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Trump is meeting with world leaders at G7 as he escalates US-China trade war

Trump is meeting with world leaders at G7 as he escalates US-China trade war


Trump is meeting with world leaders at G7 as he escalates US-China trade war

The summit comes amid fears over a global economic slowdown, and U.S. tensions over trade allies, Iran and Russia.

The summit in France comes amid fears over a global economic slowdown, and U.S. tensions with allies over trade, Iran and Russia.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters upon his arrival in France that he plans to tell Trump at the summit to pull back from the trade war with China.

President Donald Trump arrived in France on Saturday for the annual meeting of the Group of 7 powers, one day after he called his Federal Reserve chief an enemy of the United States and urged American companies to end business with China in the midst of an escalating trade war.

In addition to the China trade war tensions, the president has maintained tough rhetoric against the European Union. The White House is set to decide in November whether they will impose duties on the autos industry in Europe.

Experts say that trade conflict with Europe could be much more damaging than the current tit-for-tat conflict with China.

Trump's first meeting on Saturday was a private lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron.

"So far, so good," Trump said. "The weather is fantastic. Everybody's getting along. I think we will accomplish a lot this weekend."

The G-7, which represents the world's major industrial economies, includes the U.S., Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, and the U.K.

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Everytime there is a story about Trump on CNBC it is accompanied by a photoshopped picture of him smiling, younger, & thinner. Time to get real. He is fat, puffy faced, turkey necked and always scowling and snarling. Shouldn't be too hard to find a more accurate picture. Dear World - sorry!! Gggg❤️❤️❤️😘

China announces tariffs on $75 billion of US goods as Trump heads to G7 summitChina announces it will impose tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. imports in retaliation for duty hikes the U.S. pledged to slap on Chinese imports. The move comes just as Pres. Trump is preparing to meet world leaders to discuss the global economy. This clown tRump will ruin the US. realDonaldTrump is incapable of discussing any issue, especially global economy. DonaldTrump's mission is to bankrupt America first. CNN MSNBC NBCNews CBSNews nytimes MaddowBlog Thought this was saying China is sending us giant rubik’s cubes

Escalation in U.S.-China trade war threatens global economy, poses Trump reelection riskAmerican cars, soybeans and oil largely produced in key swing states have been targeted for additional import tariffs by China, marking the latest volley in a widening trade war with the United States that has damaged the global economy. Sure, let's be more like China/Russia, the liberal socialist are the answer 😂 You are wrong! Please stop, getting old.

Trump arrives for G7 summit as global disputes threaten unityAs the global economy shudders, the Middle East boils and the Amazon rainforest burns, world leaders are convening on France's Atlantic coast for a weekend of talks few believe can solve any of it. Reekforce One has landed! Zombie

Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave ChinaPresident Trump has asserted that he has the authority to force all U.S. businesses to leave China. The 1977 law he cites was passed to define and restrain such assertions of power, not to enable a president to cut off economic ties with a trading partner. Well, it’s a long statute. You expect him to read it to the end? Pootin giggles And this is how a recession begins people

G7 participants brace for potential Trump dramaAs the Washington Post puts it, one of France's main objectives as host of this weekend's Group of Seven summit is to minimize the chances that President Trump will blow it up. Chris Jansing is joined by former Admiral James Stavridis, former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines to break down what we can expect from this year’s G7. ChrisJansing Euro trash wants our $$$ I say Fkoff and God Bless President Trump!!!!!!!!! ChrisJansing That Trudeau might try to kiss him! ChrisJansing Nothing

Trump walks into a ‘nightmare’ G7The president heads into a summit of world leaders in an increasingly isolated position, facing an increasingly troubled global economic environment. I hope none of the leaders talk to him! Two assistant officials who are present in back with Prime Minister Abe dislike this picture. Since it is a position like a child which cannot participate in a game although a representation is difficult .

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