Trump Includes Himself Among The 'Very Stupid' In Mangled Vote Fraud Statement

'It's the old double negative trap, laid by the Deep State,' quipped a Twitter critic.

Donald Trump, Twitter

12/5/2021 4:21:00 PM

'It's the old double negative trap, laid by the Deep State,' quipped a Twitter critic.

'It's the old double negative trap, laid by the Deep State,' quipped a Twitter critic.

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STOP INDISCRIMINATELY COVERING EVERY TURD OUT OF THIS CRIMINAL'S MOUTH. IT'S LAZY AND UTTERLY IRRESPONSIBLE. EVEN HUFFPOST SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS. They think they are clever than everyone else.lets what they gon' do. 😄 And here I was beginning to think that Trump was physically incapable of telling the truth

trumpy is a double negative all by himself. Yup, cannot argue that at all. It’s true. There Will be a vacancy soon. Daddy bought a diploma not an education Ah! Helsinki! Remembered Vladimir was his boss though The guy the Donald is showing all the early signs of Alzheimer’s . He’s lost his mind with this obsession he made up called voter fraud . Now he believes his own hoax . The whole world is watching him go completely insane. He’s not well and at 77 .

Now Trump Backer Lin Wood Says It's 'Likely' QAnon Is A 'Deep State Operation''I worship Jesus. Not Q,' the former QAnon follower and lawyer to Kyle Rittenhouse wrote. Why does this guy always look so greasy? Get this guy some oxiclean pads or something, it's gross. horrible

Oh look, another fucking picture of the fuck. A reflection of his cognition…what there is of it. Reminds me of the Helsinki debacle. He doesn’t know what a double negative is, but said that’s what it was at the time. Fucking antifa up to its antics again

Double negative in Donald Trump election fraud statement raises eyebrowsThe former president's statement prompted sarcastic comments on social media from a range of his detractors. The first president in history when ever he speaks, all his cronys and cult followers have to say 'he really meant to say' or 'the media is blowing this up'. He even said once 'I wasn't joking' after his IV disinfect comment (which I watched live). I nearly choked on my covfefe this morning when I read that! I didn’t vote for him but I’m glad he’s getting healthy…. Looks great

Majority of mumps cases are among the vaccinated, CDC findsMumps cases continue to circulate in the U.S., largely among vaccinated people, including children, CDC finds. Should read your sources again - 'Some vaccinated people may still get mumps if they are exposed to the virus. However, disease symptoms are milder in vaccinated people.' - Are you a Fox news network? 'OMG people, don't you know? Getting immunized doesn't immunize you! That's just science!' You know people aren’t going to read the article, so this headline is not helpful. The antivaxxers will love this.

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Opinion | Time to Pull the Plug on Cable News“If country music vanished in a rapture, you’d have to deal with some pretty ornery people,” POLITICO’s Jack Shafer writes. “But if cable news disappeared tomorrow, who would notice?” Right wing radio who spend all their time whining about it. but then what would be on in the airport Cool. LFG!

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