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Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Pence

Trump Invites Netanyahu to White House to Discuss Middle East Peace Plan

The invitation could provide a welcome distraction for President Trump, facing an impeachment trial, and for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing corruption charges.


Vice President Mike Pence invited Israel i Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his chief political rival, Benny Gantz , to the White House to discuss the administration’s plan for Middle East peace

The invitation could provide a welcome distraction for President Trump, facing an impeachment trial, and for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , who is facing corruption charges.

Updated 6:49 p.m. ET JERUSALEM — President Trump said Thursday that he would release his long-awaited Middle East peace plan within days and invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and his rival, the former army chief Benny Gantz, to the White House next week to discuss it. Neither the plan nor the visit may do much to advance the cause of peace, but the occasion promises to be a surreal spectacle. If all goes according to plan, Mr. Trump, who is on trial in the Senate on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors, will play host to Mr. Netanyahu, who has been indicted on equally high charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, and to his challenger, Mr. Gantz, who holds no government office and whose main argument to oust Mr. Netanyahu is that he has not been indicted for anything. The meeting will take both men away from Israel on the day that its Parliament is scheduled to begin debating whether to grant Mr. Netanyahu immunity. And it does not include any representatives from the other side of the conflict, the Palestinians, who have refused to engage with an administration it sees as hopelessly biased in Israel’s favor. As for the peace plan itself, Palestinian officials repeated their position Thursday that they would treat any American plan as dead on arrival. “It’s insane,” said Michael J. Koplow, an analyst and supporter of a two-state solution at the Israel Policy Forum. “There’s really no other word for it.” Even Mr. Trump acknowledged the oddity of the situation. “We have both candidates coming — unheard-of,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One as he returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The meeting, set for Tuesday, was announced by Vice President Mike Pence in Jerusalem, where he was attending an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the . Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Gantz immediately accepted the invitation. But the unfolding developments — which upstaged the large gathering in Jerusalem of world leaders, including President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and Prince Charles — did not appear to end there. As if on cue, the Israeli news media began to crackle with varying leaks of what were billed as the precise terms of the American peace deal, terms that Israel’s right-wing government could hardly have improved on. Israel, for example, would get to annex the strategically important Jordan Valley, making it the country’s new eastern border with Jordan, media reports said. Israel would also have sovereignty over nearly all existing Jewish settlements on the West Bank, including in isolated areas, according to the reports. Jerusalem would be under Israeli control, including the eastern part of the city, which Palestinians claim as their future capital. Preconditions for a Palestinian state would be the demilitarization of Gaza, the disarming of Hamas, a cessation of financing terrorism, and a recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and of Jerusalem as its capital, the reports said. Mr. Trump at first tweeted caution, saying, “Reports about details and timing of our closely-held peace plan are purely speculative.” But he later told reporters aboard Air Force One that he expected to release details of the plan “sometime prior to” Tuesday’s meeting. The leaks alone were enough for the Palestinians to express fresh outrage. Husam Zumlot, a senior diplomat and adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas, said the latest move from Washington “only reaffirms our absolute rejection of what the U.S. administration has done so far, particularly the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and other decisions that violate international law.” And Bassem Naim, a Hamas official and former Gaza minister of health, warned bluntly on Twitter , “Palestinians will hinder the implementation of the deal, whatever the price. It will trigger a new #Intifada.” Mr. Trump said that he believed the plan could work and that he had spoken to the Palestinians “briefly.” “They have a lot of incentive to do it,” he said. “I’m sure they maybe will react negatively at first, but it’s actually very positive for them.” In Israel, many analysts saw Mr. Trump’s invitation as a wily maneuver orchestrated by the seasoned Mr. Netanyahu, who boasts of his close ties to the Trump administration, to entrap the less politically experienced Mr. Gantz. For one thing, it is likely to shift the pre-election conversation in Israel away from Mr. Netanyahu’s indictment in three corruption cases and could delay or even scuttle Mr. Gantz’s push for the Israeli Parliament to deal speedily with Mr. Netanyahu’s request for parliamentary immunity from prosecution . Mr. Gantz’s centrist Blue and White party had scheduled a vote on Tuesday to set up a House Committee to begin debating the request. Mr. Netanyahu has been trying to push the process off until after the March 2 election, because he does not have a majority to support his immunity bid in the current Parliament. The immunity process could go ahead in any case, but Mr. Netanyahu benefits every day it is delayed. More significantly, though, if Mr. Trump does roll out his peace plan, or parts of it, on Tuesday, Mr. Gantz could be put in a corner. Mr. Netanyahu, an unparalleled political salesman, could portray the Trump proposal as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Mr. Koplow said, using that to “browbeat” Mr. Gantz into agreeing to enter a unity government, with Mr. Netanyahu retaining the premiership. Shalom Lipner, a former adviser to seven Israeli prime ministers, said, “If the plan is as charitable to Israel as everyone expects and Gantz comes out against it, that would sink his chances because it will be popular in Israel, and it will burn his bridges with the White House.” If Mr. Gantz signs onto the plan, Mr. Lipner added, he will end up playing “third fiddle to Netanyahu.” And if Mr. Trump approves Israeli annexation of West Bank territory, Mr. Gantz will be particularly hamstrung. Mr. Netanyahu has already pledged to unilaterally , a strategic strip of the Israeli-occupied West Bank along the boundary with Jordan. This would be a highly contentious move but would be popular in Israel. On Tuesday Mr. Gantz offered a pledge that he, too, would annex the Jordan Valley, but only in coordination with the international community, which is hardly likely to be forthcoming absent an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. He also called Mr. Netanyahu’s bluff, daring him to move ahead with annexation immediately to prove it is not just election spin. A green light from Mr. Trump would make it more difficult for Mr. Netanyahu to hold off from annexation, or for Mr. Gantz to oppose it. At the same time, a plan demanding any concessions from Israel may also prove problematic for Mr. Netanyahu, who depends on the support of coalition partners to his right. Mr. Trump has repeatedly come to Mr. Netanyahu’s aid — for example, by moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and by recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And Israeli and American analysts said he appeared to be doing so again, just more transparently. “If the United States comes out with a one-in-a-thousand-year offer when it has not coordinated with one side and the other is at the peak of an election season, it raises questions,” said Sallai Meridor, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States. And Daniel B. Shapiro, who was former President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Israel, noted that many critics of past presidents had “offered lectures about the unacceptability of U.S. interference in Israeli elections.” “A lot of the same people are awfully quiet about this blatant interference,” he said. But Mr. Trump was enthusiastic. “It’s a great plan,” he said. “It’s a plan that really would work.” Advertisement Read more: The New York Times

America wants to use Blackmen to maintain colonialism & Neocolonialism! Let, the colonizer sacrifice the BLOOD of their offspring for the EMPIRE! Israel Russia China Africa Asia Iran Iraq Syria Venezuela Haiti Bolivia Blackwomen Jordan NorthKorea WW3 SouthAmerica Its all a Photo-up for Netanyahu there is another election its the 3rd time in less than one year.

El 'plan de paz' de Trump para el conflicto israelí palestino en realidad será otro plan de guerra contra los palestinos. The pseudo president, his minion Pence and his Israeli cronies what more trouble can they get us into?. Does it include pompous Pompeo's plans to support the settlements . Stating that the stealing of Palestinians homes and lands does not go against international law BDS

Will BeBe be in jail? Atleast for this liberal media should support Trump. Come on guys you have it in you. Trump is not so bad! Always a good idea to release a plan for peace in the Middle East with no representatives from the Middle East present. he is sofull of bullshit “Trump freaking out thinking he might get removed just starts brain dumping any old bullshit he can think of saying”

Why does this seem ominous?

Trump Invites Israel’s Netanyahu, Gantz to White House to Discuss Peace Plan, Pence SaysPresident Trump has invited Israel i leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz to the White House to discuss a Middle East peace plan, Vice President Mike Pence said. Between Bibi and Gantz? Mike_Pence only wants the rapture. He and mother are crazy!!! Maybe he can tell them about how America invented the wheel. MagaMoron

Two Crooks Meet to Console Each Other Has Mike got a skull - cap? Zionists peace plan sounds more like a war plan Those who went out for the million demonstrations today, Friday, are the only people in power and parties affiliated with Iran. The secret to a succesful peace plan is to kill all that oppose it.

Peace between the Israelis only? Like Rodrigo says to Filippo in Don Carlo: Orrenda, orrenda pace! La pace è dei sepolcri! It will be a joke. Wait, Jared’s hacked WhatsApp phone provided a plan (of bribery)? WITHIN DAYS: The New York Times announces it does not approve of President Trump's middle East peace plan.

Trump to host Netanyahu, political rival at White House to discuss peace amid impeachment trial Israel i Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top political challenger Benny Gantz will visit the White House next week to discuss peace in the Middle East , the Trump administration announces. لمناقشة باقي صفقة القرن Bibi needs to sweep around his own front door. The Prime Minister and The Trump should do a reflection about all things they're doing in the world.

Does it involve giving nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia and Iran restarting the processing of weapons grade nuclear material? Criminals gotta stick together I guess... With any luck they'll both end up in jail where they belong. Was it long awaited bc that's how long it took for him to find the middle east on a map?

آمریکا را‌ از غرب آسیا و‌ جهان اسلام خارج میکنیم اگر عمودی رفتند که رفتند نروند افقی خارجشان میکنیم Rushed plan... sorry, can’t save reputation of the two criminal leaders Not holding my breath. Mere distraction. Now that Souleimani is outta the way. THAT was the reason for the timing of his assassination. 45 REALLY wants that Nobel prize.

Trump just leave the middle east a lone you don't know what your doing there PLEASE just stay out of the middle east and Israel this conflict has been going on way before you. So stay out of it PLEASE. Middle East is not a 6 million people of Israel. But also 200 million people of Arab Trump doesn't know that

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Trump Invites Israel, Not Palestine, to Discuss Peace PlanPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will not be at the talks for the peace proposal — which may be released as early as next week It takes 2 to cook up diversions from the corruption trials they both face. So, Israel is the new Turkey. Move our embassy to Jerusalem over the objections of the Palestinian. Trump recognizes Golan Heights as part of Israel. Trump consults with Israel, but not Palestinians about his Mideast peace plan. 3 things that guarantee that the peace plan will be a nonstarter.

Israel peace plan Does it include “stop stealing people’s land and give back the bit’s you already stole in breach of UN rulings”? Two of the most blood thirsty leaders in the world, one who implements Apartheid & the other funds it with US taxes. Americans should demand that they stop paying welfare cheques to the vile state of Israel, they hate your guts and stab you in the back every chance they get.

a distraction to get the attention away from his trouble DISTRACTION. DISTRACTION. DISTRACTION. Donald is great. I knew that Donald is great. 0 0 The Peace Nobel Prize ..... is only a matter of time. 0 Protect my nephew Donald Trump. Hiroshi Hoshina. 😉 000000000000058020 Peace. 0 5 0000000000000 555777 5

YANGSURGE Pearce plan. According to scriptures, the one who does this is well.... The anticipation is killing me. It's never a good sign when you invite only one side of a conflict to discuss your peace plan.

Trump, Guns, and White FragilityWhat do the senate impeachment trial and the Virginia gun rally have in common? Read Jamil Smith's latest ANSWER - Media made both a much bigger deal than they actually are Trump passed more gun control then Obama and supports red flag laws. He's not the paragon of 2a that people think. Go by what he does not what he says.

We ipob really in you trust. You are God sent Don’t be a 🍄 sucker A ‘Peace Plan’ that will somehow emphasize and benefit Trump properties. IN EXCHANGE FOR WHAT? I would rather he released his taxes this peace things might go like North Korea went nowhere so if he wants to release something his taxes will be fine

It might be helpful to invite the Palestinians as well. Just a thought. 🤔 halah gelut gelut baen And Jared is what? serving coffee? End Times War with Persia and Gog. Jesus will swoop down from Heaven and...smite...the Jews? Obliterate Israel? What’s in the Apocalypse for Israelis?

Exclusive: Trump to sign USMCA trade deal Wednesday at the White House - sourceExclusive: President Trump will sign the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal on Wednesday, January 29 at the White House, according to an official That has to be a photoshopped image and should be identified as such. Another phony act of replacing an existing law solely to have his name on it. Neither this nor the agreement with China improved anything in a material way for Americans. trade deal on Wednesday is about trump trying to fix idiocy of 'trump tariff force who are bankrupting american`s first ! ?

You’re missing 🇵🇸 Not Netanyahu! Only plan is to destroy the Iran for peace in middle East these basturd Islamic states should be ban quietly from modern armaments and any country who supply illegally should face world level sanctions else they will throw the world in a war . Better get the good hummus

Hasn’t Jared already taken care of Middle East Peace? Ahh yes leaders under investigation for corruption hanging out with other leaders under investigation for corruption. So much winning, I’m glad we are not the laughing stock anymore pathetic The Right Wing planning for peace? Hahahanahaha Crooks . . . OH BOY! ... MORE EMPTY WORDS P H O T O O P ! it's just that simple. . . .

VP is acting all presidential...unlike realDonaldTrump PresidentPence

Trump is studying 'numerous' middle-class tax cut plans ahead of election, White House says | Markets InsiderThe White House is increasingly highlighting plans to jolt the US economy as an impeachment trial against the president unfolds. White House spo... Deficit-acceleration plans. AKA a bribe. Because the last one didn't work.

War they want & they don’t care Isn’t he under indictment back home? . . PHONEY CHRISTIAN PENCE it's just that simple. . . . The second double homicide in less than 72 hours. CouncilPresBMS Harrison ain't working White House invitation = If you've been indicted, you're invited. Oh look, 2 crooks! From one criminal to the next.

Trump and Pence couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery let alone achieve Middle East peace, spare me. You can’t bargain with liars or crooks! Netanyahu is one. Gee, you wouldn’t be trying to change the narrative would you? TrumpNeedsToGo

He’s corrupt, too! Pence is not good at Geopolitics . Rather focus on his favourite topic- biblical exodus Did Kushner fail? Pence steps in? Looks like peace in the ME will never come if these two brainiacs are working on it.

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