Trump Is Melting Down Because China Won’t Give In on Trade

Trump’s international disputes usually end quietly. This one might be different.


President Trump is in the midst of a public meltdown that is humiliating, scary, and banana republic–y even by Trumpy standards. jonathanchait writes

Trump’s international disputes usually end quietly. This one might be different.

This has provoked one of Trump’s wilder public tantrums. First, he has lashed out at Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell, who has become Trump’s scapegoat for bad economic news despite the fact that it was Trump who appointed him to the job. (“Trump installed a Fed chair who is singlehandedly destroying the economy” sounds like an attack on Trump, but oddly enough it is Trump’s own argument.)

Trump has accordingly added Powell to his list of Enemies of the People. “My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?,” he tweeted, a message that is unlikely to calm the waters.

The stock market has indicated that businesses have not exactly been enjoying Trump’s anti-China bluster, but their panic has been bounded by the expectation that he will ultimately back down, as he has in his other international confrontations. Surely Trump won’t escalate the trade war to the point where he tips his own economy into recession, right?

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legion4thereare jonathanchait Keep reaching jonathanchait The man has dementia. Why does everybody keep pretending he is making rational decisions? wandainparis jonathanchait He thought it was gonna be “easy”. Wrong! NotWinning jonathanchait Get this b*tch out of washingtion!!!! ToBeSafeNSound jonathanchait “What Spoiled Brats Do When They Don’t Get Their Way”

USMCLiberal jonathanchait Too bad we can't dump him and Bolsanaro in the Amazon. jonathanchait Jonathan smokes domething hard.Always least Juan Williams is good mannered USMCLiberal jonathanchait USMCLiberal jonathanchait PLEASE PLEASE, anyone who voted for him please tell me how this behavior is ok? I'm so confused how he still has supporters.

jonathanchait BUT “Trade wars are good and easy to win” jonathanchait And the vast majority of Republicans still support him. That's what's scary.

Apple Stock Down 4% After Trump ‘Orders’ Companies to Leave ChinaApple’s share price was down around 4% Friday morning after President Trump took to Twitter to “order” U.S. companies to leave China. The slide came amid a market-wide sell-off, w… Trump lives in 1950. He doesn't get that even domestic manufacturers source parts globally, many from China. There is no such thing as an 'American' car. Where did the electronics come from? Dummy. Season Three of the POTUS is getting pretty interesting..

jonathanchait But 'the Chosen One' said trade wars are easy to win... Haha. jonathanchait I’m melting 😂

Trump doubles down on calling Jewish Democrats 'disloyal' to IsraelPresident Trump on Wednesday doubled down on referring to Jews who vote for Democrats as 'very disloyal' to Israel, invoking a dual loyalty trope widely viewed as anti-Semitic. Why is it difficult to grasp why American Jews don't want to rub shoulders with the 'Jews will not replace us' crew? He’s 100% correct. Racist in Chief

As Trump questions loyalty of US Jews, Israeli PM is quietIsrael's prime minister steers clear of Pres. Trump's comments questioning loyalty of U.S. Jews who support the Democratic Party—in sharp contrast to the tide of condemnation from Jewish critics who accused him of trafficking in anti-Semitic stereotypes. I think Bibi the Embezzler has enough problems too worry about Hey, ABC and the liberal media has no problem calling supporters of Trump deplorable,terrorists, Nazis, on and on for over three years! They are attacked by Antifa, attacked in restaurants, shot playing baseball. Bibi Netanyahu is so close to realDonaldTrump he can tell from first-hand observation what religion Trump is...or, isn't. snip, snip 😂😂😂

Trump attacks Ford for not supporting his rollback of Obama-era climate change protectionsFord defended its decision to join the California deal, saying, “This agreement with California provides regulatory stability' while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 'The British are attached to being a great power,' Macron said Wednesday. 'The point can't be to exit Europe and say 'we'll be stronger,' before in the end, becoming the junior partner of the United States, which are acting more and more hegemonically.' Everybody gangsta until the president tells a car company that wants to decrease emissions to increase emissions What Trump doesn't understand is that the automakers gave accounted for the new standards in their business models. It costs them more to do a redesign so they really don't save much if anything.

Fact check: Trump makes at least 11 false claims to reporters, including two about GreenlandPresident Donald Trump made at least 11 false claims Wednesday while speaking with reporters for more than half an hour before leaving the White House for a speech and fundraiser in Kentucky. can you say 'lie' or a conjugated version of the verb? At who’s expense?! Poor hardworking middle class American taxpayers 🥵 11 lies BEFORE he got to Kentucky. Can't wait to find out how many lies at Kentucky event. LiarInChief UnfitToBePresident UnfitToServe eriecountydems ECYDOhio ohdemchairs OHDems

Why Trump is so obsessed with ScandinaviaFrida Ghitis writes that Trump's decision to suddenly cancel his trip to Denmark and call Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen 'nasty' is another example of the President's bewildering interactions with Scandinavian states. Opinion Opinion So did Hitler Opinion Just the little girls there

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