceard. They have been killing an raping people since they got here

You think they should just go Willie nillie without any consequence for coming in illegal Give me a break. Internment camps!!! I thought we put an end to that with WWII !! No, not for years. And if they truly seeking asylum. They would be happy to be housed, fed, medical and legal help. Liberals just want illegal voters

Time to invest in the private prison companies that are going to be running those facilities. Because they seem to be able to keep the people currently in their care healthy. Definitely should put immigrants in camps being responsible for long term care, housing, food. Way better then being a hard working productive member of society like immigrants currently are. 🙄

I will be glad when we get a new president in 2020 OMG I thought that I would never live to see something like this in the USA He is not. They can leave and go home anytime they want. If Congress would do their jobs the one we elected them to do, make changes to immigration and allow the deportation of illegals allow enforcement of the law make e-verify mandatory ! KAG2020 BuildTheWall Everify EnforceTheLaw DeportThemAll AmericansFirst

WRONG Well maybe that will be a deterrent for them to think about coming here. Pass the word around that that is what’s gonna happen. we are now talking concentration camps. when will ovens come? people your local politicians will not help you. its time to march and register to vote. vote every single one of these republicans in office today out of office and have them arrested if possible. this is criminal

A third of children who come into the country are being used by people who are not actually their family members. Get it...these children are being exploited, yet liberals say release. ESAD If they don't want to be interned then apply apply at legal place of entry and none needed. They should not be rewarded for loopholing our laws.

now we are really talking concentration camps without the ovens, for now. I believe he’s proposing safe housing until their hearings. If they don’t like the accommodations don’t come. Btw, I bet American homeless would love to have the benefit of food, housing, medical They wouldn't be full if you just send them back to where they came from instead of keeping them in there duh use common Sense

i think they should be deported to their country of origin asap. So sad and inhumane! they can agree to deportation at anytime. THE LEFT WANTED FAMILES TO STAY TOGETHER AND NOT SEPERATED...SO HERE YOU GO. Simple fix: Claim Asylum in your own country. THIS IS BEING DONE TO KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER. if you don't want them separated, yet you don't want them kept together while they are processed and vetted...then the only solution is... CLAIM ASYLUM IN YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN

Wait....didn’t we just go over this a month ago? We can't even take care of detainees we have now. Does he propose to steal more money from the Defense Budget. Look it up. There is a 180deg difference between INTERNMENT camps & CONCENTRATION camps. Educate yourselves before you start spouting off. While internment camps aren’t ideal, at least it gives immigrants a better option.

Evil. No they can't You need to look into who owns the camps and is benefiting financially by imprisoning immigrants. Most greedy corrupt administration. Padre Amado bendito Seas Señor, Bendito Tu Nombre por tu gran amor y Misericordia en el Nombre de Cristo el Alfa y Omega Wow, and who is receiving the millions of taxpayers money to house these human beings? That’s right Trump donors and supporters and the NationalDebt keeps going higher and higher... some conservatives you are: MoscowMitch SpeakerRyan realDonaldTrump GOP

Concentration Camps. Why didnt you say anything about this when obama did it in 2014?

Sen. Jeff Merkley: This process of inflicting deliberate trauma on immigrant children has to endThe ICE raids in Mississippi are challenging local churches, with one congregation losing around 150 members in the roundups. Immigration advocate and Senator Jeff Merkley joins Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss the toll that these raids take on communities. tRUmp is creating, on the border, the next generation of America hating terrorists for the decades to come. Did he tweet that while wearing his Planned Parenthood shirt? Asking for some babies. Sen. Merkley took an oath to uphold our laws so now that he’s decided not to he should resign immediately.

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